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  • basically ~800 self-indulgent words worth of sugamon getting stoned in the studio
  • warnings for recreational drug use?? idk

You can buy the weirdest shit online.

Really, Yoongi could’ve told you that after Taehyung found the hundreds of dick-themed items on Etsy, but his belief in the statement has never been stronger than it is now.

Namjoon had walked into the studio half an hour ago, hiding a plastic bag in the pocket of his hoodie. He’d set it on the table in front of the computer, then threw himself into the nearest chair. Yoongi pulled the bag into his lap and looked through the contents; three joints, a lighter, and something heavy-looking wrapped in brown paper that he ignored, instead going over to the computer and playing some PBR&B song loudly through the speakers – that way, no one would burst in. They’d only ever had one person walk in on them during their not-so-legal activities, but it had just been Hoseok. Turned out he was a stoner anyways.

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Imagine that your favorite character, whom you have a crush on, suddenly appears in your world and insists on being your boyfriend/girlfriend.  But it’s not (necessarily) your current favorite character—it’s the most embarrassing fictional character you’ve ever crushed on.


Fave Harry Gifs #14 

Let’s talk about that handsome face, shall we?