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100 Tips for the Secret Witch! 

  1. Use a shoe box to hide your more obvious items.
  2. Keep herbs stored in ziploc bags to easily conceal them.
  3. Take up “rock collecting”.
  4. Candles and incense because they “smell good!”
  5. Use an Altoids tin as an altar.
  6. Buy crystal jewelry.
  7. Use perfume to cleanse.
  8. Essential oils can be used in place of most herbs and are less obvious.
  9. Get into cooking, buying herbs is justified then. Plus, kitchen magic!
  10. Use old makeup/perfume/mason jars for spell jars.
  11. You can use almost any necklace as a pendulum.
  12. Use spice jars for tiny spell bottles.
  13. Put an altar in a spare drawer.
  14. Playing cards can be used in place of tarot cards and are very common.
  15. There are a lot of virtual apps geared towards witches that are easily hidden.
  16. You can put sigils, tiny crystals, among other things in lockets to hide them but be able to wear them.
  17. Farmer’s almanacs are just as good as the witch geared ones if you add some information to them, and they are more mundane.
  18. Acorn caps make good biodegradable offering cups.
  19. Get into crafts! You can make some really cool witch stuff that can also just be taken as “artsy”.
  20. Taking a few pinches from your parent’s kitchen cabinets is never a bad idea . Unless caught.
  21. Store things in big, boring looking books.
  22. Seashells and rocks with natural holes make great windchime elements.
  23. You can say your bos/grimoire is a dream journal, which are fairly common and not suspicious.
  24. Draw sigils on with lotion or washable marker.
  25. A tea bag in your clothing drawer can help imbue clothing with the attributes of the tea you use.
  26. Draw sigils on the bottom of your shoes.
  27. Make a virtual altar instead of a physical one.
  28. Always remember to clear that browsing history!
  29. Draw small sigils on your nails then cover them with nailpolish.
  30. Pretty much everything at a craft store can be used for witchcraft. Except maybe the older people who shop there.
  31. You can buy really really small jars online and make them traveling spell jars.
  32. You can enchant jewelry to keep spells close to you.
  33. You can make friendship bracelets/lanyards with colors corresponding to your intent.
  34. Enchanting something you wear daily like glasses or shoes with a ward is something that could be done if one doesn’t wear jewelry.
  35. If you’re into sewing/cross-stitching: incorporate secret sigils into the design.
  36. You can grow plant ingredients under the guise of eating healthier.
  37. Buy soap/shampoo etc with scents to match different intents.
  38. Pencil cases are inconspicuous!
  39. You can use birthday candles instead of actual candles.
  40. Obtaining scented candles a covert way of having colored candles… and if you want scentless you can just say you like the aesthetic but not the smell.
  41. Bath salts can have magical intent and be just as effective as a for bath.
  42. Doodling is a great way to cover up sigils in a notebook.
  43. Grow plants. Collect rainwater. Say rainwater is for plants. Cackle to self.
  44. Make a private discord server for taking to deities.
  45. Threads that hang off of clothing or coats are good for thread magic so long as you don’t have to do a ton with them.
  46. Cleaning and cleansing go hand in hand.
  47. Virtual or sketched altar.
  48. Usually the isle that carries Ethnic food carries SUPER cheap herbs.
  49. All astrology is just you getting really into horoscopes.
  50. If you want a more accurate birth chart, ask your parents for your time of birth. Say it’s out of curiosity.
