nah i cant

so if i had one criticism of ff14 it’d be that the sidequests are absolute dogshit, especially the “mandatory sidequests” you have to take on for progressing your class

like, nah. i cant just learn Scathe when i hit level 15, first i gotta do a ten minute walk to the other side of the map and kill eight salamanders and walk another ten minutes to the other other side of the map and talk to Some Asshole and then walk all the way back to the stupid elves to earn the right to learn Scathe at level 15 

fuck you, you’re just wasting my time. i’m not even doing this as a mission with friends, this is all solo stuff. not that this mission would be fun with friends to begin with because all it is is walking.


Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)

you know youre whipped af when you smile back at her

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive



dont adopt him he’s gonna destroy your clothes… boi are you even listening


So many things hung in the balance, and he couldn’t even protect the one thing that had been keeping him going the entire time.

One of the main traits I had picked for Oli when defining his character was his devoutness to Dalish tradition and his clan. While the leadership aspects of being Inquisitor come naturally to him as he’s been conditioned to eventually assume the role as Clan Lavellan’s keeper, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy being in the Inquisition. While saving the world is all fine and dandy, really getting back home is his end goal. 

So naturally, I had to kill off the clan or realistically he would have fucked off before even getting close to Trespasser.

The Magnus Babe

For you desperate malec fans, this got out of hand and i apologize.  Away i go in my hidey hole! Enjoy!


“Alright, what are we dealing with?”

Alec’s voice boomed over the meeting room as he looks over files on his touch screen.

Jace looked up from the tablet containing the layout of Pandemonium.  “Looks like we are going to Magnus Bane’s club for the trade,” he says as he looks back down flipping through pictures.  He clicked a button and it sent a picture of Magnus up to the big screen for everyone to see.

“More like Magnus Babe,” Izzy mutters as she stares at the beautiful man sitting amongst men and women enjoying drinks and music.

Still not looking up from the files, Alec shakes his head slightly and says with a stern voice, “Focus Izzy.  We aren’t going for fun.”  He puts down the tablet to look at Izzy to make sure his point is coming across. “This is business,” he says as he turns to the big screen to see what they are dealing with, “not…” he breaks off looking at the picture.  His eyes widen slightly, his mouth agape, trying to understand how someone could be so beautiful.  “…pleasure,” he finishes, still staring at the picture.

Izzy is unable to suppress the laugh escaping through her ruby red lips and turns it into a cough, trying to hide her grin.

Alec is stuck staring at the picture of Magnus and has managed to close his mouth at his sister’s laugh.  Jace doesn’t seem to notice and continues with the plan.

“So we will trade the necklace for information from Magnus, but make sure to get information from him first before giving to necklace.  He could just take it and leave and we can’t have that.  We need all the information on how to wake Jocelyn up,” he ends with a soft look at Clary sitting on the table.

Her eyes soften when they meet his and she sends him a grateful smile.

Alec shakes his head back into focus and clears his throat.  “Right-ahem, sounds good.  Let’s get going,” he says before briskly walking away to collect his weapons and rune his arrows.

Izzy’s eyes follow her brother before she decides to get up and follow him while Clary and Jace start talking to each other.

She sees Alec collect himself before he runes his arrows.  She joins him at the weapons table with a grin.  

“So all business and no pleasure big brother?” she asks as she takes a fascination to the weapons, picking each one up carefully before deciding on a small seraph blade and her whip.

He sends her a glare but doesn’t stop looking over his arrows.  “Yes, Izzy.  When has it ever been the other way?” he asks annoyingly.

“That’s my point Alec,” she says with a pointed look as she sets her hands on the table. “When was the last time you had fun?” He’s about to retort about how Shadowhunters aren’t allowed to have fun while working before she holds up her hand to cut him off.  “When was the last time you even smiled?  Alec you can’t keep bottling things up.  One day it’s going to become too much and you’re going to explode, and not in the fun kind of way.”

Alec knows his sister means well, but he doesn’t have the luxury of putting himself first.  As the eldest, it was his responsibility to look after his family.  

He lowers his head and shakes it before placing his arrows together in a pile before he runes his bow.  “I’m fine Izzy,” he tries to convince her.  “Just because you don’t see me smile doesn’t mean that I don’t ever smile.”

She crosses her arms and sticks her hip out, quirking her brow to give him a knowing look.  

Her eyes soften and so does her voice.  “I worry about you Alec.”

