Creatures From Around The World

My Favorite Mythology/Folklore and Cryptid monsters collected by Country/Continent.

MEDIEVAL EUROPEAN MYTHOLOGY / FOLKLORE (Book of Imaginary Creatures, Heraldry, Alchemy, Medieval Bestiary, Roma, Left-Over European)

The Muscaliet is so hot it will inflate everything it touches into a burning column of fire. Entire forests burn away when they find their way into earthly forests.

A Bao A Qu / Barometz or Vegetable Lamb / Basilisk / Cagrino or Chagrin / Carbuncle / Catoblepas / Echeneis or Remora / Flaga / Goblin / Gold-Digging Ant or Formica Aurum / Hypnalis / Ichneumon or Hydrus / Imp / Incubus / Leontophone / Leucrotta or Crocotta / Muscaliet / Myrmecoleon or Antlion / Nependis / Nightmare or Mare / Odontotyrannos / Pard / Peryton / Salamander / Scitalis or Scytale / Seps / Succubus / Undine / Will o Wisp / Wyvern / Yale or Centicore / Ziphius

Abarimon / Aspidochelone / Bicorn / Blemmyes / Bonnacon / Cerastes / Chichevache / Cockatrice / Cynocephaly / Haermorrhois or Blood-Letter / Indus Worm / Keythong / Musimon / Onocentaur / Panotti / Parandrus / Sandman / Wild Hunt / Ypotryll / Zitiron


GREEK MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Greek/Roman Mythology)

Nemean Lions (named Golden Lion or War Lion in Mythika) are powerful hunters with very tough skin which is almost impossible to pierce with normal weapons. Their manes are covered with arrows and the weapons from their victims.

Akheilos / Amphisbaena / Anteros / Argus / Cacus / Centaur / Cerberus / Charon / Charybdis / Chimera / Chrysaor / Dactyl / Echidna / Empusa / Erinyes or Fury / Faun or Satyr / Gorgon or Medusa / Harpy / Hekatonkheires or  Hundred-Handed One / Hippocampus / Hydra / Kampe / Karkinos or Cancer / Ketos or Cetus / Ladon / Lamia / Lampad / Makhai or War Daemon / Minotaur / Narcissus / Nemean Lion / Nosoi or Pandora Box / Phobetor / Scylla / Sphinx / Thriae

Aegipan or Capricorn / Aetos or Caucasian Bird / Antaeus / Arachne / Celedon / Circe / Cyclops / Dryad / Erote or Cupid / Erymanthian Boar or Dire Boar / Eurynomos / Gegenees / Geryon / Graeae or Stygian Hag / Griffon or Griffin / Khalkotauroi / Maenad / Mormo / Pytho or Delphyne / Scorpios / Skolopendra / Spartoi / Stymphalian Bird / Symplegades or Planctae / Talos or Bronze Colossus / Teumessian Fox / Triton / Typhon / Zelus


NORSE MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Norse Mythology)

Fenrir are said to be ancestors of all canine species, and in Mythika they are among the most powerful, only Cerberi stand a chance. Their skin is riddled with ice crystals and their breath is cold as winter.

Berserker / Draugr / Fafnir / Fenrir or Fenris / Hraesvelgr / Jormungandr / Jotunn or Frost Giant / Nidhogg / Svartalfar or Dark Elf / Troll / Valkyrie

Alberich / Dwarf / Elf / Hell / Hrimfaxi / Naglfar / Ratatoskr / Skinfaxi / Ymir


CELTIC MYTHOLOGY / WESTERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (English, Welsh, Manx, Scottish, Irish, Breton and Arthurian)

Tatty Bogle are evil animated Scarecrows which can control birds and animate objects they touch. It is said that they are created by evil Hags which use the hearts of humans and the soul of a bogeyman to animate them.

Afanc or Addanc / Alp-Luachra or Joint Eater / Ankou / Awd Goggie / Banshee / Barghest or Black Dog / Boobrie / Brobinyak / Brollachan / Brucha / Buggane / Cirein Croin / Cu Sith / Cwn Annwn / Dullahan or Headless Horseman / Fachen / Fear Liath or Grey Man / Fomorian / Gancanagh / Grindylow / It / Jack-in-Irons / Kelpie / Knucker / Lavellan / Leanan Sidhe / Marool / Muirdris / Nuckelavee / Phooka or Pucca / Questing Beast / Rawhead or Bloody Bones / Redcap or Dunter / Shellycoat / Sianach / Sluagh / Spriggan / Springheel or Spring-Heeled Jack / Stray Sod / Tatty Bogle / Water Leaper or Llamhigyn Y Dwr / Wizard’s Shackle or Burach Bhadi

Arkan Sonney / Black Annis / Bluecap / Bodach / Boobach or Bugaboo / Bugbear / Cat Sidhe / Cath Palug / Ceffyl Dwr / Clurichaun / Curnunnos / Dobhar-Chu / Far Darrig / Fear Dorcha / Fear Gorta / Gwyllion / Kilmoullis / Leprechaun / Lunantishee / Ly Erg


NORTHERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Germanic, Scandinavian, German, Norwegian, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Dutch, Belgian and Danish)

Osschaart are bizarre constructs made by the Jack-in-Irons. Osschaarts dangerous aura’s increase gravity and they can animate and control the chains that form most of their bodies.  

Ajatar / Alraune / Buckrider / Colorobetch / Doppelganger or Fetch / Erlking or Erlkonig / Gloson or Gravso / Gulon / Horerczy / Hrokkall / Ice Worm or Lagarfljot Worm / Iku-Turso / Kraken / Land Wight or Landvaettir / Osschaart / Pesta / Swamfisk / Valravn or Vilderavn

Askafroa / Baldanders / Fossegrim or Nakken / Helhest / Hrosshvalur / Huldra / Kludde or Aufhocker / Kobold / Lorelei / Mandragora or Mandrake / Nachtkrapp / Norn / Otso / Skotumodir / Snow Queen / Traicousse / Vatnagedda / Waldgeist


EASTERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Slavic, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Lithuanian and Serbian)

Combining the most feral features of both wolves and dragons the Zburator is a nocturnal hunting dragon that unlike most other dragons hunt in packs, they mostly hunt for other dragons.

Aitvaras / Bagiennik / Bauk / Bukavac / Fext / Hala or Ala / Karzelek / Kikimora / Leshy or Leshii / Lich / Moroi or Vampire / Nocnitsa or Night Hag / Planetnik or Demon Storm / Poludnica or Lady Midday / Shtriga / Veela or Vila / Vodyanoi or Vodnik / Zburator / Zirnitra / Zlatorog or Goldhorn / Zmey or Gorynych

Abaasy / Alkonost / Baba Yaga / Balaur / Bolotnik / Domovoi / Drekavac / Ebajalg / Indrik / Likho / Nosferatu / Ovinnik / Psoglav / Rusalka / Sarkany / Tculo / Ziburinis


SOUTHERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Spanish, Basque, Maltese, Sardinian, Italian, French, Swiss, Austria, Cyprus and Medieval Greek)

Every year the scales on a Cuelebre’s body become harder, until after a 1000 years they reach Adamantium hardness, once they reach this age they are almost impossible to destroy with normal weapons and most spells will simply bounce of their shimmering iron scales.

Aatxe / Agrippa / Barbegazi / Butatsch-Cun-Ilgs / Codrille / Cuelebre / Erchitu / Gargoyle or Gargouille / Gaueko / Hellequin / Kaw Kaw / Lou Carcolh / Marabbecca / Nuberu / Peluda / Pyrausta or Pyrallis / Stella / Tarasque / Trenti / Vrykolakas

Aerico / Caladrius / Drac / Krampus / Tartalo / Vouivre


NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKLORE AND MYTHOLOGY (Inuit, Canadian, Navajo, Cherokee, and other such Tribal American)

Psonen are beautiful, but ice-cold bird monsters that are said to be related to the Phoenix. They mostly serve the Snow Queen as aerial mounts. They summon cold weather wherever they go.

Acheri / Ahkiyyini / Akhlut / Amikuk / Aniwye / Awahondo / Baykok / Binaye-Ahani / Delgeth or Thelgeth / Djieien / Ewah / Gaasyendietha or Meteor Dragon / Haietlik or Lightning Serpent / Mahaha / Mishibizhiw or Underwater Panther / Nalusa Falaya / Nida / Oniate / Piasa / Psonen / Pukwudgie / Qalupalik / Rougarou or Werewolf / Skinwalker / Tlanusi / Tsenahale / Utlunta or Spearfinger / Wendigo or Windigo / Yeitso

Adlet / Agloolik / Amarok / Amhuluk / Aziwugum / Baxbakwala / Cervitaur / Fastachee / Hinqumemen or Engulfer / Ijiraq / Ishigaq / Isitoq / Kokogiak or Qupqugiaq / Raven Mocker / Thunderbird / Tizheruk / Tupilaq / Ugjuknarpak



The Reptilian Xhumpedzkin are famous for the lethal headaches they cause with their psychic aura’s. They feed on other creatures shadows.

Ahuizotl / Camazotz / Cipactli / Lechuza / Nagual / Xhumpedzkin

Camulatz / Chaneque / Huay Chivo / Quetzalcoatl / Tezcatlipoca


SOUTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY / FOLKLORE / CRYPTIDS (Brazilian, Chilean, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Patagonian, Surinam and Argentina)  

Cherufe are the voice, will and mobility of a living volcano. They can take any shape they like but are always formed from lava and magma. Inside their volcanic homes these elementals are invincible, only outside the volcano the creature can be slain. 

Abuhuku / Alicanto / Caleuche or Ghost Ship / Candileja / Cherufe / Chon Chon / Cuero / Curupira / Eintykara / Encantado / Inulpamahuida / Invunche / Kayeri / Mapinguari / Minhocao / Nguruvilu / Peuchen / Succarath / Tuyango

Anhanga / Ao Ao / Boitata / Bush Dai Dai / Camahueto / Capelobo / Colo Colo / Cuca / El Tunche / Huallepen / Kori / Yacuruna


AFRICAN FOLKLORE AND CRYPTIDS (Central and South African Countries)

The Migas in Mythika kinda resembles the LOTRing’s Watcher in the Water. Swamp Octopi with more than twenty tentacles, fighting one of these aberrations is like fighting an entire army of tentacles.

Aigamuxa / Asanbosam or Sasabonsam / Bouda or Werehyena / Cagn or Mantis / Dingonek / Eloko or Biloko / Emela Ntouka / Gbahali / Impundulu or Lightning Bird / Intulo / Jba Fofi / Kongamato / Lukwata / Lunwaba / Mbielu Mbielu / Migas / Mngwa or Nunda / Nandi Bear or Chemosit / Popobawa / Umdhlebi / Ya-Te-Veo

Abada / Adze / Anansi / Aziza / Chipfalamfula / Emere / Gambo / Grootslang / Jengu / Kwamang-A / Mokele-Mbembe / Ngoubou / Nguma-Monene / Ninki Nanka / Olitiau / Rompo / Yehwe Zogbanu


EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Egyptian Mythology)

Sak are strange, wingless Griffons with a beautiful lotus flower on the end of their tails. This lotus flower releases a calming fragrance which takes away aggression in its victims. Sak love the flesh of Unicorns and other equine creatures.

Ammit or Devourer / Khepri / Petsuchos / Sak / Salawa or Set Animal

Axex / Heqet / Mummy / Phoenix or Firebird / Serket / Serpopard


LEVANTINE FOLKLORE, RELIGION, MYTHOLOGY ( Arabian, Persian, Iran, Iraq, Turkish, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Akkadian and Middle East)

The centaur-like Urmahlullu combines the best features of the lion and a humanoid. They are the perfect hunters and both gentle and evil variants exist.

Aghash or Evil Eye / Asag / Asdeev / Bushyasta / Caspilly / Devalpa / Druj Nasu / Dybbuk / Fulad-Zereh / Ghul or Ghoul / Girtablilu or Aqrabuamelu / Golem / Ifrit or Efreet / Jidra / Karkadann / Manticore / Miraj or Almiraj / Ouktazaun / Roc or Rukh / Sandwalker / Shadhavar or Siranis / Tiamat / Urmahlullu / Zaratan

Anzu / Arzshenk / Asena / Djinn / Ghawwas / Humbaba / Lilith / Palis / Pazuzu


HINDU BELIEFS (Hindu Religion, Buddhism)

Raktavija are masters in blood magic, they can animate and harden their own demonic blood into shields, armor and weapons. To refill their lost blood they simply drain other creatures dry of theirs.

Juggernaut / Rakshasa / Raktavija / Virabhadra / Vish Kanya or Poison Girl / Vritra 

Airavata / Apaosha / Garuda / Makara / Naga 



Oh, can I keep it? Keukegen look like fuzzy, innocent creatures made entirely from hairs, in reality they spread horrid itching diseases and in the worst case a victim will scratch its own skin off.

Akaname or Filth Licker / Ashinaga-Jin / Bakekujira or Ghost Whale / Baku / Dorotabo / Enenra / Gashadokuro / Harionago / Heikegani / Isonade / Ittan-Momen / Jinmenju / Jorogumo / Jubokko or Vampire Tree / Kamaitachi or Sickle Weasel / Kappa / Keukegen / Kurage-no-Hinotama / Muramasa Blade / Namazu / Nekomata or Bakeneko / Nogitsune or Kumiho / Nurikabe / Omukade / Otoroshi / Raiju or Thunder Beast / Rokurokubi / Sagari / Sazae-Oni / Tenaga-Jin / Tengu / Tenome / Tera-Tsutsuki / Tesso / Tsuchigumo / Umibozu or Sea Bonze / Wanyudo / Yuki-Onna or Snow Maiden

Akashita / Ame-Onna / Hahakigami / Hannya / Hyakume / Jinshin Mushi / Kamikiri / Kasa Obake / Kasha / Katsura-Otoko / Kirin or Qilin / Kitsune / Mekurabe / Nodeppo / Nue / Nure-Onna / Oni / Shachihoko / Suiko / Tanuki / Yanagi-Baba



Xiao or Hsigo are kleptomaniac pests, they steal for the act of stealing and even attack other creatures to rob them of their possessions, especially gemstones and golden coins are wanted by the little thieves. Their leaders are called Ahools and they combine baboons with bat features.

Dijiang / Gaki or Preta / Kun Peng / Shen or Chan / Taotie / Terra-Cotta Warrior / Xiao or Hsigo / Xing Tian / Zhenniao

Azure Dragon / Bai Ze / Byakko / Dragon Turtle / Feng Huang / Genbu / Nian / Pixiu / Zheng


POLYNESIAN MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE (Philippines, Indonesia, Melanesian, Malaysian, Solomon Islands and Vietnam)

Terrifying aberrations, the Kurita use their many arms for swift locomotion, grabbing their victims along the way, they can eat and move at the same time without much trouble.

Abaia / Abere / Adaro / Bakunawa / Batibat or Bangungot / Berbalang / Bonguru / Con Rit / Dalaketnon / Jenglot / Kurita / Mambabarang / Nuno / Orang Minyak / Polong / Pua Tu Tahi / Sigbin / Tikbalang / Tiyanak

Ahool / Anggitay / Aswang or Manananggalen / Babi Ngepet / Banaspati / Berberoka / Bungisngis / Gawigawen / Genderuwo / Imoogi or Imugi / Kapre / Pelesit / Sarangay / Siyokoy / Tiburones / Toyol / Veo


AUSTRALIAN MYTHOLOGY, CRYPTIDS AND FOLKLORE (Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand)

Tiddalik suck up water and spit it at great force at their prey, putting them off balance and turning them into easy prey to swallow. There are also jungle variants of the Tiddalik which shoot with poisonous water and which look like giant mutant poison-arrow frogs, they can climb in trees as well.

Burrunjor / Dheeyabery / Drop Bear / Mokoi / Muldjewangk / Nargun / Papinijuwari / Punga / Taniwha / Whowie / Tiddalik / Wulgaru / Yara-Ma-Yha-Who

Bunyip / Mimi / Minka Bird


FEARSOME CRITTERS (North American Lumberjack Stories, Cryptids)

Argopelters live high up in the treetops where they use their bizarre tentacle-like arms as whips, they also use them to throw wood-splinters which hit their enemies like bullets, often instantly killing their prey.

Argopelter / Cactus Cat / Hidebehind / Hodag

Hoop Snake / Jackalope / Moskitto / Roperite / Splinter Cat / Squonk


LEFTOVERS (Modern Cryptids, Caribbean, Biblical, Himalayan, Dante’s Inferno and Alien Sightings)

Rat Kings are bizarre beasts which appear like a swarm of rats which tails are all tangled together into an impossible situation. These swarms of rats have a single mind and their diseased aura will cause the pest into any creature that lives close by.

Apocalypse Locust / Chupacabra / Death Worm / Gray or Dover Demon / Mad Gasser / Morgawr / Mothman / Ooze / Rat King / Tooth Fairy / Wolpertinger / Zombie

Beelzebub / Behemoth / Bloody Mary / Boo Hag / Cecaelia / Gowrow / Gremlin / Grendel / Guardian Angel / Horseman of Death / Horseman of Famine / Horseman of Pestilence / Horseman of War / Jack-O-Lantern / Jersey Devil / Leraje / Leviathan / Lusca / Poltergeist / Reptilian or Lizardman / Tree Octopus / Tulpa / Yeti or Abominable Snowman

EDIT: While most of my follower probably already know the descriptions underneath the pictures are from my own project Mythika, they aren’t 100% like the real myth. The collected groups are from the real myths. Though I made a much better version here:



The Birth of the Fifth Sun, the Mexica (Aztec) sacred narrative which tells of the birth of our current sun. The paintings are posted in order, and follow the progress of the narrative told below.

14.1 It is said that when the earth was still dark, when there was yet no warmth, nor day, nor light, the Teteo came together at Teotihuacan to take counsel, and there they lit the Spirit Fires, great blazes set atop the twin pyramids of the sacred city. For four years they burned.  “Come here, oh Teteo! Who shall carry the sun? Who shall bear it? The warming, the dawning? The burning fire? The celestial Light? Who shall leap into the Spirit Fire?” Than forth stepped Four Flint, Tecuciztecatl, Our Lord of Snails, and he cried out, “Oh Teteo! Indeed, it shall be I!” Yoaltecuhtli and Tlaloc stepped forward, “You are one who must keep the sky and the earth.”
14.2 “And yet, another is needed,” said the Teteo. “Who shall be the other?” Yet the Teteo were frightened, and none among them stepped forth. They took counsel with one another, and summoned Nanahuatzin, The Pimpled Lord, the Crippled One, and summoned him to the counsel. Tonacatecuhtli and Xiuhtecuhtli stepped forward and said to him, “You are the one who must keep the sky and the earth.” Many tears did Nanahuatzin shed, for he felt unequal to the task, he, the worthless invalid.
14.3 The Teteo Nanahuatzin and Tecuciztecatl began their fasts, their sacrifices, in preparation for the Spirit Fire, the God Oven. Tecuciztecatl prepared himself with precious things. His fasting-ropes were of quetzal feathers, and his ritual branches of cotinga plumes. His grass heart was of woven gold, his incense of the finest copal. He did not offer his own blood, his own Yollia, but instead offered maguey thorns and  lancets made of coral. Resplendent he looked, shining and beautiful, as he made his sacrifices.
14.4 Nanahuatzin, the Crippled Lord, the Teotl in poverty, formed his fasting-rope of grass and paper. His ritual branches were made of green grass and green reeds, tied in three bundles, bound bundles of nine each. His bloodletting spine was of bone, well reddened with his own blood. His only incense were his scabs, twisted off and cast into the fire.
For four days they fasted, for four days they drew blood and meditated their sacred actions, there upon their respective pyramids. When they had completed their days of sacrifice, they burned their ritual branches, their bloodletting instruments, in the sacred fire. They were become slaves. They were become Gods.
14.5 To Tecuciztecatl, the gathered Teteo gave him his egret headdress, his elegant attire of quetzal and jade.
14.6 But Nanahuatzin was attired only in paper, only in cloth of Maguey. They painted the Teteo in white, they chalked them, and adorned them in eagle-down feathers.
15.1 Tecuciztecatl, as the senior Lord, approached the fire first, to leap into its heart. The fire roared, it crackled, it seared his eyes. He grew faint and afraid. He hesitated. He could not bring himself to leap into the fire.Than Nanahuatzin, the Crippled Lord, seeing the terror of the other, walked forward. Bravely he walked, slowly, so as to feel its heat. And when he reached the Spirit Fire, the God Oven, he leapt into its heart and was consumed.
Tecuciztecatl grew ashamed, and found his spirit, and he too leapt into the Spirit Fire, but lacking the bravery of Nanahuatzin, he fell only into its embers and ashes, where he, too, was consumed.
The Jaguar and the Eagle were among the company of the Teteo, and both leapt over the Spirit Fire. They were singed, they were burned, in its tongues of flame, and thus acquired their spots and dark feathers. For their bravery they were made warriors, ever to serve the sun.

16.1 When, in this way, the two Teteo had thrown themselves into the God Oven, when they had burned to ash, the Teteo sat awaiting to learn from whence they would emerge. Long they waited, meditating in the darkness, when all at once everywhere it became red, everywhere the light of dawn, the reddening of dawn. The Teteo knelt down, facing each of the four directions, to see from whence the sun would emerge at this first dawning of the Fifth Sun. The Teteo fell into confusion; they turned in circles, they faced all directions. The traditional orations, the traditional words, did not bring clarity to the Teteo. Some thought he would emerge from Mictlán, the Place of the Dead, and faced North, to find him there. Some thought The Place of Women, and faced the West, some, The House of Thorns, and faced the South, for the light of the dawning encircled all things, and confusion reigned.
Yet some of the Teteo faced the East, the Place of Light, and cried out, “Already, is he there, already, his light illuminates his Eastern Palace! Behold, he is emerging!” Those who waited there, who pointed there, were Quetzalcoátl and his nagual Xolotl. There too was Our Lord Anahuatl, the Red Tezcatlipoca, and the Mimixcoa without number. And there awaited four women; Tiacapan, Teicu, Tlacoyehua, and Xocoyotl.
And as the sun rose, his light spread like the red Cochineal dye throughout the East, his dazzling brilliance was such that he could not be faced. He shone, he illuminated, and light came into this world. And afterward, Tecciztecatl, too, arose from the Place of Light, also golden and shining, impossible to behold; a second sun.
16.2 And the Teteo said; “How can this be? Shall there be two suns, who both shall follow the same road, who both shall shine in the same way? The brave Nanahuatzin and the unworthy Tecciztecatl?” And so, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, The Morning Star, snatched a rabbit from the earth and flung it in the face of Tecciztecatl. Thus, was his face wrecked and his light dimmed, and he fell into the ashes.
17.1 The Teteo declared, “No longer shall he be known as Nanahuatzin, the Pimpled Lord, the Crippled God. He is Tonatiuh, Our Lord the Sun!” And Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl, the Lord and Lady of Our Flesh, Our Sustenance, rose to his place at the center of the sky. They bathed and anointed him. They sat him in his Quechol chair. They adorned his head with the butterfly crest, the red-leather thong.
17.2 But he would not move from his place. Four days he remained at the Zenith, at the center of the sky. “Why does he not move?” asked the Teteo, and they sent the Falcon of the Obsidian Blade to ask why he was immobile in the sky.
“I hunger!” replied Tonatiuh. “I need their blood, their precious color, their Yollotl, to find the strength to move across the sky. I need the blood of those who sent me to the Spirit Fire!”
17.3 When the Falcon returned to the gathered Teteo and gave them his message, they were much saddened and afraid. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli grew angry and cried out, “I will shoot him! He must not stay immobile in the sky!” But his arrows could not reach the sun. Yet the sun, from his lofty perch, shot down his own arrows, his shafts of flame, and they burned the body of The Morning Star, and with the Nine Layers covered up his face, and transformed him into Itztli, the Teótl of the Obsidian Blade, of cold, frost, snow, and judgement.
18.1 Quetzalcoátl raised his eyes sadly to the sky, and spoke to the gods at Teotihuacan. “May he be revived. May we all die!” And the gods mournfully submitted to his will. And so with the Sacred Flint Blade he slit the throats of the gathered Gods; of Titlacahuan, and Huitzilopochtli, and the Goddesses Xochiquetzal, Yapalliicue, and Nochpalliicue. But Xolotl, the god of twins and monstrosities and who is the sprit double of Quetzalcoátl, did not want to die. He fled Quetzalcoátl and his terrible blade. He wept so that his eyes fell from their sockets. “Send me not to the blade, oh Gods! Let me not die!”
18.2 He fled, and Death quickly followed. He followed him to the fields of young corn, were Xolotl transformed himself into the young maize with two stalks in order to hide from Death. He became the Xolotl of the Field. But he was seen by the eyes of Death there among the corn, from whom nothing may be hidden, and so he ran to the Maguey field, and there he turned himself into the double maguey, the Maguey Xolotl. But there too was he seen by the eyes of Death, and so he escaped to the lake, and there turned himself into the Axolotl, the lake-salamander. But there was no more escape, and Death caught him, and Quetzalcoátl slit his throat, amid his tears and lamentations.
19.1 The blood of the Gods rose to the heavens and Tonatiuh drank the sacred strength of their Yollia, on the day Nahui Ollin, Four Movement, the sacred name and destiny of the Fifth Sun. Yet still he could not move, still he could not follow his path.
20.1 But Quetzalcoátl, who had shed the blood of the Gods, who had released the divine force of their Yollia, grew strong and straight. He ran, and blew lightly in the face of the sun, and so pushed him along his path, and than slit his own throat, that his blood and divine Yollia might make the revolutions of the heavens eternal.
Thus it was that as the sun was entering into the earth again, into the open jaws of Our Mother, Tlaltecuhtli, the moon arose from the ashes into which he had fallen, and there at the crossroads met the Tzitzimime, the Star Demons, and the Coleletin, and they detained him a while, and dressed him in rags. He who would have been the sun, who would have been clothed in splendor. And thus it is that on the day Four Movement night and day came into being, and the deaths of the gods established the covenant of sacrifice with men.

After many nights spent guarding, Guadalupe Gomez M. finally caught and enchained a cadejo (woman nagual) that used to kill and stole her animals. The cadejo looked like a pig. Guadalupe tied her with a special magic rope made of horse hair so she wouldn’t run away, because it was long after midnight. Early at the morning this pig started to scream and tried to escape, because it began to turn into human with sunrise. Her skin began to fall down. It meant that her end was near. Guadalupe thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for help.

It happened on March 21, 1908, at the Echegaray village, Pijijiapan, Chiapas.

Foreign language songs on my phone: Masterpost

A list of songs in languages other than English that I have on my phone.

Languages included in this list: Sami, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish, Italian, Armenian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Albanian, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Greek, Turkish and Norwegian.


Sofia Jannok

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• De Neînlocuit 

• În Bucăți (featuring Glance & Naguale) 

• O Simplă Melodie 

• Până Dimineață (feat. JJ) 

• Lăcrămioară

• Mama (feat. F.Charm) 

• De Crăciun 

• Polul Nord (Brrrrr…) 

• Acasă La Noi 


• Tu (Inima şi sufletul) 

• Condimente (feat. Nosfe)


• Lasă-Mă-Mi Place (feat. Raluka & DOC)


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• Ceva nou (feat. Corina) 


• A lu’ mamaia 

• Da, Mamă 


• Autobronzant 

Nicole Cherry

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• Fată Naivă 



• Uno Momento (feat. Ministarke)

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• Tarapana

• Italiana

• Generale (feat. Učiteljice) 

• Slaba Na Slabiča

• Tango

Jelena Rozga

• Bižuterija 

• Dalmatinka (feat. Connect) (there’s another version on iTunes which I prefer)

Nina Badrić

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• Dej Mi Bože Joči Sokolove

• Zajdi Zajdi


Milan Stanković

• Ovo je Balkan

• Face (Feis)

• Nepopravljivo

• Od Mene Se Odvikavaj

Željko Joksimović

• Nije Ljubav Stvar


• Adio


• Čaroban


Sergey Lazarev

• 7 Цифр

• Пусть весь мир подождёт

• Даже если ты уйдёшь

• Идеальный мир

• Это всё она

• Лаки Стрэнджер

Ani Lorak

• Зажигай сердце

• Зеркала

• Медленно

• Оранжевые сны

• Разве ты любил

• Удержи моё сердце

• Уходи по-английски

Egor Kreed

• Будильник


• Кружит

Aleksey Vorobëv

• #Сумасшедшая

• Самая красивая

• Больше чем любовь (feat. Egor Kreed)

Max Barskih

• Dance (RUS)

• Не Любить

Alena Lanskaya

• Solayoh (Russian Version)

Filipp Kirkorov

• Сиртаки

• Химера

Leonid Agutin

• Пора домой



• Дикі танці

• Коломийка

• Знаю я

• Shalala (Ukrainian version)

• Рахманінов

• Мій брат

• Я люблю

• Скажи мені



• Гісторыя майго жыцця

Alexander Rybak

• Небасхiл Еўропы 



• Прецака ме

• Както желаете, Мис

• В едно огледало (It’s basically Salma Ya Salama in Bulgarian)



• Црно и Бело


Donatan & Cleo

• My Słowianie

• Brać

• Sztorm


• Zaryzykuj (feat. Mr X)

Czarny Hi-Fi

• Niedopowiedzenia (feat. Pezet)


Baby K

• Roma - Bangkok (feat. Giusy Ferreri)

Giusy Ferreri

• Volevo te

Nina Zilli

• L’amore è femmina

• 50 mila

• L’amore verrà

Marco Mengoni

• Io ti aspetto

Lodovica Comello

• Il cielo non mi basta


• Piccole cose (feat. Alessandra Amoroso and J-AX)


• Tutto l’amore che ho


• Cercavo Amore

• La mia città 


• Cambierà

Ricchi & Poveri

• Mamma Maria

Tiziano Ferro

• Perdono


• La nostra storia


• Un’ora Sola Ti Vorrei

Il Volo

• Grande Amore

• Questo Amore


Lilit Hovhannisyan

• Inchu Em Qez Sirum

• De El Mi

• Eli Lilit

• Gnchu

• Te Axchik Lineir

• Tu Tu Tu

• Ser Im


• Ser e Sa

• PreGomesh



• Alabina

• Salma Ya Salama (Olé y Ola)


• Salma Ya Salama (Sueño Flamenco)

• Flamenco “oriental”

Hisham Abbas

• Habibi Dah (features parts in Hindi)

• Wana Wana


• Husain Al Jassmi Ba Wadaak 



• Requiem


• Echo (You And I)

Sexion d’Assaut

• Désolé


• Papaoutai

• Alors on danse

Jessy Matador

• Allez ola olé

Kendji Girac

• Andalouse


• Jour 1

• Avenir (Radio Edit)


• Loin d’ici

Maître Gims

• Laissez passer (Pilule Bleue)


• Les passants

• Je veux

• Le long de la route

• Prends garde à ta langue

• Dans ma rue

• Inséparables (feat. Pablo Alborán) (Has parts in Spanish)

• On ira

Black M

• Comme moi (feat. Shakira)


Michel Teló

• Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Nossa Nossa)

• Curtindo Solidão

• Fala Coração

• Baquinho / Eu Quero Você

Luan Santana

• Te Vivo


• Quero Ser Tua


• Espanha

• Lambada

Nelly Furtado

• Força


Era Istrefi

• Bonbon



• Addicted to You

• Chantaje (feat. Maluma)

• Ciega, Sordomuda

• Moscas en la Casa

• Inevítable

• Ojos Así

• Estoy Aquí

• Gitana

• La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sanz)

• Te Dejo Madrid

• Suerte

• Te Aviso, Te Anuncio

• Me Enamoré

• Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte

• Pies Descalzos

• Rabiosa (feat. El Cata)

• Sale el Sol

• Gordita (feat. Residente Calle 13)

• La La La (Spanish Version)

• Lo Hecho Está Hecho

• Años Luz

• Loba

• Waka Waka (Spanish Version)

David Bisbal

• Oye El Boom

• Buleria

• Lloraré las Penas

• Como Olvidar

• Ave María

• Silencio

• Al Andalus

• Almería, Tierra Noble

Pablo Alborán

• Toda la Noche

• Me Iré

Daddy Yankee

• Lovumba

• Limbo

• La Despedida

• Que Tengo Que Hacer


• Adrenalina (feat. Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin)

• Que Viva la Vida

Álvaro Soler

• Sofía

• El Mismo Sol


• Cómo Te Atreves 

(About 50% of my songs on my phone are in Spanish but I’m too lazy to put all of them down.)


Miss A

• Good-bye Baby

• Play That Music, DJ

• Breathe

 • Bad Girl Good Girl

• Only You

• Hush 

• I don’t need a man


• Bole Chudiyan (from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham)

• Radha (from the movie Student of the Year)

• Where’s the Party Tonight (from the movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)

• Señorita (from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

• Selfie Le Le Re (from the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan)

• Chaiyya Chaiyya (from the movie Dil Se)


Konstantinos Argiros

• Ερωτευμένος και Τρελός

• Μια νύχτα Κόλαση

• Είσαι οτι να ‘ναι

• Σ'Αγαπώ Μη Μιλάς

Loukas Giorkas & Stereo Mike

•  Watch My Dance


• Opa Opa

• (I would) Die For You (Greek Version)


• Erotas

Giorgios Alkaios

• Opa






• 5 Fine Frøkner

Sabes bien rica
qué gusto que me digas
que eres mi chica
cabes tan bien en mis manos
te abrazo
con más ternura
que a mi caguama
porque de ti
nunca termino de emborracharme
me tienta el viento azul
la luz del invadido cuento
torpe donde
la existencia pasa de ser sufrimiento
a un sentido
para disfrutar
todo el efímero cuerpo
poseo la condena
de sublimar los detalles
llenas el espacio de mis dedos
por donde se asoma
la rosa eterna naciente
te rondo con la música
de una boca caliente
tentando los lindeles
en la lenta seducción
donde desembarca mi libido
para ser recompensado
en la contemplación
absoluta de tu ser
que no deja de manifestarse
de divinidad
dado que la lógica o el vocabulario
no me son barreras
raras con las que entro en conflicto
puedo fluctuar el mutismo tácito
de tus labios que se tejen
de mordiscos
cuando me escuchas hablar
con la sinceridad
dada por las nubes
sembradoras de pulso
píldora ondeada en uso
para fluctuar tu oreja
jadeando como animal
en celo por el instinto
en ti reafirmo mi tonalidad
y mi nagual
la igualdad del entendimiento
redime su fuerza
en el impulso del color del tallo
yo saboreo la lluvia
evocada en la asfixia
proporcionada por tus piernas
navegantes y galantes
en el sereno dulce y galopante
cuanto antes veme quitando
la ropa
dame un trip inesperado
en tu auto
toma el aura coqueteando
con derretir la tierna
punta del iceberg
y verás que no albergo
desequilibrio ni vierto
tomos de duda en la
ciudad alzada en tinta
tanteada por mis uñas
sabes tan rica
tu sonrisa es el aderezo
rompiendo la amargura
de cualquier historia
adjunta en la cueva de la carne
necesito de tu pecho
cerquita del fuego de mi nariz
si te entregas a mí
te entregas a lo que quiero decir
lo enamorado que estoy de la vida
y al estarlo sin duda
qué fácil no tener razones
como para no
enamorarme de ti
cuando la noche nos arropa
con constelaciones en la sábana de carne
pienso en las brisas
sobre las montañas y las playas
y tú
tú eres esa
la que sabe más rica
—  La alegría es un roadtrip, Quetzal Noah

Sketches of mer children!


Fish babes are pretty weird lookin. Whale and dolphin mers are pretty cute tho.

In this world, there are two different kinds of merfolk, warmblooded and coldblooded. Warmblooded children are live born; beautiful, cute children that learn to swim quickly on their own, and grow even more quickly when nursed, and… over time they mature into equally cute adults.

Cold blooded merfolk, however, have the lucky trait of born looking like complete aliens, and also at an extreme small size (hence why children are called “fingerlings” as many are the size of a single finger). Some are born in great egg broods, others are live birthed, some with yolks still attatched. Cold bloods have been known to reproduce in great numbers in the past, although often not as much in recent centuries, nor at the same rate as their familiar fish cousins. They forego the pitfalls of being overpopulated by having significantly shorter life spans than warmbloods.

Depending on how they are raised, these fish mers will EITHER grow into looking more fishlike, or human. This depends on where the mer lives, their relationships to their self, to others, and religion.

Children living in Pilgi, are usually followers of Coral Gods, trading the gift of fertility to that of a prolonged life span and Dream telepathy. These mers are highly social, will integrate coral organisms into their own biological system through Seeding, in order to create highly intricate social structures and shared thought processes, called the Dream. Many merfolk following this religeon, and following the Seeding, will find their bodies undergoing a shift from their big eyed facade to sea anime, to human-like features.

In contrast, those fish born in Banthi, the deep sea, are often highly independent, and will sometimes be born without every seeing their kin. These mers have to learn to rely on themselves, often from birth (many will be able to feed themselves and be fully capable of basic survival as soon as they are hatched). Many follow the god Wyrm, a religeon of self reliance, of inner strength, fertility, and passion. These merfolk take comfort in their familiars, and they will tend to change over time to look more like them. Some rare few will even shift so far as to become nearly indisginguishable from the fish itself, others might become draconic in nature- and become feral. These kinds of mers are called Naguals, and it is looked down upon, even illegal to make a full shift due to the danger a feral mer-creature presents, they are very uncommon.

Change to either side of a spectrum can happen at any time in a mers life, with some difficulties. Interestingly enough, there is no aesthetic preference among coldbloods, they find both fish-like and human-like features equally attractive, but religious reasons may decide how they pick their mates on appearances.


Nagual - Popiół Marzeń (2013)

Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland

From the “Zgliszcza” EP released in 2013

What is Your Favorite Group?

What is your personal favorite group of monsters? And what is your least favorite group of monsters? And why? 

My own personal favorite groups are mostly: Chimerae, Vermin, Plant, Fae, Demon, Tsukumogami. My ultimate favorite is probably Aberration. I just always liked the freaks of nature, the bizarre, the magical and insane. 

My least favorite group is probably the Gods, never cared much for powerhouses! Don’t really care for the Humanoid group that much either. 

And while most of these creatures (spare for some fake myths) come from mythology, this is from my own project. So some undead aren’t undead in the myth/folklore/cryptid stories, and many plants aren’t plants in the real myth, same with Oozes. But otherwise most monsters end up in the same groups which is boring. 

HUMANOID (Humans, Dwarves and such): Ashinaga-Jin / Berserker / Buckrider / Dactyl / Eloko / Goblin / Selkie / Skinwalker / Tenaga-Jin / Vish Kanya / Alberich / Muramasa / Snow Queen / Svinfylking

BEASTMAN (Half Humanoid, Half Beast): Adaro / Brobinyak / Buggane / Centaur / Chrysaor / Girtablilu / Gorgon / Harpy / Intulo / Kampe / Lunwaba / Minotaur / Nagual / Rougarou / Tesso / Thriae / Vodyanoi / Zitiron / Arachne / Erchitu / Grendel / King Lycos / Yeti

OGRE (Smaller and Weaker Giants): Argus / Asanbosam / Berberoka / Troll / Xing Tian

GIANT (Twice the Size of Ogres): Aigamuxa / Jack-in-Irons / Jotunn / Papinijuwari / Virabhadra / Antaeus / Geryon / Hraesvelgr

TITAN (Ancient Giants): Fomorian / Hekantoncheires / Yehwe Zogbanu / Balor / Echidna / Humbaba / Muldjewangk / Surtr / Typhon / Ymir

BEAST (Mammals): Aniwye / Catoblepas / Chicheface / Drop Bear / Emela Ntouka / Gulon / Ichneumon / Kamaitachi / Kokogiak / Mapinguari / Mngwa / Musimon / Olitiau / Rat King / Salawa / Splinter Cat / Trolual / Veo / Yale / Zamba Zaraa / Ziphius / Behemoth / Camazotz / Cetus / Fenrir / Nemean Lion / Torc Triath

