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so apparently @knightofbalance-13 went on another rant trying to defend rwby, this time tearing down/belittling all the representation in shows and cartoons that he apparently doesn’t watch.

some notable points he states are that making Tracer gay somehow caused “heterobaiting”, Rick and morty doesn’t count cause rick is apparently one of the worst people in the show, Legend of Korra making their main character Bi doesn’t count because shipping drama, Loud house’s representation has no personality beyond that (and insinuating rwby’s anything has more personality) ect, ect.

obviously these are misguided an uninformed and he’s said much worse… much worse but what I want to focus on is his last paragraph. keep in mind what I bold tho its important to the point I want to make with this post.

Let me tell you something: I’ve had the odds stacked against me since day one. People have been hating on me since my first trailer, my budget was restricted in my first Volume, people hated on me for being an American made anime, my own “fans” attack me because of stupid as hell reasons, I’m made by an internet studio whose lack of money prevent me from being full length and people constantly harass my crew for “queerbaiting.” And despite all that, I got onto Netflix, into theaters, INTO JAPANESE THEATERs, got adapted into manga and has been released three times and, oh yeah, onto Japanese Tv. Without all the advantages you people had, I made it. So maybe, just maybe, I’ve had more important things to do than fart out a pandering character and maybe I have some diginity. (Mic drop.)

Do you see what im seeing? No? cause he’s acting like he’s personally been fighting tooth and nail for “his creation” rwby as though he’s the lead writer orsomething

now, this is especially weird to me because This Is The Second Time I’ve Seen Him Do This 

an excerpt 

And yet in Volume 4, I had to juggle five continuous plotlines in the span of a movie. Do you know how hard that is? Most movies have problems juggling two and quite a few movies can’t handle one. I went and tackled something Game of Thrones would have a problem with! Yeah, it wasn’t the best way but I tried my gosh darn hardest! I may not have advanced the plot but I gave you so much world building, so much character development and so much setup. At least acknowledge that!

Now, the first time this happens its clearly weird as shit to me, but i got over it. second time tho? what the fuck is this? he says he isn’t the writer but is he? is he just delusional? I just… dont understand what’s going on with him. this is legit confusing to me can someone clear this up?