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As you get older and enter through the 4 treacherous years of high school, you begin to take a step back on things. You look at everything and see how much you and everything and everyone around you has changed. Your friends, who all once believed in God are now atheists because they went through things and began to forget what potential laid inside of them. People who were once popular, skinny and beautiful are now average, have all but 3 friends, and have zits lining their upper forehead and inner cheeks. People’s sexualities will change and you will either accept it or be unaccepted. The boys who loved football are now stoners who can’t even function a class without a puff, and became sad because their ability of playing a sport became dragged and dizzy. The cheerleaders will become anything and everything but virgins. You will begin to hear things about people who were once so sweet and innocent getting arrested for something you never imagined them doing. People begin to become the things they swore they’d never become and they change into these monsters of people. Or if you’re lucky… they change into these beautiful masterpieces. I know all this from experience. I walk the halls of my high school, examining people who were once these small people and are now a figure that is loved by everyone… and I also see people who I used to be close with who lost control of their life already. I’m only almost a sophomore. You become friends with people you once hated, and enemies with people you once loved. Things happen to people you know. Good or bad. We often wander what went wrong but that is always something we never understand. Maybe you’re one of these people. Or maybe you’re like me, and you stand back and watch the people who once loved you and the ones you once loved; completely turn into someone you never expected. Things begin to happen right in front of your eyes that you only thought happened in movies or books.
—  Abby Wormsbaker; I am seeing everything and everyone changing and it doesn’t scare me anymore.

Ravenclaw / Aries Sun & Moon / Leo Rising aesthetic (request)

cool rain on a cloudy afternoon, notebooks filled with cramped writing, constant daydreaming, world maps with pins stuck in them, entering the day with the enthusiasm of a child, jean jackets tied around waists, bonfires by the beach, red lipstick and perfectly manicured nails, art galleries, comfy hoodies, thunderstorms, fleeting moments that can never be remembered, the smell of old books, excitement over little things, kisses on the cheek, champagne swishing in tall glasses, yelling too loudly and whispering too softly, stepping out of the shower to see the fogged mirror, laughing so hard you cry, the faint clicking of a typewriter in the distance, seeing your breath in the cold and pretending to be a dragon, people watching, smelling something that reminds you of your childhood but never figuring out what, hail raining down on rooftops, picking fights where there are none, giving so much that you are eventually left with nothing but your dreams.


This is the beautiful studio of creative Art Director, Stylist and Production Manager Katrin Bååth from Sweden. I’m liking the simple, earthy tones and how she carefully displayed everyday objects, knickknacks and props. I think she nailed the gallery wall, don’t you agree? 


I’m finally getting the last heavy-duty moving-and-decorating things done this weekend! Yesterday the shelves in the bedroom were hung up, including my nail polish shelf (topped off with my lovely commission by @maria-tries of Clint and Natasha painting their nails).

The gallery wall looks really fancy and adult, but nearly half of it is some kind of fandom reference. (And yeah, some of the frames don’t have art in them yet and the blue one is gonna be swapped out, it’s still a work in progress.)

There’s a tiny loki in a frame, from the time my friends pranked me and I came home to find  the place COVERED in Loki. On the walls, in the shower, in the fridge, hidden between my clothes, in my sock drawer… I found some Lokis like four months later between my summer clothes.

A pizza dog frame with all the Clint and Kate symbols. My commissions from @dr-kara (Phil and Clint being schmoopy on a date) and @notallbees (Bucky and Nat knitting).

And of course the ‘that sounds totally gator toes’ artwork I made in honour of @essieincinci‘s Chubby College Bucky x Cap AU.