CHIMERAE (Multi-Part Beasts): Afanc / Ahuizotl / Akhlut / Bigorne / Bulgasari / Bunyip / Chimera / ColoColo / Grootslang / Hrosshvalur / Keythong / Leucrotta / Manticore / Mishibizhiw / Muscaliet / Nependis / Nguruvilu / Nue / Peryton / Peuchen / Piasa / Qinyuan / Questing Beast / Xiao / Ammit / Axex / Tarasque

AVIAN (Birds): Alicanto / Boobrie / Golfu / Tera-Tsutsuki / Tuyango / Valravn / Xexeu / Zhenniao / Ziz

AMPHIBIAN (Salamanders, Toads and Frogs): Alp-Luachra / Bukavac / Horerczy / Salamander / Tiddalik / Water Leaper

FISH: Abaia / Caspilly / Echeneis / Hippocampus / Kagewani / Lukwata / Marool / Namazu / Shachihoko / Utelif / Vatnsandi / Leviathan

VERMIN (Insects, Arachnids and such): Apshait / Atuikakura / Awahondo / Awd Goggie / Brucha / Cagn / Choukeshin / Con Rit / Death Worm / Djieien / Eintykara / Ice Worm / Inulpamahuida / Jba Fofi / Jinshin Mushi / Karkinos / Kurage-No-Hinotama / Myrmecoleon / Sandwalker / Scarab / Shen / Shtriga / Stella / Tlanusi / Xan

REPTILIAN (Dinosaurs, Snakes, and Reptiles): Amphisbaena / Basilisk / Hydra / Kongamato / Mokele-Mbembe / Morgawr / Ngoubou / Nguma-Monene / Odontotyrannos / Seps / Tizheruk / Xhumpedzkin / Zaratan

DRAKE (Lesser Dragons): Aitvaras / Dragon Turtle / Gowrow / Knucker / Minhocao / Peluda / Pyrausta / Scitalis / Taniwha / Wyvern / Zburator

DRAGON: Asdeev / Codrille / Dilong / Gaasyendietha / Muirdris / Tiamat / Zirnitra / Zmey / Balaur / Cuelebre / Jabberwock / Ladon / Nidhogg / Vritra

SEA SERPENT (Aquatic, Snake-Like Dragons): Bakunawa / Cirein Croin / Haietlik / Amhuluk / Jormungandr  

PLANT: Abere / Batibat / Cactus Cat / Cucay / Devalpa / Jidra / Jinmenju / Jubokko / Kayeri / MbieluMbielu / Otso / Rahara / Stray Sod / Trenti / Umdhlebi / Ya-Te-Veo / El Tunche

FAE (Natural, Very Intelligent Beings): Bauk / Bocanach / Bonguru / Carbuncle / Cwn Annwn / Faun / Gancanagh / Hidebehind / Ijiraq / Jorogumo / Kelpie / Kikimora / Kumiho / Nuckelavee / Parandrus / Phooka / Ratatoskr / Shellycoat / Sianach / Spriggan / Svartalfar / Tikbalang / Wendigo / Bandersnatch / Bergkonge / Dalaketnon / Erlking / Far Darrig / Krampus / Lausks / Ly Erg / Springheel / Wild Hunt

NYMPH (Beautiful Elemental Fae Humanoids): Katsura-Otoko / Lampad / Poludnica / Rusalka / Veela / Leanan Sidhe

HAG: Mambabarang / Nocnitsa / Qalupalik / Utlunta / Baba Yaga / Graeae

GNOME (Small Elemental Humanoid Fae): Barbegazi / Curupira / Karzelek / Leshy / Nuberu / Nuno / Pukwudgie / Redcap

UNICORN (Horned, Intelligent, Fae Beasts): Karkadann / Miraj / Shadhavar / Sin-You / Indrik

DEMON: Aerico / Aghash / Ajatar / Apaosha / Apocalypse Locust / Asag / Binaye-Ahani / Delgeth / Druj Nasu / Empusa / Garm / Gremlin / Imp / Incubus / Mahaha / Makhai / Nalusa Falaya / Pishacha / Popobawa / Psoglav / Raktavija / Rawhead / Succubus / Tiyanak / Tsenahale / Ukobach / Yeitso / Abaddon / Andras / Beelzebub / Bloody Mary / Cerberus / Hellequin / Jersey Devil / Legion / Leraje / Pazuzu

ONI (Possessed Spiritual Demons): Daitengu / Likho / Nekomata / Omukade / Rakshasa / Sazae-Oni / Suiko / Tsuchigumo / Arzshenk / Isonade / Kasha

ANGEL (Fallen Angels): Ankou / Anteros / Erinyes / Valkyrie / Grim Reaper / Phobetor

UNDEAD: Acheri / Ahkiyyini / Bakekujira / Barghest / Baykok / Berbalang / Bezkost / ChonChon / Draugr / Dullahan / Fext / Gaki / Gashadokuro / Gloson / Harionago / Heikegani / Hrokkall / Moroi / Mummy / Nelapsi / Oniate / Sigbin / Vrykolakas / Yuki-Onna / Zombie / Davy Jones / Koschei the Deathless / Naglfar / Nosferatu

SPIRIT (Incorporeal Undead): Aatxe / Banshee / Candileja / Deogen / Inugami / Nosoi / Poltergeist / Sluagh / Dybbuk / Fear Dorcha / Limos / Pesta

ELEMENTAL (Made from the Elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness, Light or a combination): Adze / Cherufe / Dorotabo / Ebajalg / Enenra / Gaueko / Hinqumemen / Hongaek / Jembalang / Nargun / Nida / Planctae / Planetnik / Polong / Raiju / Seitaad / Witiko / Ziburinis / Sandman

GENIE (Elemental Lords): Ghul / Ifrit

OOZE (Slimes and Globsters): A Bao A Qu / Butatsch-Cun-Ilgs / Dheeyabery / It / Nurikabe / Orang Minyak / Swamfisk / Umibozu

ABERRATION (Aliens from Earth): Abuhuku / Agropelter / Akaname / Burach Bhadi / Charybdis / Cuero / Fachen / Grindylow / Iku-Turso / Issitoq / Kamikiri / Keukegen / Kraken / Lilyi / Lou Carcolh / Marabbecca / Migas / Osschaart / Sagari / Scylla / Tenome / Tooth Fairy / Yara-Ma-Yha-Who / Revolving Beast

ALIEN (Aberrations from other Planets): Amikuk / Chupacabra / Colorobetch / Dijiang / Doppelganger / Ewah / Fear Liath / Gray / KawKaw / Kurita / Lavellan / Mothman / Nandi Bear / Roperite / Annunaki / Hundun / Otoroshi / Rake

