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Mischief and Babygirl // A Stiles Stilinski Roommate AU Smut

Prompt: Imagine two people being in a situation where they can’t stand each other and are forced to live together. They hate each other with every fiber in their body and are always mad about the smallest things. But, what they didn’t know was that they had made an online friend and had grown very fond of each other and started dating online with each other. When they decided to meet up and see one another for the first time, they find themselves in a very shocking and unexpected situation.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Mutual Masterbation, Dirty Talk, Sexting, Nudes, Oral (male on female), Fingering, and Swearing.

Word Count: 6,829

A/N: This is definitely one of my favorite one-shots I have written. I really hope y’all like it, too. It’s another round of me and @celestial-writing just putting ideas together (love you)! Also, how fucking hot is angry Stiles tho???

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Immediately letting out a shout as anger boiled up inside of her for the millionth time today because of the same freckled boy, (Y/N) grabbed the empty jug of milk out the refrigerator and trudged towards the dining room table. There sat her four roommates and greatest friends in the world, well everyone except Stiles Stilinski that is.

“Stiles!” She yelled, throwing the empty bottle in his lap and startling him. “I swear to God, if you ever leave anything empty in the fridge again, I will kick your sorry ass!”

“Sweetheart, you couldn’t kick this ass no matter how hard you tried.” Stiles scoffed and took the bottle off of his body to place it on the table.

“You wanna bet?” (Y/N) threatened.

“Funny.” He laughed which only made the young woman even more furious than she already was.

Stiles immediately jumped when she harshly slammed her hand down on the surface in front of him, leaning her face so close to his that they were only inches apart.

“Never doubt a woman’s capacity to destroy someone.” (Y/N) stated, her voice harsh enough to make him gulp. “We do know how to perfectly get rid of blood stains after all.”

“Damn, Stiles.” Scott chuckled from his seat on the table. “If I were you, I’d go buy a lifetime supply of milk right now just to protect myself.”

“Nah,” Camile disagreed and everyone could hear the smile in her voice. “What they need to do is sleep with each other already. The sexual tension between you two is really tiring.”

“I’ll say.” Madi groaned. “I’m the one who’s room is right next to theirs and, God, the fighting is non-stop. Just have sex already, please? Not for the love of God, but for my sanity!”

“(Y/N) wishes she could get into my pants.” Stiles smirked, a grin playing on his lips as their eyes locked.

“Oh please, Stiles.” She scoffed, standing up straight again. “As if you actually had something in your pants that interested me.”

“Ouch.” Scott cringed and a devious smirk made its way onto (Y/N)’s lips when she noticed Stiles get offended by her comment. “I’d leave her alone after that one.”

Stiles angrily skid his chair back, its legs screeching against the tiles, and stood up. As intimidating as it was to have him look down into her eyes due to how much taller he was, (Y/N) stood her ground and didn’t dare shy away.

Out of nowhere, Scott picked up the butter knife he was using for his bagel and unexpectedly begin to swat the air in between the two young adults.

“What'cha doing there, Scott?” Stiles asked, their eyes now staring at their fellow roommate.

“Trying to cut the sexual tension between you two, but damn it’s too strong.” He laughed, the two other girls in the room laughing loudly along with him.

“Screw all of you.” (Y/N) huffed, walking away from every single one of them and going up the stairs to her room in anger.

As much as she hated to admit it, Scott was unfortunately right. There’s no doubt about the sexual tension within (Y/N) and Stiles and, yes, both of them have yet to confess that they’ve thought about being with each other on more than one occasion. But, even though she does have a secret crush on him and would love it if Stiles got under her bedsheets, the way he gets under her skin frustrates (Y/N) more.

Reaching the first floor of the house the five of them rent so they don’t have to live in crappy dorm rooms, the furious girl walked inside of her bedroom and shut the door behind her. The sound echoed through the halls and the four left downstairs all jumped at the sudden sound. Scott, Camile and Madi instantly glaring at Stiles.

(Y/N) immediately laid down on her messy bed and grabbed her phone from her nightstand. Tapping on the instant message app, she began texting her online friend. I wouldn’t exactly say that they were just online friends because it’s so much more than that. They’ve been texting each other anonymously for about a year now and couldn’t get enough. Neither one of them have ever shared a picture of their faces because they want to focus on personality and not appearance. All the time that they’ve spent texting, both knew for a fact that they really liked one another. Which is why the two are beyond nervous for their first blind date tonight.

Babygirl 💋 [12:45 pm]: Today is the day I commit my first murder, Mieczyslaw

Mischief 💚 [12:45 pm]: Roommate again? 😂

Mischief 💚 [12:46 pm]: Well, where do you want us to hide the body?

Babygirl 💋 [12:46 pm]: Should we just bury him out in the woods?

Mischief 💚 [12:46 pm]: Nah, that’s a dead end. The cops would find it too easily

Mischief 💚 [12:46 pm]: What we need to do is go to the zoo and when no one’s looking

Mischief 💚 [12:47 pm]: We throw his body in the lion’s den

Mischief 💚 [12:47 pm]: There’s no crime if there’s no evidence

Babygirl 💋 [12:47 pm]: You know, sometimes your intelligence really scares me

Babygirl 💋 [12:47 pm]: You’re too much of a fucking genius!

Mischief 💚 [12:48 pm]: Just a genius?

Mischief 💚 [12:48 pm]: Nothing else? 😉😏

Babygirl 💋 [12:48 pm]: And really fucking sexy

Babygirl 💋 [12:48 pm]: Especially when you talk cop to me

Mischief 💚 [12:49 pm]: Well, in that case…

Mischief 💚 [12:49 pm]: All units proceed with caution

Mischief 💚 [12:49 pm]: We have a 180 on our hands here

Babygirl 💋 [12:50 pm]: Fuck

Babygirl 💋 [12:50 pm]: The things you do to me…

Mischief 💚 [12:50 pm]: What kind of things, baby?

Mischief 💚 [12:50 pm]: Tell me everything you’re thinking 😉

(Y/N)’s entire body sparked with immediate desire the second she finished reading his message and she could already tell her panties were slowly getting wetter by the second.

Babygirl 💋 [12:51 pm]: Well, for starters

Babygirl 💋 [12:51 pm]: I can’t wait till our date tonight because I’ll finally be able to feel your lips on my own

Babygirl 💋 [12:51 pm]: I’ll get to feel your hands all over my body

Babygirl 💋 [12:52 pm]: The friction of our skin sliding against each other taking over all of my thoughts

Stiles Stilinski shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he continued to read the dirty texts his online friend was sending him. The excitement for their blind date tonight getting stronger than ever and Stiles honestly couldn’t wait until he finally came face-to-face with the girl that completely takes over his thoughts. Well, second girl that is. The first being his favorite roommate (Y/N) (Y/L/N). He knew that he irritated her beyond belief, but he couldn’t help but think how beautiful she looked everytime her eyes glared at him with such fury that it instantly became sexy or how her lip would snarl in anger and how much he desperately wanted to bite down on it.

Their relationship was an addictive game of Cat and Mouse and both parties enjoyed every second.

Mischief 💚 [12:53 pm]: Fuck, baby

Mischief 💚 [12:53 pm]: What else?

“Do you have ants in your pants or something?” Camile questioned the smirking young man and Stiles’ head immediately snapped up at the blonde. “Stop moving so much in your seat, dude.”

“U-Uh…” Stiles stuttered, feeling like he just got caught doing something very naughty. Which wasn’t exactly far from what was going on on his phone. “S-Sorry.”

Babygirl 💋 [12:54 pm]: I can’t wait till your mouth attaches to my neck

Babygirl 💋 [12:54 pm]: Then slowly keeps going down and down…

“Why do you keep grinning at your phone like that?” Madi asked, tearing Stiles away from the intoxicating text.

“He’s talking to his internet girlfriend.” Scott smirked. “They pretty much sext daily.”

“We do not sext daily!” Stiles complained at the same time that (Y/N) sent him a picture of her body in just her underwear, showing him exactly what he would be touching tonight. “Fuck.”

“What’d she send this time?” Scott laughed, the three curious twenty year olds trying to peak over Stiles’ phone to see.

“None of your business, Scott.” Stiles scolded, getting up from his chair and trudging away towards the staircase. “Or anyone else’s for that matter!”

“Make sure to clean yourself up afterwards!” Camile yelled.

“You’re disgusting!” Stiles shouted back, a holler of laughter taking over the dining room. “Go to hell!”

“Only if you’re there, too!”

Once Stiles reached his bedroom, he entered his safe space and shut the door behind him. By the way their texts were leading up to something more, he knew for a fact things were about to get hot and heavy and he didn’t need anyone passing by his room to see him in a very vulnerable state.

Mischief 💚 [1:02 pm]: I can’t wait to touch you, baby

Mischief 💚 [1:02 pm]: I’m literally counting the seconds until I finally get to lick your stomach

Babygirl 💋 [1:03 pm]: Fuck, Mieczyslaw

Babygirl 💋 [1:03 pm]: What else are you gonna do to me?

Mischief 💚 [1:03 pm]: My tongue is gonna keep going lower until it reaches the place you want me the most

Mischief 💚 [1:04 pm]: Then, I’m going to slowly circle it around your swollen nub

Mischief 💚 [1:04 pm]: I’m gonna wrap my lips around you and suck so hard you’ll be cumming in a matter of seconds

Babygirl 💋 [1:04 pm]: Oh God, Mieczyslaw

Babygirl 💋 [1:04 pm]: Keep going

Babygirl 💋 [1:05 pm]: I’m almost there

In the short time that Stiles spent arguing with his friends downstairs and texting her the dirty things she so desperately wanted to read, (Y/N) had removed her clothes, taken a picture of herself for him and began working on her own body thanks to how hot he’d made her. She started out by moving her hand slowly around her clitoris before using her other hand to pump two fingers inside of her soaking wet core. Even though she really liked Mieczyslaw, she didn’t exactly know what he looked like so, as shameless and dirty as it was, (Y/N) thought about the first sexy guy she could think of. That handsome man being, none other than, the exact same person that was currently thinking about her as he quickly unzipped his jeans and pushed his hand inside of his boxers to get a hold of himself.

