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Chapter 5

Dad,how could you do that?! That was so mean!“

"Flug,that’s messed up. And that comes from ME!”

“Can we get ice-cream?”

Pierced glares turned to M.D. who just put his hands in surrounder while moon walking  behind 5.0.5

“Look,it’s better that way! At least he was honest” MD argued while climbing on top of the bear.

Flug massaged his temples while sitting on one of the tables he had in the laboratory,watching the twins arguing.

“How can you say that?! It’s like you don’t care at all!” Psycha said placing her hands on her hips while looking up to her brother who was indifferently picking his nails, but a slight hint of annoyance could be spotted on his face.

“That’s because I don’t! I mean,if they’re dating, if they’re not, who cares? And anyway, what do you even know about relationships at all?” He asked .

“A lot more than you,I do watch TV,for your information,you uneducated noodle!” She shouted

“Whatever,you people don’t know nothing about things like that!”

“You people? Don’t you think that’s a little harsh M.D.?” Demecia said looking offended.

“What? I was talking about TV people ”


“Oh,cool. Anyway!” Psycha said turning her glare to the scientist “What was that all about?! Mr. Black Hat poured his heart out in front of you,dad! He planned a speech and everything, what the heck?” She said

“But he was honest thought!” M.D. took his ‘father’ side and gave his sister and exasperated look “At least he had the decency to tell the truth, didn’t you dad?” M.D. asked. Flug didn’t said nothing as he traced a hand through his long hair. “Dad?” still no response.

“He can’t respond ” Psycha said crossing her arms “You can’t, can’t you dad? Because you lied. You actually liked him,but you were afraid, weren’t you?” Her turcoaz and black eyes turned soft while placing her palms on his shoulders.

“What are you scared of,dad? What made you reject him?”

Flug looked up and locked his blue eyes with his 'daughters’. Her soft gaze calmed him down,and felt a warm feeling of comfort and compassion he didn’t felt for a very long time. Demencia and M.D. sat on the floor next to him and caressed his knees in gesture of comfort.

“I’m…I’m afraid of…”


“Who needs him anyway?!” Black Hat yelled and smashed his brother’s second wine bottles in the wall. He was pretty sure he was half drunk by now. He really didn’t know what he was doing or saying.

But if he was sure of one thing, it’s that the acid taste of the drink that burned his neck was way better than the unbearable pain he felt in his chest.

“Don’t talk like that…and make sure you buy me a new bottle of wine before you go” White Hat 
said while patting his back.
     Black Hat came in his mansion 4 hours ago. He almost didn’t recognized his brother. The once prideful, cocky, scary demon was sitting in front of his door,crying,sobbing ,even ,while he clinged on him for dear life.Beign a nice big brother,he let him in. He couldn’t believe his ears. That didn’t sounded like Flug…at all.

“Don’t tell me what to do, White!” Black Hat said while more tears ran down his cheeks “H-He’s a l-loser! H-He didn’t d-deserve me in t-the first place!” Black Hat said while getting back at his whining.

“You’re right” White Hat smirking “He’s a loser. He’s worthless and a waste of air who wouldn’t be nothing without you. Nothing more than an unwanted piece of tras-” White Hat didn’t get to finish his sentence when a black tentacle wrapped tightly around his neck,preventing  all the oxygen from entering his lungs,and was smashed against the nearest wall.
    The tentacle didn’t get any looser ,in fact it got tighter, while his brother stomped his way to him. His other eye was bloody red,dark red energy coming from it.

“DoNt  SaY ThAt AbOuT FLuG EvEr  AgAiN!” His brother yelled in a demonic voice,but then stopped suddenly when he realized what he was doing. The tentacle loosened up from White’s neck and he dropped on the ground again . He standed up ,straightening his tie while his brother was on the floor,hugging his knees, like he did when he was

 younger and he got in trouble. White sighed and sat down next to his brother, the tip of their hats touching.
Their relationship was always like this. White,somehow,ending up comforting Black somehow. When he got bullied or their parents yelled at him,it was always White Hat whom he runned to. And white hat didn’t mind. Black Hat was his little brother, and he will always be. Their parents never believed in love,in ANY kind,and they didn’t wanted to spend time with White and Black unless it was absolutely necessary. But white Hat didn’t cared. They had echother, and that was enough.

