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too many secrets between us

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muses: heir!jungkook x unknown!reader x eventual!jimin
genre: fluff. friends to lovers slow burn.
type: college au
word count: 3.5k


If there is a euphemism for them, then wind would be one. Akin to the soft - almost innocent caress of the wind, secrets tend to be harmless, one might even deem it needed, for the greater good or one’s own gain. But one too many might cause a stir, and disturbances, almost too often, may very well cause a disruption of a greater margin than expected, much like the artless blow of wind in a meadow that grew in velocity, picking up sticks and stones as it travels to an unsuspecting city, bringing along destruction in its wake.

Jungkook has a few of his own. Secrets, that is. He keeps them in locked in the hollow part underneath his chest. Locks them with a key and threw away the key. Thought it’s safe if it’s unaccessible even to him. But oh boy, was he wrong.

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Falsettos Songs As Actual Shit My Friends/Family Have Said (Not A HC, But It Had To Be Done I'm Sorry)
  • Four Jews In A Room Bitching: “Look, we might not be Jewish, but we’re doing our best, okay? We have Hanukkah noodles and a dollar store menorah and that’s enough.”

  • Tight Knit Family:“So we’re a cult now.” “It’s not a cult if we’re family, right?”  “I’m pretty sure it’s still a cult.” “Shut up, Mom.” “I’m not your mom.” “Don’t talk to your mother like that.” “I hate this family.”

  • Love Is Blind: “Don’t give anybody VD on Valentine’s Day, okay? And don’t come back with any more humans than you left with.”

  • The Thrill of First Love: “All of his ex-girlfriends say he’s got a small dick, but I can personally guarantee you they were wrong.”
    “Aw, thanks babe.”

  • Marvin at the Psychiatrist: “If they made a musical about [Marvin’s] life, it’d just be Turn It Off on a five hour repeat cycle occasionally punctured by Aaron Burr screaming WAIT.”

  • My Father’s A Homo/ Everyone Tells Jason to See A Psychiatrist: “Guys, I’ve decided I’m straight, okay?! Because it’s a choice now.“

  • This Had Better Come To A Stop: “That point where awkward family gatherings become intense roast fests is yet again upon us.”

  • I’m Breaking Down:  “Dysfunctional isn’t an adjective, it’s a lifestyle.”

  • Please Come to Our House/Jason’s Therapy: “My issues always come back to ADD and semi-resolved daddy issues. That’s all you need to know.”

  • Marriage Proposal/TKF Reprise: “Do you think I can get ordained in under an hour and if so will you marry me?” “Hell yeah, bro.”

  • Trina’s Song + Reprise: “Gotta get me a boy. Not that I need one. I’m not hinging my happiness on men. Men are imbeciles. I would just like one. For the aesthetic.”

  • March of the Falsettos: “Slutty shoes and kissing dudes! What a ride!”

  • The Chess Game: “You know, you should really consider using “This Party Just Took A Turn For The Douche” as your character song.”

  • Making A Home: “I just want to sit on this couch and eat my mac and cheese.” “And cry.” “Yep, can’t forget that.”

  • The Games I Play: “ Catchy romance songs are ruining my reputation for being a heartless bitch, goddamnit.”

  • Marvin Hits Trina: “hi yes I lied I am not at all emotionally stable.”

  • I Never Wanted To Love You: “Drama means family. We’re family. And family means fuck you guys.”

  • Father To Son: “Advice? Please feel free to hate me as much as I hate myself.”

  • Falsettoland: “Well, at least Reagan died during Pride Month.”

  • It’s About Time: “If you have the choice to change things and you don’t, you lose the right to complain.”

  • Year of the Child: “Did you not notice all the Jewish-ish things going on here? How the hell did you not see that coming?”

  • The Miracle of Judaism: “I’ve been told I’m so straight it’s painful to watch.”

  • The Baseball Game: “Listen I’m not sure how sports work, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve whatever the hell that was.”

  • A Day in Falsettoland: “I mean, it’s like Alice in Wonderland, except instead of everyone being a little bit crazy, we’re all a little bit gay.”


  • What More Can I Say?: “I’m doing this the gay way, because it’s boring to watch a straight guy talking on stage.”

  • Something Bad/More Racquetball: “Yeah, that about sums it up. God, it’s like a cross between a car crash I can’t look away from and one of those paintings with eyes that follow you.”

  • Holding to the Ground: “The Struggle Bus waits for no one. I’d know, I’m the conductor.”
    “Woot woot”
    “And that’s my cue to leave.”

  • Days Like This: “The amount of shitposts almost compensates for the heart-wrenchingly painful sad shit. Almost.”

  • Canceling The Bar Mitzvah: All Caps Problems are the biggest type of problems.

  • Unlikely Lovers: “what the hell kinda YA fanfic rom-com sorcery even is this?!?!”

  • Another Miracle of Judaism: “I wanna try religion sometimes. And then I think about how fucked up this world is an I’m like nah screw it we are all fucked.“

  • Something Bad Reprise: “Well, fuck me.” “I did, and look where it got me.”

  • You Gotta Die Sometime: “ Don’t let them fuck up my funeral. If it’s depressing without also being comedic, you’re not doing it right. It’s gotta be as ridiculously bitter and dark but also just as memey as my life was.”

