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3D Nail Art Googly Eye From Born Pretty!

I Love these little Googly Eyes from Born Pretty Store! They are so funny and playful, and pretty perfect for the emoji design trend that’s happening right now. Also perfect for a creepy spooky ghost eye! Recommended for the person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Available in 3 sizes, 4 colors and 2 styles! Get Them using my coupon code STL91 for 10% off at BORNPRETTYSTORE.COM

The lovely Born Pretty Store recently sent me these 1.5mm gold studs to review!  I’m totally into gold lately so they are perfect for adding texture and a bit of edginess to any design.  The studs arrived in a plastic package with about 400 studs (that’s my rough estimate but for sure it’s enough to last through many manicures).  They were pretty easy to apply and still look nice and shiny with a layer of top coat over them (something I was afraid would take away from their look). The studs are also pretty flat so they lay nicely on the nail (I rarely use 3D items since they generally bother me) and don’t get caught on anything during normal everyday wear.

To apply the studs, I started by painting a layer of clear polish on my nail.  Then, I dipped a brush in clear polish to pick up the stud and place it on my nail.  Once the stud was in place, I gently pushed it down with an orange stick.  Finally, I went over the studs with a coat of Seche Vite. 

These studs cost only $5.86 (less if you buy in bulk) and are shipped for free.  Also, if you use my coupon code (ERINW12) before December 30th, you will receive 5% off your purchase!

The Born Pretty Store was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend these 1.5 mm gold studs!

*I am in no way affiliated with the Born Pretty Store.  The opinions stated in this review are solely the my own. 

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So this past weekend I did my final Baroque Nails version for the NOTW over at nailpornography this week.  I’ve been waiting all month for this :D  The final decision was to go with the pattern on this cathedral ceiling of S Maria Maggiore.  Can you believe that’s wood gilded with real gold?  I mean damn.  But I digress. 

To do this I needed to make my own nail art bits because as I found with my tester Baroque/Rococo nails, what I had premade on hand wasn’t cool enough.  Enter the beading wire!  

(this is a long post so… ) 

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Reviews: Spotted studs and bead chains

Hey everyone! I have 2 nail wheels from Born Pretty Store to show you tonight!

The first wheel comes with 6 colors of the super cool studs with a spotted/splatter look and they come in both square and round shape. I used the pink ones in my birthday manicure last month and I love them. They’ll make your manicure stand out if you add them on top of a nude color or even black like I did. You can match the colors of your nails to the studs as well.

The second wheel comes with these 12 colors bead chains, some are so bright, almost neon, some are matte and some are metallic (you don’t always find these colors in chains). They are small enough to grab with tweezers and place on top of a coat of clear polish or any wet nail polish. They make a beautiful effect of contouring if you put them around stones in a rhinestone placement and they can stay on longer with nail glue. I used them on my Turquoise nails and I simply secured them with a layer of top coat.

P.S.: Born Pretty Store has free shipping + you can get a 10% discount using code: GEEX31 when you’re checking out. Have a wonderful week! xo



This is my second look using the GOLD CONES from the Born Pretty Store. Use my coupon code STL91 for a 10% discount from ! «— click. Review coming soon!

Check out the first look here:

  • Love & Beauty - sky blue + sky blue (glitter) + light blue
  • Confetti - ice ice baby
  • Sally Hansen - pacific blue + white on
  • L’Oreal - royally yours
  • L.A. Flare - twinkling
  • O.P.I. - moonraker
  • Kiss - red
  • nicole by O.P.I. - hit the lights
  • Revlon - stiletto
  • silver nail art beads + silver metal flats
  • Gold spikes from Born Pretty Store

It’s time for back to school (*cries*) but that doesn’t mean your nails can’t be as fun as the summer you just had! Go back to school in style with this composition notebook inspired nail art.

1. Paint your base with black polish
2. Using white polish, make little short squiggles on the nail. Making rough “c” and “s” shapes works great.
3. Fill the entire nail with this pattern.
4. Make a white rectangle on the upper half of the nail.
5. Outline the rectangle using black polish.
6. Label your nail with your favorite subject, or do what I did and make your favorite subject into a bunch of squiggles.

Finish off with a clear coat and have a smart and stylish semester!

drama theories

  • Near is also Beyond and A, the show ends with all of them getting Near to do at least five wig changes and wardrobe switches in the last episode
  • matt has been outside L’s headquarters the whole time, smoking 12 packs a scene
  • there are a few vlogs of L reviewing flavours of applesauce squeeze (his favourites are red delicious and Gala)
  • mikami and misa go for manicures
  • everyone continues to think L’s real name was really “L.Lawliet” and no one suggests otherwise