Mischief 💚 [1:06 pm]: Fuck, that’s so hot

Mischief 💚 [1:06 pm]: Send me a picture

Babygirl 💋 [1:07 pm]: Attachment

Stiles cock twitched when he noticed that she hadn’t sent him a picture, but an actual video instead. Rubbing himself with one hand, Stiles used the other to press play on the video with eagerness laced in his blood. The footage began to roll and the boy licked his lips in anticipation. Stiles groaned and increased his pace on himself when he realized it was a video of the girl fingering herself for him, her sexy moans almost pornographic. It consisted of a full view of her body, her breasts perky for him as her finger moved fastly inside of herself. In a matter of seconds, (Y/N)’s legs began shaking to indicate she would be soon falling over the edge and that’s exactly what happened. Hearing the girl moan shamelessly and watching her entire body shudder as an overwhelming orgasm​ hit her, it didn’t take much for Stiles to also reach his.

His legs shook and his eyes shut, Stiles’ head falling back on his pillow, at the same time that hot cum shot out of his tip and immediately landed on his stomach. He imagined it was (Y/N) that had jerked him off and it was enough to make his high last longer. Stiles didn’t even mind the sticky release on his skin, all he could think about was how much pleasure he was currently in.

As soon as (Y/N) finished cumming and sent Mieczyslaw the footage, the girl had got up from her bed with satisfaction in her veins. She walked over to her closet and put on a robe before walking out of her bedroom to go to the bathroom and take a much needed shower. The second she passed by Stiles’ bedroom, however, desire and lust flooded her entire body when she suddenly heard him moaning uncontrollably.

“Hey, Stiles!” She shouted, knocking on the door and startling Stiles in the process. “Stop watching porn and go read a book!”


“(Y/N)!” Stiles yelled angrily, his fist pounding against the bathroom door. “Get out already! I have to leave soon!”

“So do I!” She shouted back, not caring about wherever it was Stiles needed to go to. “And I have actual hair to wash here!”

“Just don’t wash it!”

“I’m going on a date, idiot! I have to be completely clean!”

“For what?” Stiles questioned, sarcasm laced in his voice. “It’s not like he’s gonna go out of his way to sniff your hair!”

“No, but he’s definitely gonna be able to smell it when his head is snuck in my neck as he pounds me into oblivion!”

It was a simple comeback, but it did manage to sting Stiles’ heart in jealousy. Slamming his fist against the door one last time, the young man let out a frustrated grunt before walking away to his room.

(Y/N) gladly took her time to finish prepping herself in the shower until she finally decided to step out of the bathroom. Needless to say, Stiles was furious at the young woman but she couldn’t find a single bone in her body that actually cared. She wanted to look, smell and even taste her best for her date tonight and no man was going to stop her. (Y/N)’s been waiting for this special night for too long to worry about what other people had to say.

Which is why the young woman just walked right by Stiles without even giving him the chance to scold her. He stared in awe as she entered her bedroom, noticing how good she looked with her face flushed from the hot shower and the droplets of water running down her skin. Stiles’ mind immediately picturing himself licking the water off of her naked body and he felt slightly guilty.

The both of them got ready at the same time and the rest of the house watched in amusement as they simultaneously shared the bathroom, arguing the entire time. (Y/N) would try to look at herself in the mirror to put on mascara and he would get in her way to fix his quiff or just as Stiles would wet his toothbrush with the running water because (Y/N) was finishing up brushing her own teeth, she turned off the tap.

“You’re unbelievable.” Stiles groaned, shaking his head and opening the tap again.

(Y/N) didn’t say anything, she just blew him a kiss that was nothing shy of sass as she left the bathroom to finish her look in her bedroom. She had already fixed her hair and put on all of her makeup, so all she had to do next was take off her robe and wear the gorgeous black dress she specifically bought for tonight. Once she sprayed herself with her favorite perfume and was ready, (Y/N) walked down the staircase and approached her other three roommates in the living room.

“Well, how do I look?” She asked and they turned their heads to take in her outfit.

(Y/N) was absolutely gorgeous and it was no surprise everyone’s jaws were dropping at her breath-taking beauty.

“Like a queen.” Scott gawked, a genuine smile lighting up on (Y/N)’s lips.

“It’s not too much?” She questioned, spinning around for them.

“Hell no.” Madi smirked. “Whomever you’re seeing tonight is one lucky guy, my friend.”

“Good.” (Y/N) answered.

Just as she was grabbing her favorite coat from the rack, Stiles had reached the last step of the staircase and laid his eyes on the incredibly stunning woman before him. He immediately stopped in his tracks as his eyes grew wide at the sight. Her hair was perfectly done and a part of him wanted to run his fingers through it but the other part of him knew that if he did it would ruin the style and that would be a crime. Her makeup was simple, however the bold red lip definitely grabbed his attention and he wanted to smudge it with his own. (Y/N)’s long legs went on for days, Stiles already picturing them wrapped around his waist. However, what caught Stiles’ eyes the most was the alluring dress tightly hung against her beautiful curves. It made his brain spin in his head and jealousy crashed all over him at the thought of her being dressed like this for someone else.

“Do you really think you should be wearing a dress like that?” Stiles asked, clearing his throat and (Y/N) spun around to gaze at the source of the sudden voice.

“What is that supposed to mean, Stilinski?” She retorted, her manicured hand settling on her hip.

“That dress is too revealing.” He scolded. “It’s definitely not first date material.”

You’re not first date material.” (Y/N) scoffed, slipping her coat on.

She didn’t want it to be true, but the young woman could’ve sworn she saw a small glimpse of hurt in his eyes. But, it was soon gone before she could really check.

“Have fun on your date.” Stiles stated harshly as he walked past her and opened the door. “I hope he’s an ass.”

Before (Y/N) could even respond, Stiles was out the door and slammed it. The rough action surprising her and making her feel not only guilty but heartbroken that she caused that. (Y/N) loved the hate relationship she had with Stiles, but she also knew she wanted more. The two constantly fought because they were so alike. Stiles loathed how quick and sarcastic she was, but at the same time loved that only she could handle bickering​ with him. (Y/N) despised that he always managed to point out the things about her no one ever noticed, but loved that Stiles actually paid enough attention to see them. It was a complicated game they played, but the two were masters at it.

“Do you ever get tired of the way you treat each other?” Scott spoke up from the couch and (Y/N) turned around to look at him, the hurt still evident on her face.

“Sometimes.” She answered softly.

“Shouldn’t you two just stop?” Scott asked. “It’s obvious that you do all of this because you’re into each other.”

“Shouldn’t you three stop butting into our love lives?” (Y/N) retorted, no longer sad but now angry at the entire situation. “It’s Friday night and you’re sitting on the couch. Go out and have fun!”

“For your information, we are going out.” Scott scoffed and the two other girls nodded.

“Good.” (Y/N) stated as she opened the door and walked out. “Get to it!”

Even though he wasn’t in the best mood, Stiles pushed down all of his feelings for the girl he lived with to focus on the girl he was about to meet. She has helped him get her mind off of (Y/N) on more than one occasion, even though they did have the same name, and he was ready for her to do that again tonight. He thought about all of the incredible times they’ve spent chatting before pulling into the restaurant they picked and parking in the first space he could find. Once he locked the jeep behind him, Stiles headed towards the main entrance and nervously waited for the girl he talks to more than his own family.

With the anger still flooding inside of her, (Y/N) left her car and arrived at the restaurant. She no longer wanted to go on this date because she knew that all she will be able to think about is the spastic boy she lives with and never leaves her brain. It doesn’t matter how distracted she gets, Stiles is always there in the back of her mind.

The second (Y/N) looked up from her heels clicking against the pavement, her heart stopped inside of her chest. With every step she took towards the main entrance, her heartbeat would increase more and more. There, in front of her, was Stiles Stilinski. The exact person she was trying to get away from.

He was so focused on what was going on inside of his mind that Stiles hadn’t noticed her until she was literally right beside him and (Y/N)’s perfume made its way into his nose. Stiles’ head snapped towards the source, his eyes growing wide when he noticed it was (Y/N) herself next to him.

“What are you doing here?” Stiles asked, entirely confused. “Did you follow me?”

“I have better things to do than follow you, Stiles.” (Y/N) scoffed. “I’m meeting my date here. What the hell are you doing here?”

“I also have a date.” Stiles smiled smugly and certainly didn’t fail to notice how it effected her.

“So, we’re both having dates at the same place?” (Y/N) stated, in awe of this awkward situation. “Wonderful.”

“Where’s your date anyway?” Stiles questioned. “Shouldn’t he have picked you up?”

“It’s a blind date.” She explained, folding her arms against her chest which made her cleavage pop out even more and Stiles awkwardly tried to gaze elsewhere. “What about your date? Weren’t you supposed to pick her up.”

“I’m also having a blind date.” Stiles retorted.

Neither one of them put together exactly what was going on between them. Both standing in the tension heavy entrance, desperately looking at whatever person that would arrive and hoping it’d be their online friend. Little did they know, their dates were standing right next to each other this entire time.

They waited for a good thirty minutes before (Y/N)’s feet started to hurt from standing so long in thin heels and she sighed.

“I think we both got stood up.” (Y/N) stated in a hurt voice.

“No, my date wouldn’t do that.” He shook his head, pulling his phone out of his pants. “I’m texting her.”

“Yeah, me too.” (Y/N) agreed, zipping open her clutch to grab her phone.

She couldn’t help but look over to his text from the corner of her eye. He was messaging someone nicknamed “Babygirl” and (Y/N) felt insanely jealous when he watched him type in “Hey, baby. Are you still coming?” She didn’t even know who this babygirl of his was, but she knew she already hated her with everything (Y/N) had inside of her. Of course she was into Mieczyslaw, but she secretly wanted to be on a date with Stiles instead. She just wanted to have one encounter with him that didn’t consist of fighting.

(Y/N)’s thoughts were, suddenly, interrupted when her phone vibrated in her hand. The girl realized she had received a message from her blind date and already scoffed thinking about whatever poor excuse she was going to read explaining why he wasn’t here.