  • Jason’s Bar Mitzvah: “Should confetti be involved?” “Nah, you don’t want too much. It is a funeral after all.”  "Shit, you’re right.“

  • What Would I Do?: "Where would you be without me? I dunno. I mean, WITH me I’d say we were somewhere around the tenth circle of hell, but idk anymore…”

  • Falsettoland Reprise: “I’m crying over my friend’s relationship status at half past midnight fuck my liver”


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— Did you know that I like pancakes?
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— Kingdom Hearts III
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— A little bit of Mega Man I guess I like too…
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— my sister is hazzling me
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— Sonic
— Super Mario Odyssey
— Xenoblade Chronicles
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— I’m sure I missed something
— A game that takes place after Metroid Fusion
— We need Metroid 5!!!
— Spoilers ahead:
— Samus is freakin’ hunted!!
— By the United Federation
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— Fighting against the government
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— When I was younger
— I used to roleplay as Sonic characters
— It was weird
— Atleast it helped me learn english
— Also what happened to Detective Pikachu?
— I honestly wanted that game
— It looked fun and weird
— I like those kind of games
— Do you think I should change me URL?
— And my pfp?
— I think so
— It’s pretty old and irrelevant
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— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
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— Are there any more charact— EGGMAN NEGA
— He’s weird
— Also his name is just begging to be misused
— in inappropriate ways I mean
— I think you can imagine what I mean
— ALRIGHTY! Thank you for sticking around.
— It’s been a long ride
— I’m sorry it has to end
— But this is the start of something new
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— So
— Lastly before I go
— I have one last thing to say
— Sonic

& Knuckles

When you’re bored and try to doodle. Then you listen to music from Undertale then you think of the show svtfoe and fits with who, then you remember a hot headed character acting like another hot headed, also who are both very skilled with their powers, can be expressive when it comes to or opinions people they really cared about, theyre shipped with nerdy and insecure people (on which it depends on you e w e I’ll leave it to your opinion) they have lived or are in a specific element undyne=water tom=fire, they’re both hard balls heat (both have some anger issue) but both have soft sides

But then again Star is a rebellious warrior, but also Marco can be the knight and have his insecurities, and Jackie is considered the “cool” person, and Janna is also rebellious…YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS IS MY PARALLEL!!! SO SCREW WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK OF IT!?


Also these two fight for the people they REALLY care about and think they can be seen different. (THEY BOTH HAVE DETERMINATION AND DEDICATION!!!

*o*) (this is why they’re both my favorite characters XD). I don’t know what’s going on with my life, maybe I’m overworking myself or is it because I’m to stressed with college work…? or maybe I’m finally loosing my sanity and need to stop thinking so much of a show and a game that I really love…NAH :P

and I guess I’m over seeing this, but still I want to see this XD

Art by me

Tom the hot Demon belongs to Disney

Undyne the badass Fish belong to TobyFox

God bless you :3

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You know what sport helps you gain self-trust? Color Guard. If you don’t show up there’s a hole in your drill. You’re spinning equipment that has the potential to not only give yourself but others bruises, bloody noses, concussions, etc. Tbh i find this most prevalent in rifle bc you have to spin a block of solid wood- decked out with sharp metal screws, leather, and plastic- mere inches from your face. Whilst looking like you’re not terrified.  

“The city’s for people who don’t mind being nothings. We’re better than that, Ghoul. We can’t go back to the shadows. We’ve made too much of a difference. Do you want to take away our image from the motorbabies that idolize us? Sure, it’s hard out here, and people are always trying to kill us, but isn’t that better than a cubicle?”
Fun Ghoul kicked at the bomb that wasn’t fucking detonating. He didn’t get it, it was so simple that even Kobra had wired it before without destroying much (sure, D’s wheelchair didn’t work right for a while, but it hadn’t technically broken).
“Party’s right, Fun. The girl needs us, and if we go to the city they’ll lock her up. Us too. They’ll think we’re crazy. They’ll study us and torture us and eventually kill us.”
Jet was going to say more when the stubborn bomb went off, the blast knocking Ghoul back into Poison’s chest.
“He did that on purpose,” Cherri smirked, arm around Kobra’s waist.
“Did what, fuck up the wires or something?” Ghoul asked. Not denying it, he didn’t want it to seem like he didn’t know what he was doing, but really with this he wasn’t sure what had happened.
“Nah, fall into Poison’s arms. Wait, did you purposely screw it up?”
Ghoul crossed his arms and glared at Cherri Cola.
“No, why the fuck would I do that? I was trying to improve it, multiply the blast by fifty or something, but I must have screwed up the connections.”
“Why do you need one that explosive?” Kobra asked. “It’s not like we need that much static in claps anyway.”
Ghoul shrugged, kicking at the ground. “I wanted to blow up the City,” he said. “Turn myself in, get into bl/ind headquarters, and detonate it.”
Poison shrieked. “No! You promised no suicide missions! You said you’d fucking talk to us before it came to that!”
Frank shrugged again.
“Are you gonna talk about this at all?” Jet Star asked. “Because seriously, we’re here for you.” He waited for a response and didn’t get one. “Talk to me any time, really, but I promised the Girl I’d teach her how to patch up her jeans.”
Still no response, and with a worried look, Jet made his way back to the diner where the Girl was waking up.
Cherri and Kobra were the next to leave, with a ‘please Ghoul, talk to us’ and a 'you’re one of my best friends out here, man, you’re scaring me, talk to Party if you won’t talk to us.’
Poison walked with Ghoul to the Trans Am, pushing Ghoul into the passenger seat and sliding into the driver’s side.
“I can’t talk about it,” Ghoul whispered. “I’ve been having dreams again, the flashbacks are happening a lot more, and I see them all dying. I can’t fucking save anyone. I’m a death trap and I’m surprised I haven’t gotten you guys ghosted yet.” He paused for a minute. “Okay, I guess I can talk about it.”
Poison didn’t say anything, just wrapped him in a hug. The hug was soon interrupted, however, with calls of 'Dracs!’ and ray guns.
It was a small scouting party, and Cherri had shot them down before the two in the car could pull out their blasters, but it was safe to say that the moment was over.
Cherri knocked on Ghoul’s window of the car. He opened the door because the windows long since stopped functioning. “Yeah?”
Cherri shrugged. “Wanted to check to see if you’re okay after earlier. Fighting Dracs usually helps you out of it, right?”
Ghoul cracked a smile. “Fight implies that more happens then you shooting 'em all before we can blink, asshole.”

