A New Friend?( Nahuel and I)

Wow.. I glanced around the forest, humming softly as I picked flowers, still remaining in my Mama’s line of sight. I smiled almost gently as I took my cane, just about ready to go back since I had a bucket full of them, through something seemed off. Whutevar you awe… Nwo huwt me Pwease.. The Russian-British accent thick with fear.

| Taking back memories | - Nahuelhybrid

It was a warm day, one that Clara wasn’t specially fond of. She didn’t like hot weather, not this much. The sun was bright and it hurt her eyes very easily. Being a vampire had it’s cost when it came to sunlight. Even though she had a daylight ring, she was still sensitive when it came to it. She didn’t really know the city that well, so instead of going out and hoping to find a cool place with some shade, Clara decided to stay in and maybe watch some TV, read a book, or just sleep and wait for the cold of the night.
Sitting on the couch, she looked at the TV with a very bored look. “Nothing good’s on at this hour” she contemplated with a loud sigh. As she rolled her eyes, she saw in the corner of the shelf a box she had kept ever since she was turned into a vampire. Swiftly getting up, she moved towards the box and picked it up, calmly opening it to look inside. “I haven’t looked at this box in years” she claimed. Inside, Clara kept all her memories from her adventures throughout the years, ever since she was turned. She had the necklace from the maid she first bit, postcards from all over the world, the letters she received from her family when she went missing. In the middle of all those things, she had an old journal of hers. As she opened it to re-read what she once wrote, a dried daisy fell from inside it. As she bent to pick it up, she heard a name in her head: Nahuel. Now with the daisy in her hands, she started to remember the first time she met the boy

“And to think that I actually got lost in the woods” Clara sighed heavily. She never really got lost, or at least she liked to think so. It wasn’t at all true, she got out of her path very frequently, but for her own sake, she pretended like it wasn’t so. “How the hell do I even get out of here now. It’s all woods, and-and… Green!”  She didn’t really like to be outside that much, mainly when civilization was this far away. “I’ve been walking for hours! Not that it really matters, I can’t get tired, but I do get bored of walk-” Clara stopped talking as she heard something not far away. Sounded like footsteps, but not regular, human ones. It was odd, she couldn’t really pinpoint exactly where it was, but a sudden smell of something similar to wet dog drifted through her nose. “I-Is anyone out there?” She asked shyly, but readying herself for battle, in case it was needed.


Contracting Friendship | Embry & Nahuel

Bored. I am so bored, that was the only thing that the boy could think about as he was walking through the forest aimless. He had this mixed feelings of a sporting mood and deep sluggishness and couldn’t decide which one he would give himself up to. The reasons that had put himself in such mood were the usual ones; half of the pack on patrol, half of the pack spending time with their loved ones. Even though Embry wasn’t one to be expelled, yet he knew that he, as an unexperienced one, would just make things awkward in the presence of the imprinted-once - and to be honest, at the moment this topic definitely wasn’t something he wanted to think about.

His hands in his pockets, the usual way, Embry kept walking on the overgrown ground. He kept his gaze at the earth whilst his speed was accelerating without noticing - until he bumped into someone.

Cookies and Night Time Fears. (Nahuel and I)

Mmm… I took a seat on the couch, exhaustedly flipping though channels, the deaf subtitles always turned on now for me. I glanced at my pile of books, stopping the constant touch of my finger touching the > button to look at the cookie filled cover. I gots an idea… Quickly I stood and grabbed the book, my tiredness washed away at the exited thought of making cookies while Mama was out at work, a thing she didn’t do often, and grocery shopping. Bwig Bwoder? Ya wanna make Cwookies?! I showed him the book quietly. He, after seeing the results of the visit the first time with his aunt, opted to stay with us if we didn’t mind.