  51. Weird witch stuff lying around? You like the aesthetic from Charmed.
  52. Sigils don’t have to be considered witchcraft. Say they’re like a good luck charm.
  53. Make your own jewelry, beads, gems,threads, color correlation, etc.
  54. Pinterest boards are great for various things. Dedicating things to deities, saving spells, etc.
  55. Stuffed animals as representations of deities.
  56. Thread magic = sewing and crocheting.
  57. Side blogs on Tumblr are similar to pinterest boards!
  58. Sigils on the bottom of hair spray cans for glamours.
  59. Nail Polish = color correlation.
  60. Quote: “My room smells weird so that’s why I’m burning like 100 candles and some incense”. Works every time.
  61. You can make your own tarot cards with inconspicuous symbols and photos on them, say they’re drawings.
  62. Fairy lights in your room because they “look cool”.
  63. Put your bos in something that looks like a school notebook.
  64. Leave offerings outside if safe. Bury them! But don’t bury things that are bad for the enviroment!!!
  65. If you want to use a ouija board, there are quite a few virtual ones.
  66. Any herbs you can get be purely for tea and nothing else.
  67. If someone catches you meditating, tell them it’s for relaxation.
  68. Draw sigils on the top of your ceiling fan. The fan will charge them while on! - Not recommended you do with a permanent marker!
  69. Draw a sigil on the charger base of your electronic devices.
  70. Charge your makeup/hair products/perfume/cologne up with whatever you’d like.
  71. Lemon water makes a great cleansing spray and is usually not suspicious.
  72. Sigils inside your phone case!
  73. Enchant your jewelry or watches.
  74. Draw a sigil with a white crayon on paper.
  75. Put a pouch of herbs in your clothing drawers, if someone finds them, say it’s to decrease bad smells.
  76. Incorporate magic into art.
  77. Write poetry to your deities.
  78. Study herb pouch and gemstones in your backpack.
  79. Oils and herb pillow for your glasses case to encourage clear vision.
  80. Make your own paper and use flowers/seeds/etc to create a design.
  81. Sticky notes for sigils inside a school locker.
  82. Correlate your clothing to your intent that day.
  83. Sigils on a hair ribbon or enchanted ribbon.
  84. Put your intent into your food and drinks.
  85. Learn to make your own tea.
  86. Keep a penny in your pocket for luck.
  87. Google drive vs physical bos if you’re worried about your parents seeing it
  88. Slowly start buying candles and bam you wont be questioned because they are just candles!
  89. Craft store stars painted with black-light paint placed on your ceiling in constellation arrangements.
  90. Drink fruit infused water/tea.
  91. Carry salt in old film bottles or similar cases to help cleanse your purse or bag.
  92. Salt packets are free at fast food places.
  93. Enchant your bank account/wallet/piggy bank/etc so that it charges your money!
  94. Use travel size medicine bottles to hold random mini witch things: twig,  pebbles, sand, salt, etc. 
  95. Draw elemental items to encourage their energies around you.
  96. Leave sticky notes with magical symbols on your desk or in your locker to generate positive energy for the next school day overnight.
  97.  Terrariums and shadowboxes have always been popular, make it your altar or invitation to the fae.
  98. Fairy gardens have been a thing for a long, long time. They’re not suspicious and very good for attracting the fae!
  99. Enchant counter bowls of fruit or breads so that the food decays slower.
  100. Remember that no matter what, whether you can openly practice or not, that you are just as valid of a witch!  
Providing Protection | Steve Harrington

