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This is not an update, it’s just a tribute

SO HERE’S THE DEAL: y’all are long overdue for a real update. And I HAVE one! It’s great. It’s a real doozy. 

But I can’t share it yet. FOR REASONS.

So hang tight until I can let the cat out of the bag, hopefully sometime before October. There’ll very likely be an uptick in drawings anyway (especially because I just finished playing Dragon Age 2 and… man, after that ending, I got some stuff to work through. Or maybe I’ll just be in Feelings Hell forever!)

I’m also going to be selling art at two conventions in September: Rose City ComicCon (Portland, September 8-10) and GeekGirl Con (Seattle, September 30-October 1)! I’ll post the table info once I have it, so feel free to say hi if you’re there!

‘It’s time for your digital examination, Poppet.’

Senpai Seven, dedicated to @11daysofhell

Have some jumin kiss doodle because I am bored but too lazy to do proper lineart and coloring lol but tbh how to even draw juju’s hair from the side tho like 😟😕😖😢


Jumin’s Valentine After Ending

“You are my haven. My home will never be complete without you…”

so late for this but whatever

I miss him so muchnow that my phone has broken I can’t play mm TT_TT


Because I like the sketch better u.u

an hour into artworks and chill and your tablet gives you this look

alexloehr  asked:

Hi!! Your art is so beautiful!! It is very eye catching!! I'm super curious!! Do you by any chance ship OiSuga?~ I would love to see that adorable duo in your art! If that's not being too forward! >///<

I can ship everything in Haikyuu! (/∇\*)