Mischief 💚 [8:32 pm]: Hey, baby. Are you still coming?

(Y/N) didn’t even think before immediately dropping her phone on the floor in complete shock, her heart going down with it. It fell in her stomach in surprise as she finally put all of the scattered pieces together. She quickly turned around to Stiles, who was already looking at her in astonishment from how she just randomly dropped her cellphone with the screen now entirely shattered.

For the longest time she didn’t say a single word, all (Y/N) did was stare at the beautiful boy she lived with that also happened to be the person she’s been secretly texting back and forth. Stiles didn’t know what to say or do either, from how odd she was behaving, but he mentally prepared himself to drop everything and drive her to the hospital in case she needed it.

“Y-You’re real name’s Mieczyslaw?!” (Y/N) exclaimed, shouting the first thing that popped in her mind.

“What?” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, confused now more than ever.

The young man wearing flannel watched as she bent down to grab her phone again and, without giving him the slightest explanation, stuck her phone screen out for him to read what was written on it. It took a little bit for his brain to process everything, but when it finally did he felt as if it had just exploded.

(Y/N) expected Stiles to say something, but was completely surprised when he stuffed his phone in his back pocket and grabbed her face with his hands. Before she could understand what was going on, Stiles crashed his lips against hers with such passion and fervor, (Y/N) almost fell. But it wouldn’t matter if she did our not because Stiles would’ve caught her anyway with how he wrapped his hands around her waist.

All of the anger, frustration and rage they ever felt towards each other was channeled into the kiss and started to slowly slip away as they began to be replaced with desire, need and, dare I say, love. They always felt attached to each other no matter how upset they were until only now realizing that all of it meant love. Stiles and (Y/N) loved each other so deeply and it wasn’t just sexual tension. They truly got to know each other incredibly well over the time they spent talking online, sharing so much information that they felt closer to each other than to anyone else in their lives.

“I’ve always wanted to do that.” Stiles confessed, panting as he touched his forehead with hers.

“So have I.” (Y/N) blushed and Stiles leaned in again to place another addictive kiss on her lips.

As they kissed, Stiles slid his tongue across her bottom lip and asked for an entrance to which (Y/N) happily granted. The two didn’t even fight for dominance, they just explored each other’s mouths and enjoyed every discovery. Their tongues would brush together and neither one of them had enough self control to hold back their satisfied moans.

(Y/N) broke the kiss and Stiles’ lips moved to her jaw. He created a trail of wet and hot kisses that drove the girl crazy. It didn’t matter they were in public. (Y/N) could already feel herself getting wetter and wetter by the passing second. It was when Stiles’ mouth attached to her earlobe, his teeth grazing the skin as his tongue caressed it, that she knew she desperately needed more of him.

“Stiles,” She whimpered, his tongue sliding through the shell of her ear. “Do you really want to go on this date or do you just want to get out of here?”

“We can go back to my place?” Stiles smirked.

“I’d love that.” She laughed breathlessly.

“But, I do have to warn you.” He smiled against her heated skin, now sucking a bruise into her neck. “I have the world’s most annoying roommate. She really knows how to get on your nerves.”

“Hmm,” (Y/N) grinned playfully. “Sounds like she really gets to you. Should I be jealous?”

“Absolutely, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, then, damn.” (Y/N) smirked, a light blush painting her cheeks. “I hope she doesn’t mind us crashing her apartment. I tend to be loud.”

“Fuck.” Stiles groaned, pulling his mouth away from the several different bruises he created to stare at her. “I’ll meet you there.”

The next thing she knows, Stiles is placing one last kiss on her lips and eagerly rushing away towards his blue jeep. A smile etched across (Y/N)’s face at how adorable he looked, happily climbing into his car and immediately turning it on.

The ride over to their house was full of adrenaline and excitement. Everytime they would have to stop at a red light, Stiles would look over to (Y/N) in her car and smugly lick his lips. Which would flush her entire body with more lust than it already was sporting, her core aching in need. Once they arrived and were both finally out of their vehicles, Stiles pinned (Y/N) against the front door and reattached his tempting mouth on hers. She gasped at the sudden act, but Stiles just swallowed it into their kiss. Their lips molded together as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling (Y/N) in even closer.

“What was that for?” (Y/N) asked, her lungs fighting for air after breaking the kiss.

“Because I needed to feel your kiss again.” He confessed.

A blush crept up on her cheeks and a grin made its way onto his lips. (Y/N) reached up to reconnect their mouths, tongues finding each other as she tried to zip open her clutch and grab the house keys. Stiles gently bit down on her lip and she fumbled with the zipper, his touch too intoxicating to have her focus on anything else. That’s when Stiles grabbed her hand and settled it on his lower back, a shameless moan falling from (Y/N)’s mouth when he lowered it even more. Both smiled into the kiss the second he guided her hand over his ass and squeezed, (Y/N) giggling when she realized his copy of the house keys were in his pocket this whole time.

Stiles took his hand off of hers and put it back on her waist as she slipped hers into his jeans’ pocket and pulled out the keys. The moment they were in her hand, the freckled boy broke their kiss and swiftly turned her around so she could open the door. Stiles’ mouth and teeth were sucking another hickey on her shoulder blade and (Y/N) felt weak in her knees. She didn’t know how, but she managed to unlock the door and turn the knob.

An animalistic instinct washed over Stiles and he immediately pushed the front door open, rushing the two inside. Before (Y/N) could even say anything, the young man hitched one of her legs around his waist and shoved her against the now closed door once again. She squealed when he did and Stiles chuckled against her lips. Both of their bodies dripping with lust as he rubbed his clothed bulge against the inside of her thigh, (Y/N) moaning in the process. Her hands were now wrapped around his neck, her fingers caressing his heated skin, and Stiles kept one hand on her waist as the other slowly slipped under the skirt of her dress to grab her practically bare ass. (Y/N) was wearing the smallest thong she owned and it definitely made Stiles’ cock twitch in his boxers.

“Shit, I’m seriously considering just fucking you right here.” Stiles moaned, his lips brushing against hers.

“Please do.” (Y/N) whimpered, Stiles feeling her heartbeat against his own chest.

“Please don’t.” A familiar male voice suddenly spoke up and the two lovers immediately snapped their heads towards the source.

Scott, Camile and Madi hadn’t left their​ positions on the couch since the two went out. The scene was absolutely comical from how shocked and frozen the three were. Scott had the tv remote in his hand as it pointed to the screen, his eyes wide. Camile kept a bowl of popcorn on her lap and held a single one up to her mouth, but it paused just outside of it as she stared in shock. Madi, however, wasn’t as astonished as the rest due to the mischievous grin she was wearing.

(Y/N) immediately tried to push Stiles off of her in embarrassment, but he held his ground and stayed right where he was. She couldn’t believe that they hadn’t even noticed they weren’t alone when they arrived.

“I have no problem still fucking you here.” Stiles grinned and, as turned on as she was, (Y/N) covered her face with her hands in humiliation. The girl let out a squeal when Stiles placed his mouth on her collarbone and began assaulting it with his tongue.

“Stiles!” She whined.

Out of pure respect for the girl he was holding and not because he cared that there were other people in the same room, Stiles placed (Y/N)’s leg down on the floor and took a step back from her. His hands were raised in surrender, but his eyes were still gazing at her in a cocky fashion. (Y/N) cleared her throat to rid herself of the embarrassment and slowly walked towards the staircase, Stiles watching her intently.

“Excuse me.” She stated to the three on the couch before looking over at Stiles with the lust still pooling in her pupils.

He certainly picked up what she was putting down as she began walking up the steps, Stiles hot on her trail. (Y/N) yelped in excitement when Stiles unexpectedly smacked her ass with his hand and they rushed even faster towards her bedroom.

“Go get that ass, Stiles!” Madi exclaimed.

“Use a condom!” Camile shouted after her.

Right as Stiles shut the bedroom door behind him, Madi turned around to grin at her two friends on the couch and both of them groaned. Searching in their pockets, Camile and Scott handed their fellow roommate twenty bucks each. Immediately regretting their bet on the two lovers upstairs that just yesterday were fighting. The bet consisted of when they would eventually hook up, Madi declared it would happen this month as Scott and Camile bet at the end of the year. Needless to say, the two lost.

(Y/N), yet again, was pushed up against a door and she quickly figured out that Stiles definitely has a door fetish. Not that she was complaining or found it weird in any way, it was actually one hell of a turn on. Their lips were back in sync together as Stiles reached behind her back and slowly unzipped the gorgeous dress (Y/N) was wearing, her breathing increasing at the contact. Once there was nothing left to unzip, Stiles let go of the zipper and proceeded to take off the straps of her dress. As soon as they were down her arms, he completely let go of the fabric and the dress instantly fell to the floor. Unfortunately breaking their kiss, (Y/N) stepped out of it pooling at her feet and Stiles’ jaw dropped when he took in her body.

The young man was already familiar with how she looked thanks to the countless times​ they’ve shared photos of their bodies through text, but he had never seen her in the flesh before and it was amazing to him. (Y/N) was wearing the most sexy set of matching purple underwear, his favorite color that he once told her. (Y/N) watched with hooded eyes as his own drowned in more lust than his pupils were already swimming in. Stiles licked his lips and the small action sent waves of desire straight to her pooling core.

(Y/N) was the first to break their trance as she brought her hand to the fancy flannel he was wearing for the date and began to unbutton it, she didn’t go as slow as Stiles did because she desperately wanted it off. The next thing she removed were his pants and they were finally in just their underwear together.

Stiles suddenly kneeled in front of her, surprising (Y/N) in the process, and pulled down her panties without saying anything. The second they were gone, the young man lifted one of her legs and hitched it over his shoulder. He looked up at her and placed tempting kisses on her stomach before licking her skin with his warm tongue, just like he’d promised earlier. Her body shuddered and she waited patiently as he trailed his tongue until it reached her core, already swiping up the slick folds. The small action alone made her hips twitch and she couldn’t control her moans when Stiles circled her swollen clit. He kept the motion going as he brought a finger up to tease her entrance. She whimpered of course and, the sound was so beautiful to him, he decided to give in. Stiles pushed two fingers inside of her, groaning at how tight she was, and gently pumped. It started out slow at first, but because of how responsive she was being as she moaned uncontrollably and her hips bucked continuously, Stiles decided to pick up his pace. (Y/N)’s eyes were shut as she concentrated on the pleasure and her core clenched around his fingers the second Stiles’ wrapped his lips around her nub and sucked furiously.

