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Hey so I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but may I request some art of the cone and Heiji based off this scene? (btw only sending through submit cuz asks don’t let me send links XD ) 


Boys, please….

i know we’d all love to think neil would have a pretty good diet to the point that kevin probably bitches at him the least, but nah man. neil constantly forgets to eat, will have an entire bag of cheeto puffs before a run and not throw up (how does he do that??? no one knows), he’ll eat like 5 cookies then have 3 grapes and be like “#health”

like half of it is just to annoy kevin and the other half is he’s shit at self care (but mostly its to annoy kevin)

Bail (pre-apocalypse!Daryl x Reader) Pt 2

Characters- teenage!Reader, teenage!Daryl Dixon, teenage!Rick Grimes, teenage!Shane Walsh and teenage!Lori Grimes.



Y/N and Daryl slept over at her house after the whole mishap with the police station and Merle, but Y/N has forgotten that family friend Rick is supposed to stay with her while her parents are away. Rick is very protective of Y/N and sees her as his little sister and if he finds out that Daryl is there, he’ll flip out. Y/N calls her best friend Lori over to help because she knows Rick has the biggest crush on her. Everything goes well until Shane tries to make a few advances towards Y/N, making her extremely uncomfortable.

 Warnings- strong language, fluff, angst, a little bit of violence, sexual assault.

Part One 



“Rick? Shane?” My eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“Hey!” Rick smiles.

Shane looks ridiculously bored and not at all interested in me or whatever Rick’s agenda is.

“What’s up?” I ask Rick.

“Did you forget?” Rick replies, tilting his head to the side slightly.



Fuck, shit.

I completely forgot that Rick is supposed to stay with me while my parents are in Cuba. Rick is the son of my parents’ best friends and we’ve pretty much grown up together, so he’s kind of like a big brother to me. A big brother that doesn’t know that I have a boyfriend that’s been thrown in a jail cell three times.

“Nah, I didn’t forget!” I lie, chuckling awkwardly. “I just slept in, is all.” I add, still standing in the door way.

Rick and Shane loo at each other and then look back at me like they’re expecting something.

“So can we come in, or..?” Rick asks.

“Oh! Yeah, yeah sorry.” I move aside, letting both boys walk past the threshold of my home. I close the door and then turn to see Shane taking in hi new, unfamiliar surroundings.

“Nice place.” He mumbles.

“Uh, thanks.” I reply.

A clatter sounds upstairs, immediately catching our attention.

“The fuck was that?” Rick begins to walk up the stairs to investigate, but I’m soon to leap in front of him.

“Probably just the cat!” I laugh.

“You don’t have a cat.” Rick scowls.

“Right. Oh! It’s probably just Lori! She stayed over last night.” I giggle, continuously making up lies and untruths on the spot.

“Lori’s here?” Rick’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

Rick’s had a crush on Lori since I can remember. He’d always tag along to our soccer games and say it was to support me, but I knew that he only wanted to gawk at Lori.

“Yeah… yeah! And she… um… just got in the shower!” Luckily for me, it sounds like Daryl actually did  get into the shower, so Rick believes me straight away.

“I uh… I’ll go get dressed. Back soon.” I say, backing up the stairs, my awkward walk eventually turning into a run.

I run straight to the phone beside my bed and dial Lori’s number.

“Hello?” Lori picks up after a few dial tones.

“”Lori, it’s me.” I whisper, so the boys downstairs don’t hear me scheming.

“Oh hey! I was just about to call you!” Lori says cheerfully.

“Listen, I need you to come over, I need your help.” I beg, looking over my shoulder because of the looming possibility that Rick or Shane could come in at any moment and foil my lies.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Her tone switches from Jolly to concerned within a matter of seconds.

“I’m fine, I just have a major dilemma. Rick and Shane are here.”

“I’m struggling to see why that’s an issue.” Lori retorts.

“Because Daryl stayed here last night and now he’s in the shower!” I exclaim.

“Oh shit… that’s not good.”

“You think?”

“Wait, wait, how am I gonna make this any better?”

“I may or may not have told them that it’s you in the shower.” I reply sheepishly.

I hear Lori let out an amused scoff, making it obvious that she finds my mistake downright comical.

“I’ll be there in to minutes. I’ll climb the tree, make sure your window’s open.” She’s not even trying to make her laughter discreet at this point.

“Thank you!” I let out a relieved sigh, also thanking whatever higher power just saved my ass.

A couple of anxiety filled minutes later, Lori appears in the tree outside my bedroom and pulls herself through my window.

“You owe me. Big time.” She sighs, rolling her eyes as she stands upright and brushes herself off, pulling leaves and twigs out of her long dark hair.

“We can have this discussion later!” I hiss, pulling her to the bathroom. I signal for her to wait as I creep into the bathroom, where I find Daryl wrapping a towel around his waist.

“Someone’s impatient.” He smirks, stepping forward and leaning his head down to kiss me.

“We have a problem.” I tell him, placing a hand on his chest to stop him.

“What kind of problem?” He asks.

“The kind of problem where I completely forgot that my friend Rick is supposed to be staying with me this week because my parents asked him to and I haven’t told him about you and he thinks I’m still a virgin and him and his friend Shane are actually downstairs right now. That kind of problem.” I confess in a rambling fashion.

Daryl face-palms at my little slip up, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at my idiocy.

