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Starry Night nails! I used Starry Starry Night from Essie and acrylic paint for the accent nail. 😊

Every Month Is Oktoberfest by OPI - my favourite OPI polish! 😍 It’s such a great shade for fall!

Cartoon Nails! 😊 I used Sunshine State of Mind, Blanc by Essie, and Black Out by Sally Hansen.


New speed painting up on my YouTube  of a custom adopt I’ve been working on for sirwendigo ( check out his art it’s amazing <3)

Be Scareful by @kbshimmer! My favourite Halloween polish 🎃It glows in the dark too!

Introducing #nailsnails

#nailsnails is a tag for sharing original nail art and/or nail art done by others that you have properly sourced.

Isn’t that what the #nail art tag is for?

In theory, but in practice #nail art has been overwhelmed by a) spammy repost blogs that use artists’ work without credit, and b) images that are pretty tangentially about nail art (e.g. this is a top post under #nail art).  

How did that happen?

Well, at one point Tumblr had tag editors, who were people involved in the communities surrounding a particular tag.  They selected which posts were “featured” and promoted to people interested in that tag.  Now, editors have been replaced by an algorithm based on popularity.  This favors blogs that post A LOT, which is just not something you can do if each post is hand-crafted content.  Tumblr also doesn’t seem interested in shutting down these popular repost blogs (for instance, blogs I have reported multiple times for stealing my content continue to exist and to be promoted under the nail art tag).

What shouldn’t I post under #nailsnails?

It’s okay to post nail art that isn’t your own under #nailsnails, provided you properly source it.  And posting an image that contains an artist’s watermark is not really enough– please actually link to the artist!  Please, please do not post nail art that isn’t sourced to #nailsnails.  And please do not post anything that’s not nail art– including fashion/lifestyle pictures that happen to contain painted nails, but aren’t really about nail art.

What else can I do to support the nail art community?

Don’t repost or like pictures from blogs that steal content!  And if you recognize an artist’s work being used without credit, let that artist know so they can report it and have it removed.