“F-Fuck, Stiles.” She moaned, knowing that her release was near. But, unfortunately for her, so did Stiles and he immediately pulled away.

Smirking up at the shocked glare he was receiving from her, Stiles licked her juices off of his lips and wiped his chin with the back of his hand. Normally, she would’ve been outraged to be denied of her orgasm but the way he looked right now took over her thoughts.

“I only want you cumming around my cock, tonight.” Stiles grinned, standing in front of her again and, before she could come up with a witty response, he yanked off his boxers. She was at a complete loss of words as she gawked at his delicious erection. The pulsing in her core increasing with unbelievable desire.

Stiles hitched her leg around his waist and positioned himself in front of her entrance, gazing into her eyes. Without breaking the contact, Stiles gently pushed his dick​ inside of her core and they both moaned at the new feeling. He desperately wanted to close his eyes, but wasn’t willing to take them off of hers as he thrusted. (Y/N)’s hands were settled on his back, the heel of her hitched leg digging into his ass to keep herself in place as one of his palms were flat out on the door and the other held her waist. The pleasure inside of her that was still around because Stiles was just eating her out tingled in (Y/N)’s body and, by the way she buzzed, she knew she’d be cumming soon.

Stiles increased his pace and the spring in her stomach coiled, indicating she was near. Her nails were digging into the skin of his back and Stiles would’ve winced if he wasn’t so turned on by how sexy she looked. Her eyes shut were and her head rested on the door as her unsteady breath let loud moans slip through. Stiles spread her legs more and began hitting her in a deeper and new angle, (Y/N)’s spring breaking as a result. Stiles immediately bit down on her shoulder, the feeling of her core clenching around him and her juices squirting on his cock too overwhelming.

But, he held onto his orgasm even though it was already knocking on the door. Stiles wanted this to last as long as possible and he actually managed to hold it. At this point, he was now pounding into her and (Y/N) whimpered at the extreme contact. Her body was still sensitive from releasing, but even though it was too much, she loved it.

Unclasping her bra, Stiles took it off and latched his lips onto her breast. His tongue flicking her nipple and caressing it. The second Stiles bit down on her perky bud and pulled, (Y/N) came for a second time tonight. And this time, Stiles allowed himself to as well. Her warmth clenched around him once again before his hips stuttered and he released hot cum inside of her, both moaning crazily. Their highs lasted longer than they’ve ever had and when the two were finally back in reality, Stiles stopped thrusting and placed a kiss on her lips.

“The way you annoy me every day drives me so fucking crazy, but you know what effects me more?” Stiles suddenly spoke up. “The way I smile at how you always put your milk in the bowl before your cereal or the way my heart beats faster whenever you laugh at something on your phone and time stops. But, most importantly, the way I feel like I’m flying everytime I’m around you.”

The words coming out of his mouth were making (Y/N)’s heart flutter so hard, she was sure it would eventually break her ribcage.

“Even though we bicker, I adore it because it reminds me of old married couples. And that’s exactly what I want us to be, a couple.” Stiles continued. “Because no matter how mad I get, I know that I’m deeply and irretrievably in love with you.”

“Stiles,” She smiled, looking at him with heart-eyes. “I love you, too.”

Stiles and (Y/N) have had countless fights in the time they’ve known each other. The two have shared millions of glares, angry shouts, eye-rolls, and fits of rage. But the thing was, they both loved each other in each and every one.

“just… please, don’t take the kids. i’ll do a̲͇n̬͚y̬̩̝͇t͇͞h̘̼͖̪i̠͖̝̠̠ng̦͕̤̬͝ͅ.”

chase… the kids are alright. you, however… you’re a puppet.


The Broadway musical Anastasia is still a thing that I don’t see a lot of people talking about, but look









Harmonizer Thoughts

1. So, when’s the new album coming out.

2. I’m not salty about Camila leaving.

3. But like, why dah fuck she leave me doh?

4. “Everyone, bow your head for prayer. In Allysus we pray.”

5. So, um, when’s the new album coming out?

6. Normani is my queen. I lover her but I’m like 112% sure she’s some other being that’s here to still my soul and edges… I’m ok with this.

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7. *Drinks a gallon of water* It’s… It’s really hard to say/think about Lauren *drinks another gallon* without getting thirsty.

8. I mean, I support Camila and everything but like why????

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9. Dinah Jane looks like Beyonce.

10. No, Leona Lewis!!!

11. NO, A GODDESS!!!

12. Ok…But this album though…

13. Laurmani??? You mean Aphrodites power couple? Yeah I ship it

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14. TBH Ally can murder me if she wants…I probably deserve it if she’s killing me. 

15. I’m totally straight. (See’s a picture of 5h) 

16. *Bi 

17. Lauren low-key hates us… We’ve all grown to except this. 

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18. So about that, album doh… 

19. Camila Cabello….Never heard of her. 

20. Just kidding, I lied (lol)…i miss her 

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21. I dare you to find a bad picture of Normani… I’ll wait.

22.  “Nah, I can’t hang out right now. I’ve got to go to Allysus Church…yeah it’s at the local waffle house”

23. Have you SEEN Normanion DWTS?? Like when will your fave ever?? Get you Stans in order!!

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24. But like how many songs is going to be on the new album? At least tell me THAT!

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25. I’ve never shipped Camren in my entire STAN LIFE. *person pulls out receipts*…I’ve never seen that blog in my entire life!!!

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26. So like a collaboration between Camila and Fifth Harmony can still happen, right??? RIGHT!!?

27. I just love Fifth Harmony 

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So I got to a certain chapter in Blue Sky….

thegirlwhocriesice-deactivated2  asked:

Au where Lance really can't stand his real last name. So he faked paper for the grasion with last name McLain?

I’m so sorry for the lateness of this! This prompt was given to me a long, long time ago and I just only got the um…inspiration to write this? I’m so sorry!

A little bit crossover to KHR since I made this into a MafiaAU of sorts. Note that most or all the things mentioned here (aside from the names they are not mine) are purely from my imagination and should not be taken with any ounce of seriousness.

Lance loved his family with all his heart, never question him about this or you will find yourself with a bullet stuck to any part of your body. What he didn’t appreciate was the part of the society he was born in. more specifically, the dark part of the society he was born in.

The Salazar Family was one of the best known Mafia family in the underworld. Who would not heard of them when they were one of the allies of the strongest Mafia, the Vongola? Being allied with the Vongola also meant that they were associates with the Chiavarone, Simon, Giglio Nero, and Millefiore just to name some of the big names. There was never a peaceful day for Lance for everyday was either spent on training or learning the ways of the world and how to survive in it.

The only lucky thing that Lance could consider was that he was not the eldest, thus exempting him from being the next heir for the family. It was unfair to be happy about this, especially that it was his reluctant older brother who got stuck in that position, but the part that wanted to be free weighed more in Lance’s heart. So at the age of 16th, Lance made a proposition and have the full support of the Vongola Decimo. The Salazar’s Don was a bit reluctant to agree in erasing Lance’s existence in the Mafia world (and that Lance was one of their best strategists) but just one look in his son’s eyes, one full of hope and passion in achieving his dreams, the Don gave his blessings also.

So Lance Salazar, third son of Don Salazar, became Lance McClain, an ordinary boy living with an ordinary family.

Forging documents and family background was just a piece of cake in the underworld and in no time, Lance was already attending the Garrison where he hoped his dreams to be a pilot as an ordinary guy would come true.

Of course there were times where his Mafia side got to the surface and times where he wished he could just contact the family and disposed someone for him. But because he ‘cut all his ties’ with the Mafia it also meant that he had no right to contact them anymore (though sometimes one or two men of his father will come to check up on him.). Why did he want to hire a hitman to eliminate someone? Well, there was this guy called Iverson who seemed to make it his life goal to make Lance’s life as miserable as possible. Always pointing out his flaws and implying that all the documents proving his intelligence were all fake/forge.

He could easily kill Iverson now that he thought about it. He was trained to do such things after all ever since he learned how to do complex Math and covering up the evidences was like slicing an apple with a sharp knife. But then the reason he left the world he was initially born in was to escape all the bloodshed. Only heaven knows how much of those bloods were caused by him even if most of them were all in the act of self-defense.

So he tried his best not to let those words of depreciation got stuck in his head (but most time he believed some of it.)

Then the next impulse to hire a hitman was when Lance started to get compared to a genius student named Keith.

Out of curiosity, Lance checked out this Keith guy. Yeah, he was an awesome pilot and combat but that was the only things that Keith was good at, at least that was how Lance saw it. He was never good at socializing and could not really hide his intention despite having a poker face. Keith would be a dead guy if left alone in the underworld.

Lance wanted to show how smart he was but Iverson already put a lot of bad words in his name resulting for no one to take him seriously. If he did something jaw dropping then majority would just accuse him of cheating because ‘hey, this is Lance! No way he did all of that in his own!’.  Being called as Keith’s replacement was not the most flattering words his ears could hear also.

Being caught in an intergalactic war and stuck in a castle with three and a half humans (Keith was half-Galra after all), two Alteans, space mice, and five sentient robotic lions was just like being trapped inside the Mafia world all over again.

Physical training, strategy making, forming alliances, Lance was tempted to call Voltron as space Mafia. He didn’t know if it already registered in the mind of others but they now have blood in their hands. It didn’t matter if it was an enemy they were killing. Life was life and they were not different to other soldiers of war.

Great, now Lance has human blood and alien blood staining his hands.

He thought about this every day.

Until one day, a sudden fact entered Lance’s mind that ended up with him laughing hysterically during breakfast. Everyone was looking at him like he had lost his mind (he probably had a long time ago).