“Do you love him?” White asked.


“How much?”

“Does it matter?”

“Why does it not?”

“Because it’s obviously not enough to make him love me back” Black Hat said his voice breaking at the end.

“I’m not going to lie,I’m surprised. I definitely thought he would say yes…I won’t let you lose your dignity over a guy. You’re better than that. Everyone one Is. I know it hurts, losing someone you love,but I promise it’ll hurt way worse holding on to someone who dosen’t love you back. Give your heart a break,bro. Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal.and let it go” White Hat said.

“B-But I love him,white! And-and I can’t understand why he dosen’t want to be with me! S-Sure I was pretty nasty to him,b-but I apologized!”

“The reason dosen’t matter. What matters is,that he said how he felt. Respect his decision,and move on. Be mature about this,Black. I know it hurts. But it’ll get better once you decide to stop lighting up the fire of bitterness in your heart” White said closing his eyes.



“How did you do it? After she…after she left…how did you got better? And how can I get better?”

White Hat chuckled, the most bitter chuckle Black Hat ever heard from him.

“I didn’t got better honestly. I just got better at hiding the sorrow I lived with. Until one day…that I said to myself: People walk in and out of your life. Some of them teach you lessons you need to learn, but they must go,at some point. And it sucks when they do. But I need to let it go, for once in a while. Accept it. Because I know it’s not in my power how fate works” White Hat said and locked eyes with his brother.

“I know it sucks,really I do. But it’s over. Don’t lose your self respect over a rejection. You’re worth it. You’re a good person,Black. Even if you don’t want to show it. You’ve always had that niceness with you. And that’s okay. If Flug can’t see how wonderful,caring and lovable you can be,his loss. I love you. Demencia loves you. 5.0.5 loves you,and the twins you told me about seem to love you too. And Flugs loves you too. Just not in the way you wanted. And you should respect him for that ”

Black Hat knew his brother was right.

He knew,really.

But it hurt.

Hurt really bad.

“I-It hurts White! I-It h-hurts so f-fucking much…!” Black Hat sobbed and burried his face in his brother’s neck.

“Shhhh, I know it does. I know. But you’ll get better. I know you will. Let the time do its job and heal you”

The two brothers sat on the floor together, comforting echother, telling echother embarrassing secret moments from their childhood.

Black Hat couldn’t say he felt better.

But he couldn’t say he felt bad either.


“And that’s what happened..” Flug said,his eyes never leaving the ground. Demencia and the twins were shocked. 5.0.5 was crying, Demencia was hugging him,M.d looked incredibly scary with the calm expression he had.

“Dad,that’s sad,and I fell sorry that happened to you,but it’s not the same thing” MD said “You have to understand, that you were a kid.You didn’t know what you were doing .people shouldn’t have done what they done. But BH it’s not like that. He may be a villain,but he wouldn’t do that. I understand that you’re hurt, and I understand that you have scars,which I respect, and they’re your complete business. You shouldn’t have lied . He would’ve understood” M.D. said,completely serious, which was rare for him.

“I know..”

“If you know,why did you rejected him?”

“Look, it’s complicated, okay?”

“It’s not, you’re the one who makes it sound complicated. All you had to do was to tell him, but that’s none of my business” MD said shrugging “Where is he, anyway? It’s been like 4 hours” He said checking the watch on the wall.

“Honestly, I don’t know. He could be anywhere. Guess we should just wait and see”- Demencia said worried.

“I’ll go finish the invention”- Flug said “You kids…how about you play outside?”

“I don’t know what 'outside ’ means”

“Yeah,I have no idea what that means. Is it in another language? Can you use it in a sentence?”

“Just get out,please” Flug said. The twins + Demencia leaved his laboratory. Flug clenched his hands onto his hair and let himself slide down the floor.

“What am I going to do?” He said “What should I do?”

Oh,how much he wanted to know.

More than anything.

But the again…

If someone would want to show him the answer..

