nahila cousland


Elouian Mahariel Nahila Cousland, for commandercousland

“Elouian Mahariel… walks with swaying hips, head held high and that knowing, arrogant smirk on his lips that whispers ‘I am better than you’ … After Morrigan disappears, he vanishes into the woods and turns up at Soldier’s Keep, performing blood magic rituals with Avernus to find Morrigan this way, because he cannot find his clan and he does not want to be a hero for humans, which is just what he has become.”

What crushes Elouian keeps Nahila together: Expectations you have to meet. Being a Warden is what she is meant to be; she is a proud commander, mothering the Wardens she serves with and looking out for her friends with her mabari always at her side. She lost one family, but she will not loose the one she has now.”

I had the great pleasure of drawing two of Rena’s DA:O Wardens, Elouian and Nahila! Certainly night and day when it comes to two characters, but they were both wonderful fun to draw. Thanks for commissioning me! ^_^