nahh ato


everaftermonsters, here is my entire collection…. more or less anyway. ^^; The only doll that’s missing from these photos is my Nahh Ato, who’s faceup I’m currently working on. ^_^ I know these aren’t the best pictures, but I thought it would be best to keep them all on their stands for this picture since it would take me forever to remove them all from there and then put them back, so I hope you don’t mind. ^^;

Aaaaaaah~!!! <3

It’s been confirmed that next month, Mocha MIO kits will be available! As I and many others had hoped, this is a perfect match for Pullip Nahh Ato! This is so exciting, as many people thought that it wouldn’t happen, but it did! I’m really tempted to get one or two of them, so I can put my Berri Macaron on a type 4 body and also to have another darker skinned custom dolly to include into my collection! 

(Photo taken from Hina Ichigo’s flickr page)