Lost and Found (Part 8)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: maybe language, lost dog, dash of angst  

Word Count: 2525

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ (I’m sorry for this part)

Tags: @amarvelouswritings@blackwidow-romanoff@cocosierra94@firstgal34@harleyquinnandscarletwitch @sebstan01 @camigt1999 @elleatrixlestrange@bittersweetunicorm @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked


You decided to stay friends with Sebastian, and when the time was right, he would ask you out, and if he never did, then you guess it wasn’t meant to be. But you weren’t about to throw away the carefree relationship you had with him.

The following week, you didn’t hang out as much because you needed to focus on work and you spent some early mornings and late nights there while Sebastian did the same with filming. You respected each other’s responsibilities, promising to hang out as soon as you were both free.

But when Friday night came, it was just you, some take out and some Netflix. Nothing wrong with that, until a loud banging noise came at the door.

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Predatory/Unwanted Advances at Conventions: Always be vigilant folks, predators come in many forms and places...even places like NYCC.

Mini-rant because, this is the first time this has happened to Me and I went to a two cons by myself before. The one moment where I go to a separate panel from my friends and this happens to me.

I felt very uncomfortable when this random white guy comes up to me saying that he saw me before last con. “You look familiar”, said the white guy that randomly ran up to me after I came from an anime panel. 

Bullshit. My alarm bells rang. I didn’t talk to anyone except artists at the artists alley and to official folks at booths at the main floor. 

Never saw this guy in my life.

I just left an Kodansha panel and this white giy tried to say that he knew me. I said I didn’t now him real quick. Sorry, I can’t remember you etc. Something like that. 

Then right after he’s like….“You’re Japanese, right?”


So okay, that explains why he wanted to talk to me. I corrected him sternly. “No. I am not Japanese. I’m Filipino.”

And he’s like, “Ohhhh, you speak TAG A LOG?” Tag. A. Log: Like you’re playing a game of tag with a bunch of wooden logs. Worst pronunciation ever and the awkward only grewwww:

The face I was making, the ‘nooo’ darting eyes, ending everything in a question mark tone…nothing, none of that shit got through to this dude. I regret now that I didn’t cut him off at the beginning. The biggest fucking clue was the assumption/rush to ask if I’m Japanese and damn it, I was just too put on the spot to react. 

Then this white guy was like, “We were talking together about something. I remember you from last year’s con.”

Not wanting to be rude (Goddamn it. I was so caught off guard since this is the first time this has everrr happened to me at a con. My time is my time. I don’t have to cater to you if I don’t wish to, if I’m not comfortable, if I CLEARLY SAID I DON’T KNOW YOU. I’m feeling the anger rising again as I type this.) I was like, eye twitch and then awkward laugh, “Ah. Hah. What did we talk about?”

“We talked about Education and whatnot.”


Vague as shit and the casual ‘whatnot’ brush off. The conversation that obviously never took-fucking-place wasn’t important then, and yet, this dick claims to know me?

A male friend of mine said, ‘oh, he was probably trying to be friendly? Maybe? Or they did know you.” Nah. That didn’t come off as friendly to me. Why justify the other person, when it was I WHO WAS THE ONE UNCOMFORTABLE. THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. YOU. It doesn’t matter if the guy was ‘trying to be friendly.’ No, screw that, look out for you folks, you matter. 

As soon as I said I didn’t remember a second time, the awkward came back quick, and the white guy made no further attempt to strike anymore convo. So I said, ‘I gotta go’, and I DID.

Shut shit down. 

I sped walked into the main hall where the crowds are more dense. I talked to a vendor about how cool their merchandise is and told them a little how I was uncomfortable with someone who approached me in the convention. And they were cool with it! <3 Nice people out there. (My love to you, whoever you are) 

My friends who identify as women immediately went, “Ohhhh no, no nooo.’ agreeing with me. They guy was trying to do a weird segway into talking to me because, from a far, he thought I was a Japanese girl. 

Trust your gut. Trust the alarm bells ringing in your ears. Trust how you feel.

I’m sad to say, bad people like this find new ways to hook people in and I just want to punch someone right now. It makes me so angry.

Be vigilant, be wary of your surroundings, be wary where your friends are in case they lose you/you accidentally lose them in the crowd, and if you are alone, get away quick. Remove yourself from the uncomfortable situation, anyway you can. 

I might have said this already, but this is your time. Your happy con time. Don’t let people manipulate you to give them time like that, at random like that with a fake-ass, super predatory, yellow fever bullcrap. 

My peeps, keep an eye out for shit like this. Especially my asian peeps. I’m serious.

