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Summary: The boat your father left you is in dire need of some tender loving care. Only problem is, you don’t know the first thing about boats. One Craigslist ad later, enter Steve Rogers, handyman extraordinaire. The only thing you hadn’t counted on was his crystal eyes and brilliant smile.
Warnings: Language, angst, family member death, implied smut [no actual smut], and fluff.

Chapter 1: Decisions, Decisions
Chapter 2: Easily Amused
Chapter 3: Reluctant
Chapter 4: Whiskey Chaser
Chapter 5: Passive Aggressive
Chapter 6: Tangled Sheets
Chapter 7: Rock Bottom
Chapter 8: Falling Star
Chapter 9: Lazy Sunday

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i mean I could, but why would I want to?

hmtaniwha  asked:

HI there! I'm unsure if this is where I submit imagines and stuff but I really love your Werewolf!Dadsona one! It's so cool! I was wondering if you could write a imagine where dadsona is a YouTuber (you can pick what he does) and the dad's finding out. :3 you don't gotta do it if you don't wanna.

Hi, and yes this is where you can submits the asks. And Dadsona actually being a youtuber would explain so much. Btw I got too inspired.

You didn´t want to tell him. You were not ashamed, you loved what you did. But he went outside and worked hard to pay his bills and you stayed inside, in front of a camera and sometimes earned more than he did. But you knew secrets are best said in a relationship… Unless he comes and finds out by himself. That´s good too.

Robert Smalls

-You are a vlogger

-Amanda is a highly aclaimed invited star in your channel too

-You also add some reaction videos and challenges here and there

-Recently you´ve been considering doing a special video on the hunt of the Dover Ghost

“Heeeey guys! You good? ´Cause I am” You energetically greeted the camera planted in front of the couch. “So, I know I´ve been sort of absent and there haven´t been much videos recently, but, I have an excuse. Today I´ll be doing a QnA” You took out your phone and began searching for questions send from fans. Bless Amanda for showing you how to use Twitter.

Around half an hour passed with you trying to answer as many questions as possible, alternating from silly ones to more serious ones. The creativity from some questions astounded you. Sadly, you were having so much fun that you forgot that your sweet Bobert was coming over.

“Alright, last question. What is your favorite conspiracy theory? Well-”

“The existence of the Dover Ghost” A scruffy voice said and you let out a manly shriek. Your gaze shot to the doorway to see Robert looking confused yet grinning. “Uh… what are you doing?

“You know… My… job?”

-You explain the whole concept of Youtube and what you did

-Inmediately wants to join in on the vlogs, but he would act all cool and grumpy ´cause he´s Robert.

-He loves it

-Also makes you record all your cryptid hunts

Craig Cahn

-You do entertainment

-Like… I don´t really know how to put it

-I inmediately thought of Shane Dawson so idk

“Wow bro, what´s all this?” Craig had just come home to see you surrounded by papaer bags with random objects inside.

“Hey, I´m just working on a new video. I went to the dollar store and…” You shrugged while letting out a nervous chuckle. Craig smiled and joined in on the fun.

“Nice” He fished out a can then procceded to spray it around without knowing what would later happen, a catastrophe. You both groaned and waved at the air in front of you.

“What have you done, bro?” Craig turned to you with an offended look.

“Me? It was you who bought it!” You would later thank Smashley for taking care of baby River and the twins staying over with a friend so they couldn´t witness the disaster that were you two.

-You started your Youtube channel since college so… he knew

-When you began, Craig would do constant appearances in your videos

-He still does

-Fans love when you do boyfriend tag/couple challenges

-They also go crazy when River or Amanda do appearances

Brian Harding

-You do enterteinment

-Mostly skits tho

-You try to be funny and spontaneous, but not go crazy like some of the younger members of the community

-Your dad bod isn´t up for that

-You never mentioned this beacuse you couldn´t let Brian beat you at the job game

-Brian nor Daisy are into the internet so you´re not afraid of them finding out

You and Brian were watching some random movie that was on and, most importatly, cuddling on the couch. Brian had had a long day at work and wanted some relaxing time. You had just uploaded a new video and wanted to give some love to the cuddly bear. Amanda walked in by the middle of the movie nibbling on a waffle.

“Hey dad, there´s this guy that´s badmouthing you over on Twitter, want me to block him or you wanna say something?”

