nail 2 inspire

Black and White Mix & Match!

Black is from Bourjois in Noir de Chine, it is my favorite black, topped with a Maybelline top coat called Top Splatter from their Acid wash collection.

the other nails are a black and wihte negative space nails with my Orly Stripper.

Hope you guys love it.

Day 16 of the 31DC2014, geometric nails. I’ve tried to recreate a mani done by MissPopNails, not as good as the original but at least I’ve tried! :)

I’ve used some nail hardener by maybelline as a base and a Quo by Orly Instant Artist white Striper.


Avengers nails!

I really LOVE comic book based movies and, conveniently, they come out the weekend of my birthday (May 3rd) every single year. 

This year, obviously, Avengers: Age of Ultron came out and so last night, I went to see it. These are the Avengers themed nails that I did. 

I’m not going to explain how to do them because it would be crazy. But I basically just used a nail art striper for all of the design work and I used tinfoil as a palette to mix colors. 

I will, however, explain what/who is represented on each nail.

Right Hand:

Thumb: Marvel, that is the M from their logo

Pointer: Nick Fury’s eye patch and scars

Middle: the hammer of Thor

Ring: Captain America’s shield

Pinky: chest piece of Iron Man

Left Hand:

Thumb: the fist of Hulk

Pointer: the wing of Falcon

Middle: the outfit of Black Widow

Ring: the face mask of War Machine (previously called the Iron Patriot, a name I personally like about a gagillion times better)

Pinky: the mask of Heimdall (this one is probably the loosest inspiration of them all which is fitting because he is hardly in the movie at all)

Anyway, it was a really great movie and I hope all of you who saw it enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope that those of who didn’t see it make plans to do so soon!

Day 3 of the 31DC2104 challenge: Yellow Nails. Design inspired by the dress I’m wearing today. I used Models Own pastel yellow, I don’t know its name, Rimmel Salon Pro in Spring Yellow and Kiko 359 Light Peach.

Day 30 of the 31DC2014, inspired by a Tutorial.

Almost done with the 31dc2014!! Here is a recreation of an elleandish tutorial, I really love every Tuto that Janelle does, she is so talented.

I’ve used quite a few nailpolishes here: China Glaze “Highlight of my summer”, Essie in “Blue Rhapsody” and “Stroke of Brilliance” for the accent nail, and a nice cheap Monop’ blue nailpolish called “Bleu Lavende” (Lavender blue).

Hope you like it! :)

Simple glitter gradient. Nothing much to say about it but I like it. :)

OPI in Where did Suzy’s Man-go? and Maybelline Color Show Stripped Nude Bronze me Up.