Warehouse Sale!

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Missed out on our previous sales? Missed us at the WoD? Don’t worry, we’re coming back with a whole new sale at Factory & Neurotic’s Warehouse Sale! We’ll be supplying most of our previous apparel on sale this January 28th, so make sure to leave that day open and save up that $$$! Along with Factory, and Neurotic, there will be many other brands you can check out and buy from, but don’t forgot to come by our table to resupply on some of that NAHT apparel!

These are our prices for the sale: Tees/Tanks $15, 2 for $20 Outerwear $20-$25

And there is also an added bonus… you ready for this?! YOU GET TO MEET ME! Joking, that’s not really anything special, but if you have ever been wondering what I looked like or who I am, come by and say “Hey!” and maybe we can chitchat. We’ll also have a contest going on and we’ll fill you in with the details of that a couple of days prior to the event. Sorry I’ve been MIA and haven’t done any holiday posts *sad face* but I will try to get back on track, and post at least once a week! So to conclude, the warehouse sale will be on January 28th starting at 11 am and it will be legendary! So make sure you come and view all the exciting brands and restock some NAHT! SEE YOU THERE!


Competitive and Strategic Analysis

Wondering where I’ve gone missing the entire Fall? School. I was hammered with group projects after group projects from all of my business classes. Of those projects, the toughest and most time-consuming was the one for my Competitive and Strategic Analysis class led by Dr. Sean D. Jasso. Worked under the name “Team NAHT.” Team NAHT directly reported to Blake Coffin, the TA, and consists of the following members: Phillip Aquino, Tiffany Chea, Megan Gorman, Traci Lai, Jason Lee, Jennifer Lee, Nicole Lim, Caroline Nguyen, Jane Yap, and myself. About 4-5 weeks into the quarter, during a class review session, Dr. Jasso called me out in front of the entire class to explain what the difference between a business strategy and a corporate strategy. I was unsure at first, in denial even. He couldn’t be calling me out. I’m not even sure if I know the right answer. But my fears were confirmed when he said “Hey you. I am looking right at you. The guy with the shaved sides and blue shirt. What are you wearing on your t-shirt?”

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“My own clothing brand” “Would you like to come up and market your clothing brand to 250 students?” So I went up there, told the class what NAHT was. Showed the website…
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The gallery..
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…and our mission statement.
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In the same class, we worked on these so called CEO projects and case studies, which are basically strategic audits for companies of our choosing and write a report as to how they could improve their company’s strategies. My group, Team NAHT, chose JetBlue for our first case study (26 pages). As weeks passed, we become a little more familiar with the idea behind a CEO project and, not to be cocky, was able to produce twice the amount of pages on our second case study on Starbucks. But what I’m most proud of is our final CEO project on American Airlines. After countless hours of hard work and lost sleep, we were able to rack up 166 pages!
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Shout out to Jane for the pictures! Thanks!!


Victor Kim's Guitar Case

Do you see what I see? Looking closely at Victor Kim’s guitar case is something very close to our hearts… a NAHT sticker!

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Just a quick recap: Back in April. Victor Kim stopped by our booth while we were packing up at World of Dance LA. One of our team members, Brandon, even got the chance to take a picture with him!

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Don’t ask me why I was looking closely at Victor Kim’s guitar case. But to be perfectly honest with you, I was not the one who found it. Nevertheless, I was excited to have come across this very tiny detail of the photo. Shout out to Victor Kim! (:

PS: I wonder if the sticker is still there…


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Buy your tickets now for our next World of Dance Tour stop that will touching down in Seattle on this Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the San Diego Concourse from 4-10:30 PM. 

As all our shows are, it’ll be a day filled with dance, music and all-around fun! The beautiful and talented Chachi Gonzales will be in attendance and performing all her cool moves, while Mos Wanted Crew will be on hand for meet and greets and more!  

Also performing on stage are: Chi-Town Finest Breakers, Step Boys from “ABDC” Season 7, Marlee Hightower from “America’s Got Talent,” Anthony Lee From Kinjaz, Justin “Jet Li” Valles and Charles Nguyen from Poreotics and “ABDC” Season 5 Champs, Mike Song from Kinjaz, Beau Fournier from Fanny Pak and Mischief Makers, Brandon Harrell from “ABDC” Season 6 Champs I.Am.Me. and Ryan Imay from “ABDC” Season 3 Champs Quest Crew!

We’ll be Instagraming cool pics and Tweeting what’s happening live at the show, so if you’re not able to make it make sure to use the hashtag #WODSD to stat up to date on the show, or if you’re going, tag your pics and tweets with #WODSD to get in on all the action!

Get more info about World of Dance here and get your tickets here

We will be there, selling shirts. Come out support and to enjoy an awesome show!