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Some of you may have noticed that there was no update this week.  That is because @asktechnowizard and myself are hosting @askrustynail for the week!  The blog is on temporary hiatus until he goes back home and we have time to work on updates instead of more important things, like spoiling our guest rotten.  And being spoiled by his goodie bags.

He is unreasonably hot and it is unfair.

The Somboom



Thank you. You have been the soul of this community for years. You are probably my third favorite person to have met from this community, and given that I have been dating one of the other two of them for nearly three years now I’d say you’re in good company.

I remember sending you that first bottle of Honey Vanilla Vodka. Its Wiggles-Blue and Wiggles yellow a happy coincidence.

I can remember some of the earliest stuff that happened with the mod-blog, like

I remember calling you “Dude” for months, and months, and months; because “Wiggles” was genderless.

I remember talking with you back during the Pony Revolution, and suggesting the song from “The King And I”, ‘Give a Little Whistle” for Whistler’s passing.

I remember dragging you away from Tech and Pippa, and bodily hurling you through the Bronycon Vendor Hall going “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE YOU MET WIGGLES?!”

I remember getting compared to Mary Poppins because of that,

I remember helping to frantically pack up your booth, and helping to sell ears the next year.

I remember sharing a booth with you, and selling your merch while you were off being Blank Canvas the year after that.

I remember how you were one of the first people in Tumblrpon who immediately embraced and enjoyed my manner of conversation on Skype.

I remember so… many more things.

But what I remember most, are being able to say the two words Techno Wizard has drawn me saying in that image. The number of times you threw up your hands and went “WELL SINCE YOU GUESSED THE ENTIRE PLOT ANYWAY.”

I have a lot of memories of you, and this blog, Wiggles.

I can’t wait to make a lot of them with the next blog you do.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Later that evening, Meadow Lark and Princess Luna got in a shouting match over which one of them was “the night”.  Canterlot Voice always wins out in the end though.

Guest appearances by Rusty Nail and Techno Wizard.