Love you Comic con and all the decent people at the convention. I met so many nice people at conventions, so this one surprised the heck outta me. It’s all about the gut. It can happen anywhere folks. Anyway. Anytime. 

Be safe. BE SAFE AT THE LAST TWO DAYS OF NYCC and any other con goers. Be safe all the time at cons.

Thank you for reading this PSA. Mini-rant over and out, and I won’t let this one thing get me down. -Unoutan

bad days x seungcheol [bad grades]

• you’re a good student, you swear
• you’re passionate about your course, you work hard, and you put in your best
• yet… the past month hasn’t been kind to you
• a lot of things have been happening lately, and your grades are suffering because of it
• you drop from your as and bs to being on the brink of failing because you screwed up your midterms
• and you’re just disappointed
• in your mind, it’s a mess.
• it’s swimming with self hatred and disappointment and loathing and you feel like crying
• you don’t even notice that the whole class has left, and you’re just sitting there in your seat tearing up
• yes, you’ve never been a perfect student, but this? this?
• at this point in time, you start to sob because fuck, you’ve worked so hard this whole year
• you don’t notice that a boy from the next class has entered the lecture theatre
• and he hears… sobbing?
• you feel someone rubbing your back soothingly and telling you to breathe, and slowly you calm down
• it only registers that you’re not alone after a while, and you turn around to face the person
• and holy shit- a GOD
• not a god, just choi seungcheol being stupid early because he hasn’t finished his presentation and the wifi at the dorms sucks compared to that at lecture theatres
• a concept: university student choi seungcheol studying sports education
• and glasses. choi seungcheol with glasses and carrying thick textbooks
• but like seungcheol asks you if you feel better and you’re like i guess??
• and like his presentation is due in like an hour and he has a lot to do but he spends the next few minutes sitting down to talk to you to take your mind off of things
• and okay, you don’t really forget about your bad grades and stuff but you’re feeling less like shit anyway
• ”wait why are you here so-” “MY PRESENTATION S-”
• and like to kind of repay him you try to help him with his presentation
• you don’t take his topic, but he passes you the info he’s found and you paraphrase it for him (which he sucks at) so it doesn’t sound lifted off of wikipedia
• you literally finish right before the teacher walks in and you’re like you know what screw it i’ll just do my assignments while sitting in this lecture
• seungcheol keeps looking at you throughout his presentation and he keeps smiling and oh god your heart has melted bc he is the cutest
• “i aced it, thanks to you! you being there… you gave me confidence.”
• your heart skips a beat but you’re like NAH he probably meant it like platonically
• you two start to hang out after that
• he’s super sweet and thoughtful, always checking up on you now and then to make sure that you’re okay
• svt gang joking that it seems like they’ve found their eomma to match their appa, and seungcheol always having to shush them
• the next major exam for you comes,,, and you are stressed™
• you really really don’t want a repeat of your midterms, and you’re overworking yourself to the extent that seungcheol is worried for you
• you’re worse than jihoon that’s how bad it is
• so he basically starts to take care of you, bringing you food and making sure you get enough sleep
• and when your finals end, he’s waiting outside your exam hall for you for lunch
• you see him before he sees you, and in that moment, it kind of hits you
• you… you’re in love with him. you’ve been crushing on him since the start, ever since he found you in that stupid lecture theatre crying
• because instead of walking out, he chose to stay to comfort a stranger
• he chose to take care of you on top of studying for his exams because he was worried about you
• he’s hot too lmao but that’s not rlly the main thing the main thing that you REALLY like him
• and when he turns around, he smiles at you
• “i think i did well for my exam! don’t you think i deserve a reward”
“what reward-”
• you quickly kiss his cheek, and his ears turn red
• “may i?” he asks, and you nod because no way in hell you’re rejecting a kiss from seungcheol
• you’re both giggly after the kiss (or many kisses tbh) and you’re walking to a diner holding hands and you’re both so in love it’s cute
• (ft. whole of svt relieved because they really wouldn’t be able to live through another day of seungcheol pining)

A “Rant” Request

So my week actually turned out to be busier than I thought, I wanted to get something out, but didn’t manage to, but finally have the time with the weekend coming, so tomorrow I’ll get things back on track for sure, for now, I don’t really have a question, but more of a request, which I’m gladly in the mood to fill “Rant on something, rant on anything, I’m wondering what you’d rant about, and how you rant.”

Now, I’m not a good ranter, in fact I come off more sarcastic than I do ranting, either way, I have a perfect subject: The Beads of Subjugation.

I hate Sunrise for turning something that was actually about development into a novelty. I hate how the opinions about it being ‘abusive’ are due to filler and altering scenes and characters, I hate that Kagome is viewed as being an 'abusive bitch’ who deserves to be smack, punched, or whatever else, oh the irony of that one. I hate this idea that the item was just all for laughs. I hate that Sunrise used it when it wasn’t needed, used it pointlessly and used it over scenes that had way more business being in the series. I hate how the popular opinion about Kagome, Inuyasha and their relationship as a while is defined like it is. I hate how it turned Kagome into a “Tsundere” (I’ll get to that in a moment). I hate how this is a subject that’s even up for debate, I hate that I have to read constant questions and messages about it (“Well Kagome did abuse it.” “Well, Sunrise just did it for laughs.” “I hated Kagome because of that.”), because it brings up all my problems with the anime and this particular subject.

