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Okay stamping experts..maybe you can help me out here. While doing layered stamping, I’ve found that when I’m adding additional layers, the stamp also sometimes pulls off the previously applied layer..hence some of the missing bits in this mani. Should I topcoat between layers? Or how can I prevent this?

Used in this mani:

Glisten & Glow - Bungee Jump In The Bahamas

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

HK Girl Topcoat

Clouds stencils from @whatsupnails

Mundo De Unas - Black, White, Pink, Lilac stamping polishes

Big Bling Stamper, Stamping Plate CJS-01  from @clearjellystamper

au where jaune’s parents considered him the runt of the litter and refused to teach him how to fight, but he fought tooth-and-nail to defy it. expert on aura, learns to dance as a tool to kick-start his fight training when he eventually sneaks into Beacon. doesn’t flirt with weiss because he’s got a one-track mind of “get through these four years without dying”. instead he slams into weiss looking for his locker, gets chewed out (”do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”), but he and pyrrha have an exchange.

he falls asleep in oobleck’s class because he spent all night and the nights before desperately training himself, but it’s all theory and he can’t apply it to practice. pyrrha sees him struggling and attempts to help, but he goes through the same thing of “ive never been good enough” except it’s worse because he’s tried his fucking hardest for all of his life and it’s never seemed to get him anywhere

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Commission - OCs, Aran and Kaziel.

Aran: Spider of Mirkwood (here in human form). Abilities: poison nails and fangs, expert at web-weaving

Kaziel: Warrior of Imladris. Abilities: Agile speed, expert at wielding swords

(Commissions currently closed)

The best thing by far about the “Vote No” posters is that they all seem to be written by people who haven’t heard of lesbians??

“Two fathers can’t replace a mothers love” 

So like, by that logic 1 Mom < 2 Dads

But in a lesbian marriage with kids, there’s 2 moms

That’s OVER four dads worth of parenting!! 

That’s not even taking into consideration what could happen if we allow polygamy!! A marriage of six women, four men and three NB people results in a whopping 16 Dads worth of parenting!!!! And three mystery units because experts haven’t nailed down the average amount of parental love a non-binary person can emit


TEXTURED UPDOS, March 2015 @playingfashion 

Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade @theillustratednail OPI’s nail expert using @opinailsuk @opi_products
Photography by Daniel Nadel @daniel_nadel
Production and Hair by Bjørn Krischker @bjornkrischker
using @phytoparis @kilpatrickteam
Editor @presscarrie
Styling by Fiona Downie @fidownie22
Make up by Kenneth Soh @kennethsohmakeup @afrankagency
Model Semka Semenchenko at Select


HOPE ST MAGAZINE, February 2015

Photography by Louise Samuelsen 

Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade/OPI’s nail expert using OPI nail lacquer

Styling by Luci Ellis

Make-up by Karin Darnell/One Represents using Nars

Hair styling by Stefano Mazzoleni/Emma Davies Agency using Leonor Greyl

Model: Claudia G/The Hive


Asos Magazine, April 2015, featuring Lily James.

Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade/OPI’s nail expert using OPI nail lacquer

Photography: Piczo

Styling: Zeba Lowe

Art Direction: Marina Ansell

Hair: Daniel Martin

Make-Up: Elias Hove