Alec stops what he is doing to look up at the sincerity in her eyes.  He sighs and shakes his head before moving around the table, taking her in his arms.  She wraps her arms around his waist tightly and lays her head on his chest.

“You don’t need to worry about me,” he says into her hair.  “I’m okay Iz.”  He leans back to look at her and gives her a soft smile.

Izzy sighs, giving in. “Fine,” she says as she releases him and starts to leave.  Before she disappears around the corner, she turns back to him.  “But I think you would be more than okay if you let loose and enjoyed yourself around a certain someone tonight,” she says suggestively before sending him a wink, laughing as blush traitorously crawls up his face.

He rolls his eyes and grabs his bow and arrows before following after her.

Pandemonium was popping with downworlders everywhere, giving them astounded looks at the presence of shadowhunters in a club.  Colorful lights danced across peoples gyrating, sweaty bodies.  Music loud enough to rattle your bones was met as soon as the doors were opened, and Alec didn’t like it.  He observed everyone dancing, laughing and drinking, and he just didn’t get it.  He had never been exposed to this kind of environment, so he didn’t know how he should act.  This led to him standing in the corner trying to decipher any kind of threat as his siblings and Clary went to find Magnus.

He scans the crowd and comes to a stop when he finds Magnus gliding through the crowd with ease. Necklaces adorned his neck and glimmered in the cascading lights, loosely hanging down to the top of his pants and swinging along with the sway of his hips.  His shirt was unbuttoned enough to expose a hard, smooth muscular chest that Alec wouldn’t mind getting to know better with his hands and tongue. His pants were tight, a line of dark glitter ran from his hip to his ankle, flickering in the lights and catching Alec’s eyes.

Magnus turned his attention to someone trying to speak to him, swiftly turning around and facing Alec, allowing him to see the glitter also on his eyes, slight facial hair, spiked hair and lips that Alec really wouldn’t have minded getting to know better.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts.  What was he doing?  He had to focus.  He begins to scan the crowd again looking for any threats.

Jace, Izzy and Clary soon join him at the top of the stairs where he is perched after they talk with Magnus.  They convince Alec that Magnus gave them all the information he could about the warlock who gave the potion to Jocelyn.

Alec nodded, “Okay, let’s go.”  He begins to turn before Izzy grabs his arm.  He turns to her, brows furrowed in confusion.

“We did all we can tonight, can’t we just for once stay and enjoy the party for a little big brother?” she asks, pouting her lips.

Alec looks at Jace and Clary who shrug their shoulders.  He sighs and looks back at Izzy.  “One hour,” he says sternly.  Isabelle squeals in glee and claps her hands before dragging her brother into the crowd.

“I’m gonna regret this,” Alec mutters with a sigh.  But he knows that if he can do anything to see that gleeful smile on his little sister’s face, then he would do it.

He doesn’t last long on the dance floor, to be honest he really doesn’t last at all.  He retreats immediately after one song.  There were too many people crowded together, it didn’t make for a good exit in case they needed to make one.  Isabelle watched him leave sadly, wishing there was something she could do for her brother.

She turns around in a spin to the music, desperate for a release of the stress lately when Magnus makes his way towards her through the crowd.  

He leans into talk into her ear, the music too loud to understand anyone.  “My dear, who was just with you?” he asked, his breath scalding her ear.

She grins, forming a plan.  “Oh,” she says innocently, “just my brother Alec, why?”

Magnus shrugs.  “I like to know the names of beautiful people,” he sends her a sly grin before dancing through the crowd, following Alec toward the corner of the bar.

Alec stands tall above everyone else and uses it to his advantage to keep a watchful eye on his siblings.

He scans the crowd again and spots Magnus again.  Unable to keep his eyes off of him, he watches as he weaves through everyone to chat with Izzy.  His brow furrows in confusion at what they could be talking about, they just met.  As Magnus walks away, he sees Izzy give him a wink.  Even more confused now, his heart rate picks up as Magnus makes his way to where Alec was standing by the bar.

He clears his throat, fixes his jacket and runs a quick hand through his hair, taking a deep breath trying to come up with something to say for when he arrives.

Right before Magnus reaches him though, he spots a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye. Magnus is about to introduce himself before Alec quickly shoves him behind him, out of the way of the oncoming Circle member and draws his bow.  He shoots straight and true through his chest.  He falls to the ground, gurgling and trying to shout to his partner.

