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i keep seeing people hating on Caitlin for no reason yeah i agree she did wrong by hidding the stone but what else she would have done huh? no one of her so called friends helps her nor cares about her, she is so damn afraid of her powers and they keeps on asking her to use them without caring about her and they saw a future where she will turn killer frost and what they all did oh nothing? so for once she thought about herself and even then she wasn’t totally selfish she wants to get rid of her powers because she don’t want to hurt others, don’t want to hurt her friends, so i don’t see how this is even *selfish*, even her hiding the stone actually helped the team in the end she was indirectly stopping savitar from coming out of the speedforce,she was so afraid and had no one so she did what she thought was right what she thought would keep the team safe,would keep everyone safe.

Caitlin Snow is the most selfless person ever, she always helps others without her team would be dead by now,she lost so much and never asked for anything she always stayed by their side,all she always want is to keep her friends safe caitlin snow deserves the world and all of the happiness and friends who cares about her.

Seeing posts about how Rebels could end after S3 really makes me realise how much i need this show to LIVE.

⌲ “I guess we’ll have just have to share the bed then.” | Daryl Dixon x Reader

A/N: This one shot is for @grimes-slut writing challenge! (sorry if there’s any grammar errors or mistakes) Enjoy! x

Fandom: The Walking Dead
Song: Sign of The Times by Harry Styles 

It was a sunny day in Alexandria, not a quiet day though, you had killed many walkers and your arms were killing you, you were sitting on a chair outside the porch of your house with eyes closed, you were really tired, a sleep would really work. You were so ready to fall asleep but you felt a pair of strong arms shaking you, you quickly opened you eyes only to see Daryl looking at you confused.

“You know the chair is not the best bed right?” He said with no emotions.

“Yeah no shit.” You chuckled and stand up to look at him better.

“So…” You spoke again. “What’s up?” You asked not trying to blush because you had a small crush on Daryl since the beginning, even though you knew that you had zero chances with him because you were much younger and because he was Daryl.

“We’re going on a run, grab some food and water and let’s go.” After he said that he was ready to leave but you stopped him.

“Wait, only both of us?” You asked worried and exited in the same time.

“Yes, is there a problem?” 

“No, no of course not okay I’m going to grab the things that we need.” You said and he nodded. You went inside and grabbed some food an water, you put your knife and your gun in your belt that it was small for your size, but you only had that so you were forced to wear it, but you also looked good with it.

You closed the door and went to find Daryl. You wanted to tell him that you were tired and you couldn’t go but this was the only chance to hang with him alone. He was waiting for you in the car outside the doors of Alexandria.

Rick and Carl were there too, you smiled at them and they smiled back. You jumped in the car and gave Daryl a small smile.

“Be safe out there.” Rick said with his deep voice, you must admit you like Rick too but not as much as Daryl.

“Of course Rick, we will be back as soon as possible.” You nodded smiling and he patted your shoulder and waved at Daryl.

Daryl didn’t say a thing, he just started driving, you sighed sad hoping that he would talk but he was always like that, you liked it though. For you it was an awkward silence, so you were looking from your window, the trees and some walkers. Seeing the nature you started to remember the old times, your family, your friends, everything wasn’t perfect but at least it was better. Tears came in you eyes and you quickly breathed because you didn’t wanted to cry, and of course not in front of Daryl.

He saw you but didn’t say anything, he hated to see you cry, of course you didn’t know that. You faked a smile and continue to mumble a song that your mom used to sing you. Daryl sometimes give some looks that you didn’t like.

“I can stop if you want, sorry.”

“Nah, keep going, maybe you won’t have the chance to sing it again.” He said not looking at you.

You were confused, you got sad when you thought that maybe he thinks that you’re weak and you can die at any time, you wanted to cry more after this.

After a while you finally arrived in some kind of houses that were in a road that didn’t looked damaged. You thought that you may find many useful things in there.

“I’m going at the first house, you go at the second one.” You told Daryl and he nodded without saying a thing. You hated when he was quiet, you wanted to have a conversation with him, just once, for anything, it doesn’t matter. 

You went in the kitchen, the house wasn’t a mess like the others, you found some food and glasses, plates, colors, papers, clothes. You mostly took the food and some plates with glasses, you took only two papers and some colors for Judith, she doesn’t have many toys and you love spending your time with her. After searching three houses, you went outside to find Daryl and to see if he found anything, but you couldn’t find him.

You began to worry, but you finally saw him coming from the end of the road, covered in blood, you run to to help him but he jut pushed you away, he sat on a bench, one side of this road used to be park because you could see many benches and some toys.

