nah that's too much work

  • Solas: you have an indomitable spirit I have yet to see it dominated. I imagine the sight would be....fascinating
  • Inquisitor: .......
  • Solas: .......
  • A little while later...
  • *sexy noises*
  • Varrick: lol get it chuckles
  • Cassandra: [disgusted noise]
Tough Love on Fitness

So I was having a conversation with my friend Mark on Fitness troubles today and asked him if he’d been following the set advice I gave him back in April, he said “Nah man thats just too much work and Im a busy guy” and I was already fed up just from a long day at work so I kinda just snapped a let him have it and gave him a reality check of why he’s not reaching his goals and how he’s BSing yadda yadda which was kinda harsh but it worked. It worked really well and then i got to thinking bout it, every time Im super nice and supportive to Friends when they ask for advice they rarely follow it to T. But when I call em on their BS and give em a reality check they make Outstanding changes. This legit has happened to 6 of my friends, So I’m just gonna do this for them now on, Tough love seems to be the best solution