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💙 Biiiiig blueberry slime! 💙

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benpoe -  good times, bad times, and first times…

Ben loved being back ‘home’ on Poe’s farm on the warm welcoming Yavin moon, spending most of his time holed up inside Poe’s bedroom. They were Ben Solo’s happiest memories. Remembering ben solo is too painful for kylo ren.

Freaks Forever (FilthyFrank. aka Joji Miller X Reader)

Here it is, smut smut smut. I tried to include as many requests in this as I could as well as trying to make it a quality fic. I hope you guys like it.

Joji is in a shitty mood. 

(Requests are open)

You pulled the blanket tighter around you, sighing. Your eyes flashed over to the clock on the wall and then back to the T.V. Joji should have been home more than an hour ago, and you were a little upset. He’d promised you that he’d be home to watch your show and it was long since over. You reached for your phone, about to text him for the hundredth time when the door opened with a bang. You looked over the back of the couch, surprised. “Joji?”

Nothing. He just slammed the door shut. You climbed off the couch and walked to where he was taking off his jacket. “Babe? What happened? You missed our show.” He muttered an apology and made his way into the kitchen, digging around in the cupboard you kept your harder liquor in. “Joji, can you please look at me?”

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anonymous asked:

You know what I'd really like to see more of at cons and stuff? Custom God tier outfits. THAT would be really cool

Duuuuude I agree entirely

I reeeally want to make a Lord outfit for myself

It would be a purple dress shirt with the aspect symbol on the breast pocket. A black tie
Dark purple, almost black dress pants
Black dress shoes
A purple cloak to drape on my shoulders

A black and purple watch, it’d be cool to have a Rage symbol on the face
Purple framed sunglasses with black frames
Black nails

This would be cool

But yeah, custom outfits

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: The elevator dings resolutely. I tilt my head, and I see Finn standing by my side, adjusting his tie while smiling softly at me, “Ready?”

The buzzing cars on the highway only serve to further my anxiousness.

“This is the apartment with the best view!” The landlord had excitedly announced to Finn and I. He was right, it was the apartment with the best view. The sunlight didn’t directly disturb the apartment, and there still remained a beautiful view of the city no matter what room one moved around in. It was perfect, for a while, but now it wasn’t so perfect anymore.

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strawberry party 🎉