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tumblr keeps chewing up my images so the quality on this isnt great but;; i designed myself as a twilight princess character !!!


It’s a momentous week for Operation Fix the Science Babies.

Italian Vocabulary: Idioms

These fixed expression may sound a little funny but they’re used by Italians in their everyday lives so they’re worth knowing. Feel free to ask if you want to know more idioms or if you have a better translation 

  • Fare i conti senza l’oste (lit. to do the math without the innkeeper) = to act without considering the consequences
  • È inutile piangere sul latte versato = it’s no use crying over spilled milk
  • Adagiarsi sugli allori (lit. to lie down on laurels) = to slack off
  • Avere un chiodo fisso (lit. to have a fixed nail) = to have a bee in one’s bonnet
  • Fare orecchie da mercante (lit. to do the merchant’s ears) = to play deaf
  • Cercare il pelo nell’uovo (lit. to look for a hair in the egg) = to be extremely nit-picky
  • Promettere mari e monti (lit. to promise seas and mountains) = to promise the moon
  • Per un pelo (lit. for a hair) = a close shave
  • Chi la dura la vince (lit. he who endures, wins) =  The harder you try, the luckier you get.
  • Spezzare una lancia a favore di qualcuno (lit. to break a lance in favor of someone) = to advocate for s.o. 

Grinning, Harry grabs for her other hand, messing with the bracelets on her wrist, “This is absolutely riveting, tell me more – what is your preferred detergent the one with the bear or Tide?”

“Oh be quiet,” she shushes him, “And the one with the bear is called Snuggle.”

part 1

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First time drawing @projared

fem!kent headcanons
  • dirty, day old blonde curls tied back in a ponytail on top of her head
  • dresses comfortably, but loves her pretty things
  • slender fingers with chipped nail polish that she fixes before games because then it will go with her bruised knuckles (she has to file them beforehand though, she bites them too much beforehand)
  • freckled arms and freckled nose from that desert sun (she has a farmers tan, but that won’t stop her from wearing crop tops)

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