nail art supplies

It’s time for back to school (*cries*) but that doesn’t mean your nails can’t be as fun as the summer you just had! Go back to school in style with this composition notebook inspired nail art.

1. Paint your base with black polish
2. Using white polish, make little short squiggles on the nail. Making rough “c” and “s” shapes works great.
3. Fill the entire nail with this pattern.
4. Make a white rectangle on the upper half of the nail.
5. Outline the rectangle using black polish.
6. Label your nail with your favorite subject, or do what I did and make your favorite subject into a bunch of squiggles.

Finish off with a clear coat and have a smart and stylish semester!


These are the pieces I have chosen for the Final 6!

  1. @pandarij
  2. @starmuse15
  3. @littlepanthery
  4. @fandoms-and-music
  5. @aohoshiart
  6. @disco-panics32

I would also like to add the next 2 for Honorable Mention:

@sailormoonotaku95 (Art~)(X)

@awesomehollowhelios (Fan Fiction)(X)


How voting works:

  • I will choose 6 of the BEST!
  • 4/11~ I will post my favorites for my followers to vote on until 8pm (EST)
  • To VOTE: simply drop the number of the piece you like the most in my ask by the appointed time.
  • Whoever has the most votes wins!
  • The WINNER will be announced 4/12 at 10am (EST)


  • $20 Steam gift card.
  • A Jacksepticeye plushy “Sam".
  • A Markimoo T-Shirt.
  • Indigo writing set~ Illustrated by Lena Corwin.
  • Prismacolor Woodcase colored pencils 12pk.
  • Random Gift bag (Momma’s choice.)(Which could consist of 1 or more of the following:Graphic notebooks,pens,sketch book,acrylic paint starter kit,stickers,nail art supplies,cute post-its,fuzzy socks or random candy.)

Thank you all for your hard work! May the best piece win!

drama theories

  • Near is also Beyond and A, the show ends with all of them getting Near to do at least five wig changes and wardrobe switches in the last episode
  • matt has been outside L’s headquarters the whole time, smoking 12 packs a scene
  • there are a few vlogs of L reviewing flavours of applesauce squeeze (his favourites are red delicious and Gala)
  • mikami and misa go for manicures
  • everyone continues to think L’s real name was really “L.Lawliet” and no one suggests otherwise