nail art quiz

Nail Art Pop Quiz
Okay lovelies: It’s officially time to dish. Serve me up some truth. I want to hear what you’ve got to say so I’ve created a mini quiz to learn more about all of you. Make sure to hashtag #The Holy Nail Quiz so I can see what your answers are! Stay tuned for my answers! Here’s to getting to know each other better.

1. First nail polish

2. Sickest blue

3. Number of bottles owned

4. Priciest bottle

5. Cheapest bottle

6. Favorite indie brand

7. Favorite mainstream brand

7. Best glitter

8. Back up shade

9. Least favorite nail polish trend

10. Favorite celebrity nail art

11. Remover of choice

12. Cuticle treatment

13. Longest you’ve ever spent doing your nails

14. Biggest nail art pet peeve

15. Best runway nail art

16. Nail art crush