“Lance, buddy, are you okay?” Hunk was about half way from standing up before Lance waved at him to indicate that he was fine.

“Don’t worry, Hunk. I just…pft! Ahahaha!”

Now Shiro was the one with worry creeping on his face. Was Lance having a breakdown? Was the war they were suddenly thrust in now taking its toll in their Blue Paladin’s mind?

“Lance, I need you to take deep breathes and talk to us.” It was hard but Shiro needed to ensure the health of his teammates even if he was being a hypocrite right now.

“Nah, I’m fine, Shiro. I just remembered something.”

“And that is…?” Lance didn’t know who asked that but he happily answered.

“Iverson is dead meat. Actually, he will be lucky if they will allow him to have a quick death. But knowing my family, I am sure they will torture him first.” Lance resumed eating his breakfast with a bright smile and as if he didn’t said something deeply disturbing.

“Wait, what?” Keith narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean by that.”

“Mullet boy, never cross my family.” That was the only answer Lance gave and it did not satisfy the curiosity of his teammates.

Sure, Lance was not a Salazar anymore and that his surname was now McClain. It didn’t mean though that he was already cast out by those he shared with the same flesh and blood.

After all, blood was thicker than water most of the time.

I don’t really know if I did the prompt some justice (>_<)

Langst Mini Fics

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I Meant Something Like That - Steve Harrington x Reader

[AN: Based off the an amazing request I received asking for a Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader based loosely off the ‘Cooler’ Episode from New Girl with the first ever Nick and Jess kiss and also one of my favourite kisses in the history of television. You don’t understand the happy dance I did when I received this prompt!

To maybe follow some of this fic you may have to look up the rules to True American, just for the fist couple of paragraphs of this fic if you aren’t familiar.]

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You weren’t exactly sure how you had found yourself partaking in the excited games of your younger brother and his friends, upon turning thirteen and suddenly becoming interested in the boys in your classes you hadn’t spent much longer than half an hour in the presence of Dustin or his nerd squad. However something to do with Steve Harrington turning up to your house with a bottle of stolen liquor for you both to share and a promise that it ‘wouldn’t be all that bad’ had swayed you into playing a game with rules that were not all that clear. 

‘Okay so remind me again,’ you giggled swaying on the spot, ‘the soda cans?’

‘Are the pawns, Y/N, God!’ Lucas shouted, he was standing on top of a sofa cushion. ‘Whoever’s team drinks all the soda’s on their side first gets a chance at claiming the stack of comic books.’

‘Right!’ You hiccuped and took a sip of your spiked root beer, your eyes lazily glanced over at Steve. 

Steve was stood poised with one foot on the sofa armrest and the other on the reclining chair, he grinned as he caught you staring.

‘One, two, three, JFK!’ He shouted.

‘FDR!’ The party responded, each downing the respected soda cans and then picking another up.

Each of you took another step in the weird formation of a circle you had created in the basement of your house. Cushions and pillows lay scattered in between chairs and place mats, providing a safe-haven from the ‘molten’ floor.  

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Love Yourself: The Notes

Okay, so guess who finally wrote the LY theory?
So, I have some things to say before you come to the part with the actual theory.
Please make sure to read everything because it is important:
First of all, I’m really sorry that it took so long. You see, a lot happened this past month… I was in London for the first time! :D It was a trip with my school (right after BTS’ comeback) and I stayed there for a week. London was freaking beautiful and exciting but I got very sick :’) So sick that I was taken to the hospital ^^’ After I came back , I didn’t go to school for quite some time and now the most stressful time of the school year started :’) So I barely have time for anything (including sleep)… which is also why I haven’t been on Tumblr that often.
But thankfully we have a 1-week-holiday (lol “holiday”, I need to study for all the 2736 exams after this week) and I decided to sit down and just focus on the theory until it is finished and then continue studying.

Now, before I start, there is also some stuff I need to say concerning not only Love Yourself but also WINGS etc:
You see, I started writing the theory once WINGS was released because before that I did not have enough… material? (like videos etc, I think you get me) and I couldn’t say anything for sure.
Like, I can interpret one scene and move forward with that interpretation to connect everything else but once BTS drops something new, everything (the interpretation + connection) can change. That can be frustrating sometimes because it confuses you. That’s why to avoid that I waited until I had more and when WINGS came out I sat down and wrote the theory.
But I can’t do that with Love Yourself because I have people waiting for what I have to say. Which is completely understandable. Apart from that I would feel bad if I kept y’all waiting for too long :D
So I decided to just write what I think is going on.
BUT you guys need to know that there definitely will be some changes regarding my Love Yourself theory in the future. Because even though BTS did release quite a lot that helped me create a theory, there still are “holes”. Like, a lot of important things (= dates, events and people) are not mentioned and because of that we have those certain “holes” in the theory, where I have no idea what happened. I tried to connect it all by assuming some stuff, but if BTS drops something that “fills out those holes” and proves my assumptions to be wrong, I will need to change a few things.
What BTS gave us is just the start of the LY theory/concept, we will definitely see more in the future. And with what I have now, this theory is the only thing that made sense to me and I believe that I will have to change certain things in the future but once that happens, I will make sure to explain it to all of you :D

Also: Based on my knowledge and on the things BTS dropped concerning LY, this comeback hasn’t got much to do with the theory and with LY. For now anyways. I don’t know if that is going to change in the future.

LASTLY: You need to read the HYYH, WINGS and YNWA theory for this to make sense!!!! 

Let’s GO GO:
I will start with that one note BTS posted on Instagram

This note is about the day they had a fight and about what Jin is doing now (Now = June 13th).
Whenever Jin was reminded of the others, he was also reminded of the fight they had because he says:

So basically, each time he “assumed” the boys’ existence, he remembered that fight that happened on that night.
Why was it a fight?

lol its preeeettty obvious that it was a fight
(It might seem as if I am pointing out the obvious but sometimes doing this helps understanding everything better)
Okay so, of course everyone can interpret this in a different way and apart from that, there is still a lot we don’t know about this fight, that’s why I can’t say anything for sure. Like there are some things I want to say, things that could have happened, but there is no proof. It doesn’t have to be right, so I will wait until I know for sure.
But anyways, it is obvious that both V and Jin are angry at each other, we don’t know about the other boys though. Based off this text, it seems as if V ran away after Jin hit him which concluded into Jin running after him. After not being able to find him, Jin runs back to see that no one is here. That means that the boys & V left Jin behind.
The reason why they did that to Jin is either because of him hitting V or because Jin did something wrong (which concluded into this fight) and all of them are angry at him.

Moving on:

So basically, for the boys to be happy again (being together etc) Jin has to be brave and face himself completely. (this could mean a lot of things: apologizing for hitting V, he or something he did can be the reason why they split. But now, it’s not the time yet. (Why? – you’ll see soon)


by “that day” he is talking about the fight. That wind blew on the day the boys fought and split up. => the wind = bad time/bad things happening
And now that wind is back again.

Now look at this: 

That wind is blowing meaning that something bad is happening/going to happen.
Jin is talking about a picture. 

That picture is supposed to represent their happiness, the good times, the time when they were still together.
But then the picture starts shaking because of that humid wind.
Meaning that something bad is going to happen/is happening which puts their happy times “at risk” (= pic shaking). That something is the phone call because:

So basically, Jin just finds out that Jungkook was in a car accident. That’s why: happy times are “at risk” because Jungkook is hurt. Hurt but not dead.

But we once again have a car accident.
Until now in my theory we’ve had two different endings. The WINGS one (bad) and the YNWA (good) one. (I kind of consider HYYH as the “base theory” since it’s a part of both endings.)
There might be two endings, but both endings are not perfect. There are still people who die, people who suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts and relationships/bonds that are destroyed.
In WINGS, Jin had relationship problems and committed suicide, V killed his dad and committed suicide, Jungkook got in an accident and died and the “special pairs” (=> Suga + Jk, etc) split up.
In the second ending YNWA, V didn’t kill anyone and was saved and the boys stayed together – the only ones missing were JK and Jin because even in YNWA, they were dead.  
Jin still had problems and committed suicide and Jungkook still died in that car accident. So, the only thing that is different in YNWA is the fact that the boys (that are alive) did not choose the evil path and that they are together.
Let me explain:
To make it clearer, I decided to use my amazing paint skills (Do you see how hard I try???):

Imagine that WINGS and YNWA are two different stories. We have WINGS – the first and original story and then we have YNWA – a second story. 
Until a certain point are WINGS and YNWA the same story – they share the same events, people and relationships – but because of that one certain point they start to be different. 

Because of the fact that the boys decided to stay together, they were able to choose the good path – and from that certain point on, YNWA and WINGS started to be different. From that point on we have to different stories.  
You can also draw it like this:

So because the first and original story (WINGS) has a bad ending, we get an extra story: YNWA. And YNWA has a “good” ending because of that certain “turning” point, where it starts to differ itself from the original story WINGS. So, instead of V killing his dad and then himself, we have V surviving and choosing to stay with the boys. (= Instead of boys turning evil, we have boys staying good and together)
But what about Jin and Jungkook?
Jin’s and Jungkook’s death, for example, belong to the part before that “one point”, meaning they are included in both YNWA and WINGS. That’s why in both stories, they die.

Now the question is: In how far is YNWA the good ending, if Jin and Jungkook are still dead?
Of course, compared to WINGS, YNWA is amazing, but can’t it get better?
Can’t there be another way – another story – where all of them are alive and happy?
What if you set that “turning point” earlier – before everything started?

And this is where Love Yourself comes in.
In YNWA, the turning point was before the boys chose evil, so that the ending is better than WINGS.
Now, it is way earlier.
Remember how this whole mess started in the first place?
Jin’s relationship with the girl. It was the trigger for Jin’s depression and suicidal thoughts. It all started with that relationship.
So, this time we set the “turning point” before that relationship. Now we have this:

We’re all the way back to the beginning, back to when everyone was together and happy.
Everything should be fine now, right?
Lol nah.
Let’s compare WINGS/YNWA with LY:
WINGS/YNWA started like this:
All of them were together but Jin’s “relationship with that girl was not good, which triggered his depression. The suicidal thoughts kept following him and his only source of happiness were the boys. Though soon, Jin committed suicide and the boys were left alone. They all tried to cope with the situation and that’s how those special bonds (special partners) developed. But in the end, they still drifted apart and became evil OR they stayed together and chose good.

