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In Blossom (BLOSSOM_97JK) does not want their data on tumblr. They told me this months ago yet you post their data, you need to ask all sites before doing this it's very disrespectful and clear that you have not being requesting permission..

We haven’t posted their content since March of this year. Also, you are right. I do not ask all 800+ fansites whether we can post their data as in my experience with fansites they all are okay with posting on other sites like Tumblr as long as the photos are posted with proper credit and rules. Most fansites have rules stating “Do not edit” “Do not crop logo” “Do not make merchandise with this content.” When someone creates a fansite, it is to share photos of that group or individual. It is to share the love for that group or member or individual with people online. If I was aware that this was not allowed by a particular site, I would not post it. 

If you would like I can shut down this blog right now. We don’t have any obligation to provide this information and photos to fans. Like I said before, we do this because we enjoy sharing content and updating fans. I have asked fansites about editing rules in the past as well as whether I am allowed to post photos, but 90% of the time they do not reply to these messages. When I have made inquiries about reposting in the past, many just say that they don’t wish for photos to be used on certain Korean forums like Instiz and that Tumblr is okay.

Also let’s put this into context. I am not making profit off of sharing their content and I properly credit (while there may be slip-ups if they change their rules and we miss the tweet that states so). Have you ever posted a picture from a fansite on your Twitter to just comment “WOW THIS IS BEAUTIFUL” “WOW LOOK AT ___”. Did you ask them before you posted that photo?  

This is merely a blog to archive photos of BTS and to share this content with ARMYs around the world. I am not using these pictures and videos to negatively talk about BTS. I would normally reply more kindly to these messages, but recently it has been ridiculous what kind of things people are sending in to us. Instead of sending this message calling us “disrespectful” you could have simply stated “Oh, just wanted to let you know that ___ doesn’t like when their photos are reposted.” While you didn’t ask and merely made accusations, I will take the photos from IN BLOSSOM down.
- Kylie

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[Scanlation] The Same Time As Always, The Same Place As Always Vol.1 EXTRAS by: Hashimoto Aoi

Ch.1  |  Ch.2  |  Ch.3  |  Ch.4  |  Ch.5  |  Ch.6  |  Ch.6.5  |  Ch.7  |

(。「´-ω・)ン  It’s been a while for this series, but it’s a’coming! Here’s just a compilation of all the extras that were released with the Volume. Extras include the volume bonus, comicomi studio, toranoana, horin love books, and animate. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ From this point, we’re just gonna wait until Ch.7 comes out.

All these extras are amazing and hilarious and just sdhfkjdgf. Adorable.

(☞゚∀゚)☞ All the extras are about 15 pages or so. It doesn’t fit in a tumblr post. Gotta link you else where. YOU CAN READ IT IN FULL HERE. OR, if you can’t access imgur: ALT LINK.

I did the cleaning, but thanks to Deea and Tsuki-chan for proofreading.

I hope you enjoy!


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Who knew that hoofs can cause consequences. 

One (maybe) more intro update tmrw and then y’all can ask him personal questions o(^◇^)o Reblogs are helpful 

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