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Different KamSero anon, but like headcanon that Bakugou and Kirishima argue about kissing in public, while Sero and Kaminari don't see the big deal. Bakugou tries to tell them that it's embaressing but Sero and Kami peck eachother on the lips to demonstrate it "not being a big deal". P.S. They may of broke Bakugou and shut down his brain in the process.

That’s!!!! an adorable headcanon!!!! even though I gotta say I’m leaning more towards something like


Here’s some stealthy twins

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Once the relationship with fans is soiled and broken, it's next to impossible to repair. Fans move on. In the end, Sam's behavior is only hurting, self-sabotaging himself and his career. Shippers will recover. His career maybe not so much.

Nah his career will be just fine. He has plenty of adoring fans. I really don’t think shippers being mad at him makes a difference to his life.

Angel Heart coda, 1.3k

Dean leans against the wall between a Hot Topic and a Sunglass Hut, sipping an Orange Julius and housing Auntie Anne’s while he debates between Chinese and Cajun. Chinese will still be good tomorrow morning, and Cajun might not sit right. All those spices.

He checks his watch. It’s almost nine. The mall will be closing soon, and Cas has been in the damned store for at least twenty minutes. The Mark is restless. If Dean doesn’t get out of here soon, he’s going to break something, maybe punch the head off one of those carousel horses.

He pokes his head inside Hot Topic, careful not to step past the threshold–there’s no way he’s tossing this smoothie to help Cas shop; the thing tastes like bananas and oranges. The only thing that would make it better is a shot of rum.

Cas isn’t directly in view. He must be behind a display or bent over—fantastic. Dean tries another tactic and shuts his eyes.

Cas, you ‘bout done in there?

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A girl did steal his credit card info yes, she's a NY stalker but now she hates him because she says he treats his fans like shit it's like nah girlie just you, because you tracked his flights and flight info and stole his credit card number lmao like you better be thanking Jesus that he didn't press charges, he's THAT KIND, when he doesn't need to be.

the nerve of some humans

Gravity Falls fans talking about Tad Strange
  • Gravity Falls Fans: Alex is Tad a demon?
  • Alex Hirsch: umm no he's completely normal
  • Gravity Falls fans: You know I think he's a demon
  • Alex Hirsch: no seriously he's just a normal guy don't get to deep into this! This is all a jo-
  • Gravity Falls fans: no he's Bill's brother also he's a square and he's purple.
  • Alex Hirsch: you know what here,have Tad literally being a NORMAL human being
  • Gravity Falls fans: nah I think he's just using a human disguise he's gonna be revealed later in the show
  • Alex Hirsch: I'm done

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Nah Harry doesn't acknowledges fan stuff lol he didn't even acknowledge PNC, just sang passionately. Nothing related to us

um sure jan

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How did you get to know Pan-Pizza?

Whats that.