“And what the hell am I supposed to do?” He sighs.

“I told them it was Lori in the shower.” I reply.

“Who the hell is Lori?”

And as if on que, Lori pokes her head around the door with a mischievous grin spread across her glossed lips.

“That would be me. Go hide!” She smiles as she trots into the bathroom and shoves her head under the still running water, so it looks like she’s been the one making all of the noise.

“Where am I supposed to hide!? Daryl exclaims. I frustratedly shush him in fear that Rick and Shane will hear a male voice that clearly doesn’t belong to either myself or Lori 

“I don’t know, in her room or something!” Lori suggests, the water still making it’s way through her hair.

“Okay, who is this!?”

“Ugh, Daryl, my best friend Lori. Lori, my boyfriend Daryl. Glad we’re all acquainted, now can we please-”

“Y/N? Everything okay up there?” Rick shouts from downstairs.

My eyes widen with panic at the sound of his voice, realizing that he’s clocked and is starting to get suspicious. I don’t blame him. I would be too if I heard a hushed argument between my life-long my friend, my crush and another mysterious entity.

“Yeah, all good Rick! We’ll be down in a second!” I yell back.


“No more questions, come on!” I hiss, cutting Daryl off and shoving him out of the bathroom, over into my room and then onto my bed.

“Can’t you just get rd of them?” Daryl pleads, slightly adjusting his towel.

“I’ll try my best, but Rick’s real stubborn.” I sigh, scratching my head in thought.

“Who the fuck is Rick?”

“I told you about Rick. Family friend? My parents are friends with his parents? Rick Grimes?” I attempt to jog Daryl’s memory.

“Rick Grimes?” He mocks, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Yes, Rick Grimes. Now, be quiet, be patient, and for God’s sake- behave.”

Daryl salutes sarcastically and flops backwards to lie down as I change into regular clothes that aren’t joggers and a sweater with David Bowie’s face on it. I pride myself on how classy my nightwear is.

“I look okay?” I pant dues to rushing around to find something clean, fitting, and actually presentable.

“You look fine.” He sighs without even glancing at me. “As long as it’s okay for Rick Grimes, right?” Daryl mumbles bitterly.

I stand in shock at Daryl’s snide and petty comment as he idly taps his stomach with his fingers, clearly being a jackass on purpose.

“Screw you, Daryl.” I scoff and storm out.

I jog downstairs and discover all three of the others on my couch. Lori and Rick are deep in conversation while Shane aimlessly flicks through my TV channels.

“You guys want drinks or something?” I ask, but with no response from anyone.

“Great.” I whisper and stroll over to the kitchen, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. I lean against the counter and stress about the two boys in my lounge and the petty one in my bedroom. I take a sip and close my eyes, attempting to calm down and not overthink the situation. As I’m mid-thought, I feel another presence in the room and turn around to find Shane sitting on the counter opposite me. He tilts his head to the side and runs his eyes over my body, making me shuffle awkwardly.

“You okay?” I ask, starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Oh yeah, just fine. What about you? You good? You seem a little tense, sugar.”

His voice is husky and rough, but not like Daryl’s; Shane’s is predatory and has the ability to send shivers of discomfort down my spine. His deep brown eyes travel down to my chest, causing me to cross my arms to stop him staring.

“I uh… I’m just tired, Shane.” I force a smile to look somewhat polite.

“Don’t you lie to me, Y/N… I know what you were up to last night. Saw you hangin’ around the Sheriff’s department making out with Dixon.” Shane teases

My entire body stiffens at his words, my throat and chest tightening. I gulp out of nervousness and force a false chuckle.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talkin’ about, Shane. Lori and I were here all night last night. Must have gotten me mixed up with someone else. I have one of those faces.”

Shane shakes his head and lets out a dark chuckle.

“Trust me, I’d know your pretty face anywhere, Angel.”

I grimace at the term of endearment. That’s what Daryl calls me. Only Daryl. Coming from Shane, it sounds like pure garbage.

“Listen, I won’t tell Rick.” Shane smiles.

I let out a sigh of relief and my whole body relaxes, but that all comes to a halt when Shane utters those three little words.

On one condition.”

My heart pounds in my chest as I force my legs to stop shaking in fear as Shane edges closer and closer.

“What do you want from me, Shane?” I quiver.

“Oh, you know what I want…” He runs his fingers down my bare arm, leaving a trail of terror-induced goosebumps.

“Go to hell, Walsh.” I growl, still too petrified to move.

“Hey, Rick?” Shane shouts, his eyes still locked on me.

“No! Shane, please don’t.” I whimper.

“All you have to do is yes, Y/N. It’s just a quick fuck.”

I hear Rick’s footsteps approach the kitchen and my entire body starts to tremble with panic and anxiety, my heart beating out of my chest and my breath getting caught in my throat.

“Fine… fine, I’ll do it.” I cave.

Rick enters the kitchen and Shane turns to face him.

“What’s up?” Rick questions.

“You and Lori want drinks?” Shane asks, earning a small sigh of relief from me.

“Yeah, sure. Y/N, your Dad won’t mind, right?” Rick asks, completely clueless as to the pressure and blackmail that just took place in this very room.

“N-no, it should be fine.” I stammer nervously, resulting in Rick shooting a concerned gaze my way. I smile reassuringly as to not raise any questions.

