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hello xx if you're taking prompts: if you write smut how about the first time andreil have sex after being apart for soo long (like for ex Neil's fifth year) or if you don't do smut how bout andrew having a bad day and fighting with neil but then realizing he's being harsh and actually apologizing?

hey i tried to combine both since i don’t write a lot of smut but i hope you like it..thanks for asking.

Words: 1.5k

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As mentioned in my last article about Shirakawa-Go I’m writing an article about the tools displayed in the attics of these houses :)

I took those photos in 3 different attics and decided to post them together in one article because it makes sense to me to write about the tools I saw and then write about the other things in those attics in another article :)

The biggest tools I saw were made for the maintenance of the roofs of the houses :)
Most tools were actually meant to be used to make building materials for houses and tools for field work or tools for the maintenance, repair or fabrication of woodworking tools :)

One of the major differences between these houses and many other Japanese houses from the same period is that there was even less metal used during their construction :)
Many houses in cities used Metal parts for door pulls or nails or wire to fix the shingles to the roof but in these there is no need to fix shingle to the roof and while some door pulls are made from metal many aren’t. It was fascinating to me :3

The needles look like they were made by giants but it makes sense since the thread/rope used and the size/thickness of the thatch bundles makes it necessary to scale the needles to fit these :)

Most of the wood used in these homes was not finished or dimensioned to the same degree as homes in cities or other places in Japan but the wood in the places where the inhabitants spent most of their time was just as finely finished and dimensioned as in any other place in Japan :)
I think this selection was necessary due to the limited time and severe weather that would have punished the builders and future inhabitants by destroying or damaging the house before it was even finished.
I admire how they still made sure that the timber looked nice and doesn’t splinter :3
I think in some way these are pinnacles of both craftsmanship, logistics and architecture as they were built in the open or with a limited amount of covering from the elements, little resources and in a limited time :)

The tools are just as finely made as the tools found in the cities in Japan :)
I like how they store their tools with the other valuables to keep them away from moisture and ensure a good ventilation to prevent the handles from getting loose, rot, rust and bugs from eating the wooden parts of the tools :)

I wish I could write something like a catalogue that would list the exact tools used in the construction and maintenance of these houses but unfortunately I lack the time and resources to do so :/

This week was quite relaxed and nice :)
I did a lot of work on some woodworking project, made some waffles and went to the Hafengeburtstag in Hamburg :)
Tomorrow I’ll have a job interview :)
Recently I often wish I would have a girlfriend (-_-;)
I’m feeling lonely despite having some great friends who are very caring.

I will write an article about the Hafengeburtstag tomorrow and another one once I finish my current woodworking project :)

I wish everyone a great new week with nice friends and a person who loves you and who you cherish as well as sweet dreams (^-^)/


In which Dan wants you to paint his nails and then gets super happy and embarrassed when you do.

About a week before they were supposed to leave for Australia, Dan came to me. I knew 2017 was his year of loving and accepting himself more, so I wasn’t surprised when one night while were in bed he asked me to paint his nails. I was more supportive than anyone else, probably. “Of course, baby,” I said while smoothing my thumb over his dimple, “but we’re going to have to make a run to the store because I don’t think I have any polish here at the flat.”

The next day I dragged him up out of bed and down the street to the nearest drug store. I went to the beauty aisle and perused the countless shades and brands along the wall. Dan had slipped away and was hiding at the end of the aisle. “No one’s going to judge you picking out nail polish with your girlfriend, bear. Come over here and tell me what you want.” He came up to me and we spent the next fifteen minutes going through colors. Eventually he settled on a standard black, a sky blue and a sheer pink. When I sent him to get in line, I secretly grabbed a glitter polish as well. As a treat for being so patient with him earlier, Dan insisted we stop at a cafe and he buy me breakfast.

The rest of the day went on as normal, Phil had been awake by the time we got back and we all did our own thing. Dan and Phil went to stockpile some more videos before they left next week, and I decided to use the blue polish I’d purchased earlier on my toes. I was admiring the color against my skin when I heard the guys come bounding downstairs. I squealed and lifted my legs before they could jostle me and mess up the wet polish. Phil headed for the kitchen, saying he’d get started on dinner, while Dan plopped down next to me on the sofa. “It smells like a damn nail salon in here,” he teased. I nudged at him with one of my feet and he smacked it down. “Get used to it, you’re next.” Some of that shyness from the store came back on his face. I squeezed his cheeks between my palms. “I understand if you don’t wanna do this, we can wait or we can never speak of it again.” He shook his head as much as he could and I kissed his lips gently. “Great, then let’s get started!”

