nah. don't think so. ;)



Here’s something I haven’t done in a bit. I’ve seen people do there own takes on Underswap and stuff like that that’s more than just putting Asgore in Toriel’s clothes and vise versa, and I tried doing the same here. I gave Toriel something more elegant to wear rather than a suit of armor, and I gave Asgore a gardener’s outfit.Maybe tomorrow I’ll work on battles sprites based off these designs.

liam is literally doing a collab with migos nobody fucking touch me i can’t even go all caps i’m this 👌 close to screaming too many connections between them to think that collab ain’t coming i!!!! am!!!! a!!!! hype!!!! bitch!!!!

  • Stomach: We need to eat food I think
  • Brain: Nah I don't think so
  • Stomach: No seriously, I think we should eat food
  • Brain: Feels fine up here
  • Hands: We're all shaky, dude
  • Mouth: I could go for some water
  • Brain: FINE
  • Salivary glands: zzzzz
  • Mouth: Ugh it doesn't even taste good
  • Brain: I still don't see why this is necessary

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So, you posted the quick history of Olexians quite a while ago, but I'd like to ask what it means by hoofed feet and animal heels?

there’s your arbitrary lieutenant fact of the day 

You know what?

I was so happy when i saw this scene. Just look at Heiji, like aww, he’s so cute. And it would be amazing if he really solved the case this time and not Conan.

I mean, Conan, I love you, but please, let my Heiji shine this time


“I swear I don’t understand half the things you say!”


Me: Huh? Who said the vlogs are for character development? It’s basically a recap and thoughts/overview only. Is this about “KEEF HAVING SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN HIS VLOG THAN THE SERIES”?? because I’ll tell ya it isn’t.

Hey! Me again!
But this time with 700 followers B-)
I really didn’t think it will happen. Anyway, thank you for following this weird blog. Hope I will not scary you :D. I am still don’t know what should I do when I get more hundreds followers( I think here has some gramma mistakes, never mind )
But thank you! The new followers and the followers who is staying with me in last half years ago( or 7?8?month??? But if you are bbs fan it’s half years ago). Thank you!

Uh, what’s next?
I don’t know :3 how about you tell me. Let us think about it.
Thank you! And love you all❤

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If Louis & El were a real relationship TPTB wouldn't need to work so hard to legitimize it, you don't need to prove a real relationship it just is. Louis deserves so much better.

yep. a legit relationship doesn’t need so much. he deserves infinitely better

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which 80yo woman did h7 set on fire?

hey i’m going to direct this ask over to @coeur-loyal who has actually done the research and sourcing on this (and is also the loml but that’s beside the point i’m just using this to get sappy)