“We’ll bring them out in a sec.” Shane nods and Rick eagerly walks back to Lori, thankful that he finally has some time with her. Shane turns back to face me, an evil grin stretched across his lips, eyeing me up like a lion does it’s prey.

“Shane, I have a boyfriend, I can’t just-”

“Daryl Dixon? He’s a redneck piece of shit.” Shane scoffs.

“Shut your mouth. You don’t know him like I do. The only piece of shit around here is you.” I scowl, attempting to drum up some confidence.

Shane leans forwards and puts his lips to my ear.

“You’ll think very differently once I’ve had my way with you.” He whispers and walks away. A wave of nausea washes over me and I lean against the counter-top, letting out a shaky breath. I have to clench my eyes closed to stop tears from running down my face and force my shoulders to relax so I don’t curl up into a ball and just completely break down. How did I get myself into this? Why didn’t I just tell Rick when Daryl and I first got together? I could’ve made this so much easier for myself and now I’ve backed myself into a corner. 

A little while later, when Lori, Shane, Rick and I are sat in my lounge watching TV,  Lori throws her head back and lets out a complaining groan.

“I’m so hungry! Should we order a pizza?” She asks.

“Better yet,” Shane starts. “Why don’t you two go get it? Pizza place isn’t too far and it’s real nice outside. You two can y’know… talk.” He smirks.

I realize what his ulterior motives are. Getting Lori and Rick out of the house so he can do God knows what to me… my eyes immediately dart over to Lori and silently beg her not to go, but she doesn’t notice my pleading stare and blushes a little.

“Sure. Rick, you want to?” Lori smiles.

“Yeah! I mean, yeah sure. Why not?” Rick replies.

The two get up and Shane grins slyly at me from across the room, striking fear and disgust into my very soul. He won’t really make me… right? He’s not that bad. 

My train of thought is broken by Lori giggling and the front door slamming shut. I jerk my head in Shane’s direction and immediately stand to my feet in a defensive manner.

“Shane… please. Look, I’ll tell Rick, okay? About Daryl, about everything.” I plead.

“Deal’s a deal, baby girl.” Shane relaxes back into the couch and keeps his stare on me, his hard, emotionless brown eyes taking in every curve and inch of my body.

“Y’know what, screw you. I don’t have to do shit.” I scoff and begin to walk away. Shane jumps over to the back of the couch and pushes me up against the wall by my shoulders with a great force that causes me to hit my head and let out a pained groan.

“Where’d you think you’re goin’?” He snickers.

“Let me go, Shane!” I cry out.

“Y’know what, I think we’ll have some fun first,” he rips the strap of my shirt down my shoulder as I continuously struggle against his strong grip. “I’d stop squirmin’ if I was you, it’s just going to make this more difficult. Well, for you anyways.” 

He kneels down, throws me over his shoulder and carries me over to the couch, where he throws me down and almost immediately pins my body beneath his.

“Shane, stop!” I scream. “Please!”

“You can yell all you want, ain’t nobody going to hear you-”

Shane’s word’s are cut short as he’s dragged off of me and tossed to the floor by Daryl, who then goes on to violently kick the shit out of him. Shane attempts to get up, but is unsuccessful when Daryl leans over him and brutally punches him in the face over and over and over again.

“Daryl, he’s done!” I yell, desperately trying to prevent him from killing Shane, despite everything.

And then, just when I manage to pull him away, that’s when I hear it.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” Rick cries out.


