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The ‘I Forgot to Post This Haul’ Haul

So my Sephora is small and it was kinda hard to get the palettes but y'all they have an employee stand in the walkway near the perfumes and they can look over all the stands. It was crowded so it was easier to grab and go. The stores this haul includes is Forever 21, Zumiez, Ross, Sally’s, Walmart, VS/PINK, and Sephora.

I save the best for last and I know you guys see that FENTY box. See I didn’t lift these but these were bought with money I got from boosting and guys they are so fuckin sexy.


Forever 21:
Pink Shirt - $12.90
Gold Face Brush - $7.90
Eyebrow Trimming Scissors - $1.90
*NOT PICTURED* Metallic Hair Clips x2 - $???

Grey Thrasher Shirt - $28.95

Pink Crop Top - $4.99
Burgundy Bralette - $4.99
Black Tie Up Top - $4.99
Camo Baby Tee - $7.99

Sally’s Beauty Supply:
China Glaze Nails x2 - $14 ish
Beauty Secrets Nail File x2 - $2.58
Manic Panic Hair Dye - $10.49
OPI Nail Laquer - $9.99
Femme Couture Lip Gloss - $1.99

Eylure Grand Glamour Lashes - $7.84
Eylure Fiercely Fabulous Lashes - $7.84
Eylure Luxe Lashes - $7.84
Shea Moisture Body Lotion - $8.97
MODA Prismatic Makeup Brushes - $16.84
Wet n Wild Glitter Eyeshadow - $0.99
Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder - $9.36
Wet n Wild Highlighter Stick - $3.93

Black Ankle Leggings - $42.95 *They have a hole where the info tag should be*
Very Sexy Bra - $44.50
Sheer Gloss - $10.00
Lip Shine Gloss x2- $24.00
Extreme Lip Plumper - $12.00

Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold x2 - $130.00
Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye Palette - $48.00
Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette - $46.00
FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 x2 - $48.00
YSL The Shock Volumizing Mascara - $29.00

The Velvet Creeper Pumas were 149.99+tax

= $601.73


Yuri Plisetsky! So smol so much angst.

(though tbh i’m leaning more towards Yuri Katsuki…)

The animal prints are water transfer decals but the lines are freehanded. Didn’t want to have too much black so went with the white tiger+red instead of tiger+black.

Colours used:
cirque carpe diem
nails inc 043 baker street
nail holic sv002
catrice ultimate nail laquer 19 fred said red
maybelline colour show 220 blackout 

(Random yay I’ve managed to grow out my nails hopefully i can keep myself from biting them from now on)

i also did Victor’s and Yuuri’s stammi vicino pair skate and Yurio’s On Love: Agape!

imnahhiwatari  asked:

What's my prize?

(13… Paint my characters nails. XD)

Jounouchi looked a little uncomfortable with what was going down… This wasn’t really a manly activity. But he couldn’t really say no if one of his friends needed him for something. Even if that something involved nail laquer.

“You… Won’t make it look too girly, right?”

A handwritten note from Marc Jacobs made its way to the Kendo offices at Sephora HQ a couple of weeks ago, previewing the muted, dreamy color palette at the designer’s Fall 2014 runway show. The request? As many shades of his Enamored Nail Lacquer as possible to match the included swatches—an admittedly tall order. “[Marc] had a vision of the nails tonally matching the girls’ clothes,” explains Sylvie Rouaix, VP, Marketing and Product Development for Kendo. “And of course, his love of shine never wavers!” In the end, the total look was a study in color: models’ hair was tinted to muted beiges, makeup included touches of brown and grey, and the nails, of course, included five neutral shade variations you’ll be able to get your hands on this Fall, only at Sephora. HOLLY SIEGEL


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MARC JACOBS BEAUTY / Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer