the last week has been a repeated cycle of telling my advisors that i’m testing 2 quarters early and getting incredibly encouraging, excited, and supportive reactions and i just feel really really lucky!! to be working with people who genuinely care abt me as a person and are also genuinely excited about and interested in my work.

Yuchi twitter 2017.02.24

sukekiyoツアー、4本目。名古屋RAD HALL、終了しました。今までsukekiyoがやってきた中では一番ステージがコンパクトだったかな?でもその感じがsukekiyoでやると異様な雰囲気に変わるんです(笑)。不思議。兎にも角にもありがとうございました!おやすみなさい☆

The 4th show of sukekiyo’s tour. We’ve finished Nagoya RAD HALL. Till now it was the most compact stage sukekiyo played at I guess? But playing like that as sukekiyo the atmosphere will become quite bizarre (laughing). Interesting. Anyway thank you so much! Good night☆


From Instagram:  frankieromustdie I got a feeling tonight’s show in Munich is gonna be…

Takumi twitter 2017.02.24


Show at Nagoya finished!!
I could see everyone’s faces even from the inside of the stage.
Then, I’m returning home for a while before the next show in Sendai.