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@crispykrimi I’ve been drawing this over the course of a couple weeks. Sweater Weather has been such a comfort and inspiration to me. So here are the soft boys


An ALMOST complete collage of every project that Trent Reznor has ever touched. Nine Inch Nails and beyond.

The two missing artwork are for Green Lines (the Banksy hotel collaboration) as well as new Vietnam war soundtrack coming soon.
The Peach Curse

This is a generational curse designed to lead to grief, distrust, and hatred between members of a family, as well as encouraging the separation of a blood line so that no lasting bonds are ever formed. Use this in circumstances where a family has brought suffering to you or loved ones to return the pain they have caused as well as to ensure they cannot use their power as a familial unit to hurt others.

You will need:

  • A peach, left to rot (to signify an end to longevity)
  • A photo of the target family or similar taglock (to bring the curse down on the target)
  • A rusty nail or pushpin (to fix the curse into place) 
  • Lavender flowers (to spark distrust)
  • Hemlock (to make hatred boil over)
  • Lobelia (to build contempt)
  • Red brick dust (to “build a wall” between family members, to protect oneself) 
  • A paper bag
  • (Optional) The blood, saliva, hair, or fecal matter of the target family (for a powerful taglok)  

To begin:

Take a peach and place the picture of the target family on top. Use the rusty nail to secure the picture to the peach, place it in the paper bag, and add the rest of the ingredients. Allow the contents of the bag to sit in a warm spot until the peach is thoroughly rotten, focus on the target family falling apart like the flesh rotting off of the peach. 

Once you have imbued the contents of the paper bag with the curse, remove the picture of the family, allow it to dry if needed, and then burn it to seal in your intent. Then remove the peach pit, break it in half, and bury the halves far away from each other to strengthen your intent. Dispose of the rest of the contents in a safe and responsible manner.

**Be cautious when dealing with fire, rotten ingredients, and rusty objects.**


Pairing: Ezra Miller x Reader

A/N: It’s SDCC season! and also I start to have a crush on Tom Holland! he’s so damn cute aushdasj you can make request about him! I would love to make gifs and ig-au’s so don’t be shy <3


I was at San Diego Comic Con, this year had been released Spiderman Homecoming movie, where I had interpreted Liz Allan. I had been upset all morning because Ezra had told me that he couldn’t come with me today, it was one of the biggest moments of my career and also our fourth anniversary, I had met him in 2012, when we filmed together The perks of being a wallflower movie.

-Just relax Y/N! Ezra must have a good reason to not being here – says Tom, we’d both become great friends on the movie set, even though I was a few years older than him.

-NO, He haven’t!  He should be here, tomorrow DC will be introducing the whole cast and director from The Flash movie – I exclaims angrily, he didn’t have any damn excuse, when I asked him he simply said he planned to take a flight until today.

Tom had been trying to keep me calm all morning, he was a good friend but he seemed to be giving up on me – Is she still angry? – asks Zendaya while signing a poster of the first person on the line, it was a little boy with his mother, Zendaya passed me the poster over the table and I smiled at the little boy while I asked his name

-Yes, she is – Tom answers – Hello buddy! – greets him and the child’s mom asks for a photograph

-Am I overreacting? – I ask to Zendaya while passing me another poster – Wouldn’t you be mad? He doesn’t even answer my messages –

- Honestly… yes, I would be more than angry –

-Thank you Zendaya, you don’t help – Tom says

I don’t know how much time had passed, but we kept signing autographs, taking some quick pictures and recording some video message that fans asked for, I loved to be with them, I tried so hard to be nice and treat them as they deserve, because if I were in their place I would like that my idol treated me the same way; In the line appeared a Flash cosplay.. GREAT!

-WOOOOOW! What a good costume! – exclaimed Zendaya while she signed a poster; that was an amazing costume, he reminded me of Ezra… damn guy.

-SEE! It’s the third Flash cosplay I signed an autograph today! – I whisper to Tom and he began to laugh. Zendaya passes me the poster – to who do I sign for?

-To the love of your life – he says, I begin to laugh and sign the poster as he wanted it, I turned to see him smiling, he had removed his mask, it was Ezra

-Oh god – he was smiling at me, you fucking son of a bitch-  I stand up from my seat and walk over to embrace him – What are you doing here?

-I missed you too my dear – he says and kisses me on the lips – Actually, I came to ask you something –

-Why didn’t you ask me by the phone? Or by message? – He starts looking for something in his suit and takes out a small black box… oh my god. It cannot be… He kneels in front of me opening the small box and inside was a golden ring with a little bright diamond in the center –

-I doubt it’s appropriate to ask you this by the phone – he laughs -  Y/N, I know you’ve been angry with me all day, but…. Would you marry me? –

-OH MY GOD!,  YES! – he put the ring on my finger and stand up to kiss me,  I wrapped my arms around his neck and we stayed like this for a few seconds,  then I noticed all the cameras flashes and the fans clapping and crying… I turn to see Tom, he was recording with his phone – YOU KNEW IT! – I point at him while still embracing Ezra – You’re such a bad friend for not warning me… I could have fixed my nails or something –

-I’m really the best friend you’re going to have… - he says laughing with Zendaya


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heard it was friends and family day over at @magnusweek so i figured i’d post all my magnus and taako selfies from the con!!

taako is @i-wear-drugstore-perfume