Now, what happens in Love Yourself?
(What I will say now is not 100% true because, as already explained, I do not have enough videos, notes, etc to prove it. These are mainly facts combined with my assumptions, that’s why I won’t go into too much detail with this summary, you’ll see everything later on when I explain the HR anyway.)
Having gone back all the way, we’re at the time all of them were together. But somehow, first Jin and the boys drift apart and then the six boys also start to “assume each other’s existence” (=drift apart). Meaning that the boys don’t have their special partner. 

Now, we will continue with the notes that were published with the album.
The notes are very important for the theory, without them, there would still be a lot that can’t be explained. So, I made sure to include them as well and I tried to explain everything that was mentioned in the notes :’)

The notes have dates on them, meaning that there is a certain order. At first, we’re gonna look at the notes of each member individually and at the end, we’ll look at them chronologically. I will also add the events with the dates from the Highlight Reel, but I will explain them later on.
Also: I used the translated version of the notes since I do not know Korean. The translations with the pink background belong to @snowflake_dee (Twitter) and she was okay with me using them for my theory! :D

Let’s start with                                     V

YEAR 10 / DEC 29:

I think this one is pretty clear: V’s dad abused him. I already mentioned that in the HYYH/WINGS/YNWA theory and this note is just further proof. 

YEAR 22 / MAY 22:

Now, this is one of the confusing notes, where I can’t explain everything. Because:
- We don’t know who exactly called V. It can be Namjoon or Hoseok (or maybe someone else?).
- “I passed by hyung…” – Which one?
- What were they talking about?
It seems as if V gets angry because of that phone call. And that could mean a lot of things but it’s useless to mention them now if I can’t say anything for sure. That’s why, I am going to wait until I know more.
It’s not just this note where I can only “state the obvious” and not say more because as said before, there are way too many “holes” and this note is the perfect example for that.

22 / JUN 18: V meets the girl (=> Highlight Reel)
22 / JUN 25:

After meeting the girl for the first time, V and her start to get to know each other. I don’t think that I need to say anything else about this note since it’s pretty obvious.


19 / MAR 2:

He enters the school. I am assuming that this is how they all met. (Jimin also entered this school during this year, that’s why I think that they all met like this.)
It also seems as if Jin and his dad don’t get along.

22 / APRIL 11

Here again we have the sea and forest, I think this is the same place that V was talking about on MAY 22 YEAR 22. That sea where they always met up etc is seen in the Prologue.
“I was honestly alone”, meaning that on APRIL 11 they had already drifted apart/fought with Jin, which is why he is alone right now.
“2 years and 10 months ago… That day, we were sitting side by side” He’s talking about YEAR 19 around June => YEAR 19 MARCH 2 they met. Meaning that it was the time they had gotten closer and had been going to that place. Back then they were still together but now Jin and the boys aren’t talking anymore.  
“I was always tired and I had nothing, but we were together” => “You can smile as long as we are together”
In WINGS/YNWA we had “You can smile as long as we are together” because Jin was depressed and the boys were his only source of happiness.
And now we have “I was always tired and I had nothing, but we were together” which indicates that before meeting the boys Jin wasn’t the happiest guy. This could be because of his relationship with his father or there could be another reason as well.

Since YNWA starts with the boys accepting and staying together and LY starts before Jin is in that relationship, the fact that Jin wasn’t happy before meeting the boys has to be included in all the three stories WINGS, YNWA and LY.

Everything that happens before the LY turning point has to be included in all of the stories. For example, the fact that V was abused. It is something that has been going on since his childhood (=> way before the LY turning point) that’s why it has to be included everywhere. Just like the fact that Jin wasn’t the happiest before he met the boys.
Once again, Jin is taking pictures. Remember why he always did that in WINGS + YNWA?
He had the camera with him because he wanted to capture every moment with the boys since he could only be happy with them.
But now, after he takes the picture, he sees that the boys are not here with him and that he is completely alone. Basically, it’s too late to “capture” the moment because its already over.
The next paragraph is about him driving somewhere/being on his way back from the sea. He passes the school they went together. Then he sees the gas station where Namjoon works =>

22 / JUNE 13:
Already explained at the beginning.

22 / JULY 11: He meets the girl (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / AUG 15:

Now, this is where it gets interesting but also sad.
He coincidentally finds the flower shop (=> didn’t expect to get out but did, something catching his attention => didn’t purposely find the shop, it was a coincidence
= sounds a lot like “fate”)
He’s looking for a rare flower. That flower being Smeraldo.
Now, if you go to @ktaebwi you’ll see the story of Smeraldo. Those are actually something like “blog posts” where the owner of a Smeraldo shop writes stuff. I would definitely recommend reading it.
But if you don’t want to, that’s okay as well because I will mention/summarize the most important things concerning BTS.

The story of Smeraldo:
So basically, there was a man in a village in Italy and he hid himself in an old castle. Then one day, a girl appears and keeps stealing flowers from his garden. Later, the man finds out that the girl had been stealing them to sell them since she was poor. He wanted to help her but didn’t because he thought that she would be scared of his appearance. That man (who had fallen in love with her) wanted to “make” a special flower so that she could earn a lot of money. He did that and waited for her to come but she didn’t because she had died.  

And Jin wants that flower, he wants to give it to the girl to make her happy and become a good person.
And now, look at what the owner of that shop writes:

This all means that the flower shop Jin was talking about in his note from AUGUST 15 YEAR 22, is this one right here.
Meaning that the 15th is being described by two people, one being Jin and the other one being that shop owner.
The owner also says: 

The owner is talking about the girl he had fallen for but couldn’t manage to confess and in the end, the girl died. 

Just like in the story of Smeraldo.
“I want to see you with a good expression. I want to become a good person.”
And Jin wants to give the girl the flowers as well. (More to that later)

22 / AUG 30: He gets ready for the date with the girl. 

And he also takes the flowers
(=> Highlight Reel)

More to that in the Highlight Reel explanation.


19 / AUG 30: 

YEAR 19 => the year the boys met
Since Jimin is sick, he has to go to the hospital very often and has to change school. After changing once again, he comes to this school where he meets the other boys. While walking home with Jhope, Jimin is suddenly terrified and worries about “until when these days will last”. 

 20 / SEP 28: 

More than one year later. 
It’s a special day because Jimin lies for the first time and says, “I don’t remember anything.”
Now, this note is one of the ?????? ones :’)

Why exactly does he have no hope?
What does he pretend to not remember?
Why does he do that?
I have some ideas but once again, it would be useless to mention them right now.

22 / MAY 31: Jimin filming Jhope and the girl (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / JUL 3:

He’s practising the dance while watching the video of Hoseok and the girl
“Understanding” =  Jhope’s passion for dancing and “wanting something on a whim” = Jimin greed to learn that dance (maybe because he sees Jhope as a role model)
Also: Another translator says this:  

So, Jimin is trying hard to be acknowledged etc.


20 / MAY 15:

(This also belongs to another translator) 

About a year since he met the boys.
He says that he is going to move and that he isn’t sure whether or not he can meet the boys again.
“You need to survive” was also in WINGS/YNWA. There he used it to remind himself that he cannot give up after Jin’s death and that he needs to survive to stay by the boys’ side. And I think here in LY, it’s because he thinks that he is going to be separated from the boys and that pains him.
“We’ll meet again.”

22 / APRIL 11:

This is on the same day Jin when he went to the sea again and remembered the old times. Jin was all alone because he and the boys had stopped talking and Jin only “assumed Namjoon’s existence” when he saw the light from the gas station.
Jin and the rest aren’t in touch anymore.
But as can be seen in this note, the others are still talking to each other (V, Namjoon, Suga and Jhope)
V got caught by the police while writing graffiti. Nams and Hobi see the bruises on his back and are surprised. Now, these bruises could be from his father or someone else.

22 / JUN 6: Rapmon and the girl (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / JUN 30:

About two months later.
It seems as if Namjoon never really manages to actually talk to her. I mean, from what we have seen, he is never talking to her or making a move. He’s just watching her from afar.


20 / JUN 25:

JUN 15 YEAR 20 Suga stops coming to school
Almost 4 years ago, Yoongi’s mother died in a fire and the piano she used to play also burned. He still has one piano key and he lives with his father now. It’s not easy to follow the rules or live in this quiet house but Yoongi does not have the courage to live alone.
He throws away the key and abandons the piano.
Now, we already know that later on, Jungkook becomes Suga’s piano. But before Jungkook, Yoongi had his mother. His mother was his original piano, but after she died, Yoongi abandoned the piano

22 / APRIL 7:

Suga’s short film. Many scenes from it are described here but this isn’t the “real story behind his short film” or anything like that.

What I am trying to say is that this note does not describe the video and is not the story behind that short film.
What this note tells us is that a drunk Yoongi was walking around until he heard the piano sound. (Btw if you forgot it would be better for you to re-read what I already wrote about the piano in the First Love short film explanation) There was also the sound of something burning, so the piano combined with the night air and flames probably reminded him of his mother’s death. He sees the fire powder, meaning that he is probably remembering the night his mother died (since she died in a fire).
“at the sound of bad piano playing” he hears the piano playing and closes his eyes. Since he associates the piano with not only his dreams/happiness etc, but also his mother, he starts to think about her. He starts to think about her death that’s why “The heat of the fire was strong, and the sound of the piano and the night air and odour faded away.” Because his mother died in a fire.
Him recalling his memories is interrupted when a car passes by and forces him to open his eyes.
Then realises that the piano stopped, just like how it had also “stopped” after his mother died.
That’s why: “The fire powder flashed to the darkness. For a long time, I watched it in a daze. Heat rushed up to my face.” This could indicate the night of the fire while it was being extinguished. Then suddenly he hears the piano again and is kind of scared (=> “The nightmares of my childhood” => memories of his mom that might be painful since she died.)
He runs to the shop to see who’s playing the piano

(This belongs to another translator)  
He notices that there is someone sitting in front of the piano and Yoongi is once again reminded of his mother. 

