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Hearts on Ice

Summary: Dan has a small crush on Phil. Big deal, right?

Word Count: 2.6k

Genre: fluff, angst, musician!AU, highschool!AU, pianist!Dan, violinist!Phil

Warnings: None

He had always passed by him in the hallways every day. Dan never really noticed the man with the sweater vests and the scent of coffee trailing behind.

That was until one day, fucking Chris decided to pull a nasty prank on him and stick some gum in his hair. Dan didn’t notice until the man with sweater vest pointed it out and offered to pull it out.

This, of course, resulted in massive head pain for Dan and a bit of frustration on the other man’s part. However, Dan couldn’t stop his heart from beating rapidly when his savior flashed a grin at him after finally taking out the gum from his hair. The man introduced himself as Phil, and Dan was enamored.

From then on, Dan’s cheeks flushed a tint of red whenever Phil walked past him. Unfortunately, a bond over pulling gum out of one’s hair wasn’t strong enough to really consider people “friends,” but Dan secretly hoped that one day Phil would extend an olive branch of friendship.

One day, Dan thought to himself.

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 “Sit still, PJ!” you groan, exasperatedly.

“But, I can’t! You’re waving scissors around my hair precariously and I, for one, do not want my beautiful hair chopped off. It’s the selling factor for many of my tiny planet explorers,” PJ states, watching your hand holding neon pink scissors with distaste.

“You asked me to cut it! If you didn’t want me to cut it then why did you ask me?”

PJ runs his hand through his hair and it makes a “pfft” sound as if rolling it’s eyes at you. You give a withering, mocking smile at his hair and shake your head. PJ stifles a laugh and you turn your glare to him.

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