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Although not technically an autumn themed blog, @teacoffeebooks​ is one of my favorite blogs and almost always gives me an autumn vibe. Day 25 of the September journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Extra Fine (cursive) and Tombow Dual Brush Pens (lettering)
  • Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper
  • Writing Music News Show: The Young Turks

오랜만이에요 여러분!

My spring semester has been going well. It took awhile but I finally figured out my 2017 resolutions.

Stay ambitious, try for a 4.0, do my best at interviews and work diligently. Also work out on Wednesday’s and Saturday ’s.

I’ve missed you guys 😢
I’ve been studying hard.
You guys have been too, right~~????

Mabel painting Ford’s nails, as requested by @piningforthefords

(It’s just a quick drabble)


“Hold still,” Mabel exclaims, holding one of Ford’s hands delicately, “your nails are going to be a mess.”

“I’ve never done this before, how am I supposed to know?” The old man croaks.

The overwhelming aroma of acetate makes Ford feel quite woozy, and he finds it difficult to hold his breath for much longer.

 “I’m making your nails rainbow colored! It will represent you perfectly.” Mabel says.

 Ford rolls his eyes idly and resists the urge to stretch his fingers.
He’d promised his niece he’d spend some time with her, as Stan had urged him to do so for a while, but nail painting wasn’t on Ford’s mind. It still isn’t, but he wants to make Mabel happy. 

“There’s one hand. You can set it aside gently, but don’t move it until the polish dries all the way.”

 Red, orange, yellow, violet. Ford realizes that each color fits perfectly, due to his extra digit; who would’ve guessed. 

“ I suppose you’re going to add a bunch of glitter once this is finished?“ He asks.

 "Of course!” Mabel squeals. 

 Ages pass once she coats his other hand, and by the time all twelve of his nails have dried, she adds a clear coat and sprinkles little pieces of glitter on top.

 Translucent moons, pink hearts, and blue stars twinkle. Magnificent, Ford thinks to himself sheepishly. This didn’t turn out bad at all. 

 "Now, take off your boots. We aren’t finished here.“ Mabel says. 

 Ford takes note of the smirk on her face and sighs. 

 "Okay, but when we’re finished here I’m going to make sure we pin Stanley down and do the same to him.“ 

 "Oh, great idea Grunkle Ford!” Mabel giggles, and taps a bottle of polish against her palm.


Personal Astrology Aesthetic: Gemini Sun, Libra Moon, Gemini Rising

“Oh, she lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she’s left behind“- Paramore

9.8.16 // Last week’s spread, dedicated to my best friend on her birthday, Gene Wilder (RIP), and the kind kind soul at the bagel shop who let me come back later to pay for my breakfast when I forgot my wallet #PayItForward ✨