nah ur not lol

  • tobho: omg shit it's THE LORD HAND give him ur helmet!!
  • gendry: lol nah fam
  • tobho: the fuck he's a LORD
  • gendry: it's mine fuck him
  • eddard: shit he's Robert's.

can i just talk for a minute about how Lucas was willing to go headfirst into the upside down just to bring Will back ? as soon as it was revealed to him that Will was trapped in this cold, dark space he had to find out how to get him out. and once Eleven, or Mike, or even Dustin didn’t seem to have the same drive he just decided to go on by himself. no matter what it took, no matter if he’d get caught, his priority, his mission was to find his friend and get him back. and honestly, he didn’t even understand what he was getting himself into. he hadn’t seen the demogorgon before so he had like no idea how high the stakes were. he just knew his friend was in trouble, and that they had to get them out. and he geared up for battle and marched himself over there to do it himself. because he couldn’t go on and possibly let Will die because they all were taking their sweet time with it. like just realizing he was willing to walk into another dimension solely based on the fact that his friend needed him says a lot about his character. and honestly people think that he’s selfish, or rude, but this is a kid with clear allegiances, who has a tight circle around him and if you’re in the circle he’ll do anything for you, he’ll die for you, but if you’re out of the circle he just can’t focus on your troubles ?? and while that’s a hard position to take, it’s very realistic imo and very mature tbh and I don’t feel like he should be vilified for it. another thing is, is that he actually realized he was wrong and sincerely apologized for it like– that’s so mature and aware of his actions and I just want this kid to be appreciated and loved and respected and yeah.

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confession: ive had a lot of doubts about my faith lately; i still identify as a muslim becuase ultimately i think i believe in allah, but i feel so distant from religion. theres so much that i have doubts about and that i disagree/ think are negative contributions to the world within the way the religion has manifested (and this goes beyond just islam and other religions in general). and i just dont have that "trust" feeling that so many people describe

Trust me, I and many others have or currently feel that way too and it’s actually more normal than you think. We see all these perfect muslims online but, realistically, it’s not that easy for everyone to always 100% fully trust in their religion for everything. I know people are not going to like me for saying that, but it’s the truth with a lot of people, normal people. I recommend looking at this:

Basically, this quote “My Islamic teacher was asked by someone if he believed everything in The Qur’an. He said “no.”We were all shocked, then the questioner asked him, “why?”He replied, “I don’t believe anything in The Qur’an, until I understand it, because if I don’t understand it, how can I believe it?” ”

So sometimes we disagree or don’t understand something, but it’s okay. Just keep in mind the things that you understand and that you do know that you want to live by, and i guess the rest just makes its way in? I think god is okay with you disagreeing with things or not understanding things, and just remember that your relationship with god is one on one, so it’s like you can forget all else in the world and god understands and knows exactly how you feel.

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HEY LOWKEY DROPPING IN TO SAY THAT I LOVE YOUR ART (LOVE IT LOTS) AND WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS (nah jk ur intimidating I'm shaking as I'm typing this lol)

Woag!!!! I would love to be friends!!!! Im glad that you like my art and I wold be glad to talk to you :00 sorry if I come off as intimidating, I genuinely do really like meeting people!!

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bleo or changelina (*dabs*) and yenna obviously???

yenna; elmo_rise.gif, staying up until 3am talking to people from all over the world, the aching hole in your chest when you read sad stories, a high window letting a shaft of old yellow light fall onto dusty bookshelves and steel ladders, hazy watercolor paintings of the sea, light misty rain, pictures in front of brick walls where your smile is so big your face feels like it’s going to break but it’s also not wide enough to show how happy you are, your friends laughing at you because you forgot to take a picture of your food before eating it

want one?


i’m bored and cute af
i’m wearing fake af glasses
[anime sound] tch

the feeling that you have helped someone. gahd surreal. it’s like wtf self u just earned ur place in heaven lol. nah, kidding aside. my inner shit’s just so happy.

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I went bra shopping today!!!!!! It was amazing. Please mamas treat yourself to a GOOD bra. I was wearing old bras from before getting pregnant and they were clearly way too small. Got measured today and went from 32DD (before pregnant) to 32I/H depending on brands!!! I feel like a million bucks holy shit they we a bit pricey ($80 a bra) but they fit and no way I was going back to VS where they were like "nah ur still a 32DD lol" bitch look. under/poorly trained girls there not their faults.

YES! I’m passionate about a good bra lol tell us where you bought yours!!


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☠ ion rl find u intimidating but i just wanted to use this as an oppurtunity to message u lol u seem like such a famous blog n its so damn gorgeous n cant believe we mutuals???? tf ps. ily + ur blog

hdhcgnsdbcsd me famous?? nah lol,, i lov u too!!

if you find me intimidating in any way, anonymously send me *skull emoji* along with the reasons why

  • Aries: "ur wrong im right bye"
  • Taurus: "nah"
  • Gemini: "i don't care lol"
  • Cancer: "no im fine"
  • Leo: "u jelly bro?"
  • Virgo: "um, well, actually..."
  • Libra: "but thats not fair"
  • Scorpio: "i kno u so well..."
  • Sagittarius: "u kno what?"
  • Capricorn: "seriously..."
  • Aquarius: "haha get it?"
  • Pisces: "idk anything is cool"