CONSTRUCT (Hand Made Magical Animated Golems): Gargoyle / Gold-Digging Ant / Invunche / Juggernaut / Khalkotauroi / Pixiu / Pua Tu Tahi / Terra-Cotta Warrior / Wanyudo / Wulgaru / Haetae / Minokawa / Pandora Box / Talos

TSUKUMOGAMI (Hand Made Objects that animated themselves): Agrippa / Biwa-Bokuboku / Bubak / Caleuche / Fulad-Zereh / Hannya / Ittan-Momen / Jenglot / Konakadet / Muramasa Blade / Ungaikyo / Zorigami

SINLORD (The Seven Deadly Sins Incarnated): Alastor / Bushyasta / Cipactli / Fafnir / Lilith / Narcissus / Zelus

HORSEMAN (The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse): Horseman of Death / Horseman of Famine / Horseman of Pestilence / Horseman of War / Lord of the Apocalypse

GOD: Ah-Muzen-Cab / Chernobog / Hel / Heqet / Itzpapalotl / Loki / Proteus / Punga / Quetzalcoatl / Serket / Set / Tezcatlipocao 



SHIFTER (Shapeshifters): A Bao A Qu / Aitvaras / Akhlut / Asdeev / Cirein Croin / Daitengu / Dilong / Doppelganger / Ghul / Hidebehind / Ifrit / Imp / It / Jorogumo / Karzelek / Kayeri / Kelpie / Kikimora / Kumiho / Leshy / Mambabarang / Nekomata / Nelapsi / Nocnitsa / Nue / Nurikabe / Otso / Papinijuwari / Phooka / Piasa / Popobawa / Pukwudgie / Raiju / Rusalka / Salamander / Selkie / Skinwalker / Spriggan / Succubus / Tikbalang / Valravn / Veela / Zamba Zaraa / Ah-Muzen-Cab / Baba Yaga / Beelzebub / Bergkonge / Chernobog / El Tunche / Hraesvelgr / Hundun / Lilith / Loki / King Lycos / Nosferatu / Proteus / Revolving Beast / Sandman / Set / Tezcatlipocao

PARASITE (Creatures that use other beings to survive): Abuhuku / Aerico / Alp-Luachra / Awahondo / Bezkost / Biwa-Bokuboku / Burach Bhadi / Choukeshin / ColoColo / Devalpa / Ewah / Hannya / Inugami / Konakadet / Lilyi / MbieluMbielu / Nandi Bear / Nuckelavee / Orang Minyak / Polong / Poltergeist / Ratatoskr / Tlanusi / Trenti / Wendigo / Xan / Ziburinis / Dybbuk


Xiuhcoátl, the Turquoise Serpent, or Fire Serpent.

Xiuhcoátl is the Nagual, the Spirit Animal of Xiuhtecuhtli, the Turquoise Lord, Teótl of Fire, Time, the Center, the Hearth, and Wisdom, Father to the Teótl and embodiment of wisdom. The Xiuhcoátl is also an atlatl wielded by Huitzilopochtli, the Sun at the Zenith, who personifies the victory of wisdom over ignorance.

The Turquoise Serpent is the dry season, as opposed to Quetzalcoátl, the Plumed Serpent, who is the wet season. Metaphorically, in the wet Mexican summer, Quetzalcoátl descends to the earth and covers it with his skin and plumage; all the earth is covered with his green feathers, and life blooms. In the dry Winter, Xiuhcoátl descends, and with his fiery skin covers the earth, and all the vegetation dries out and dies.

The serpent also represents the movement of time; its very body is shaped like the year-glyph, its body forming trapezoidal, year-glyph shapes, and its tail is the glyph itself. Thus, the serpent Xiuhcoátl is symbolic of day, fire, turquoise, the dry season, and wisdom.

In the photos, he appears at the top as the Spirit Animal of Xiuhtecuhtli; he circles the body of the Turquoise Lord, and from his flaming skin emerges calendar glyphs, representing time. In the detail, can be seen his curling snout and his year-glyph tail. The following two pictures are ancient Mexica stone carvings of Xiuhcoátl, and at the bottom, one of my paintings in which Huitzilopochtli, the Hummingbird on the Left, the Sun at its Zenith, holds Xiuhcoátl in his hand as a weapon with which to defeat his sister the moon, and, metaphorically, the triumph of wisdom over ignorance.

My paintings are available as limited edition prints in my Etsy store at this link.

Mujer Nagual

Encontrar tu Lugar en el Circulo de la Vida.

- ¿Qué necesito para estar bien? - preguntó el joven al anciano -.
- Sólo requieres encontrar tu lugar, tu centro en el Cosmos; pues cuando ello ocurre, un manantial de bienestar brotará en tu interior.
- ¿Cómo puedo lograrlo?
- Es nuestra condición natural poder hacerlo, como el nadar en el agua lo es para el pez; sólo requieres convertirte en flor, montaña, estrella, Madre Tierra. El Silencio es la metodología. La Humildad es el requisito.

Autor Desconocido.


For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect. (AL I:44)

Kk so I’m reading art of dreaming again and the part where Don Juan explains to Carlos what intent and intending is, fucking awesome!

“sorcerers intend anything they set themselves to intend, simply by intending it.” - Art of Dreaming

When explaining the concept Don Juan tells Castaneda that you shouldn’t try to force yourself into accomplishing your intent, not to approach intent like normal people do.

Instead, he tells him, you must become convinced that your intent is being accomplished. This will arise a feeling in the body, a knowing in your whole self, every cell in you must feel like the intent is being accomplished. Then the only thing left is to retain that feeling while accomplishing your intent (Will).

What this does is communicate our intent to our energy body, and in a silent way to the unconscious. If we begin to stress over the intent, worry about it, or think obsessively about it then these things will arise a different feeling in our body and give a different message to the energy body.

We must simply intend, feel it as deeply as we can, and DO while in that holistic state of conviction that your intent is being accomplished.

This is more or less the same as doing your Will without the lust of result.

things that would have been more interesting than manola dying
  • manola is seriously injured and kisa is forced to turn her against her wishes to keep her alive–they in turn have to deal with the fallout of that action as manola gets used to being a culebra, while wanting to seek revenge on amaru for herself 
  • manola is already a supernatural creature–preferably a nagual (werecoyote)–and is injured, but recovers; kisa wants to go into hiding but manola wants to fight–so they fight 
  • manola runs into seth while running away from the olmeca, then he and richie hide her while kisa fights and kills the olmeca; manola convinces kisa to go with the geckos rather than hide and we learn more about their relationship and history through opov re: the geckos; manola and seth spar (she kicks his ass) 
  • OR kisa convinces manola to go into hiding for their safety and we see them on the road as they have conversations about what they’re running from and if it’s the right thing to do; manola meets carlos, it’s spectacularly awkward 

TL;DR: killing manola was the most boring and uninteresting thing they could have done, the end