We both decided that the black and the blue were too noticeable for his first manicure, but he promised me that he’d wear it when he was more comfortable. So it would be the pale pink. We were in the dining room table and he sat himself across from me. I placed down a nail file, the pink polish and some top coat as well as a couple sheets of paper towel. The glitter polish was secretly between my legs, hidden from view. “Now, when I put all of this on, you need to be careful with your hands. The polish takes some time to dry completely so no typing or whatever else you’d do with your hands. I don’t wanna spend all night fixing smears.” Dan swallowed and nodded slowly. I gave him a gentle smile and reached out for his hands. He placed them into mine and I ignored how cold and sweaty they were.

I filed down a couple of his nails first. I knew he bit them so they were pretty short to begin with, but I still made them the same length. Next, I uncapped the bottle of pink and carefully painted his nails, smoothing off the excess. The polish was sheerer than I thought, and I did another coat asking him if that was visible enough or if he wanted it darker. He told me it was enough. I examined his nails, the color was barely noticeable against his skin. If he didn’t say he had any polish on you’d never know it. I figured it was time for the surprise. “So I was thinking, that pink is so cute, but it needs…something.” Dan raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean something? Did you get like stickers or jewels because I don’t think I’m ready for-”

“You think I know how to put that shit on? No, I just got this.”

I placed the glitter polish on the table next to the top coat. “It’s subtle, but when you go in the sun you could probably see the sparkle.” His face was unreadable. “I-It’s fine if you don’t want it bear, baby steps and all…I just thought you’d like it.” Now I felt bad, this was probably already weird enough as is being his first time wearing polish, I shouldn’t be pushing him. I went to put the glitter to the side. “No, you can put it on. I think it’d look kinda cute. Just maybe not a bunch okay?” I smiled big and uncapped the bottle. Of course not, just a little for flair and then you’ll be done, Mr. Howell.” He put his hands back where I could reach them.

When I was done and the top coat had been applied, I capped the bottles and went to turn on the kitchen light. “Woah! The glitter looks cool,” Dan said. I giggled, he looked like a little kid as he examined his fingers. He tilted them all around and watched the light bounce off the glitter. I smiled, happy that he was happy with it.

Later that evening we were all enjoying dinner and some show in Netflix I half paid attention to. Much to my displeasure, I ended up having to fix his nails a couple times before sitting him down and telling him not to move until we ate. He pouted, but listened to my orders. Now that I was certain everything had dried, he was back to playing on his laptop, but every few minutes I noticed him looking over his fingers, placing them in the light and looking at the glitter. Phil had noticed them earlier, and told Dan they looked nice, even joked that he would consider polishing a couple of his own. That made me smile, Phil was literally the most supportive friend in the world.

That night, while we were laying down in bed together, Dan kissed me until I didn’t know my own name. “W-What was that for?” I gasped. Dan ran his fingers through my hair and wrapped his other arm around me. “For being the best girlfriend ever.” The intensity in his eyes made my face hot. “All I did was paint your nails, bear. That’s not exactly a huge thing.” I laughed uncomfortably and wanted to cover my face. Dan was serious, though, not a trace of humor on his face. “Because most girls and guys I’ve dated would’ve never done something like this for me, even though painting my nails isn’t even that big a deal. You’re breaking gender roles pumpkin.” He was rambling, and he started sounding ridiculous. I wanted him to stop talking, so I brushed our lips together to silence him and and just laid my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and we went to sleep.

A/N: A little drabble because I really love that picture of Dan with his nails painted! ^o^~ He’s v soft and v adorable (Also I know I made Dan bi in this and that’s not rlly canon but I mean c’moooon)

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Hanamiya, Aomine and Imayoshi having a much younger sister who has the guys wrapped around her little finger? Like, she’ll put make up on them and make them play dress up and the guys just go with it? (much to their dismay) Then one day their teammates for whatever reason come over to their house and see them all dressed up in a tutu and a face full of poorly done make up. Their reactions?


It was like his world came to a crashing halt. Aomine wanted to run from the room, escape the judging stares he was getting from some of his teammates, hide from the teasing ones. But he couldn’t do that while his little sister was sticking ribbons in his hair.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” he tries to reason, but none of his team is having it.

It especially doesn’t help when his sister chimes in, all giggles and smiles, “We’re playing beauty parlor!”

He’s lucky she hadn’t picked up the glittery makeup and overly red lipstick tube yet, those items being far out of her reach now that he’s kicked them out of the way.

Still, the teasing smiles of his teammates tell him of the hell that’s to come the next time they have practice.


Being a team captain certainly had its advantages sometimes and, as the glare of light reflected off Imyoshi’s glasses, his team knew full well that he was ready to use some of them.

For some reason, the usual smile he had on his face seemed even more intimidating than normal. Even as he spoke, his tone the sickeningly sweet one he only ever reserved for his sister, something about him seemed off.

“Why don’t you go play in the other room and I’ll be there in a minute.”

As she skipped off, each boy in the team could feel a thick mass in their throats obstructing their lungs. Imayoshi’s stare was making it hard to breath.

“Now, I know for a fact you guys won’t say a word about this,” he spoke, an air of certainty around him. “Or else you all know the consequences.”