This really is sad 

So he sees Jungkook. After Suga dropped out of school, he didn’t see Jungkook anymore. But now he meets him again.
And this is when Jungkook starts to become Suga’s piano. When Suga was younger it was his mother but after she died he abandoned the piano and now he meets “his piano” again. Because as we already know, Jungkook is the one who always helps Suga and supports him, he is the one that cares about Suga and makes him happy.

Anyways, now back to the main stuff:
Why do we see some of these scenes in the short film as well?
It is impossible to “assume” that this note is the “real story behind the short film” because in the sf Jungkook is dead but in this note he is not.
So, what is the connection between this note and Suga’s short film?
In this note, Suga follows the piano sound because he is reminded of his mother (who was his piano) but when he arrives there he sees Jungkook and not his mother.
In the short film, Suga follows the whistle because he is reminded of Jungkook (who had become his piano) but when he arrives there he sees a burning piano and a car crashed into the shop.
So, in this note we see how Suga meets Jungkook and in the short film we see how Suga finds out that Jungkook died (just like how his mother had died).

Basically, in the short film from WINGS, Suga expected to see Jungkook by the piano (just like how he had suddenly found him while he was grieving over his mother’s death) but instead he sees the car and the burning piano, meaning that there is no Jungkook anymore because he is dead as well.
:’) B a s i c a l l y  :’) BigHit turned that one scene that was supposed to be somewhat nice (the note:  Jungkook becoming Suga’s piano)  into a horrible scene where Suga’s world is destroyed once again by losing someone he loves (Jungkook).


22 / MAY 25: Suga and the girl – the lighter scene (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / JUN 8:

Now, here it sounds like Yoongi just found out something bad => “My heart feels heavy”, “After confirming the news” etc
But what’s noticeable is that the girl is next to him.  
Even on May 25th – a month after meeting “his piano” Jungkook who, according to WINGS, is supposed to help him cheer up, “protect” him from his evil desires and represent his hope and dreams - Suga suddenly is only seen with the girl. (in the Highlight Reel)
The piano is there, Suga is there but no Jungkook. Instead we have the girl. A girl that keeps him from harming himself with a cigarette.
But isn’t Jungkook supposed to be the one doing something like that? Since he is his “piano” and all? I know a cigarette might seem like something small, but it’s not just about that, it’s about the principle. In the end, that girl was still the one who stopped him from doing something bad. But wasn’t that always Jungkook’s job?
It seems as if Jungkook is suddenly replaced by that girl.
Why?  Isn’t Jungkook Suga’s “special partner” (=> remember I NEED U)?
Remember what I said at the beginning:

So Suga and Jungkook aren’t together anymore because of the “fight” they all had.
After the split up, the “special partners” were shown as girl + boy instead of our original ones (original one => Suga + Jungkook)
But why were the special partners “replaced” and not completely left out of this concept?

The “special partner concept” is just two people getting closer because they both need someone to talk to. Imagine the boys’ situation in WINGS - you can’t be completely alone and stay sane. Look at what happened to V when he thought that Namjoon wasn’t going to help him and that he was all alone now – he committed suicide because the guilt and everything else was too much to bear on his own.
Those pairs are there, so that the boys have someone to talk to and share their problems with. In Wings, they helped each other the best they could. Because Jin was their friend, they all understood each other’s pain, which is why they were each other’s partner (Suga and Jungkook for ex.)
But in Love Yourself, the problem is not that they all lose one friend, but that they all drift apart from each other. Their broken friendship is the problem, so how can they be partners?
That is why we have the girls. Now that the boys cannot go to their friends, they get to know someone else. Now instead of Suga and Jungkook we have: Suga + girl, Jungkook + girl
So, WINGS, YNWA and LY have that in common. In all three storylines we have the “special partner concept”.

Now you might wonder but what about Jimin and Jhope??? They’re still together and have one girl??
But I’ll come back to this later


20 / JUN 25:

This is on the same day as Yoongi deciding to abandon the piano.
Here Jungkook says that he asked Namjoon but on MAY 15 Year 20 Namjoon said that he is not sure if he can meet the boys again. The fact that they are together here could mean that Namjoon was able to stay with the boys.
JUN 11 = 2 weeks ago - JUN 15 Suga stops coming to school
Basically it’s just that Yoongi and Jungkook were together and then suddenly the teacher walks in and Jungkook gets hurt in some way. Then Suga stands up to protect him and Jungkook believes that that was the reason why Suga is not coming/was expelled.

22 / APRIL 11:

This is the same day as: Namjoon getting V out of police + Jin going to the sea alone and remembering the old times.
So, we now know that Jungkook was also abused :’) In his solo Begin he said that before he met the boys, he had nothing and wasn’t good with emotions. Maybe it’s because he was abused? And even now, he got into trouble with those bullies.
Okay so:
April 7 JK and Suga meeting again
April 11th Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon and V are together.  
So, while Jungkook was getting hit, Suga was with the others and Jin was alone remembering the old times => where is Jimin? We don’t know.


YEAR 20 / SEP 15:

This is the day Jimin was admitted to the hospital (Meaning that Jimin’s note from the 28th is about 2 weeks after he was admitted).
It looks like Jimin often has seizures.
Hobi notices that Jimin’s mom doesn’t want him here. Then we find out that Jhope was in an orphanage for 10 years (In the Highlight Reel, we see how Jhope’s mother left him.)
After being admitted on the 15th, Jimin stops coming to school. 

YEAR 21 / FEB 25:

About 5 months after Jimin was admitted to the hospital.
forcing to smile + medicine + believes that he can be happy while dancing => mental illness (more to that in the HR)

YEAR 22 / MAY 31:

This is a bit confusing, but with the Highlight Reel it will be easier to explain.  

Now, I will show you the chronological order of the notes (+ some dates from the HR)

YEAR 10 DEC 29 V Abuse

YEAR 19 MARCH 2 they were all together

YEAR 20 MAY 15 Namjoon worrying about having to leave the boys

YEAR 20 JUNE 15 Suga stops coming to school

YEAR 20 JUNE 25 Suga abandoning the piano

YEAR 20 JUNE 25 JK wondering if Suga is going to come back to school etc

YEAR 20 AUGUST 30 Jimin worrying (until when will these memories last?)

YEAR 20 SEP 15 Jimin seizure + Hoseok hospital

YEAR 20 SEP 28 Jimin in the hospital since Sep 15 + lying that he can’t remember

YEAR 21 FEB 25 Jhope dancing + Jhope’s mental illness

YEAR 22 APRIL 7 Suga and JK meeting after almost 2 years(finding his piano)

YEAR 22 APRIL 11  
- Jin is not with them – he is at the sea and misses them and after that he passes by Namjoon’s gas station
- RM, Suga, V and Jhope are still together
- Jungkook gets hit

YEAR 22 MAY 22 V phone call + anger

Highlight Reel Start -

YEAR 22 MAY 25 Suga and the girl  

YEAR 22 MAY 31 Jimin recording Jhope and the girl + The girl reminds Hobi of his mom => remembers past

YEAR 22 JUNE 6 Rapmon and the girl on the bridge

YEAR 22 JUNE 8 Suga finding out some bad news

YEAR 22 JUNE 13 Jin gets the call from Hobi

YEAR 22 JUNE 14 Jungkook + wheelchair

YEAR 22 JUNE 18 V meets the girl in the supermarket

YEAR 22 JUNE 25 V and the girl start talking

YEAR 22 JUNE 30 Namjoon + girl

YEAR 22 JULY 3 Jimin watching the video he recorded

YEAR 22 JULY 11 Jin picks up the notebook

YEAR 22 AUGUST 15 Jin goes to the shop

YEAR 22 AUGUST 30 Jin (+ flowers) on his way to meet the girl => car accident

These are all the dates that we know of.
So, these were all the notes! 

The notes:
Jin’s note from JUNE 13th
You get the other notes with the album!

All of that above belongs to BigHit Entertainment.
This whole theory is about BTS and their music videos, short films, solos, lyrics. The pictures of the boys are ALL FROM THE MUSIC VIDEOS/HIGHLIGHT REEL. I do not own them.
I will only explain their meanings and connections.

Since I don’t know Korean, I used the translated version of the notes.
The ones with the pink background belong to @snowflake_dee (Twitter).
Apart from that, the translation of the Smeraldo flower/blog is from @ktaebwi

I decided to make an extra post for the Highlight Reel because otherwise this post would be waaay too long. 

If you finished reading this and understand everything, then go ahead and read about the Highlight Reel!

Before I Loved You || Peter Parker x Reader [Part 1]

Request: “Reader has been friends with Peter since before his parents died, making them childhood friends. She’s loved him for as long as she can remember and has always been there for him through thick and thin. But he starts to become distant with the whole hero thing, making her feel like she isn’t worth it anymore to him. After she sees him and Liz kiss at homecoming, she moves on to date someone but doesn’t realize Peter was actually going to tell her his secrets and ask her out.” -By Tumblr Anon

Title: Before I Loved You
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader!
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Fluff, language, shy-stammering/blushing Peter Parker. Slight se.xual situations/dialogue. Angst? Future Homecoming Spoilers.
A/N: Reposting/Plagiarizing is not appreciated, reblog is fine. Wow I posted finally~ I really hope it came out I didn’t edit this one much. Thank you for reading ♡

This may become a 3-4 part series because it is pretty long, and I don’t usually go over 3k words with oneshots.

The day you and Peter met, all started down by the lazy river at the waterpark; a school field trip provided by Midtowns elementary and middle schools. He was the first to come up to you complimenting your Captain America hat, which lead onto a fangirling conversation between you.

“She your little girlfriend now? Look at this~ Puny Parker’s got a girlfriend!” Your moment was ruined though, of course, when some older kid came from behind Peter, just pushing him around, then flicking your hat off into the water“That’s enough!