But since this is a rant, let me ramp things up a little bit. Why is it the command is so talked about? Because someone at Sunrise decided that putting in over 100 of these commands into the series was somehow a good idea. The thing about this, it was their “go-to” funny, “Oh girl abusing the guy again, there goes those ratings.” *Thumbs up* Because throwing out the same joke will constantly have people laughing, nevermind those little moments of development, key bits of information or even good moments that deserved to be in the anime, we have to get a “SIT!” in, especially with fillers, because I mean, every filler isn’t funny until there is a “SIT!” in it, right? Here’s a secret *Whispers* Most of the filler episodes that had them, sucked anyway.“ *Whispers* Why did they suck? Let’s run through those reasons:

1. Most of the time the characters were out-of-character.

2. Inuyasha had to be overly stupid in order to get Kagome mad.

3. Kagome had to have a stupid reason to get mad, or in the case of canon episodes that were altered, just change her emotion to mad and alter a scene to make it work.

4. Shippo, whose character had to change as a whole to make this work.

So in all the cases, you had to have characters around to make it work, but that isn’t a big problem for you at all, is it? Not like there were any scenes that you changed around to get a desired effect and then royally screwed up some of the dynamic in others. Good writing? Nah, needs a "SIT!” command. And just so I’m not being unfair, I said most filler, see there are good filler in the series there is even some funny stuff in those fillers, but guess what none of those fillers have?

And no disrespect to fanfiction writers, in fact, I’ll give a whole lot of props to them, while I know there are some out there that just want to do the characters in their own vision, there are tons of fantastic writers that can do the things you do, most of the anime is a work of fanfiction honestly, and it has it’s hits and it has it’s misses. But about at least 70% of the series is Sunrise fanfiction, and honestly, it wasn’t that good.

Speaking about out-of-character though, let’s cover Kagome, since I mean, she is basically the biggest target of this. Tsundere, so let’s ignore the anime, let’s pretend in never existed (and in a perfect world was remade), can anyone think of a moment where she outright abused it, without a reason in the manga? And if I hear “What about the one after Hakurei?” “What about the one at the cleansing pool?” or the “Rat demons?” I’m going to rant about that next . Now let’s add another factor in, did she ever use it when Inuyasha tried to do something? Some anime have had girls bashing guys over the head with something for even touching them. Let’s go over the reasons it’s used in the manga:

1. Inuyasha is about to destroy someones property, attack someone, or threatened someone in some manner.

2. It’s used when he goes full demon, and it’s reversed the transformation.

3. Inuyasha lies, picks a fight, assumes and says something borders way past insensitivity.

That brings up the question, what would a normal girl do if you said something insulting or insensitive to them? You’d get slapped, hmm, has Kagome ever slapped Inuyasha? Yup, once within the series, so going off that, the “SIT!” is basically a slap under those conditions.

But no we can’t focus on those, we have to focus on the filler ones, that were altered, added in, and required the characters to go out-of-character, when Kagome starts swinging like Akane, let me know. Oh wait, Sunrise beat you to it, Totosai’s hammer, great job on keeping her in character to get that to work, ah who am I kidding, let’s just make her mad, and get her to “SIT!” Inuyasha again, cause I mean, that’s so much more interesting than the massive amounts of development she makes throughout the series (which you cut a whole lot of that in the original series, and decided to try, but not nearly hard enough in The Final Act).

Isn’t it fun that the whole reason people really hate this has to do with filler? But when you consider that a good amount of these “SIT!” commands were filler, and they somehow managed to fit over a 100 them into this series, is it really a surprise?

Now I’d like a moment to, to speak more calmly and straightforwardly. InuYasha as a series, I do like, but there are elements of it that I greatly dislike, this is one of those elements, and it’s unfortunate that these two and their relationship have to be defined by something that was meant to more symbolic, and ironic, than just “HAHAHA! FUNNY!”. I started the “A "SIT!” a Day!“ to counter this poor perception of the command, and I’m not going to kid myself, it’s only going to do much, and reach so many, and some may never change their opinions, which is fine, but at least it’ll give them something to think about and take into account.

And to those people that messaged me about this subject, I thank you, because while this subject frustrates me, and every message about it, frustrates me, you remind me of what not only the whole point of this blog was, while pushing me harder when it comes to "A "SIT!” a Day".

A lot of this rant came from messages I received on the subject, and since I was given a bit of free reign to work with here, and not be my usual self, it felt good to get a lot of this out.

For those wondering about my more than calm and rational approach to this, feel free to read: The “SIT” Command - Irony, Reason, Purpose and Misconceptions". For those that just liked the rant, I’m glad you enjoyed it, but it isn’t going to be a common thing for me, as you can probably tell, I’m not great at it.

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Jiyong (M)

WARNING: S-M-U-T (and sub!Jiyong)

‘What are you doing?’

‘Work stuff.’

‘But i told you i wanted to go out tonight. Why aren’t you finished?’ he snaps, making you look up at him over your computer, your eyebrows raised in a challenge.

‘Im sorry?’

‘I mean…you promised, Y/N.’ he says more timidly, moving his eyes away  from yours as he shifts from foot to foot in the doorway.

‘And I’ve said i haven’t finished sorting this out, so you need to wait.’

‘Why do you always do this?! You always promise me you’ll do something, and then you’re late, or you just…just dont do it!’

You stare at him seriously when he raises his voice the second time, shutting your laptop with a slam and pushing your chair away from your desk slightly as you cross your legs and lean back, revealing to him that you were in a skimpy black dress- the one you were going to go out in before you received the important email from your manager.

