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“Right… Well… I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that…” Piccolo/Nail

Piccolo’s grip on Nail’s vest slackened as Nail’s antennae slid against his. His eyes drifted shut and he pressed their foreheads together, desperately seeking more of the contact. It felt nice, so nice, and Nail gave a pleased hum when Piccolo moved his antennae along with Nail’s, and he couldn’t remember what he’d originally been yelling at Nail over, but kissing Nail was so much better than yelling at him and–



Kissing Nail.

Piccolo was kissing Nail.

Piccolo’s eyes snapped open and he disentangled himself from Nail, stumbling backwards. Nail’s eyes opened, too, slowly fluttering open and Piccolo swallowed. He was so thirsty all of a sudden. One hand came up to gingerly brush his antennae, still twitching, and he tried to wrap his head around the fact that Nail had just kissed him and he’d–he’d not only allowed it, he’d liked it.

“Right…well.” Piccolo cleared his throat and looked away. “I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that.”

Nail stepped towards him and Piccolo was proud of himself for not backing up. “It seemed like the easiest way to shut you up.”

“Oh.” Piccolo held his ground as Nail closed the gap between them again, one hand coming up to Piccolo’s face. Gods, he was so thirsty.

“How would you feel about doing it again?” Nail murmured. His thumb brushed across Piccolo’s cheek. Their faces were dangerously close.

Piccolo swallowed. “Fantastic,” he managed, leaning forward to press them together himself.