For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect. (AL I:44)

Kk so I’m reading art of dreaming again and the part where Don Juan explains to Carlos what intent and intending is, fucking awesome!

“sorcerers intend anything they set themselves to intend, simply by intending it.” - Art of Dreaming

When explaining the concept Don Juan tells Castaneda that you shouldn’t try to force yourself into accomplishing your intent, not to approach intent like normal people do.

Instead, he tells him, you must become convinced that your intent is being accomplished. This will arise a feeling in the body, a knowing in your whole self, every cell in you must feel like the intent is being accomplished. Then the only thing left is to retain that feeling while accomplishing your intent (Will).

What this does is communicate our intent to our energy body, and in a silent way to the unconscious. If we begin to stress over the intent, worry about it, or think obsessively about it then these things will arise a different feeling in our body and give a different message to the energy body.

We must simply intend, feel it as deeply as we can, and DO while in that holistic state of conviction that your intent is being accomplished.

This is more or less the same as doing your Will without the lust of result.

Need to move asap

Hello fellow witch sisters and brothers. My name is Tatsuya, i am a practicing witch/nagual, I live in SoCal with my boyfriend and lost my job a few months ago. We’re trying desperately to move out because we can’t live with his family anymore. I have severe clinical depression and he has severe manic depression and life at home is a constant fight. He has begun losing his hair due to stress and we found a body lump and still don’t know if it’s cancerous, i can’t stand to see him in pain and i myself cant sleep because of stress. it’s consuming us. i can’t eat a lot of day and throw up almost everyday.
I have these items, I’m willing to negotiate work out a price for anything listed below. preferably i want to sell/ship within california or the bordering states.handmade things are made to order, after contacting me with what you want i’ll make it, send a pic and then you can confirm or cancel what you wanted to pay for. Also If you know anywhere i can work or anything i can do to make some money in the Northern San Diego(Escondido) area that would also be a huge help!!

Items i have:
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what I can do
-limpiezas curanderas (in person N. San Diego area message me, since i don’t have a car it might be a few bus rides for me to get to you)
 con el huevo, las palmas, agua bendita, fuego/humo my mom is a curandera yerbera and many in my  family are nagual. I myself am kind of a novice so i can help with the evil eye and basic hexes.
-how you died in a past life 3 card readings(online or in person if you’re close).

Please send me good vibes and hopeful wishes if nothing else. I hate my life right now, but I want to see it through. I want to live the happy life with my soul mate that my mother risked her life for me to have.

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Xiuhcoátl, the Turquoise Serpent, or Fire Serpent.

Xiuhcoátl is the Nagual, the Spirit Animal of Xiuhtecuhtli, the Turquoise Lord, Teótl of Fire, Time, the Center, the Hearth, and Wisdom, Father to the Teótl and embodiment of wisdom. The Xiuhcoátl is also an atlatl wielded by Huitzilopochtli, the Sun at the Zenith, who personifies the victory of wisdom over ignorance.

The Turquoise Serpent is the dry season, as opposed to Quetzalcoátl, the Plumed Serpent, who is the wet season. Metaphorically, in the wet Mexican summer, Quetzalcoátl descends to the earth and covers it with his skin and plumage; all the earth is covered with his green feathers, and life blooms. In the dry Winter, Xiuhcoátl descends, and with his fiery skin covers the earth, and all the vegetation dries out and dies.

The serpent also represents the movement of time; its very body is shaped like the year-glyph, its body forming trapezoidal, year-glyph shapes, and its tail is the glyph itself. Thus, the serpent Xiuhcoátl is symbolic of day, fire, turquoise, the dry season, and wisdom.

In the photos, he appears at the top as the Spirit Animal of Xiuhtecuhtli; he circles the body of the Turquoise Lord, and from his flaming skin emerges calendar glyphs, representing time. In the detail, can be seen his curling snout and his year-glyph tail. The following two pictures are ancient Mexica stone carvings of Xiuhcoátl, and at the bottom, one of my paintings in which Huitzilopochtli, the Hummingbird on the Left, the Sun at its Zenith, holds Xiuhcoátl in his hand as a weapon with which to defeat his sister the moon, and, metaphorically, the triumph of wisdom over ignorance.