‘For your information, i just got an email from my manager saying there was an error on my bank account and that someone had potentially been stealing money from my account…I think thats a little bit more important than some club, dont you Jiyong?’

You see the exact moment that he regrets snapping at you, his face falling as his eyes dart aroung the room and his mouth screws up slightly.

‘I mean…I didn’t, I didn’t know-’

‘And you know what? Now i dont really feel like going out.’


‘Nah, i think i might stay in.’

‘Y/N, please.’ he begs, walking over to you and turning the chair to face him as he kneels on the floor, looking up at you pleadingly before suddenly getting a spark in his eyes and letting his hands travel to your knees.

‘Can i persuade you?’ he asks, looking up at you innocently, and you feel your pulse jump at his insinuation, although you hide your reaction from him as you look down at him with a stern expression.

‘That depends on how hard you try.’ you purr, reaching forward to hold his jaw tightly as you lean down, tempting him with your lips, before sitting back in the chair and watching him whine quietly as he looks up at you, before quickly spreading your legs and pulling the lever on the chair to make you lean further back.

You chuckle lustily as he groans at seeing that you weren’t wearing any pants, the lack of boundary allowing him to get straight to work as he begins to lap at your core, making you gasp in an initial breath before you move your hands from the armrests to his hair.

You could feel every flicker of his tongue on you, every nibble of his teeth at your little bundle of nerves, and with each sensation you simply find yourself pulling tighter on his hair, needing more and more as you climb towards your high.

Its when he starts moaning against your core with each tug of his hair, and his swipes at your lips become longer and harsher, that you start squirming on the chair, panting as you climb closer to your release. And as soon as you feel his nose buried between your folds, his tongue diving as far into you as he can get, you feel the tension in you snap and flood through your veins, making your head spin as stars dance in your vision.

‘Will you come, now?’ he asks quietly as he continues to place feather light kisses on your lower lips, sending jolts through you with each until you’d come down from your high and you could look down at him, with hooded eyes and a smirk to see him staring innocently up at you.

‘Didn’t you just make me?’

Snippet (On the porch)

“Probably should have been a warning sign, don’t you think?”

“What’s that?” he asked, looking up from the damp ring the beer bottle had made on the thigh of his jeans. “Warning?”

“Well yeah.” she said and smiled the kind of smile that broke hearts, “I mean, EVERY single one of my ex-husbands friends from college, without exception, are sleazy, scam artist scumbag types.”

“All of ‘em? What college did he go to? Ohio State?”

She laughed, a soft rippling sound in the thick humid summer air. She pushed strands of auburn hair over her left ear in a simple reflexive gesture. He was struck by the grace she managed to place into such an ordinary thing.

“Yeah, well..” she said and slid around the question smoothly, “he always said they were all great guys. Just…unconventional. In their definition of success, blah blah blah. But ya know, none of them have changed. At all. And I know a couple of ‘em live out in Vegas and L.A., so I figure that’s where he headed. Working for one of them. Off the books, so he doesn’t have to pay child support or alimony. That rat bastard. Pardon my language. Great dad though, huh?”

“I don’t know. My dad stayed around but I can’t say I benefited any.” he said then glanced away, suddenly uncomfortable. He was much better at listening. Talking, especially about himself, was something he did as seldom as possible.“Uhm, but, ya know, he was a drunk. Not mean or nothing. He was on disability. Back thing, ya know? Mostly bullshit, but..well. he just mostly drank and occasionally reminded us we were all losers. But, well, I don’t think your ex is in line for any awards either.”

“Well, that’s kind of how we ended up here. Of all places.” she looked around the tidy but unmistakably working class neighborhood.“ It’s all on me. And this, this is all I can afford. Nobody on my side of the family can help us. Or, I should say, WILL help us. My mother told me not to marry Derek. So we end up HERE.. Oh god that sounds arrogant! I mean, it’s not that bad! I mean, God, YOU live here and I’m talking about it like it’s, like..”

“It’s okay.” He said, watching her blush and feeling a sense of bemusement. “From Lake Orion to Hazeltucky. That’s a definite drop down.”

“You know, I didn’t understand why Hazel Park was called Hazeltucky.”

“But now you do.”

“Now I do.” she said and smiled again. Two smiles. He was doing alright. “It’s definitely different.”

“It’s not as bad as it used to be.” He said and paused to take a sip of now warm beer.“North side is still solidly redneck. Closer to Eight Mile, well, it’s a little more real world.”

“Well, it’s been a pretty abrupt transition.” she said and looked down at her hands. A tiny fragment of breeze brought the soft sweet smell of her sun warmed hair to him. “ And, and I should have thanked you before now. You been really kind, and sweet. I mean, you’re great to my kids. Evan thinks you’re awesome and Jenny even likes you. And after her dad’s vanishing act, she hates all men on principle alone. Except you. So that’s pretty impressive. I mean honesty. She’s fifteen. She’s at that age where everyone is an idiot except her.”

“Nah, she’s just…” He paused, wondering if he had the right to say anything. He decided to try. “ She’s a really smart girl. And I think she maybe, well, she’s sensitive and very thoughtful. She’s seeing how hard and screwed up the world is. Except she’s at that age where you can’t change it, or even her little corner of it yet. And that, that’s kind of scary and depressing and aggravating. But, ya know, from what I see, I think she’s good. They both are. You’re a good mom.”