When you had, had enough you pushed them into the pools river, satisfied they couldn’t get out because of the pools flow. After that, you had offered Peter your favorite gummy eraser of Iron Man to help cheer him up. And from then on, the two of you became good friends.

During the Stark Expo, you had gone with Peter and his parents. But everyone got separated when it ended up in crisis. Much to your surprise, when you had finally found Peter, he stood in front of one of the killer robots with the biggest toothy grin you had ever seen on him. Peter had told you he saw Iron Man, and of course you believed him.

“I stuck out my hand towards the robot?! And then it started pointing its gun at me, then out of nowhere, Iron Man takes it down from behind me! A-and, I was like Woahhhh! And then, then he was like… “Nice work kid.” That’s what he told me, Y/N, it was the coolest thing ever!”

You were Peter’s first kiss, and him yours. It was an accident of course. But when you two were in your last years of middle school, you had gone to a pool party, and the two of you were splashing waves at the other, just having a good time until he decided to try and impress you by jumping off the tall diving board… But ended up doing the world’s worst belly flop.

When he never came up you panicked and swam towards him while everyone laughed, only for him to pull you under. You guys laughed underwater until someone pushed your heads together purposely, making you share your first kiss. And that’s when you knew, you always loved him.

Keep reading


Liking ‘PROBLEMATIC’ shows is not evil (aka don’t use ‘activism’ as an excuse to be cruel)

Posting this one to Tumblr because this is where I see a lot of this happening. Critique of media is healthy. Bullying those who enjoy ‘problematic’ shows is NOT. Education and compassion are the key. 

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anonymous asked:

Ah, I don't want to be rude at all, but for the previous watercolor brush question could you screenshot the actual settings?

nah youre fine, here’s the settings of the setup im using right now, but be warned cuz the blending can get really finicky at times

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62+83 with injured Virgil and Polyamsanders? (Not sure how someone in the mindscape would get injured anyways but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Yeah I couldn’t think of a way to do this in the mindscape so human au it is. And this one is definitely more than 100 words. Eh. 

62. “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.” 
83. “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”


Virgil awoke to the sounds of the hospital: beeps and the click of heels against linoleum and the distant sound of overhead pages. It was familiar– he’d visited Logan at work often enough– but he’d never been on this side of it before. He’d never been the one in the bed, sore and groggy and feeling generally like he’d been hit by a bus.

Too soon.

He turned his head. To his right, there was a window, and in front of that, a large reclining chair with two slumbering figures, silhouettes edged in faint morning light. He smiled, recognizing his boyfriends even bundled under blankets as they were–Roman loud, dramatic snoring, undercut by and Patton’s familiar sleep-mumbles. The only one missing was–

“You’re awake.”

Virgil turned his head– slowly, because it hurt too –and saw Logan standing next to his bed, chart in hand. He looked a little less…composed than he usually did, Virgil noted.

“Yep. Suffering in silence.”

“You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”

“Whatever. Is she okay?”

“The little girl? Yes, she’s fine. So’s her ball. That…that was a really dangerous thing you did, you know.”

“Yeah, I know." 

"We’re… we’re proud of you. But we’re mad at you, too.”

“Yeah. I get that. So what’s the damage, anyway?”

Logan looked at the chart. “Broken ribs. Punctured lung. Lacerated spleen–you almost bled out. We had to do a recision on part of your lower intestine, too. Broken radius. Fractured metacarpals. Severe sprain in the right wrist and left knee and ankle. Fractured tibia. And one big bump on the head.”

Virgil stared at him, feeling shaken. “That’s…quite the laundry list.” 

”That’s what happens when you jump in front of a bus, Virgil.” 

“Yeah, yeah. I hear you. So…when do I get out of here?”

“It’ll be at least a week. Possibly longer. You… it wasn’t… you almost…”

“Hey. Lo.” Virgil reached out (with the arm that wasn’t in a cast) and slipped his fingers into his boyfriend’s. Logan slumped suddenly, reaching up to rub his eyes behind his glasses. “It’s okay. Right? I’m gonna be fine. Thanks to you, I’m sure.”
“And your own stubbornness. But yes. You should be fine. Do… do you want something to drink? You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday, but–”

“Nah. I’m really not thirsty right now.”

“You should…drink something when you can.”

“I will. Hey, Lo?”

The doctor paused, looking up from Virgil’s chart. His eyes were red-rimmed and tired.

Virgil tugged his hand, until Logan got the hint and leaned over, pressing his lips to Virgil’s in a soft, careful kiss. It wasn’t anything like the usual passionate fare Virgil was used to, but he’d definitely take it.

“Thank you,” he whispered. “For saving my life.”

Logan’s breath hitched in his chest, and he swallowed audibly. “Thank you for coming back to us.”

“Every time, Lo. Promise.”


Apparently I have a mental human polyamsanders AU where Logan is a doctor.

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Can you please do the RFA+Minor trio (platonically) with a highschool MC who keeps showing up in the chats during class time?

hey hey this is me, amanda, writing on my phone because i am too lazy to write on my laptop lolol



• you were in the middle of your chemistry class when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket
• you weren’t really doing anything in class so eh what the heck
• you fished it out and saw that Yoosung was spamming the chatroom with complaints about his classes
• you replied: “lol i feel you Yoosung i hate school.”
• the chat room when silent for a while
• when all of a sudden
• “Yoosung is calling…”
• you answered, momentarily forgetting that you were in class
• ok Yoosung stop shouting i can hear you clearly
• you were about to answer when your teacher approached your desk with a glare on their face
• you shrunk in your seat as you said you had to go and handed your phone to your teacher’s outstretched hand


• yes Zen has posted a selfie in the chatroom
• and you, a fan of Zen, HAD to see it
• he mentioned earlier that he was going to post one around 1:00pm
• it didn’t mattered that you were in the middle of your improv class
• as soon as it turned 1:00, you had your phone OUT
• you tapped the chatroom and saw the selfie and died????
• Zen was happy that you complimented him but????
• “MC aren’t you in school? what are you doing here? is it like a free period for sophomores or?”
• you couldn’t lie to Zen and you told him you were in class but you absolutely HAD to see his selfie
• Zen FREAKED and demanded you to get off your phone so you wouldn’t get in trouble
• “but Zen your selfie”
• “MC get off your phone smh”


• “um MC?”
• “yeah Jaehee?”
• “it’s… it’s 12pm.”
• “lol it is”
• “aren’t you in school?”
• “juniors get to leave early around 12”
• “oh really?”
• “lol nah i’m in physics right now”
• “ok but i want to talk to you i hate this class”
• “…”
• “i’m glad you want to talk with me but i’m not going to let you get you in trouble!”
• “awhh jaehee so sweet”
• “mc go to class right now oh my god”


• “heya heya what’s up mista trust fund kid~”
• you were in the middle of geometry and you were so freaking bored
• and Jumin was in the chatroom!
• but the trust fund kid was also in a meeting and was unconsciously in the chatroom
• so was he confused to see you?
• yes yes he was
• “MC what are you doing in here? What am I doing in here?”
• “lol i dont know i’m bored”
• “But aren’t you in school?”
• “lol yee”
• say what
• Jumin was NOT having it
• “That’s very disrespectful to the teacher to be on your phone. It shows that you don’t care about their lessons when they are trying your hardest. And as a freshman in highschool, you should try your hardest, since this will reflect the rest of your—”
• “MC has left the chatroom.”


• Seven was finished with his work for the day and was incredibly bored
• but everyone was doing their own thing!
• he wanted to mess with you but figured you were in school
• but he knew since you were a SUCKER for memes and that you didn’t care about school anymore because you were a senior that you would immediately join the chatroom if he sent one
• so
• “heya MC wanna see a meme?”
• you replied in 0.01 seconds
• so the Defender of Justice sent you a shit ton of memes!!
• which made you laugh out loud accidentally in class
• and get in trouble by your calculus teacher
• seven died of laughter
• “don’t hate the memer MC! hate the meme!”


• V, who was in the middle of is breakfast, glanced at his phone and saw that you were in the chatroom
• even though he barely goes in, you seemed as if you were in distress so he answered: “MC? what’s the matter?”
• you WERE in distress because??? world history was so hard???
• you complained to V about your dilemma which made him chuckle
• “MC aren’t you a sophomore? aren’t you supposed to know this?”
• *facepalm*
• “MC just look it up, i’m sure it’s not that hard and aren’t you in school right now? why are you here?”
• you were in a snappy mood and V wasn’t making the situation better
• “isn’t it obvious? I NEED HELP”
• “mc ask for help… from your teacher…”


• it’s the first period of the day and you already wanted to die
• your algebra 2 teacher was giving you shit
• so you decided to bitch out in the chatroom
• and Saeran just happened to be there lol
• “yall my mf teacher is about to catch these hands i’m sick of her”
• Saeran raises his eyebrows at your complaining and replied back: “mc wtf are you doing here pay attention in class”
• you rolled your eyes and type back: “i fuckin hate school why am i here come pick me up Saeran”
• Saeran scoffed and replied: “i can’t just go and get you MC you have school and it’s only 9am”
• but you persuaded him into picking you up while saying that you guys could hit up an ice cream shop
• “fine i’ll go get you but you’re payingfor my ice cream”


• “MC what the fuck are you doing in here”
• you were headed to your biology class and decided to visit the chatroom out of boredom
• “what does it look like i’m doing lol i’m texting you”
• Vanderwood was confused. “wtf shouldn’t you be in school”
• “shouldn’t you be married by now?”
• “your stupid little—”
• “Zen has entered the chatroom.”
• oh no
• you laughed: “aye hey Zen”

never have i ever (m)

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in which a game of never have i ever, which you probably wouldn’t have played under more sober circumstances, opens a box of hidden desire. 

Member: Jungkook

Word Count: 1.9k

It was a foregone conclusion that whenever you and your friends were at a house party, you’d end up in the basement. Which is why as soon as you entered the house, Jungkook grabbed your hand and led you towards the stairs.

“What’s with the urgency?”

“Someone’s trying to convince me the world is gonna end in three days unless I let them stick their fingers-” You held up your free hand to stop him.

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to know.”

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