Dustin enlists Steve Harrington to protect his older sister from the douche bags of Hawkins High. It turned out much, much differently then he was expecting.

Rating: PG-13, a bit steamy but no smut.

Pairing: Stever Harrington x Reader, Dustin Henderson x Sister!Reader

A/N: Now excepting Stranger Things requests!

Originally posted by stydiaislove

You were Dustin’s older sister, and though the young boy would never admit it, he looked up to you more than anyone. Aside from Steve Harrington maybe.

More than anything Dustin wished he could protect you against the assholes of Hawkins high. But much to his dismay, he was only a middle schooler, a short one at that.

So he enlisted the help of his newfound friend, Steve Harrington. He specifically told Steve to watch out for you at school. And that if anything ever, and he meant ever, happened to you, Dustin would beat the shit out of Steve with his own nail covered baseball bat. And he would like every second of it.

Never had Steve taken a threat from Dustin so seriously in his life. It did help that you were drop dead gorgeous, and he’d been searching for an excuse to talk to you since he broke up with Nancy.

And he finally had it. Your little brother would kill him if he didn’t.

That was exactly how you ended up making out with Steve in the back of his car in your driveway. Minus a few steps of course.

Apparently Steve’s idea of “looking out for you” was seducing you. And it worked, because there you were, in the back seat of his car, out of breath as Steve left cherry colored marks down your neck, grinning proudly everytime you let out a soft moan.

Your head was thrown back against the seat, back arched into Steve as he sucked a new mark into your soft skin.

Your fingers were threaded through his thick hair, tugging everytime he did something that you especially liked.

You were knocked out of your lust induced trance by a loud bang on the back window of the car. Steve’s head snapped up, and you swore you could see the blood drain from his face, even in the dark of the night.

“Shit.” He hissed, pulling his red tshirt back over his head. You honestly couldn’t even remember ever discarding the piece of clothing.

“You’re so fucking dead Harrington!” You heard Dustin yell from outside the car, shaking the door handles in an attempt to get in. You had never been more glad that Steve decided to lock the doors.

The last thing you needed was your brother seeing you flustered and shirtless after a wild hour or so at the mercy of his new found mentor and friend.

Steve stepped out of the car with a bright blush on his pale cheeks, hiding your half naked form from the wide eyes of Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Mike.

You quickly pulled on a hoodie of Steve’s that was discarded on the floor of the car and stepped out beside him, smiling sheepishly at your glaring brother.

“What the hell is this? I told you to protect her, Harrington. Not screw her in my driveway!” Dustin yelled, pointing at the red faced boy.

“And you.” He sneered, pointing in your direction. “I can’t believe you’d prostitute yourself to this manwhore.”

You gasped at his words. “He-he’s not a manwhore. And I’m not ‘prostituting’ myself you idiot. He didn’t pay me to makeout with him. I did that all on my own.”

Steve smirked at your statement, placing his hand on the small of your back. Ever since he’d gotten to know you, his affections had grown even stronger.

Steve guessed he had Dustin to thank for your new found relationship if tou cohld even call it that.

“Hey, hey, hey. I like your sister dude. That’s all there is to it. No manwhoring, no prostitution, just a crush.” Steve defended himself, bringing you closer into his side.

“I wouldn’t call fogging up the windows of your car in my driveway a little crush.” Dustin muttered under his breath.

“You have a crush on me?” You question teasingly, poking Steve in his stomach lightly.

“I’d be crazy not to.” He grinned, pulling you in for a light kiss.

“I’m still standing right here! Could you please try not to mount my sister while I’m in the vacinity. Thanks.”


On one corner of a magnificent 19th-century mansion in Vienna, Austria, is a rather unusual glass case. Inside is the midsection of an ancient tree. And it is completely covered in nails. Back in medieval Europe, hammering iron nails into living trees, wooden crosses and even rocks was a common practice for luck – similar to throwing coins into fountains today. Some trees became particularly known as “nail trees,” like the spruce in Vienna. Called Stock Im Eisen, or “staff in iron,” it is estimated to be somewhere over 600 years old. The first nails were hammered in while the tree was still alive, sometime before it was felled in 1440.

The idea of iron nails in living trees being lucky fell out of favor sometime in the late 1800s. And many nail trees quietly disappeared. But not Stock Im Eisen. It remains, watching over its corner.



Imagination Lane // “Imagine This” Scenario #2: Bill Skarsgard

Originally posted by thebeautyandthatbass

(Warning: This is slightly long for an imagine scenario, but I couldn’t help but write this out. I’m also in a sappy Bill mood, and I needed this as soon as the idea struck me last night as I laid in bed trying to get to sleep. Shame on me lol.)

If you want to know what The First Fight Box is and what it entails, click here.

Imagine This: You and Bill have entered into your first serious argument as a married couple. A few months back, on your wedding day, you both created what you called “The First Fight Box,” and slipped letters inside for you both to read – when the time came. 

Today, you both have agreed to a small cease-fire within your heated argument and decided to open the box…

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