College!AU Jungkook
  • major: computer science 
  • minor: digital art 
  • sports: on-campus dance crew, track & field 
  • clubs: e-sports club LOL 
  • is basically considered the “computed genius” of his year and all the professors in the computer science major just adore him 
  • halfway through his freshman year he was offered an internship at TWELVE different companies that had all heard about him because of the software projects he had perfected and also the fact that he apparently holds the record on campus for writing a code up in approximately 3.5 minutes
  • he thinks algorithms are fun and didn’t have to take the core for Calc 1 because when he was in High School he was past Calc 3
  • can take apart and rebuild a computer faster than most of the professors themselves
  • the cute thing is that as much as he knows about the inner workings of computers and all that, he’s also crazy about computer games and is super competitive. plays everything from World of Warcraft & League of Legends to Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.
  • is part of the universities e-sports club and plays in local tournaments for like cash and he has been scouted to join pro LOL or Starcraft teams but he’s like meh not interested but thanks
  • digital art is his minor and it kind of confuses the computer science department heads because they’re like!!! jungkook!!! you could do so much better how about?? mathematics oR economics as a minor and he’s like sketching his favorite playable character from mortal kombat like “nope. drawing is fun. drawing on the computer is even better.”
  • he kinda has this secret dream of being able to be a game software designer but he keeps it quiet from most people because everyones always on his case about the gREat things he can do with his mind like write software for the government or huge corporations and he’s like yeah yeah but in his head he’s got all these cool designs and plots for characters and adventures 
  • and the fact that he’s so good at like ?? everything kind of makes him the target for mean jealous peoples hatred and so his only real friends are like this small group of people that he meet through jimin, a friend of his on the dance team
  • other than them jungkook doesn’t really warm up to people the way jimin and taehyung do,,,,he kinda tends to be shy and closed up
  • oh and he does track & field because the coach like begged him to join after he saw jungkook doing a dash across the campus to get away from jimin who just wanted to give his best buddy a kiss on the cheek
  • and actually you meet jungkook because see you’re sitting in study hall with your laptop and you’re finishing up this essay. it took you like 10 hours to write and you’ve got like one billion sources and you’re on your last sentence when BAM your computer just freezes and dies on the spot
  • and you’re sitting there looking at your screen like what. the. fuck.
  • and jungkook is like two seats away with his headphones in watching some walk-through on his phone and laughing at all the mistakes of the streamer when he hears you let out the tiniest little yell and like almost slip onto the floor of your chair
  • and usually jungkook isn’t the type to put his nose into other peoples business but seeing as though you look like you’re about to start sobbing and the fact that your laptop is threatening to fall of your lap and break he’s like
  • “excuse me- your laptop-”
  • and you’re like” itS DEAD B ro  IT JUSt D I E D it RIPPED On me I wanNA sCream THAT PAPER is DUE BY 3 o’clock tHIS is the bittersweet end”
  • and jungkook is like 
  • well firstly he bursts into laughter because ‘the bittersweet end’ thats funny but also he’s like “hand me your laptop”
  • and you’re like what no how do i know you’re not gonna take it and run and jungkook’s like “because i have a macbook at home i don’t need your little pc notebook laptop” and you’re like Excuse me don’t trash talk my laptop and jungkooks like “fine fine but i can fix it hand it over”
  • and you’re a little suspicious because jungkook doesn’t look like he can fix it not when he’s wearing ripped up denim jeans, a white t-shirt three sizes too big and timberlands that look like they’ve seen hell and back but you’re like well…….it’s worth a shot
  • so you hand it over to him and jungkook like flips it over, checks the bottom of your laptop touches some stuff presses some buttons listen im not a computer science major jungkook is here
  • and when he presses the power button WALLA the screen turns on and there’s your saved word document with your essay and you’re like
  • staring at it and then looking back at jungkook with your mouth open and he’s like “told you” and you’re like 
  • “dude. dude you are GOD” and jungkook’s like “maybe not god but like yes im really really good.” and you’re like “i owe you one!!” and jungkook’s like nah forget about it bUT THEN
  • he hears it
  • the voice
  • that voice
  • and jungkook’s like oh nO and you’re like??? what oh look it’s jimin i know him he’s nice-
  • and jungkook is like hide me. please don’t tell him im here let me get behind yo-
  • and he like tries to get over you to the seat that’s like beside you but jimin is like jUNGKOOK!!! ive been looking for you - oh well hello there
  • jimin like smiles and waves to you and you like awkwardly wave back and jimin’s like “i didn’t know you knew jungkook, am i……….interrupting something (——:” 
  • and you’re about to be like “what?? no!” but jungkook sits up and is like “yes. jimin this is my significant other. we were just talking about where we were going to go on our DATE so if you could give us some time…..”
  • and jimin (being a sucker for all things romantic) gets a little red in the ears and is like OH OH I SEE WELL I WILL BE ON MY WAY 
  • and like winks and does a little finger gun @ jungkook
  • and you’re sitting there in stunned silence and jungkook is like umm uhhh umm 
  • and his face is getting redder by the minute and his eyes are wide like a lost bunny and he’s like “REmember how you said you owed me, yeah that was the favor I’m sorry-”
  • and you put your hands up like it’s fine it’s fine but why are you avoiding jimin?
  • and jungkook kind of sighs and he’s like dont get me wrong i love my hyung but he’s always saying i should go out and do things like date or whatever and im just like,,,,,,,id rather stay home and stream overwatch or something
  • and you’re like i know that Feel but you’re also like jimin is kinda right like isn’t that what college is about having fun and doing stuff but you shrug because it’s not your business and jungkook did fix your laptop and he is pretty cute you wouldn’t mind actually going on a date w/ him but since he’s obviously not interested you two like part ways and you thank him again for fixing your laptop and you’re like that’s that
  • ok im being dramatic but yeah you notice jimin at smoothie place near campus and you’re like oh no i better hide so he doesn’t ask me about jungkook
  • but jimin sees and he’s like HEY and you’re like fRICK but you smile and wave and he like jogs over to you and he’s like “listen this is going to sound so imposing and what not but im so happy you’re dating jungkook because he needs to get out of his shell and i never thought he’d find someone that he’d willing let do that and im just so thankful for taking care of him” 
  • jimin like grabs both your hands and does a little bow and you’re like oh my god what did i get myself into
  • and you have to search the whole campus until you find jungkook in one of the empty computer labs of the lab buildings and you’re like hEY WE HAVE A PROBLEM 
  • and jungkook takes his headphones off and he’s like ???? what problem wait one sec let me finish this -
  • and you’re like jungkook stop playing your online game and listen to me-
  • and he’s like one SEC i promise it’s for a good cause and you’re like what good cause it’s some online battle but then you see the screen flash the word ‘victory’ and you’re like jungkook this is serious-
  • and he’s like yeah yeah i know i just needed to beat that game it’s like a charity thing im doing that if i beat like twenty straight rounds this company will donate 20,000,000 won to a childrens hospital so
  • and you’re like hold up back it up you’re playing games for,,,,,,charity
  • and he kinda scratches his neck like well yeah i mean im good at it so i might as well put my skills toward helping people
  • and you’re @ you’re own heart don’t you dare skip a beat
  • but then jungkook also adds in the info that he fixes up old computers at poor schools so kids will be able to use the internet even if schools can’t afford newer models of computers and you’re like
  • well damn there my heart goes skipping TEN beats
  • and jungkook’s like so what’s up is it your laptop- but you’re like no no it’s park jimin he basically thanked me for being your significant other and was very genuine and passionate about this “relationship” of ours jungkook how are you ever going to tell him you lied
  • and jungkook’s like oh no,,,,,and you two are like standing there looking at each other like we done messed up until jungkook like clears his throat and he’s like
  • “wELL there is a way we could get away with it”
  • and you perk up like how??? tell me!!! and jungkooks like “well-ah-um-ah d-d–da-date–w-w- we could g-go on a date and see- see if mayb-maybe….”
  • and you’re like date? see? and you’re like oh he means see where it goes and you like instantly feel your own cheeks heat up and you’re like 
  • “actually,,,,id love to but,,,but,,,wait jungkook-”
  • and he’s like swallowing like yes??? 
  • and you’re like “did you think i was cute when you saw me in study hall with my laptop?” and he looks like he’s been caught red handed and he’s like wHAT No and you’re like oh my god you did 
  • and jungkook admits it (after you two bicker cutely about it for like half an hour) that yes he actually did think you were cute and honestly he would never have asked you out if it weren’t for this Twist of Events
  • and you two like laugh a little at each other because honestly you two were too scared to see if the other person would actually go on a date that when you pretended to date in front of jimin you both were like but this could never be real!!!?!!?!?!?
  • until you two are finally at a movie together, probably a movie based of a comic or something or like a kids animated movie lol, and you’re laughing sharing popcorn and then jungkook is like there’s a ferris wheel near here!! and you’re like fRICK yES take me and you two literally are like five year olds laughing and joking with each other on that date
  • and jungkook finally sees why the hell jimin is so into romance and love and all that jazz
  • because as much as he’s having fun and doing things he likes he’s doing them with someone as stunning and breathtaking as you
  • and sure when jimin comes around you guys have to amp up skinship or whatever but the second he leaves jungkook is like 10 feet away apologizing and you’re like jungkook it’s ok,,,because tbh his arms around your shoulder is so nice and warm
  • and you guys go on a couple more dates on the DL and it’s so cute and finally jungkook walks you to your dorm and is like hey,,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,and you’re like hmmm and he’s looking at your lips but he can’t bring himself to do it so you like roll your eyes and lean up to kiss him and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • and you’re like also !!!! but you like cover your mouth and look down and this would be so innocent and soft if it weren’t like the next second jungkooks like 
  • “you wanted to kiss me for a long time right? you were holding back RIGHT?” 
  • and you’re like JUNGKOOK SHUT IT 
  • and you’re chasing him down the street and his laughter is loud
  • and jungkook would totally call you up just so you two can sit in the park near the campus at night and push each other on the swings and it’s like
  • childish but you kids are so pure and so excited about everything
  • jungkook like rants a lot about all the games he’s played and his favorite characters and he like tries to help you get better at the games you’re interested in
  • and also he’s always there to fix anything that goes wrong with your laptop or phone
  • and like jimin thinks you two have been together for a super long time and you and jungkook are like actually jimin,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and when you finally tell him how you actually got together you expect jimin to like be super mad but no it’s the opposite jimin is like 
  • and you’re like well kinda and jungkook is burying his face in his hands like oh my god jimin … the reason i was able to fall in love….and jimin is like YES IM CUPID I KnEW IT
  • you going to jungkook’s dance competitions and like jimin is always pointing you out and jungkook waves shyly and you’re like he’s so adorable how and jimin’s like JunGKOOK lOVES YOU and the entire bleacher of girls is like casting glances at you and you’re like ,,,,,,oh god and jungkook’s like covering jimin’s mouth his hand like hYUng CHill
  • jungkook showing off his math skills by calculating tip and total prices when you go out to eat or shopping and you’re like “im dating a human calculator”
  • jungkook purposely ignoring you to play on his nintendo 3ds and you’re like jungkook kiss me and he’s like wait im playing fire emblem - and you’re like jungkook i will turn off your 3ds right now and he’s like ok ok ok 
  • (but in reality he was playing on purpose to see if you’d get pouty w him)
  • you meet the rest of his friends and they’re all equally as surprised to see jungkook dating and being so happy especially taehyung and yoongi who’re like “is this really jungkook? the jungkook who only knows romance through side plots in games?” 
  • it’s jungkooks birthday when you’re all over at his dorm together because jin baked a cake and jungkook was forced into a silly party hat by hoseok and jimin and like
  • everyone’s slowly leaving and jungkook is like “hey, can you stay?” and you’re like sure and idk it’s romantic the only light in the whole dorm is the candles still on the cake and jungkook asks you to close your eyes as he kisses down your neck
  • and like,,,,,you know he leads you toward his bed and like ,,,,, you mumble his name against his neck,,,,,and then-
  • and you and jungkook are like two flustered messes coming out of the bedroom and jin is like 
  • oh…….OH YOU TWO CHILDREn- and basically you get lectured by him and it’s hilarious jungkook is like jin please and you’re like so embarrassed you can barely speak up
  • jungkook creates a code so that every time you open up your laptop a little bubble with his face in it appears and there’s a message like “you’re lucky you have such a cute boyfriend” and you always like do a little ‘pfft’ but it’s adorable and you keep it 
  • you love watching jungkook sketch instead of just do digital art like sometimes you’ll see him sitting on the windowsill in one of the campus building looking out of the window and just drawing and he looks so serene with the light hugging him
  • and also jungkook in his big oversized clothes waiting for you after class so you two can literally just go to his dorm and cuddle 
  • jin: “take them out on a nice date jungkook, hear ill give you some money-” you and jungkook: “is buying 5 bags of cheetos with this money you’re gonna give us count as ‘doing something nice’?” jin: “………you are both children. Children.” 

find namjoon’s ver (here)  // jimin’s ver (here) // taehyung’s ver (here
college!au vixx (here)

please look forward to the rest of college!bts coming soon~

Fashion Evaluation w/Johnny
  • [yuta’s voice] helloeveryone
  • i just woke up from a nap that i accidentally took
  • lmao i’m a mess
  • but yeah, other request for my boy johnny <2
  • also, shoutout to anon
  • “if there’s a vroom vroom talk show there m u s t be a johnny’s fashion evaluation” - anon, 2k17
  • lmao so cute
  • let’s start this, okay? ^^
  • ah, and i decided to make this w johnny as ur boyfie
  • i though it would be funnier lmao
  • soooooooooo
  • it was pretty early in the morning and yerteday at night u and johnny had a sleepover u know
  • and u know how the members once said that johnny in the mornings is super relaxed
  • and while u were looking super messy and weird he was peacefully making coffee for both of you
  • you go beside him and backhug him
  • “oh, hey baby, you look really beautiful this morning”
  • “you didn’t even looked at me johnny”
  • “don’t have to, i know u r always beautiful”
  • but, real talk, he looked amazing in the mornings
  • he was full of energy and his hair was a bit wavy and he always gets more cuddly than usual
  • “come here cutie”
  • and he turns around and aND AND
  • and he grabs you in his arms, making you sit on the kitchen counter
  • like this ur in the same height, and you keepp having visual contact making both of u smile like crazy aw and
  • his lips, jesus, i’ll never get tired of saying how beautiful they are
  • and they’re probably super soft and warm and i want to delete myself
  • “i was being serious, though, u look really pretty honey"
  • “you look good too babe”
  • and you probably touched his butt lmao
  • yall had breakfast together and then changed ur pajamas
  • well, at lest he did
  • but u stayed in the living room watching a serie i netflix or something
  • “well, this is my gf’s house u know, pretty nice right? oh, and there she is”
  • and he deadass starts filming u with a random camera and you’re like 
  • ??? what
  • “what in the world are u doing, seo youngho?”
  • “u know that tomorrow i’m travelling again, right?”
  • “yeah”
  • “well, is for nct life and they gave me a camera and.. well, do you know johnny’s fashion evaluation?”
  • is he serious
  • “it’s ten in the morning johnny, i’m in my pajamas!”
  • “yes i know but you still slay my life with those cute ass my little pony’s pjs u know”
  • and he kept talking shit about your shorts so u decided to ignore him lmao
  • “what are u watching baby? u should b watching nct life u know”
  • “dON’T IGNORE ME~~~~”
  • “she’s actually always over me but she’s a bit moody in the mornings”
  • “no i’m not!”
  • hehe he knows u too well honey
  • “go and change so i can rate ur outfit and then we go to see the other members”
  • you ended up agreeing, of course :^)
  • tweenty minutes later you came back and damn
  • his reaction was so extra lmao
  • “i feel like we should match actually, what do u say babe”
  • “nah, actually, forget about it~ i look too good to change”
  • “and i won’t be waiting for other half of an hour for you to change”
  • lmao i rlly h8 him
  • “rate myself and let’s go babe, i’m getting tired of u”
    “well, i don’t give no one a 10/10 so easily but, jfc u slay my life hon”
  • “i agree, vrO”
  • but srsly i need a boyfie as extra as him
  • he’s just so sweet
  • he turned the camera off and placed his hands around your figure and you smiled at him
  • “but seriously y/n, you’re so beautiful”
  • and you start blushing and he laughs and kisses you for a few seconds
  • “you’re too good for me johnny”
  • and he is
  • he truly is, i don’t think there’s any person in this world amazing enough to deserve this angel
  • cof ocf ten chittaphon leechaiaypornkul cof cof
  • cof cof ji hansol cof cof
  • lmao, i feel like i’m more creative in my masterposts when i’m sleepy
  • is that normal

anonymous asked:

I think you forgot the eyes on Zim on the last part of the last comic... (Good job on everything tho 10/10)

Nah, I didn’t forget them. (I do sometimes forget to draw his PAK, though ^^;) It was supposed to be a sort of head-tilted-so-far-back-the-eyes-are-hidden sort of thing, like this:

But thanks for letting me know anyway! The fact that it looks like he’s missing his eyeballs means I didn’t quite capture that effect well enough, which gives me a particular, concrete thing to work on—drawing more expressions from unusual angles, and being more mindful of the shape of the head.

