nail 3d


So I FINALLY got a gel light and ordered some gummy jelly and the no wipe top coat from enailcouture. I freaking love it. There are probably better products to use to do these built up gel droplets but I was just messing around with it as I don’t have any gems yet. 

I put Sinful Colors Orange cream as a base color and the rest is acrylic paints and the little gem looking things are just a holographic glitter piece with built up gel. I also built up the gummy jelly on top of the lady bugs to make them more 3D. 

Dudes be like, I don't like high maintenance girls. But goes after girl in the dress that's $1675 with $1k weave, $875 shoes, and $175 3D nails.

My thing is, to each his own, do you, but don’t be trying to breathe in a bitch Gucci perfume, talking bout you want a simple bitch.