He heard her draw in a sharp breath and watched her look away. He felt that odd, almost detached sense of disappointment he knew so well. He was getting it wrong. Like always. It’s why it was better to keep quiet and leave most things unspoken. Just because you had thoughts and opinions didn’t mean other people wanted or needed to hear them.

“Thank you.” she said very softly and surprised him completely. “ That’s a very, very nice thing to say. Because I wonder sometimes.”

“I watch you with them. I see it. And even if I didn’t, I know them now. And I see it. How they act, how they talk. Especially about you. Yeah, there’s no doubt. You’re a good mom.”

She glanced at him, her eyes shining. He noticed the smile lines, saw the first gray strands in her hair. She seemed to almost glow but he wasn’t sure why. All he knew for certain was that she was kind and gentle, had a smile that made her beautiful in a way a camera could never capture, and she was here .

“Why haven’t we talked before now? Oh, that’s right. Your girlfriend. Or, uh…I uh..”

“No, yeah she left me. That same night the police were over. Uhm, yeah she, well..she moved out earlier that day. And she won’t be coming back. I knew it was never going to work anyhow.”


“Well, uhm..” He liked this woman. He wanted her to like him, but he wasn’t sure if she would. Or could, if he told her the truth. But holding back was no different than lying. And lies always escaped eventually, no matter how you tried to lock them away

“She’s an Eastpointe girl.” He said calmly, feeling like he was already falling. “And I’m a convicted felon on parole. To say HER Dad didn’t approve is a major understatement. But she’s one of those types who’s gonna save the world. Guess I was her starting point. Or I was supposed to be. Plus maybe a way for her to rebel against Dad and prove she’s her own person. I’m not sure. I lost my job, well, my job was eliminated. And, uh, that did it for her. I guess. She cleared out anyway.”

“You’re on parole? Then you need to get another job pretty quickly huh?”

“Yeah. Yeah actually.”

“So instead of helping you, she bailed. No offense, but what a bitch.”

“None taken.

“Well, I know you’re not a sex offender. I checked. Nearest one lives twelve blocks east. So, you were in prison?”


“You look pretty young, so I’m figuring not murder, rape, bank robbery or drug kingpin. How old ARE you?”

This was not going in any kind of way he might have imagined. She looked curious but not alarmed or disgusted. Odd, to put it mildly.

“I’m twenty three.”

“Oh my God. You’re a pup. Oh, now I feel old. I AM old! Old enough to be your mother!”


“I’m forty one!”

“My mom would be fifty five if she were alive.”

“I’m eighteen years older than you! That’s enough to be your mom and…wait. Twenty three? You weren’t in for too long. Nothing violent then?”

“Uhm, well…” honesty was all the story, not just the simple, palatable parts. “I knocked out an undercover cop, but they dropped the charge of aggravated assault on a police officer.”

“Wha..wait! They dropped…”

“It’s kinda a long complicated story..”

“I got time. Let me grab us a couple fresh beers.”

“Oh. Uh okay.” He said and watched her disappear into the house, leaving him sitting in a slightly surreal state of mind on another weird day in this ever stranger summer.

Things heard in my house tonight

“I’ll buy you all the salsa you want.” “Is that a challenge?”

“Emma is a raspberry vinaigrette.”

“Name a food that starts with the letter S.” “Sasquatch.”

“If you want, you can eat chips and salsa at 2am.”

“Can I have a muffin?” “No.” *pathetic sigh*

“Be quite girls your brothers are trying to sleep.” “Yeah right.”

“Is this that facebook movie guy?” 


“Screw delta airlines.” 

“Do you want to know what I packed for lunch?” “No.”

Anything Could Happen

Dean exhaled roughly, shoving his hands further into his jacket pockets as he strode down the dark, icy street. An early snowfall had turned to slush, and thick brown wedges of crisped mud lay stacked at the side of porches and next to the curb. A car drew up to the sidewalk just in front of Dean as he walked, and a family piled out, laughing and pushing each other whilst the exhaust spewed out hot, grey smoke into the biting air. Dean sneaked a glance back over his shoulder to watch them as they made their way into the house, the older kid pretending to push the younger one into a patch of ice; their shrieks and yells echoed down the street, and Dean smiled – a little grimly and coldly, the glassiness in his eyes slightly muddied by sadness, like the soil-stained snow beneath his boots. He pulled one hand out of its pocket, gripping his cell phone; after a moment’s hesitation, he swiped the screen and flicked through his contact list, stopping when he reached ‘S’ and selecting the first name: Sam. He hit call and brought the phone up to his ear, continuing to make his way down the road, the cold chewing inquisitively on his fingertips as the dial tone buzzed in his ear.

“Hello?” His brother’s voice was tinny and distant, but Dean could still hear the smile on his face through that one word spoken. He found himself grinning, too.

“Sammy, it’s me,” he said – unnecessarily, he reminded himself, since Sam would have seen his name on the caller ID. Maybe he’d said it for his own benefit more than Sam’s. It’s me, he thought. It’s me. It’s Dean. Big brother Dean. That’s who I am.

“Dean, hey! How are you?” There was the faint sound of laughter, as though Sam had stepped out of a crowded, happy room to speak to Dean.

“I’m great,” Dean said, the phone pressed too tight to his ear, as though he were hoping to squeeze himself down into airwaves and travel to where Sam was, along with his voice. “I just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas, little brother.”

Sam was quiet for a moment. Dean swallowed and blinked hard a couple of times, his breath pluming like cigarette smoke in the cool air.