And THIS is why I love getting constructive criticism! >:)

Omg. The ratings (views) for PLL and FIL suck. I thought PLL would’ve gone up dramatically from last season given all the press work they did, and also given it’s the final season, I thought fans who stopped watching at some point would come back to see the end. And FIL… more than half of PLL’s viewers switched off and didn’t continue to watch. PLL’s lead in didn’t add anything, actually, I think it took away. Well what did they expect… long time PLL fans to watch the final episodes of their favourite series, then INSTANTANEOUSLY brush it off and say “nah forget PLL let’s check out this new romance show” ??? Now that Marlene has seen the ratings, she’s probably regretting making that overly confident comment “see you in 5 years” - since she’ll be lucky to even get a second season. I wish FIL the best because I know a lot of people like it but honestly, good luck to it for getting a second season with those ratings.

anonymous asked:

prompt: danny dealing with the revelation os his secret OR something fluffy with either the friend trio or the fenton family

Oki, I’mma work with this, Thnx! For now, have this little glob of what I can think of on the spot. Something better will follow in due time.


“Tucker, I’m telling you! The environment aside, you are ruining yourself! The only thing you digest is fat, which holds almost nothing of what is necessary for a human body to grow and keep itself healthy! A person’s diet cannot just consist of meat or any other animal product!”

“Oh yeah? And where in your oh-so-healthy diet are the proteins and iron you need to be able to form muscles and transport oxygen, huh?”

They both had used those arguments at least a hundred times before.

“I have supplements for those, and I’ve got a healthy body. I’m not missing out on anything!”

“Well, my body is just as healthy as yours, so I don’t know what you’re complaining about. And your supplements, what are those made of?”

Again, no originality there. Or anywhere, really.

“The supplements I use are provided by a brand that cares about animal life, or Earth for that matter, thank you very much.”

“You don’t know that, for all you know, that company could be lying to get people like you to buy their stuff!”

Okay, that was it.

“GUYS!” Danny yelled, jumping up for the dramatic effect. It did little to nothing, though. Him trying to break their conversation apart wasn’t anything new either. They just went on bickering.

Okay, so it was time to come up with something new. Something that would make them shut up for once, for a while, if he could have it his way. And suddenly, a light smirk danced onto our favourite halfa’s face as he thought of something.

They did not like this idea. Not at all.

They had been having their usual meat v.s. veggies fight, and Danny had been trying to break them apart, as always. Until all of a sudden, their friend had switched to his ghost half, grabbed the two by their collars, and flew them onto the roof of the tallest building in Amity Park: the bank office.

Once there, he had pocketed all their technological devices -to Tucker’s demise and Sam’s annoyance- save for ghost hunting equipment, and left them with nothing but their school books, coats, and the parting words of “You two better come up with some new, valid arguments and settle this all or I will leave you here for the rest of the weekend.”

And that was the situation they were now in. Huzzah.

Grumbling all kinds of lame insults towards Danny, Tucker sat down and began with the homework Lancer had given them for the weekend. Sam was about to say something to him when she realised they wouldn’t be progressing in their argument anyway, despite this new spin provided by their friend, so she copied his movements and opened her Math books, determined to put this time to good use.

An hour of sitting on the hard concrete later, Tucker’s voice sounded through the air, but said air was moving too violently for Sam to actually hear what he was saying.


Groaning, Tucker moved closer and repeated his words.

“Do you think our arguments are about something else than criticising each other’s diets?”

Wait what?

“You actually want to talk about it?”

He sighed. “Well, yeah. Danny has enough crap in his life without us constantly fighting over something so minor. And the guy is out there alone right now. We both know that’s he’s too stubborn to let us back him until we can prove to him we’ve reached some sort of agreement. Of course, we have a lot to deal with as well, but probably not anywhere near the amount he has go through. He shouldn’t also have to listen to our arguing from time to time.” He looked at his hands, which were playing with the hem of his pullover. “I thought, if we can work this out, it’ll get rid of at least a little bit of stress for both him and us.”

Sam mulled over his words, guilt filling her the longer she thought about it. He was right, their fighting was probably an addition to the huge list of things that were bearing down on their friend, and themselves.

“Yeah…” she mumbled. “So what do you mean by our arguments being about something else?”

He shrugged. “It was something I heard Jazz about the other day. About arguments about insignificant things actually portraying a bigger problems that’s playing a role between two or more people. The example she used was about a couple, where one person wanted to fill the living room with bookshelves, and the other wanted to keep it open, like the rest of the house. They argued about it, but through the lines it was actually about the book person not having enough of their own space in the house and the other person not being tolerant enough for it, or something like that.”

There was a short pause.

“So you’re saying that maybe… I’m calling out on something else I don’t approve of about you or about or friendship by calling out on your addiction to meat?”

“I guess so.”

Shifting so she could cross her legs and lean her elbows on her knees, Sam looked Tucker in the eyes. “So what don’t we approve of each other? I mean I’m not fan of Techno stuff and you’re not fan of my goth stuff, but I thought we’d gotten past that?”

“I don’t think this is about our interests,” Tucker mused, “but about our personalities. Something that we can’t stand about the other and complain about the metaphor of food?”

Sam snorted at that. “You want to call meat a metaphor?”

“Hey, you know what I mean!”

“Okay, okay.” She ran through memories of their fights, looking for something she could connect to them. Tucker seemed to do the same.

After some time of silence and personal brainstorming, Tucker was again the first one to speak up.

“I think… what I don’t really like is your negative attitude towards anything that is even a bit off compared to your morals. I know you have perfectly reasonable arguments to be like that,” he added quickly before she could react, “but sometimes I think you take it a bit to far. Like, something only has to be mainstream and it takes a lot of convincing from me and Danny to get you to try it out. I know you are and want to be an individual, but individuality doesn’t mean you automatically have to dislike everything that is popular, ya know. Some things are popular because they are good.”

