nail in the cofin

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ok but still, if Louis confirms the rumor in the next few days, everybody will freak out (Twitter fandom)? like I see fans all over the world making jokes rn, but once this teens start to believe he did get that chick pregnant shit's gonna go down. I honestly think this could be the nail in 1D's cofin and that's why it doesn't make sense to me why they wouldn't keep this a secret whether it's Louis' or Larry's baby.

Anonymous said:

If this thing is true it’s gotta suck she can’t be that far along and why would u let it happen through a news site… Someone got mad and leaked it he might have just told his management and there like nope we going to screw you over and release this now on your (beard) ex gf Bday I’m happy el got out when she did.


Well, one of my nonnies had a very interesting theory about Zerrie that might also apply to this situation. When the story about Zerrie buying a new house together hit, my nonnie guessed that story might have been floated for:

  • Publicity, of course.
  • A need to blend the fake narrative with real life (Zayn’s old house may actually be going on the market soon since we think the Liam mansion in Surrey is actually a Ziam mansion). 

So it could be a part fake/part real narrative necessitated by irl things happening with Harry and Louis. Just as they may have needed to come up with a cover story for Zayn eventually selling his house, they may have needed a cover story for Harry and Louis having a baby. Because real life shouldn’t have to wait on their fake narratives to wind down once and for all–that would be really unfair to them.

And also because if they are collectively transitioning to a new management team, then they may be slowly making their way back to reality for both Larry and Ziam. I doubt either couple is interested in faking it much longer. Even if they aren’t coming out anytime soon, the public lying needs to be taken down several hundred notches. This could be the beginning of that.

And yes, it’s very possible that if a baby is really on the way that a 1D hiatus is on the way too. But I’ve been expecting that.