My paintings are available as limited edition prints in my Etsy store at this link.

things that would have been more interesting than manola dying
  • manola is seriously injured and kisa is forced to turn her against her wishes to keep her alive–they in turn have to deal with the fallout of that action as manola gets used to being a culebra, while wanting to seek revenge on amaru for herself 
  • manola is already a supernatural creature–preferably a nagual (werecoyote)–and is injured, but recovers; kisa wants to go into hiding but manola wants to fight–so they fight 
  • manola runs into seth while running away from the olmeca, then he and richie hide her while kisa fights and kills the olmeca; manola convinces kisa to go with the geckos rather than hide and we learn more about their relationship and history through opov re: the geckos; manola and seth spar (she kicks his ass) 
  • OR kisa convinces manola to go into hiding for their safety and we see them on the road as they have conversations about what they’re running from and if it’s the right thing to do; manola meets carlos, it’s spectacularly awkward 

TL;DR: killing manola was the most boring and uninteresting thing they could have done, the end 

Don Juan had described dreaming to me in various ways. The most obscure of them all now appears to me as being the one that defines it best.
He said that dreaming is intrinsically the not-doing of sleep. And as such, dreaming affords practitioners the use of that portion of their lives spent in slumber.
It is as if the dreamers no longer sleep. Yet no illness results from it.
The dreamers do not lack sleep, but the effect of dreaming seems to be an increase of waking time, owing to the use of an alleged extra body, the dreaming body.
—  Carlos Castaneda - The Eagle’s Gift

El texto sigue en Español depues del Ingles

Quetzalcoátl plays the conch trumpet in the four corners of the underworld. In this painting from the Quetzalcoátl cycle, The Plumed Serpent has already descended to the underworld to ask for the bones of the ancestors in the keeping of the Lord of Death to create the new race of men for this, the Fifth Universe. However, Mictlantecuhtli, the Teótl of Death, agrees to give up the bones only on the condition that Quetzalcoátl play a conch trumpet at the four corners of Mictlán. This is a trick, however, for the trumpet has no holes, and can therefore make no sound. Xolotl, the Spirit Animal of Quetzalcoátl, tells him to summon the wasps and worms to enter the shell; the worms dig holes and the wasps beat their wings, causing the trumpet to reverberate. Thereupon Quetzalcoátl and his Nagual traverse the four corners of the underworld, playing the trumpet, and causing all Mictlán to ring with its thunder. You can find this and other paintings from my book as prints in my Etsy store, at this link.

Quetzalcoátl toca la trompeta de caracol en los cuatro rincones del inframundo. En esta pintura del ciclo de Quetzalcoatl, la Serpiente Emplumada ya ha descendido al inframundo para pedir los huesos de los ancestres en el cuidado del Señor de la Muerte para crear la nueva raza de hombres para esto, la Quinta Universo. Sin embargo, Mictlantecuhtli, el Téotl de la Muerte, se compromete a renunciar a los huesos sólo a condición de que Quetzalcóatl juega una trompeta de caracol en las cuatro esquinas de Mictlán. Este es un truco, sin embargo, porque la trompeta no tiene agujeros, y por lo tanto no puede hacer ningún sonido. Xólotl, el Animal Espíritu de Quetzalcoatl, le dice que se convocará a las avispas y gusanos para entrar en la concha; los gusanos cavan agujeros y las avispas baten sus alas, haciendo que la trompeta reverbera. Entonces Quetzalcóatl y su Nagual atraviesan las cuatro esquinas del mundo subterráneo, tocando la trompeta, y causando todo Mictlán a sonar con su trueno.

