nail in skull


Here’s some more development stuff for “Sing a Worried Song”. The ghost is, of course, JD Wilkes, frontman of the band.  He came along pretty fast, all I really had to change was his nose. Then I just drew a crap ton of old timey looking monsters and picked the ones I liked the most. The “Pig boy” and “Rooster” are references to Legendary Shack Shakers album covers.  The Snake Priest was a fun idea but didn’t make sense for the video. I really loved that boar with the axe too.  And finally the Devil, whom I designed last.  JD said the first pass was too scary and not fun enough. Also that design seemed too hard to animate.  A lot of rubber hose devils look the same so I didn’t want to do that.  JD mentioned a horned skull idea.  I think I finally nailed it with the “baboon” skull look.

If you haven’t seen the video check it out here!