Would he really want to know it?

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B. I'm sorry. I have to choose trivia and hints that kind of fit the asks. Sadly the ones I remember are the dumb funny ones. Although we did talk Pride and Prejudice one day, so in my defense it's not all low brow humor!!! The other anon nailed all the hints. I thought the Blake Nacho reference was too much,, but all the movies were pretty obscure. Haha

Did you see the comedies I named as my faves? Not exactly high-brow. But a different kind of funny.

I can discuss classic movies, novels, and poetry all day long and…. wait… I already lost a bunch of you, didn’t I? Fine, I won’t quote Carl Sandburg even though I have the perfect quote! 😂

- B

annabel lee

Hi Cassie! After yesterday’s post on Last Hours and Great Expectations, I was wondering if you’d be willing to talk a little bit about Dark Artifices and how it’s partly based on Poe’s Annabel Lee? I don’t really know what questions to ask, since there are so many things you won’t be prepared to tell us yet, but could you perhaps talk a little bit about what you feel are the “bones” of the poem, and which bits you wanted to explore through a retelling? I know that, like with Jem, death in the original doesn’t have to mean death in the retelling, but death and love that outlives one of the lovers are pretty central points in Annabel Lee. Most of the other themes, like the characters being childhood friends in a kingdom by the see, having a love on which the angels did not look fondly and refusing to be separated by angels or demons, are all themes which seem to match up well with Jules and Emma. But aren’t these the “clothes”, rather than the bones? I would love to hear your interpretation. Or will you approach this entirely differently than with TID and TLH, since it’s “partly based”, rather than a “retelling”? On an entirely unrelated note, does Julian have any other self-destructive tendencies in place of the scrapped smoking habit, or is it just the nail-biting (and a hinted-at recklessness when it comes to his own well-being)? I’m not asking to know what those tendencies are, only if there are any ;) — tlgrande

I’ve always loved Annabel Lee — it has a high romanticism to it. It’s beautiful and haunting in ways that I hope to invoke in Lady Midnight and the other books of TDA. The ocean, forbidden love, devastating loss, the refusal to accept death, and lovers being forcibly separated are some of the “bones” of the poem that it shares with The Dark Artifices.

I can’t go into great detail about the connections, because I don’t want to get spoilery, but I can say a little bit about the relationship between the two works:

1. The themes, settings, and overall atmosphere of TDA are influenced and inspired by the poem. There are aspects of the plot that relate to the poem, and there are aspects of the plot that are unrelated as well. The sounding sea, the kingdom by the sea, the tomb by the sea, all those are important to TDA — the proximity of the ocean is of huge significance to the characters and the story. There’s also the issues of forbidden love and devastating loss which … I probably can’t go into yet. :)

2. Like A Tale of Two Cities in TID, there is a direct textual relationship between the two. The characters of TDA will encounter the poem. The poem will be important to the plot. The poem is a real thing in the book, as in it is a work the characters reference and discuss.

3. Julian does not hurt himself physically. I’m not even sure he’s physically reckless, as he’s too conscious of his need to stay around for his brothers and sisters. But he’s reckless with himself emotionally and mentally, and tears himself up in ways that are not immediately visible.

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Jily Prompt: James being extremely embarrassed when he realizes he's in love with lily in sixth year

Shout-out to the anon who sent me this prompt! This was fun. Someone should send me another because I’m at this airport for another four hours. 

At the start of sixth year, they had to smell that bloody love potion. Everyone was very secretive of what they smelled and some would provide unhelpful clues of what they had smelled. James knew what he smelled, and kept it to himself. Making up stupid scents such as ‘snitches and quaffles’. He may have thrown in some food items to throw off the pack.

In reality, James smelled the lavender that reminded him of summer days. The smell of a fresh roasted coffee, as if someone had the grounds still embedded under their nails. There was a hint of ink and something sweet, like candy mingled together. There were other scents but those were the ones that stood out.

He always thought love potions were bullocks.


Lily Evans, while a talented witch, always seemed to be cold. She was constantly shivering in the dungeons and covered in goose bumps in charms. She claimed it had to do with the shoddy castle and something about airflow. It all came out gibberish to James.

