nail 2 inspire

Day 27 of the 31dc2014, artwork. I was inspired by Piet Mondrian’s painting, but I wanted it a bit different so I’ve choosed some pastel colors instead of the bright colors Mondrian used in his painting.

I have to admit I’m really in love with this mani! It’s colorful, fun and really pretty I think.

I’ve used Nails Inc white for the base color, the srtipes were made with my Quo by Orly black striper, the pastel yellow is by ModelsOwn but I don’t know the name of it and finally Essie in “bikini so teeny” (one of my favorite blue) and “knockout pout”.

Hope you’ll like it. :)

Day 10 of the 31DC2014, Gradient. I’ve used (a lot of) Essie Nailpolishes!!

Butler Please, Avenue Maintain and First timer for the gradient, Mint Candy Apple for the dots. A bit of Fairy Dust by China Glaze on top.

Black and White Mix & Match!

Black is from Bourjois in Noir de Chine, it is my favorite black, topped with a Maybelline top coat called Top Splatter from their Acid wash collection.

the other nails are a black and wihte negative space nails with my Orly Stripper.

Hope you guys love it.


Avengers nails!

I really LOVE comic book based movies and, conveniently, they come out the weekend of my birthday (May 3rd) every single year. 

This year, obviously, Avengers: Age of Ultron came out and so last night, I went to see it. These are the Avengers themed nails that I did. 

I’m not going to explain how to do them because it would be crazy. But I basically just used a nail art striper for all of the design work and I used tinfoil as a palette to mix colors. 

I will, however, explain what/who is represented on each nail.

Right Hand:

Thumb: Marvel, that is the M from their logo

Pointer: Nick Fury’s eye patch and scars

Middle: the hammer of Thor

Ring: Captain America’s shield

Pinky: chest piece of Iron Man

Left Hand:

Thumb: the fist of Hulk

Pointer: the wing of Falcon

Middle: the outfit of Black Widow

Ring: the face mask of War Machine (previously called the Iron Patriot, a name I personally like about a gagillion times better)

Pinky: the mask of Heimdall (this one is probably the loosest inspiration of them all which is fitting because he is hardly in the movie at all)

Anyway, it was a really great movie and I hope all of you who saw it enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope that those of who didn’t see it make plans to do so soon!

Trying to catch up with the 31DC2014, flowers. I kept it simple with a black base called Noir de Chine by Bourjois, flowers with Sinful colors in snow me white and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (not the original one unfortunately :’()

Pink Champagne nails because why not!

I’ve just bought that amazing polish from OPI and it made me thought of pink champagne so here it is.

All polishes by OPI (obviously): significant other color as base and mod about you and number one nemesis for the bubbles.