nail art materials


So these are the brushes and other things that I most often use when doing nail art! All of the brushes but the one with the red handle are from this set that I got from Amazon. It comes with 15 brushes for only 10 dollars plus whatever shipping is for you, which is a really great deal. I was pretty surprised by the quality of them, which is pretty high. I don’t use all of the brushes from the set as there are a few pretty similar ones, but I do use 6 of them really often so I think it’s totally worth it. I use the top angled brush to clean up my cuticles and it works really great for that.

As far as the bottom photo goes, I use that bottom emory board to shape my nails as it’s pretty rough. The middle one has a few different levels of roughness on it, so I use it to smooth out my nails and refine the shape. The top little buffer guy is a 3-sided thingy I got from cvs that I use to buff my nails every so often, whenever they’re getting really yellow or when my thumb nails get all bumpy as they’ve been slammed in doors and are kind of damaged from that.

I use Zoya remove plus as my remover, and I honestly can’t use anything else. It removes SO effectively, but it never dries out my nails or fingers, and it’s a bit expensive, but that doesn’t matter to me. I just get the huge 32oz. bottles now to refill the handy little pump I have. I use pure acetone to clean my brushes and to clean up my cuticles, and sometimes use it if I’m wearing a glitter that doesn’t wanna come off.

The base coat and top coat I photographed are the ones I’m currently using, but that tends to change. I really like the Dries Instantly top coat from Sally Hansen, though I can’t find it everywhere, which is kind of annoying. I haven’t been using this base coat long enough to give you a good review of it, though I do like it so far. It’s pretty thick, in a good way, and gives a nice smooth surface for me to do my designs on.

I hope all of this was helpful! If you have any questions about all of this, just send me a message. I’ll be glad to answer!