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Zoya Naturel II Deux

Hey sweeties, heres my little review on the 2nd transitional line of zoya polishes

One of the great things I like about Zoya is “RANGE” ! There’s a color for every mood and every season and they sure know what most women like. This and its predecessor transitional gives “SUPER CLASSIC” shades that can be worn by every one. With a flair of fashion and timeless elegance. Evermore, these ranges flatter all hands. There’s a polish for every skin tone..this one is a little darker (fall-oriented) I must say this collection is my MOST FAVORITE so far !

I wonder if they’ll continue these transitionals in the future..

Before I leave you with the swatches.. I’ll just give a brief description of my experience:

The polishes all come in cremes, rich tones. dark nudes of tea rose, mauve, berry and light browns of caramel, toffee & auburn. I applied them with the amazing flow and texture that all Zoya polishes boast. Streakless, bumpless, smooth and simply beautiful.

Each polish gives true color from the first coat (except Emilia which felt a teeny sheer), however the 2nd coat is fool proof for all shades.

هلا و غلا.. شلونكم ؟

حبيت استعرض وياكم تجربتي لمجمعة اصباغ زويا الانتقالية الثانيه لهذي السنه

احد النقاط المهمة اللي احبها في زويا هو تشكيلات الوانهم

الكولكشن ينزل بمجموعة ألوان عديدة تناسب اغلب الأمزجة و الأذواق

هذي المجموعة و التي تسبقها كلاهما تحملان ألوان كلاسيكية جدا مع لمسة من الأناقة لكل الأوقات بالإضافة لكونها جميلة و فيها لون يمشي مع أغلب ألوان البشرة

هذي المجموعة ألوانها أغمق بقليل من سابقتها - تماشيا مع الموسم الخريفي و أستطيع أن أقول أنها من أكثر المجموعات جمالا برأيي

مادري هل ستسمر زويا باصدار المجموعات الانتقالية الربيع القادم ؟ ارجو ذلك

قبل لا اخليكم ويا الصور بس بعطيكم فكرة مختصرة عن تجربتي للأصباغ

مجموعة الأصباغ هذي من النوع الكريمي و تنقسم لمجموعتين ألوان الموڤ و ألوان الكارامل و استمتعت 

بوضعهم بنفس جودة و نعومة أصباغ زويا المعهودة اللي ما تخطط و لا تكتل

كل الألوان تعطي اللون الحقيقي من أول طبقة ما عدا ايميليا حسيته شوي شفاف لكن كلهم مع طبقتين - نفس الصور - يعطون اللون و التغطية الرائعين








Everyone seems to be getting a “transitioning into fall” mani, but since there’s already a blanket over my bed, I am omitting the transition and going right to catch the fall spirit in my nails. I love it even if it is super simple! Please don’t mind the flakies on the skin, they just get everywhere.

I am also using this post to start a new blog series, the mini-reviews! I don’t have as much time as I used to, but I still want to share my finds with you. So, Mini Review #1: Essence polishes. I love them for their formula, their wide brush and most importantly, because they are 5-free. And they are cheap. Essence is definitely the top brand in my polish stash. Here you can see two coats of Walk on the Wild Side (a green shade I usually gravitate to when the colder months arrive) with another two coats of Night in Vegas (a fiery flakie topper). Oh, shiny!


Here they are, The gorgeous cremes of ZOYA fall 2014 “ENTICE” collection

used a double coat for this great coverage. topcoated with “Armor”

my favorite is .. ummm

ALL of them !!!!!

okay okay.. I’d say Geneviev and Veronica.. Ryan too

from Top to bottom:

Nyssa - Claire - Veronica - Margo - Ryan - Geneviev

و هذي الأصباغ الكريمي من مجموعة زويا لخريف ٢٠١٤ اسمها “انتايس”

حطيت طبقتين من كل لون للتغطية الرائعة اللي بالصور و فوقهم توب كوت زويا

و لوني المفضل هو….


انزين اذا بقلل و اختار اقدر اقول geneviev, Veronica & Ryan

اسماؤها من الأعلى للأسفل:

Nyssa - Claire - Veronica - Margo - Ryan - Geneviev

xgpopex-blog  asked:

Have you got any particular tools (besides nail polish of course!) that you would recommend?

UPDATE: I have added more products to my essentials. View my updated reviews here. 

I certainly do! I posted my nail prep essentials before (which you can find here ) but I have been wanting to do a nail art tools one too, so what a perfect opportunity!

These right here are my nail art rocks. I use them every week (as you can tell from how messy they have become!)
1. My absolute favorite thing I use are my Migi Nail Art pens! I searched for such a long time to find nail art pens that worked well and didn’t clog up and these babies are amazing! I’ve had them for over 2 years and they are still going strong. I don’t think I’ve done more than maybe 4 nail sets without them. Definitely the best investment I’ve ever made when it comes to my nails.
2. Whenever I have to use colors that I don’t have in pen form, or when I want to do bigger designs, I use little nail brushes or a dotting tool. Mine are due for replacing but they are so essential. Make sure you keep your brushes clean! I took awful care of mine when I first got them and now they are stiff and not as great as they should be anymore.
3. The last brush was a gift from heynicenails and let me tell you, it is a life saver! I dip it in acetone and use it to clean up the polish on my cuticles after I have finished painting my nails. Clean cuticles really give nails that sharp finish that frames the great work you do so nicely. And let’s face it, everyone makes a mess of their cuticles when painting their nails, it’s only natural. But with this brush it is so very easy to clean up at the end!

I know this isn’t really essential to the review but I wanted to show you how I keep it all together. I searched for months to find a perfect little case that fit everything I needed. It’s like my nail art emergency essentials kit. 

I hope this helped! Let me know if you have any more questions about what I use!