“Someone is insulting you?” Brian frowned as you began shaking your head. “I can go on… uh that thing and show them not to mess with you”

“No-It´s normal-”

“It´s normal? What do you mean by ´it´s normal´?”

-You end up having to come clean about yur career

-Brian dosn´t get it, but doesn´t think less of you because of it

-Before being a Rival Dad he is a Supporting Man

Mat Sella

-You are an animator

-You love to put up vlogs or if the creativity is high, then create your own little short

-And living with an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, artistic boyfriend helps with that

-He had seen you drawing a couple of times and complimented your art, but always thought it was just a hobby

-He has also thought about posting some of your art at the Coffee Spoon

-Recently you´ve considered improving your content by adding original music and, who better to complete the job than your talented boyfriend?

You and Mat sat in front of your computer. He was watching your most recent work with a fond smile . You glanced every second to see his reaction everytime the frame changed. This was just so exciting. Once it ended he complimented the work.

“This is really neat (dadsona), I don´t know how you do it” You smiled and waved dismissively. “I bet people would love to see this”

“It´s nothing and actually they already do” He raised an eyebrow. You procceded to log in Youtube and search for your channel. You scrolled down your videos. “This is sort of what I do. For a living. And I´ve been meaning to ask if you could help me”

“But I don´t draw”

-You explained your plan and Mat started getting nervous about putting his music alongside your kickass animations

-Does it in the end and loves knowing he contributed

Hugo Vega

-You´re a gamer

-Oh yes, the highest status in Youtube

-You have a below average yet faithful community of fans

-It was actually Ernest who recognized you

He didn´t move once he saw you. He just stood still, frozen. Hugo didn´t understand, Ernest was everything but quiet. And he had already seen you, so why was he speechless?

“(Youtuber name)” His voice was barely audible, but you listened right and clear. ´He knows me!´ A smile started stretching your lips and you didn´t try to hide it.

“Woops, I guess I´ve been discovered” You step closer to him and hold out your hand. He moves his stare from you to your hand and numbly shake it. “Nice to offiicially meet you Ernest”

He stammers out a greeting that seems to wake him up from his daze, and then he hides his hands inside his sweater and looks away grumpily. Hugo looks from you to Ernest and back. “Am I missing something?”

-You tried to vaguely state what you did for a living

-Hugo wasn´t satisfied but decided on researching after you went home

-After all that, he was glad that your relationship with Ernest wouldn´t be so horrible.

Joseph Christiansen

-You are an arts and crafts/ cook youtuber

-And a good one at that

-Scarily good at it

-You quickly became a must in his bake sales. You just know how to make sweets that not only look great, but taste great.

-You never thought much of it so you didn´t mention it.

One day Christie invited you to bake some cookies with her and Joseph. She wanted to do the same chocolate chip cookies they always did. To change their pace a bit, you offered doing a recipe you had done already but didn´t quite remember. So, you checked the video for reference. Just then, Joseph happened to come in the kitchen to see you watching… yourself?

“Sweetie? Is that you?” You send him a charming smile and made way for him to see. You scribbled down all the ingredients and instructions while Joseph enjoyed the video. Once he ended he turned to look at you with shinning eyes. “Is there more?”

You softly chuckled and nodded, opening your channel´s main page. “Now you know the secret to my baking success”

“I guess. Wow, this is amazing. (dadsona), you could come to church and teach the youths some of this, right?”

-Opens a space at church just for you

-The twins love your channel after they found out

Damien Bloodmarch

-You are a beauty guru

-And it´s been tough

-At first no one took you seriously, being a guy and all, but with a lot of perserverance you managed to create a name for yourself

-Needless to say, you´ve mastered nail painting, make up, hair stylying, DIYs and costume making.

-And also make a certain young goth that just happened to live in your cul-de-sac, your fan

-You surprise Damien by helping him do his make up and helping him with his hair

-He becomes even more surprised when Lucien suddenly becomes a pro at doing his make up

Father and son were in the master bedroom, the oldest sitting down in front of a mirrior with his hair down and the youngest stood behind him. “Pass me a bobbypin” Damien did a asked and admired as his son started pulling braiding his hair into a crown.

“Where did you learn to do this wonderful hair style?” Lucien throws him this sort of confused face, but answers.

“From your (dadsona)´s Youtube channel?”