He studied her reaction as she took in what he had just said, his shoulders a little tense, probably nervous for her reaction. And her first reaction had been to snap something back, but when she thought about it, he was right. Again.

She had been taking it too far lately. It had taken the two boys a week to join them in watching Code Black, a hospital series she had immediately dismissed as another overly dramatised office drama, but had turned out to be incredibly intriguing, even if it was filled with drama. And maybe she had been too strict in her lecturing on the strain daily behaviour can put on the environment. Some things couldn’t be helped right now, so she might as well give her friends a break on it and focus on things that could be righted.

Tucker was still looking at her, trying to read her expression. She couldn’t help the chuckle at his anxious face. “Relax, Tuck. I’m not going to harm you over some honesty. And you’re right anyway.”

His shoulders almost immediately fell into their usual relaxed position. “Really?”

“Yeah. I mean, I realise I did lose myself these past few weeks. Man, I must’ve been a menace to put up with.”

He snickered at her comment. “Nah, don’t forget us men are tough. We can handle a strong, somewhat wayward woman like you.” Then he sobered up. “Your turn.”

Her turn. “Okay… What I find annoying… is that you seem to run away from things. And by that I don’t mean in battle, you can handle yourself just as well as I can, but you seem to shy away from having to deal with things you don’t like. You don’t like vegetables and you prefer meat, but you know that you’re really missing out on important nutrients. But you push that thought away and try to pretend it’s not there and will go away on its own. And that’s only a minor example. When something you don’t like pops up, and you will have to deal with it, you solve your problems by trying to forget them, procrastinating doing what needs to be done, and often making the solution a lot more work than it would’ve been would you have dealt with it when it came up.”

She watched him cringe a little, knowing that she hit a spot he hated talking about -which exactly proved her point, didn’t it-, but he nodded anyway.

“That’s me alright. Man, talking about this sucks.”

“I know, it feels like we’re turning into techno and goth versions of Jazz.”


Oookay that’s where I’m cutting this off for now. This was only meant to be a drabble to get something started, but holy hell this took me an hour… I need to practise a LOT more…

Forgive any mistakes I made, I’m too tired to check this again. Also, the bookshelf example isn’t my own, though I can’t remember where I found it (or if it was in Dutch or English for that matter). I put Code Black in there as an example cuz MAN I LOVE THAT SERIES, IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD.

I’ll be finishing this on my fanfiction account, where I’ll have rewritten this part and added a finale to it. I’ll post about it when it’s done, thought I’m having a busy time at school so be patient! Thanks for the prompt!

The Orange Ocelot

Characters: Jasper, Amethyst, and Steven (with minor appearances by Peridot, Garnet, Pearl, and Lapis)

Word Count: 9700

Summary: Since the show is dragging its feet in bringing back Jasper, here’s some self-indulgent fanfic where Amethyst and Steven introduce her to the joys of underground wrestling

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I did this and I'm not even sorry.

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute to tell you the score
About how I became the Thorn of a town called Camorr

In the district of Catchfire born and raised
On the streets picking pockets I spent most of my days
Lying, dissembling and cutting a purse
Cause I was too short of stature to do anything worse
Then an outbreak of black whisper that was up to no good
Started killing adults in my neighbourhood
I was just one little kid that the plague didn’t kill
So I moved in with the Thiefmaker and friends in Shades Hill

He gave us food and shelter at the end of the day
Trained us up in thieving and sent us on our way
I got mad at the bullying and set out to trick it
But I fucked up good and proper and the other kids kicked it

Shark tooth, yo this is bad
Drinking rum with the Capa
Is this what the Gentleman Bastards living like?
Hmm… This might be all right

But who’s this other kid who’s half blind, prissy and fat?
Is he the type of thief to live with this cool cat?
I don’t think so
But I’ll know when shit blows up
I can keep you here till Jean shows up

Everyone getting fucked over, whatever their powers
Except for the nobles in the Elderglass towers
If anything they should have been exempt from the fleece
But we said “nah forget it - fuck the Secret Peace.”

I pulled up at the temple about Falselight
And shouted to the barge man “yo homes - thieves prosper!”
I started planning fuckery, working on the big score
To take my rightful place as the Thorn of Camorr.

Rules and tips for dating a hockey player:

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said, “You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.”

I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way
She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket.
I put my Walkman on and said, “I might as well kick it.”

First class, yo, this is bad
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass.
Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like?
Hmm, this might be alright.

But wait I hear they’re prissy, bourgeois, all that
Is this the type of place that they just send this cool cat?
I don’t think so
I’ll see when I get there
I hope they’re prepared for the prince of Bel-Air

Well, the plane landed and when I came out
There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with my name out
I ain’t trying to get arrested yet
I just got here
I sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said “Fresh” and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought, “Nah, forget it.”
“Yo, home to Bel-Air.”

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie, “Yo home smell ya later.”
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air

tendou satori would totally be the guy to send crack conspiracy theories at 2am to the shiratorizawa boys vball groupchat and then i feel like ushijima would read it the next morning and while the entire vball team is like nah and forgets it, it stays in ushijima’s mind (when he isnt thinking about vball) 24/7 for like 2weeks or a month