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karhs  asked:

okay uh the results! Four is Ethenethiol (shes a musky husky) P9 has Theanine, a stress-reliever/antipsychotic, Amaryllis has Lycorine, a poison found in lilies, Yo-yo has the ingredients to skunk spray, Gay Aunt Jane has Atropine, a nerve-agent antidote (atropine/atrophere i get it), minxmax has Opiorphin and Madame Baroness has Levorphanol, both painkillers, Alka has baking soda, Bismol has pepto bismol (i was mad about this) and Sodababy has something that looks like coronene but isnt. phew

Most of these are correct! Ping-Pong’s chemical is in fact theanine, and while it is an amino acid capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and affecting mood, it is not an antipsychotic by any means (they put it in energy drinks, after all).

Amaryllis’s chemical is Lycorine, but is found in more plants than just lilies (hint hint).

You nailed yo-yo’s and Gay Aunt Jane’s and Minx’s.

Madame Baroness’s chemical is definitely not Levorphanol.

Alka’s chemical is sodium bicarbonate, but outside of the context of baking soda, think more in-line with what serves as a compliment to Bismol’s chemical, which is in fact pepto-bismol.

Sodababy’s chemical, structurally, certainly appears similar to coronene, though it serves a more common use (you probably have soda’s chemical somewhere on your desk or in your backpack). As a hint, soda’s molecule has an arrow between two phases to illustrate that those bonds are in constant motion. Great work so far! Happy hunting!


KIM CHI on How to Eat in Drag (hint: with nails!)

I did a thing and I'm sorry

A beep. A noise. A smell.
Where am I?
Can’t move. A room. Which room? My room? No, unfamiliar smell. Another room. Another beep. Yes, of course. Stupid. A hospital. Obviously.
But why? Why here, why now? What happened.
Oh. A feeling. A hand. Whom’s hand?
Long fingers, short nails, a hint of dry skin. Warm. A man, yes a man.
Obviously a man Sherlock. And you know exactly who it is, don’t you. Don’t be stupid, brother mine.
Another hand. One on top, one below.
Warm, safe, home. Obviously, John’s hands. Stupid.
Can’t move.
“I’m here”
Don’t go.

Light. Bright. Very bright light. Blinding.
A thumb. A caress. A feeling. Home.
One eye, other eye. Blinking, twice.
Another beep.
“Sherlock? You’re awake?”
Yes, yes!
Or am I? I’m not sure. What happened.
Oh, yes of course. A needle, a pinch, a relief, a blood stain.
“Why again, Sherlock.” Sad voice. Sad John.
Can I say something? Trying, only muffled sounds. Guess the answer is no, how annoying.
“I’m sorry Sherlock. I should have been there.”
You are here.
Eyes still open, blinking.
New feeling. Hand, in hair. My hair.
John’s hand in my hair. Gentle, reasuring.
Please more. Something, anything.
I see his face for the first time, though my eyes have been open for long.
Hair, eyes, nose, lips. Sad lips. A shy smile? His lips, I long for. Please.
Eyes: Blue, red? Vains visible. Crying.
Don’t cry.
“John.” It only comes out as a whisper.
“Sherlock? I’m here now. It’s okay, you’re gonna be okay.”
Lips, on mine. Please. But no.
“Is he awake?” Another voice, a female.
Blonde, blue eyes. Short hair, Conclusion: wife.
Hand dissapir from my hair - No home.
Come back.
“Maybe you should let him rest, John.”
The female, the blonde, the wife. A liar.
Suddenly lips on lips. Not my lips, her lips. That wife.
John please.
Foot steps. One, two, three. Fading.
Don’t go.
Door closing.
Come back.
Alone, afraid, awake.