-He is bothered you didn´t tell him, but is super supportive and even lets you show him in some of your videos to try out whatever new idea you´ve come up with.

firebugsworld  asked:

#twinsuns #THE FEELS!!! Because I'm having them. Gah! Just protective Anakin and cinnamon roll, I'll still love you even IF you make the wrong choice, Ben. *preciousbb!* Just, oh my poor heart. T_T *who's cutting onions here?* So, if I'm following this right the twins are late teens early 20's and clones next time? AFSDJFKJSDG! *happy dance* And all these tough as nails masters scared of Jocasta? Headcanon Accepted! *set's up camp and trades out camp chair for plushy recliner* I'm here to stay!

“Ben…Ben come on…Ben open your eyes.” Mace called out, cursing when the other didn’t as much as twitch where he had been placed, a slow sluggish line of blood making its way into his copper hair. “For karks sake, Ben please open your eyes or Jocasta is going to have my ass.” He tried again as he floated around.


He would have jerked if he could as Dooku entered the room before scowling at the old master. “Jocasta. That’s her padawan.” He gave a nod to the shallowly breathing man.

They both stared a Ben for a few moments before Dooku gave a little mutter and pulled him from the rays, holding the other in his arms. “Jocasta has a padawan.”

“Qui-Gon asked her to train him.”

“He’s very…small.” Yan countered as he rested Ben down on the sand and then placed a hand on the headwound the other had gotten.

“But strong in mind and the Force.” Mace was being careful with his words, Ben’s ability to see the future was not something he wanted the other man to know with what they had figured out so far.

“If he is her padawan, then why is he with you Master Windu?”

“Because Ben is taking his trials and being with someone on active missions is easier, Jocasta has requested those she trusts to look after him for them.” Mace scowled before wincing a bit. “She is never going to let me take him again after this.”

Yan just hummed as he took care of the head injury, eyes examining the face of the young man and the mech hand. “Hmm one handed?”

“He was like that when he was brought to the temple by Qui-Gon. We gave him a mech hand for his own sake as helping Jocasta in the Archives were easier with two hands.”

At the name of his former padawan, Dooku focused even more on Ben.

“Qui-Gon found him?”

“Him and his twin brother yes. Padawan Skywalker is Qui-Gon’s apprentice though.”

Dooku tilted Ben’s head a bit up, looking closely at him.

Mace had a bad feeling curling in his stomach at that. ‘…Jocasta is going to have my damn hide but at least Ben’s injuries are being seen to, so that’s something.’


Ben was blushing.

Anakin couldn’t stop staring because Ben was blushing.

Ben was blushing because Commander Cody had taken both his hands gently and pressed a kiss to each of them, the clone commander not caring about the mech hand but treating it as an equally delicate thing.

“Commander Skywalker, its a pleasure to see you again.” Cody greeted with a smile.

“Its a pleasure to see you too Commander Cody.” Ben returned almost sweetly. “We didn’t get to talk much on Kamino before me and Master Windu left.”

“No, so I’m grateful to be assigned to you.”

‘Are they…flirting? Is Ben flirting?’ Anakin looked closely, feeling an unfamiliar sensation rise in his stomach. Ben wasn’t excatly unfamiliar to flirting, in a temple with hormonal people but he generally avoided getting into anything.

“And I’m grateful to be assigned to you. I don’t know if you’ve meet my brother?” Ben seemed to remember himself, tugging his hands away from Cody while pushing his braid behind his ear with a small flush, smiling at his twin. “Anakin, this is commander Cody.”

The blond quickly made his way to his smaller twins side, peering at Cody as the clone commander instantly shifted into salute. “General Skywalker, of course.”

“So you’ll be working with Qui-Gon and Ben then.” Anakin settled a hand on his twins shoulder, giving it a little squeeze even as his brother peered up at him in confusion, obviously sensing his straining emotions.

“Yes sir. I’ll be sure to follow their lead sir.”

Anakin inwardly grumbled and pulled his brother more to his side before grinning at him. “Come on Ben, we should get you something to eat.”

“Anak-eeep!” Ben blinked as he was pulled along by his brother before waving shyly at Cody. “Anakin that was rude.”

“Eh, he’ll get over it.” The blond offered airily while waving his mech hand lightly, a lasting souvenir from Genosis. “Remind me to introduce him to Master Jocasta though”

As the two disappeared into a tent, Rex sidled up beside his vod and smirked at him. “General Skywalker is going to be waaaatching you.” He teased.

“Oh shut it Rex.”