Alec scans the room quickly and finds another Circle member pushing through the crowd towards them. He quickly draws his seraph blade from his thigh holster, aims, and throws the blade, piercing his chest as he too falls to the ground.

Making sure both men are down, he calms his breathing and runs a hand through his hair before glamouring his bow again.  It isn’t until now that he realizes hands are grasping at the back of his shirt.  He turns around and is met with glowing cat eyes. Magnus huffs out a breath and grins at him.

“Why thank you,” he says flouring his hand.  “Circle members aren’t allowed in my club.”  He releases the tight hold on Alec’s shirt and fixes his necklaces before looking back at Alec, his eyes now a smooth brown.

Alec, still gawking at this beautiful man, tries to manifest a comprehensible thought.  “Uh-um…” he runs his hand along the back of his neck nervously, “i-it’s my pleasure,” he says before smoothing his hand down his face, breaking eye contact so he can take a much needed deep breath.  He looks back at Magnus, who is still smirking at him.

“Oh-um, I’m Alec,” he stutters, holding out his hand to shake.

The corner of Magnus’ lips turn up fondly.  He grabs his hand.  “Nice to meet you, Alexander,” he says smoothly before pulling Alec’s hand up to kiss the back of it.  Alec’s blush deepens.  “I’m-”

“You’re Magnus Babe,” Alec cuts in before he can think.  Realizing what he said, horror crosses his face.  He shakes his head and opens his mouth to explain, but the words are stuck.  How do you explain this?  Dammit Izzy.

“Shit um, Magnus Bane. You, you’re Magnus Bane,” he says as he begins shaking the warlocks hand and points a finger at him.  “Yeah, that’s you-ahem.  The powerful warlock who owns the Pandemonium club,” he gestures around them, breaking eye contact to swivel around the room, looking for his siblings. He spots Izzy as she hides her giggle behind her hand and makes a motion to turn back around.  ‘Get his number,’ she mouths at him.

He rolls his eyes and tries to conceal his blush before turning back around.  Magnus is still trying to hold in his laugh, biting his bottom lip.  It was very distracting.  He focuses back on his eyes and sighs.

“Sorry, my sister called you that earlier and I guess it just…stuck in my head,” he explains with his hands before looking down, too embarrassed.

He feels a delicate finger tilt his chin up.  He looks back at Magnus in surprise as he gingerly slides his hand to Alec’s cheek. Alec is speechless, his heart racing and his palms turning sweaty.

Magnus hums.  “I think I need to change my name on my business cards, I like Magnus Babe,” he concludes before letting out a slight laugh at Alec’s facial expression.

Alec releases a breathless laugh and shakes his head fondly before quirking his brow.  “It does have a ring to it.”

“Speaking of rings, mind if I get your number?” Magnus asks sliding his hand down Alec’s neck to fix his collar, using it as an excuse to brush up against his cheek again.  Alec blushes even more which he didn’t think was possible and releases a beautiful smile stretching across his face.

“Smooth,” he says as Magnus lowers his hands, suddenly missing the warm trials it created on his skin.

“I may have seen your sister tell you to ask me for mine, but seeing as you could barely tell me your name I decided to make it easier for you,” he sways his shoulders with a flirty smile.

Alec huffs a quick laugh before shaking his head and pulling his phone out of his pocket.  He hands is over to Magnus, their fingers touching slightly, but it was enough to send shockwaves through both of their arms straight to their hearts.

Magnus smirks as he puts in his number, thumbs gliding over the screen.  “I will also save you the trouble of calling or texting me first, so I’ll ask you now.  Would you like to go on a date?”

Alec stammers for something to say, amazed that Magnus would want to go out with him.  His hand is halfway in his pocket to put his phone back. He opens his mouth and closes it again. He takes a deep breath, looking into Magnus’ eyes, and smiles at his decision.

“Sure, I would love that.”

Magnus hums in delight.  “We can manage details later,” he leans in closer and whispers in Alec’s ear, “call me,” before giving him a soft kiss on his cheek.  He leans back, knowing the affect he had on Alec as he stands frozen in shock.  “Now,” he says as he claps his hands together, “I have to go change my business card,” he says before patting Alec on his shoulder and disappears through the crowd.

Alec is stunned and stood frozen like a dork as Magnus leaves.  He reaches up and delicately slides his fingers over the cheek Magnus kissed. He decides Izzy was right, it is good to let go.  But he could never admit that to her.  He needed to get going, he had a date with Magnus Babe, and a sister to thank for it.

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