“I miss you, Dean,” Sam said, his tone defensive, pre-empting Dean’s scoff. “You know, if you started driving now, you could be with us for lunch tomorrow.”

“What, and interrupt your week-long hot date?” Dean teased, making his voice as relaxed and natural as he could. It came out a little throaty and taut, like a roughened finger on a trigger. “Nah, I’ll pass. Jess seems like a great girl, I don’t wanna screw that up for you.”

“You wouldn’t,” Sam said, now sounding confused. “The Moores said they’d be happy to have you for Christmas. Dean –”

“Listen, Sammy, I gotta go,” Dean said, suddenly desperate to get away, his brother’s voice too small to fill the space yawing inside him. “I’m gonna hit a few bars, see if I can’t find me another lonely heart. You have a good time tomorrow, yeah? I’ll call you, see if we can get together for New Year, or something.”

“Dean, I…” Sam sighed like a balloon deflating, and Dean could’ve kicked himself for bursting the happy bubble his brother had been living in for the past few days. He really did have an amazing power to screw things up. He was doing the right thing, keeping as far away as possible from Sam and Jess this Christmas.

“I’ll be fine,” Dean said, and this time his voice came out just how he wanted it to, warm and reassuring. “You know me, I’m not one to get sentimental about the holidays anyway. You enjoy yourself, and I’ll see you soon.”

“OK. OK,” Sam said, sounding as though he were trying to convince himself and Dean at the same time. “You enjoy yourself too, Dean.”

“Sure will, Sammy,” Dean said. “Happy Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas, Dean,” Sam said, and Dean hung up. He tucked the phone back into his jacket pocket, keeping his fingers curled tightly around it, so that he’d feel it vibrate if someone called him. Was he half-hoping that Sam would ring him back to convince him to make the drive to the Moores’? He wasn’t even sure himself. Every thought he had seemed as muddy and slippery as the slush-slick sidewalk. He needed a stiff drink to lean against.

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“So you’re dating my boyfriend now?”
“Ex-boyfriend, he’s your ex-boyfriend. You said you had some differences”
“Uh huh”
“Does it bother you?”
“What? That he broke up with me and then screws with my twin brother? No. Not at all.”

Shepard twins edits: [1][2] [ 3 ] [4] [5]

Ethan & Tyler as a Ler Tag Team

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Mark takes an age test and gets 7. tyler and ethan thinks he needs to be punished but cant figure out how. they call jack or help.  [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I SUCK AT TITLES SO BAAAAD! ALSO YES I PUT IN A BIT OF SEPTIPLIER IM SOOOOOORRY!

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alright but i can just SEE draco constantly complimenting hermione behind her back but still being in denial at the same time like:

‘woah. did you see granger chop that snakeweed? frigging murdered it. which just proves how much of a nerd she is ofc bc if she wasn’t. she couldn’t have chopped that with such skill. such precision. such graceful dexterity.’

‘holy salazar granger’s got some fine legs. i mean she’s still an annoying swot this changes nothing but. DAMN.’

'CRABBE. CRABBE ARE YOU SEEING THIS. LOOK AT THAT SPELLWORK. FLIPPING INSANE. because… because of how horrifyingly overdone it is, obviously.’

'wow like if i didn’t hate granger so much i would be very very attracted to the way she’s playing with her hair rn. but of course i do hate her and therefore am not attracted to her one bit at all.’

'ahaha look at that loser in that ball gown what was she thinking wearing something so gorgeous and un-granger-ish (she was thinking what’s the best way to screw with draco’s brain ugh)’

'you know blaise i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone get through a book as fast as granger in my life. such a nutty bookworm. so talented. and weird ha like super weird.’

'granger just got 200% on her exam what the hell is wrong with her *muttering* freaking incredible it’s too much it’s t oo’

The Guilt

(Word Count: 3357)

The following is transcribed evidence from the insurance review following the alleged suicide of student Turner Hide. It consists of paranoid ramblings, thoughts, and texts recorded in the margins of school notes, drawings, cell phone logs, and notebooks. Attempts were made to place writings in chronological order to provide some semblance of sequence. 

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Tbh I don’t understand why people think that, between Annabeth and Percy, Annabeth Chase is the one who’s a stickler for the rules. Percy’s a troublemaker, yeah, but he’s more of a ‘rules can be broken if something is at stake’ kind of guy. ’ “My best friend is in danger; I’m gonna sneak out of camp to save him/her!!” and “Sorry for stealing a few cars and a police cruiser; but a bunch of snake ladies are on my ass. I gotta run.” There are even times where Percy hesitates on bending the rules: “Uhh Annabeth you’re not gonna steal from a souvenir shop are you? Oh, you are. Okay then”

Annabeth is more 'fuck the system’ than Percy is, mostly because she tends to bend the rules/status quo even when there isn’t any imminent danger. “THEY’RE FRESH CLOTHES AND NOBODY’S GONNA MISS 'EM FROM AN ABANDONED THEME PARK, PERCY. WATCH ME STEAL THEM.” and “I’m gonna sit next to my best friend during lunch even though it’s not allowed because I need to talk to him. Talk to him later? Nah, man; I’ll do it now” and my personal favorite (but this is a display of insubordination more than anything else): “what do you mean you don’t do riddles now? You’re the friggin’ sphinx! Screw you and your stupid trivia questions”

So, yes, Annabeth Chase is a hooligan. Please be aware of that, fandom.

(This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive/coherent argument I just wanted to say that Annabeth is actually more badass than Percy but that’s something we already know)