On Relativity in Magick

I must admit it to be a bit irksome when I see people, online and offline, attempting to use scare tactics or bully-style persuasion in order to have others believe the same BS they believe. (Note: BS = Belief System = Bull Shit)

This, to me, only demonstrates that the “know it all” practitioner attempting to persuade hasn’t actually grasped the concept of mental Relativity and how it connects to the Art & Science of Magick.

If you prefer to use the Chakra system as your map and model for spiritual work then the color of your Heart center, to you, will be different than it is to me (utilizing the tree of life as the model of energy centers in the subtle body). One studying the Nagual path as put forth by Lujan Matus will believe the astral to be an evil place to be avoided, where-as one studying the Nagual path as put forth by Carlos Castaneda or the variation presented by John O'Neill (Dreamways) will believe it to be the main source of one’s power. The former would scoff at the latter, and the latter would giggle at the former–yet both claim the same path and utilize the same terminology and jargon.

A Wiccan might banish an entity which seems malevolent, a Thelemite might question it first, and a Chod practitioner would open up their whole self to the entity in trust that everything is perfection. The Wiccan trying to convince the Chod practitioner of the dangers of their path would be speaking out of pure ignorance towards Chod rather than a higher knowledge and understanding of the esoteric. Even if you mean well, speak your opinion softly and then stfu without any expectation that the other person should take your advice.

 The general rule of thumb is that while you are entitled to your opinion it is only RELATIVE to your own self and may be true for another or it may only confuse/deceive/hurt the other. You do not know their universe, you barely know your own, don’t be that person who tries to diagnose a medical issue without knowing medicine.

Teaching your own students is a whole different story. They are being initiated into the same path and system as yourself. Even here though one must be keen to realize that what your path becomes to them might be very different than what it became to you, and that is okay. If a master cannot adapt to variation then they are not much of a master at all.

Relativity is the Word, the Logos, of the whole point I’m attempting to make here. While your Enlightenment might lay through the Higher Self, another’s might start or end with his own Daemon or Lucifer. 

Lots of cool pictures today on Pinterest!

This makes a very cool model for the Brazilian Cryptid worm known as Minhocao!

Minhocao are giant, black, armored jungle worms. Their thick black pangolin/armadillo like armor protects the burrowing monster against most physical attacks. They behave much like the Purple Worm from D&D, erupting from the ground when their tremorsense catches a prey.

They are the terrors of any Jungle in Mythika, even Mapinguari aren’t safe when Minhocao are around. Nagual and Vish Kanya also hate the worms and have discovered ways to block the worms tremorsense so their jungle villages aren’t destroyed by the beasts.

From the three worm-like monsters that terrorize the landscapes in Mythika, the Minhocao is the biggest, followed by the Ice Worms from the Tundra’s and the Death Worm from the deserts are the smallest, but they have many other ways to kill their prey, they have acid blood, lightning-stingers and poison bites.


Teodora Blanco (1928-1980) was one of the top figural ceramists in Mexico and pioneered a type of decoration called “pastillaje” which became her trademark. “Pastillaje” is a form of clay applique surface decoration added to a basic form which resembles embroidery that was seen by Teodora in the nearby villages. This embroidered clay technique has been adapted by many of the potters in the village of Atzompa. Teodora was best known for her imaginative large hollow women or “muñecas” which were based on the large water coolers called “tinajeras” made on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Many of these muñecas were decorated with the embroidered clay designs plus “naguales” teeming over all of the doll.

Discipline, as understood by a warrior, is creative, open, and produces freedom. It is the ability to face the unknown, transforming the feeling of knowing into reverent astonishment; of considering things that exceed the scope of our habits, and daring to face the only war that is worthwhile: The battle for awareness.
—  Carlos Castanada, Encounters With The Nagual, compilation by Armando Torres


“Even monsters, he realized, could be heroes.”

I went to show my newborn son to my grandmother Josefina. I stayed there till late at night. On my back back I met a giant nagual, who offered me gold and many other beautiful things in exchange for going with him and letting him to bring up my baby. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me strength to resist this temptation and to run away from the nagual.