“What happened?” You gave him so water.

“Some pricks. Tried to help them, they wanted the rabbit that I caught, walkers came, so I just killed them all.” 

“Okay, well… Did you find anything in the houses?”

“Yeah, I took the bags in the car, these housed were full and not damaged, we were lucky today.” He said drinking the bottle with water.

“Yeah.” You whispered, playing with your knife.

“We should be back, it’s getting late, also you can hear the walkers coming.” He said getting up and going to the car.

You were really surprised that he finally was talking at you, you smiled getting up and following him. You took the things that you found and set them in the car.

“Daryl, I’m ready, let’s go.” You said to him about to get in the car when you hear some gunshots and the walkers coming.

Some teenagers with guns were trying to run from walkers and they were following them, they are causing trouble and now you can’t leave,

“Great.” Daryl said, taking his bow at his hands, you put out your knife.

“Let’s help these pricks and we go home.” He said again and you nodded running to help those three guys.

You began to stab their heads, you killed many walkers, Daryl did too, you watched one of the guys being eaten by them, many other walkers and you knew that there was no escape, at least for now. You couldn’t see those two guys anymore, you only could see Daryl killing two walkers at the same time.

“Daryl we can’t go now, let’s go at one of those houses for now!” You yelled, he shook his head and you groaned.

“No you go!” He yelled.

“No, you’re coming with me now!” You yelled again, killing a walkers with anger.

“Okay you go first, try to hold the door for me!”

You run to the end of the road where you found one old house, different from the others, you didn’t checked this one and you were pretty sure that Daryl didn’t either.

After some seconds Daryl came too, you locked the door and took some woods to keep the door closed for a while, walkers were hitting the door, maybe they will break it soon enough.

“What great house you found.” He said walking away from you.

“You know that it’s not my fault right?” You asked yelling because you were really mad.

“Yeah, I know but you could do better.” he said turning his back to you, trying to search for something. Okay you were broken now.

You searched the house, it didn’t had a kitchen or a bathroom, just two rooms, one it had only a bed and the other one it had some supplies that you may need.

“So… Um, this is where we are sleeping for tonight?”

“Yeah, it looks like it.” You rolled your eyes at his comment.

“Come sit.” He broke the silence, you looked at him sitting on the dirty floor full of dust. You sighed but sat with him because you legs were killing you.

“God, I’m so hungry.” You said rubbing your stomach. Daryl chuckled and you smiled when you realized that were so close, your arm was brushing with his.

“Well lucky for you, I grabbed these ones in the last one.” He laughed showing you a pack with chips and bar with chocolate and a bottle with half water, the bottle that you gave him before.

You both began to eat and when Daryl broken the awkward silence again.

“You remember the time when you tried to cook the first time when we went to Alexandria? The food was horrible.” Daryl laughed eating his chocolate. You were shocked when he talked at you again and that he tried to make conversation.

“Come on, you loved the food anyway!” You laughed and he shook his head with a smile, that he tried to hide it.

“I need to sleep, i needed the sleep before this run, I feel dead right now.” You yawned, getting up from the dirty floor.

“Okay, let me help you go there.” He said standing up.

“What do you me-” You began to ask him but he grabbed you and put you on his shoulder.

“Daryl Dixon put me down!” You screamed hitting his back but he just laughed, he took you at the small room with a small dirty bed.

“Now good night.” He let you go and fall on the bed

“Ah, Daryl, where are you going?” You asked trying to stop laughing.

“The next room, I’m going to sleep on the floor.” He sighed, ready to leave.

“Wait, Daryl! You know that you can sleep in this room with me right?” You asked confused.

“The other room has floor too and you need sleep so sleep on the bed.”

“No, sleep here Daryl, I don’t mind and um… I mean that…” You were trying to say the words but you were so nervous.

“I mean that we can share the bed, if you want.” You said looking the floor. He looked at you for a moment.

“You sure?” He said leaving you shocked that he agreed.

“Of course.”

You both laid on the bed, sighing.

After a couple of minutes not talking to each other, you needed to ask him something or else you couldn’t sleep.

“Daryl.” You whispered shaking his arm. He was ready to fall asleep but you woke him, great.

“What?” he mumbled.

“What did you mean back in the car when you said that I could sing that song because it could be the last time? You think that I’m weak?” You voice went weak when you asked him that.

“No Y/N, I do not think that you’re weak, actually you’re one of the most badass women that I have seen in my life, is just that, something can happen, you don’t know if you will live after that, even when we had our lives, I still did something that I wanted because I thought it could be the last time and glad I did because now I can’t do them.” He said and you smiled weakly at him.

