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Figure Skating World Championships Mens Practice Day 2 -  Group 1!

I recorded the entire session again today.  I think I should be clear of the copyright issues this time so watch to your hearts content. 

I ran into one half of the Pooh Bear ears couple from Boston last year and we took pics together! She also had this awesome ombre nail design that was inspired by the Hope and Legacy colors.  

Funny enough Group 1 was last today.  In terms of my impressions, I wanted to pay close attention to Yuzu since he skipped yesterday’s practice.  Yesterday he was mostly smiles. Today he was more business and it was a bit more so-so.  Hope and Legacy started well, but the salcow…  I have a 3rd row seat on that end of the rink for the SP and 5th row for the LP so I will clutch my Pooh Bear extra tight either way.  And yeah, wine is a must. 

Shoma was also so so. He couldn’t really get the 4 loop working very well today but he had a decent run through.  

Though it’s exhausting getting up so early for the practices, I’ll miss not getting to see the guys tomorrow, but I’ll be up bright and early Thursday for the final public practice. And it’ll be better to get a little rest anyway and sleep in a bit (sorry, Pairs, catch you in the evening).  

rusalnaia said:
Mob and Teru being cute dorks on #5? Or Mob and Ritsu being cute dorky brothers in #1?

He finally learned the water trick :’’D

I went with the second one, but finished it before I remembered it was a palette challenge! D: Hope ya like it anyway! 

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