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Non-Sims incoming…

New Manicure Day rolled around again, and this time I did these freehand tropical flower nails. This is my favorite manicure in a while, and I’ve been loving the matte look lately. 

Leaves are Palos Verdes by Cult and You Are So Outta Lime by OPI. Flowers are Avalon by Cult and Cherries in the Snow by Revlon. On top I used Sally Hansen’s Big Matte Top Coat.


No Tool | Blobbicure Nail Art Design for beginners @ StyleSmallWorld

Nail Art Design Ideas The hottest Nail Art color of Summer 2015: 

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So here is my new elephant nails. My elephants are much better on these then the last ones I did, but they aren’t as decorative. I also went for more of a subdued manicure this time. Despite both manicures being elephants with the similar painting style they are completely different so that is nice. I can’t decide which one I like better, but I’m thinking this one because of the elephant face. If you want to see the other elephant manicure I am referencing click here: (Other Elephant Manicure).

Colors Used:

Zoya- Rowan (satin), Madeline, Adel
Ciaté- Antique brooch


You can DIY these nails even if you don’t own any professional nail art tools. I used common household items and turned them into nail art tools. Toothpicks, bobby pins, wire, matches, etc. All that can be used to make amazing nail art designs. You’ll learn how to make a penguin, minion, watermelon, fish and clouds. Which one is your favorite?