He became accustomed to lending his robe to Lily. It came to the point that she never asked, and he never offered. Instead, she would just grab the robe from his bag and wrap it around herself.

It was only after one stint in which Lily had kept it for a week, that he got it back. It was between classes and in the bustle of the crowd, James just threw the robe over his bag and rushed off to his next lesson.

It was only later when he pulled out the robe in the library that he realized something was different. To start with, Peter was literally sniffing the robe that James had put on. James recoiled from his friend who was frozen in his odd stance, giving James a guilty look.

“What-“ James started, dropping his quill as Peter straightened up.

“Your robe. It smells differently.” Peter said smugly, and James rolled his eyes. Figures that Peter’s nose would sniff out something.

“Yeah, well, as long as it keeps me warm - couldn’t care less.” James said in a brisk manner, returning his attention to the notes in front of him.

“Fine. But it does smell good. Reminds me of your mum’s garden.” Peter said, his quill quickly making scratches on his parchment.

James paused, eyed Peter, before discreetly sniffing his own robe, praying to Merlin that no one would notice his behavior.

Lavender. He was frozen for a second, thinking how it could be - then he remembered that Lily was a witch and most likely wore some perfume. Or maybe it was her soap?

James shrugged, and went back to work. Deciding that he wouldn’t mind if Lily wore his robe more.


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I did a thing and I'm sorry

A beep. A noise. A smell.
Where am I?
Can’t move. A room. Which room? My room? No, unfamiliar smell. Another room. Another beep. Yes, of course. Stupid. A hospital. Obviously.
But why? Why here, why now? What happened.
Oh. A feeling. A hand. Whom’s hand?
Long fingers, short nails, a hint of dry skin. Warm. A man, yes a man.
Obviously a man Sherlock. And you know exactly who it is, don’t you. Don’t be stupid, brother mine.
Another hand. One on top, one below.
Warm, safe, home. Obviously, John’s hands. Stupid.
Can’t move.
“I’m here”
Don’t go.

Light. Bright. Very bright light. Blinding.
A thumb. A caress. A feeling. Home.
One eye, other eye. Blinking, twice.
Another beep.
“Sherlock? You’re awake?”
Yes, yes!
Or am I? I’m not sure. What happened.
Oh, yes of course. A needle, a pinch, a relief, a blood stain.
“Why again, Sherlock.” Sad voice. Sad John.
Can I say something? Trying, only muffled sounds. Guess the answer is no, how annoying.
“I’m sorry Sherlock. I should have been there.”
You are here.
Eyes still open, blinking.
New feeling. Hand, in hair. My hair.
John’s hand in my hair. Gentle, reasuring.
Please more. Something, anything.
I see his face for the first time, though my eyes have been open for long.
Hair, eyes, nose, lips. Sad lips. A shy smile? His lips, I long for. Please.
Eyes: Blue, red? Vains visible. Crying.
Don’t cry.
“John.” It only comes out as a whisper.
“Sherlock? I’m here now. It’s okay, you’re gonna be okay.”
Lips, on mine. Please. But no.
“Is he awake?” Another voice, a female.
Blonde, blue eyes. Short hair, Conclusion: wife.
Hand dissapir from my hair - No home.
Come back.
“Maybe you should let him rest, John.”
The female, the blonde, the wife. A liar.
Suddenly lips on lips. Not my lips, her lips. That wife.
John please.
Foot steps. One, two, three. Fading.
Don’t go.
Door closing.
Come back.
Alone, afraid, awake.

A Study in Hands (Pedrazar)

At Pedro’s Halloween party, Balthazar spends the night being a wallflower as he examines his friends’ hands. (Inspired by “An Ode”) (“Would his hand fit in yours? I bet it would, better than any other guy’s ever could…”)


Lately, I’ve been curious about hands.

Not in a creepy way.  

Just in an observant way, like how your hands could say a lot about you. Mine for example are calloused, rough because I’m a musician, which is a hazard of the skill. They’re also clammy. Clammy means nervous and yeah, I guess, I’m a pretty anxious person.

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