nail art effect

Yes hello, Vetra’s backstory actually breaks my heart thinking about the stuff these poor girls had to go through. I gave you the cute, now you have to cry with me


Foil Effect Nail Art. In my last post, I showed you some Mariposa and Kozmic Coulors mini nail polish sets I found for $5. So here’s one of the looks I came up with using these shimmer polishes that have a real special foil-like effect. Over a black base, I just dabbed a small amount of polish of various colours in a random fashion. I really love this look. It’s really flashy and festive. And it looks just like foil paper without the hassle. Hope you like it.

Heyo! I tried raindrop nails! Umm… For all of you who know I live in Tx. Specifically here in Houston. I was thankfully not affected by Hurricane Harvey but flooding is a big issue to worry about right now- luckily I still am okay. It was kind of weird since I didn’t think it was going to be such a downpour but oh well there was a hurricane a few days ago after all! For all those in the flood area I’m praying for you, it’s going to be a long week. For those who are safe, stay safe and inside- and look after your pets! Don’t risk going out right now- and I will hopefully have new nail art posted later!

Galaxy effect: Green AB Iridescent NP

Essie: Matte about you

Rain drops: Gel top coat