nah. . .trash



  • everyone: the prince's beast growl
  • me: the prince in full black swan makeup
  • Jungkook: I know I don't say this much but I really love Jiminie. He means a lot to me.
  • BTS:
Hamilton soulmate AU (aka kallima is hamiltrash)
  • Hamilton: Pardon me. Are you Aaron Burr, sir?
  • Burr: That depends. Who's asking?
  • Hamilton: Oh well sure, sir. I'm Alexander Hamilton, I'm at your service, sir. I have been looking for you.
  • Burr: ...
  • Hamilton: (shit-eating grin)
  • Burr:
  • Burr: I'm getting nervous.

Ima trash

Young Stanchez in watercolor. Cuz’ I don’t know what else to draw and I want my tablet back ;_;

Hope you like it, because I don’t (I messed up with the drawing gum  and I’m too lazy to fix it, and I need to go to bed)

My friend made a DnD group for newbies and while I have no idea what I’m doing, I know I’m proud of Athame, my Tiefling Druid.

Mystic Messenger in ‘Another Ending’


Son of a wealthy family and the heir of the C&R International company. Not used to commoner things, too exclusive to use vending machine. Not because he doesn’t know how.

Another Ending

Left his company and cut ties from his father for your comfort. Work in a special criminal investigation division instead. Turn wine into cig. You’re his partner in crime and his partner in b-


College student. No LOLOL No Life.

Another Ending

Use his brain for the better. Work in the same area as Jumin. A specialist, appraisal department. He stops playing LOLOL, He plays you instead. In a good way ofc. Flirter af.

  • ZEN

An actor/singer/dancer who loves himself too much (we love you too Zenny~). His silky ponytail is not for sale.

Another Ending

Cut his hair for you-know-what. Quit being a slave and be the boss. A high-ranked leader of the organization. Cig is for children I sell drug. You’re in disguise to get in his p (I mean plan ^^). Though you’re to 'pure’ to trick him, he falls for you anyway.

And what about Chief Han?

Super womanizer. Despite his age. How cares about age when he has the gold. He doesn’t use them he throws them. Wanna some?

Another Ending

Due to his guilts and loneliness from losing his precious son (He’s with me now you father can chill 🙋):

“I GOT IT FROM MY DADDY!” *jumininthebackground

Lance: I’d recognize that mullet anywere-

Pidge: How though??? I mean I know several dudes with mullets-

Lance: Oh boi I’m glad you asked cause let me tell you about how it’s perfect shoulder length and it does this little curl thing at the very bottom right that never wants to straighten out but that wouldn’t matter anyway because Keith doesn’t do anything with his hair at all besides putting it up in that ponytail occasionally so it typically looks a messtm cause his bed head is atrocious and he never does anything about it beside brush it a little so it frizzs up like an angry cat but one of those cute angry cats that get scared of cucumbers and did I mention that it also bounces at a certain speed compared to other hair since his is so thick and the texture is a bit course but its actually kinda cool cause it moves in a slow motion sorta way with it being so flowey which is crazy since he does n o t h i n g with it but that’s besides the point because it also is hella soft looking and wavy and shines a lot which is surprising since I don’t think he uses any hair products but have I forgotten to tell you about how it’s also a different shade of black??????? because there are definitely different shades of black don’t sass me on this I know my hair and his is more of a midnight black while that other dude Jerry from the corner store on earth was like a gross moldy black and it’s ew but Keith’s is wow but aha wait there’s more have I ever mentioned his bangs because they are also very curly and bouncy and black and they hang in his face and he’s definitely got the edgy black emo hair but it fits him well so no complaining on this end-

Pidge: …..

Pidge: … And… You hate him?

Lance: Oh yeah, definitely, fuck that guy.