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Is it just me that's thinking that the whole niall and melissa thing is kind of a no no no.... Yes or nah? I am so sorry for offending anyone :,( it's just what i think

the signs when asked out by someone they don't like
  • aries:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ??!!
  • taurus:maybe we can go out for a meal? (wants free food)
  • gemini:ugh as if *hairflip*
  • cancer:oh god I want to say no but if I do you'll think I'm mean???
  • leo:lol no
  • virgo:I guess we can... try?
  • libra:ahahahahahahahah get in line
  • scorpio:I will destroy you unless you go away
  • sagittarius:I don't like you.
  • capricorn:nah bro sorry
  • aquarius :if you ever speak to me again I will kill you in your sleep and murder your family
  • pisces:no but I want everyone to like me so yes??