nail menu

The Illustrated Nail team was out offering chocolate inspired manicures with Baileys at press houses in London on Thursday for the launch of the new Baileys Mini Delights…delicious Baileys milk chocolate truffles…YUM!

We used gold leaf and gold foil and was inspired by the chocolate truffles and Baileys logo for the nail art menu.

Thank you Baileys…we had so much fun and the Baileys Mini Delights are just delicious!


Welcome to Sanctuary!

A Tavern and Inn Situated in Ward 2, plot 49 in the Mists. 

We are a neutral gathering spot for any and all characters, alignment and beliefs. No judgements will be had here, and anyone causing fights will be removed. This is a Safe Haven for all in Eorzea, and we do hope that you come to Visit.


Hello lovely tumblr people! 

So, because of a very generous soul, I now have a place that I can call home, as well as my co-lead and any other RPers who want to visit us! The FC itself IS open for recruitment, and the Tavern is going to be opening up as soon as we nail down a menu! Please, come visit. Tell your friends!