So I finished watching Seirei no Moribito a few days ago, after reading the book. And while I think the anime adaptation was superb, I was really disappointed that Tanda never sings, whereas in the book, he sings multiple times.

He was the one who sang the nahji song, and also, there was this adorable scene near the end of the book that I would have LOVED to see in the anime:

“Do you think that the nahji has already carried the egg to the sea?” Chagum asked.

Tanda nodded. “Yes. The nahji’s wings are strong. There’s a Yakoo song that goes like this.” He sang,

“In a single day, the nahji flies
from the Misty Blue Mountains to the sea.
Would that I had the wings of the nahji.”

“Tanda,” Chagum exclaimed. “You have a good voice!”

“Don’t be silly,” Tanda said gruffly, blushing. If Chagum realized it was a love song, he would be bound to tease him again, and Tanda had had quite enough of that. But Chagum did not appear to notice.

Isn’t that cute? It worries me that people would think Tanda is only a beautiful cinnamon roll, too pure for this world, when in reality, he’s a beautiful cinnamon roll, too pure for this world, who can sing!

GAH! I can’t remember being this obsessed with a male character since Elend Venture from Mistborn.

Recipes: Miss Chu’s rice paper rolls

Nahji Chu, referred to as the ‘Queen of Rice Paper Rolls’ and the mastermind behind Miss Chu, has introduced Sydneysiders and Melburnians to rice paper rolls with a tasty twist. The fillings often deviate from the usual you would expect in the more traditional combinations. I recently attended a class hosted by Nahji Chu and Northland Shopping Centre, and the recipes covered during the class are shown below:

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