“I’m sorry Daryl.” 

“For what?” he said with his harsh voice.

“I made you remember the old times.”

“No apologizes kiddo.” You chuckled at his nickname that he gave you. You were just a kid for him, this was sad for you.

“Night Daryl.” You went to kiss his cheek but he grabbed your face and smashes his lips with yours.

“Night Y/N.” He smiled and your heart was screaming in that moment.

You could finally sleep happily even though walkers were still hitting the door. You didn’t care if this was your last night, Daryl kissed you. Who knew? Even in  the most horrible time in life something beautiful can happen… 

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I will never get over the fact that Black Americans are not allowed to claim Black Panther, simply on the basis of us not being born in Africa. From our own people no less. It’s so disappointing.

This film positively portrays my ancestry FOR ONCE. And I’m not allowed to have pride because I’m not black enough?

Shame on y'all. It’s one thing to deal with that from every other race…but supposedly my own? Nah. Keep that.

I’m going to see Black Panther, and I’m going to claim it regardless. Because it’s still part of where we came from.


“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

I’m working on a Kallus backstory fanfic and the first chapter already has me wanting to do a spin-off fic and maybe an AU like can I just please focus on the main fic but my brain is just like 

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During the Tu'la Attack

Aphmau: We gotta go back for Aaron even if we don’t know exactly where he is and the village is under attack at the moment.


Overthrowing a Government / Changing the System

Lately there are been stories, specifically dystopian stories, about overthrowing governments. It sounds easy to do, those stories portray the struggles of the MC and their revolutionary friends, but in reality things aren’t as easy as infiltrating a facility or shooting a couple of arrows or guns. You’ll see, overthrowing a government isn’t the same as changing the system.  Let me tell you a story about it.

Some years ago, let’s say 41 years ago, my country entered into a state of fear. The democratic government was overthrown by the military and they assumed control over the country and its people. About 17 years later their story was over and democracy was rising again, or at least that’s what we thought. We’ve had four governments of the center wing, the democrats; one government of the right wing, and now we’re living under another center government. Things haven’t changed much, just with saying we still have the same constitution the military created for its government you can see how some things remain the same. That’s the long story short about changing a government without changing the system. Some things are better, there’s “freedom” to get out of your house at the time you want; you can meet with more than three or five people; you can go out without fearing if you were coming back at all, or fearing about the people you love. There’s still people missing, people who were killed and no one knows where they are; the perpetrators of horrible crimes are still free, and some people still support the dictatorship millions of people lived under. The form has changed but not the substance.

Now we live in a democracy or as I like to call it, a broken democracy. People born in the 90’s are the children of this transition, I am one of them, aware of the things that happened to your family, crying every Christmas because someone isn’t coming back; our parents teaching us the forbidden songs they used to listen; one of your relatives saying as a joke they were stopped by the military only to be asked for a light but deep down knowing they might not be there; listening to people saying the military should be back on the streets; knowing the stories of people who were detained and survived; things that shape the way you see your world around you, and the most important thing, knowing that politicians don’t care about it, or few care. But I’m getting off topic.

A country, or a state, is like a bridge, some people go in one direction, some people in other, some try to direct the traffic, some people fall, some are thrown, and some stay in their places. To change the system you have to burn down the bridge and build a new one. But you can’t burn a bridge on your own, you need help, and to get help you need people. More people, better. Another example, a country is like a pyramid, on the top you’ll find the government, then, the business people (though I believe the switch places from time to time), then you’ll have the workers, people who work on offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, media, people like you and me. People who didn’t have a golden cradle but we didn’t have the worst either. At the bottom you’ll have people who work on things you wouldn’t, people who collect the trash, people who clean the streets, farmers, people who work on the same places than you but you never notice. When you remove the top of the pyramid you lost something, but rebuilding a small part is easy, but when you break the bottom, everything else falls.

Another story from my country. Last year 70% of garbage collectors went on a strike, affecting six regions. The strike started a Monday, by Tuesday there were already twelve thousands tons of garbage on streets and the dumps were shut down. The same day the government initiated negotiations with the garbage collector syndicates; there were also rumors about the government declaring State of Emergency in case the strike kept going. By Wednesday morning both parties signed an agreement. In less than two days they moved the entire government to solve a problem that affects all of us. Two days. The people we truly depend on are the people we don’t think about, people who do the things we take for granted. Not every day we need a lawyer, not every day we need a medic, not every day we need an engineer. I’d love to tell you that is one, or both, of your parents who put the food in your table, they pay for it, they earned the money to buy it, but in many cases the food was in the place they bought it from not because of them, but because of people who work their asses of everyday to feed all of us barely feeding themselves. The same goes for the health system, the transportation system, the clothes you dress with, the technology you use, the same computer I’m writing on right now. If all of them stop working for one day, one single day, things would go down. I can assure you that. Last Friday the subway system had a problem in my city, the most populated city of my country. Three of five subway lines stopped working due to a reactor failure. The three lines who transport the most account of people. The subway closed all entries on 06:33 am and the system was restored the same hour on Saturday. We all had to use busses for transportation, but they weren’t enough, plus, the streets soon collapsed. The loss on the market was huge; hospitals, shopping centers, offices, schools, colleges, they were all affected by something none of us can control. Imagine people doing it on purpose.