He stands in a hurry and is immediately scolded by his little sister. “I haven’t finished painting your nails yet!”

Sure enough, as his teammates look down at Hanamiya’s fingers, there’s the hint of sparkly pink polish on the tips of his nails. Someone, probably Hara, snickers loudly and it’s that noise that snaps Hanamiya out of his stupefied trance.

“Get out of my house,” he growls threateningly.

Pushing each of the boys out, he doesn’t care that the polish is smearing on the backs of their jerseys. Let them handle the dry cleaning fee. He doesn’t feel safe until each one of them has the door slammed in their face.

“Are you done yet?” His little sister asks from the other room. “Can I fix your nails now?”

He sighs. “Yes.”


its true!!!!!!!!!!!

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Noodle! You have been gifted with a spa day, sent from someone mysteriously only known as 'Commander Bear Claw!' It does, however, look rather official, and at the bottom, it reads that it is a mandatory event, that will help increase production by reducing stress!

Oh, how… curious.

   “ This may seem rather unbelievable, but I actually already have a spa date set up with another comrade. One that doesn’t smell like a trap. ” Please, he had done better forgeries himself back when he barely older than a kit.

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I'm back again to say that Neil find this horrid bright fox orange nail polish and tries to paint his nails with it. But he's never painted his nails before and he's a fucking mess and his nails are a fucking mess but he's very please with himself. Until he knocks the nail polish bottle over and stains their floor orange. Andrew is not impressed. Allison takes one look at his Disaster™ nails and spends the next hour fixing them.

I hella subscribe to this. (Gav with the good head canons omg)

Neil is so frugal that he would rather die than pay the fine for having orange fingernail polish on the floor when they move out, so after Allison fixes his nails he goes back home and scrapes and scrubs it off the floor. He chips the polish and is so heartbroken, he can’t ask Allison to paint his nails again! He physically cannot walk back to her room and let her know that he ruined it nearly immediately. Andrew goes out, without a word, and comes back with orange and white nail polish, fixes the chips and pains little fox paws on Neil’s nails. The foxes take bets on who painted Neil’s nails. Kevin says, “Andrew did it.” and no one, not even Allison, wins that bet, but they’re all too pleased to care and end up using the money to buy Neil a bunch of nail polishes.

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ok can you imagine little dan getting really excited about painting his nails and makes daddy phil help him because ??? quality content

I tried, but it’s still terrible…sorry

💎"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!“ Dan yells excitedly, running through the flat to the office where Phil had been editing a video.

💎"Yes princess?” Phil asks smiling at how cute his baby is.

💎"Can we paint my nails? Pleaseeeeeee daddy?“ Dan smiles brightly and holds out the sparkly pastel pink and blue nail paint

💎Phil smiles and thinks, he still need to finish his video but how could he say no to his baby boy? “Of course we can Danny.” Phil reaches out for the blue paint

💎"One hand blue and the other pink Daddy!“ Dan exclaims and holds out his left hand for Phil to paint, knowing it will be easier for him to paint his right hand.

💎Phil gently takes Dans hand in his own and opens the paint and carefully start painting his nails, getting the least amount as possible on his hands.

💎When Phil finishes Dan looks at them, face lighting up more with excitement, "Thank you Daddy!” Dan exclaims and takes the paint to do the other hand.

💎"Look Daddy!!! Pretty!!!“ Dan says happily when he’s finished, having made a small mess. "Oh no…” he says sadly noticing how he has paint around his nails too. “Fix it Daddy.” He demands sticking out his hand.

💎Phil giggles, “Okay Danny.” He gets a towel and begins cleaning around the nails, fixing the paint the best he can. “There we go princess.” Phil says once he’s finished

💎"Yay! Thank you Daddy.“ Dan leans foreword, careful of his nails and hugs Phil, "You’re the bestest Daddy ever.”

Italian Vocabulary: Idioms

These fixed expression may sound a little funny but they’re used by Italians in their everyday lives so they’re worth knowing. Feel free to ask if you want to know more idioms or if you have a better translation 

  • Fare i conti senza l’oste (lit. to do the math without the innkeeper) = to act without considering the consequences
  • È inutile piangere sul latte versato = it’s no use crying over spilled milk
  • Adagiarsi sugli allori (lit. to lie down on laurels) = to slack off
  • Avere un chiodo fisso (lit. to have a fixed nail) = to have a bee in one’s bonnet
  • Fare orecchie da mercante (lit. to do the merchant’s ears) = to play deaf
  • Cercare il pelo nell’uovo (lit. to look for a hair in the egg) = to be extremely nit-picky
  • Promettere mari e monti (lit. to promise seas and mountains) = to promise the moon
  • Per un pelo (lit. for a hair) = a close shave
  • Chi la dura la vince (lit. he who endures, wins) =  The harder you try, the luckier you get.
  • Spezzare una lancia a favore di qualcuno (lit. to break a lance in favor of someone) = to advocate for s.o.