To change a system, a social system, you have to change the way people think. The habitus, as Bourdieu would call it. The way we see the world and the way we do things. To change a system people have to go in one direction, from bottom to top. If you go from the top it won’t work. Empathy works on people who are on the same place as you, or worst, but not better. There still be people who won’t want to change anything, don’t forget about them. The fear of change is a big fear. But it takes one person to face reality and embrace the change so others can follow.

I believe many of you are familiar with Marvel’s Avengers, there’s a scene that takes place in Germany where Loki yells at a crowd to kneel, one man refuses to do it and he stays on his feet. “There are always men like you” he says. That man is, to me, one of the real heroes of the movie. A man with no super powers, no fighting skills, was capable of facing a demigod. Or like the movie A Bug’s Life, where the ants realized they are far more powerful than the locusts. That’s was a change in the system, that was a revolution, a rebellion. And they, in order to work, need people. Just people, a leader isn’t always necessary. People aren’t stupid, they know what’s happening to them. Don’t understimate them, and don’t take them for granted. Sometimes the only thing they need is a trigger, not someone to follow. The same with History, social History can’t be erased, it can be changed, forbidden, even forgotten, but never truly erased. Even burning down books isn’t a smart move, memory remains alive, not only the personal memory but the collective one.

Don’t overthrow your government without changing the system, otherwise things will remain the same and your characters will be at the beginning of your story once again.


hey y’all. did I tell you I cut my hair? it’s too short. my fault; my lovely stylist cut a bunch off and was like “here?” and I was like “nah, keep going!” foolish. I have absurdly thick hair. I have always had absurdly thick hair. I will never pull off the cute piece-y lazy short bob and I still try to every couple of years because I cannot learn from my mistakes. anyway we’re learning to get along. work is a nightmare this week. I applied for another job yesterday! again! so. i’ma go queue ten thousand poi posts now. hope your lives are good.

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anonymous asked:

Jesskas for the ship thing?

If you’re still doing it, Lukesse for the shipping meme, please?

  • Who steals the whole fucking blanket in the middle of the night and leaves the other without any? it’s a toss up, but usually lukas. jesse has gone so far as to deliberately shove him out of bed in an attempt to get them back.
  • Which one is always stubbing their toe and screaming about it? lukas. he’s such a baby for minor injuries. broken rib? nah i can keep going. stubbed toe? oh my god i’m dying jesse help me
  • Who crashed a car and made the other pick them up at 3AM? jesse, swerving to avoid a squirrel, hits a tree on his way home from whatever. he calls lukas in distressed tears because he doesn’t know if he missed the squirrel, but lukas is just glad he’s okay.
  • Which one is the lightweight that needs to be watched over at all costs? jesse tbh. he’s a sucker for the fruity drinks that get you smashed immediately. lukas can hold his better (after many, many drinking games with the ocelots), so he watches jesse stumble cheerfully around
  • Which one likes to get up in the middle of the night and (loudly) make themselves a snack? jesse, but only if he can’t convince lukas to get up and do it for him. that’s when it gets loud.
  • Who is always suggesting they get another pet? both of them. they want so many pets.
  • Who drinks straight up black coffee and teases the other for their overly-flavored Starbucks? lukas to jesse. jesse loooves overly-flavored drinks (see his alcohol tendencies above), whereas they make lukas kinda sick.
  • Which one insists upon buying unheard-of health foods? jesse. he likes to try new things, even when lukas thinks they taste like garbage
  • Which one would run through a busy street just to pet a small dog? dogs, absolutely jesse. it drives lukas nuts, but he’d do the same thing if it was a cat.
  • Which one always mispronounces words and gets constantly corrected by the other for it? jesse. it started on accident, and then he started doing it purposely because he knew lukas would, without fail, correct him. he’ll say something so entirely wrong sometimes that it takes lukas a minute to decipher. jesse thinks it’s hilarious