Don't miss the Nagron X-mas fic calendars!!

Christmas fic calendar - by peloquine 
“It will feature everything from fluffy, angsty, smutty and funny fics. Some will be one-shots, while others will be multi-chaptered.”

25 days of Nagron  - by sandstone_dreams 
One shots with various ratings and x-massy settings. You can still send in prompts for the stories! Drop a line in her askbox.

25 days of Spartacus - by aeternium 
Oneshots of mixed Nagron and Spartacus characters fics. Various Settings and ratings. You can still send in prompts for the stories! Drop a line in the askbox here

25 days of Spartacus - by agrafitejungle  
Oneshots of mixed Nagron and Spartacus character fics. Various Settings and ratings. You can still send in prompts - drop a line in the askbox here.

ENJOY !! and remember to check each series for updates! 


One-Shot Section updated -part 2

Man vs. Cat by rivlee
General Audiences
Tags: Modern, AU, Fluff, Domestic
Summary: Agron’s not so sure about Nasir’s latest surprise.
Part 8 of the Live Fast, Die Old Series

Memento by LeTempest
General Audiences
Tags: Canon, Missing Scene
Summary: Set between 2X06 and 2X07. Agron and Nasir talk about Chadara and what the night’s events mean for the both of them.

My Heart by Fatebegins
Tags: Canon AU, Angsty Schmoop
Summary: Agron returns from battle and Nasir welcomes him back. Set sometime after 2x05.

No more nameless graves by Pameluke
General Audiences
Tags: Spartagoats, Canon compliant
Summary: Nasir found Agron rubbing down his horse with dry grass.

Setting Fire To The Rain by funkyinfishnet
Teen And Up Audiences
Tags: Post-Vengeance, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Nasir grieves for those lost in the battle against Glaber’s men and wonders why the gods are so cruel. Amongst the pain and grief, he and Agron intend not to let go of each other.

Skin by brandedwithfire
Tags: Canon, Love, Caring
Summary: Attention would be drawn to Nasir’s thighs; beneath calloused fingers Agron could feel every twitch and quiver of strong powerful muscle. He had to inspect, touch every inch of Nasir’s skin, every muscle, every bump and crevice to ensure that no Roman blade had slipped beneath guard and wounded perfect flesh.
Part 2 of the Rituals Series

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One-Shot Section updated -part 1

A Metzger Family Tradition by rivlee
General Audiences
Tags: AU, Modern
Summary: It only happens once a year.
Part 13 of the Gone Are All The Days: D.C.-Metro Tales Series

And Never Let Go by rivlee
General Audiences
Tags: Canon AU,
Summary: It’s the little things that matter..
Takes place after Revered or Defamed and Decried
Part 4 of the The Long Way Home Series

A Silent Devotion by rivlee
General Audiences
Tags: Canon
Summary: Sometimes touch can say more than words.

Capua Inc by rivlee
Teen And Up Audiences
Tags: AU, Modern, Duro, Spartacus Characters
Summary: Working for an agency which had legal licenses to kill was worse than living a soap opera. So much petty bullshit went on in the background it was no wonder Agron and Duro spent most of their free time in bars. Part of a Modern!AU where the characters are involved in a fictional government agency. Sequel here.

Cave Canem by LeTempest
Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Character Death
Tags: Canon AU,
Summary: A newcomer to the cause thinks Nasir will make quiet the pet. The Syrian, however, has other thoughts on the matter. 

Christmas With the Family by DarkAliceLilith
Teen And Up Audiences
Tags: AU, Modern, M-Preg, Kid-Fic, Duro
Summary: Agron, Nasir and their daughter spend Christmas with their family.

Every Move You Make by rivlee
Teen And Up Audiences
Tags: AU, Modern,
Summary: Professional behavior left Agron about a month ago. Part of a Modern!AU where the characters are involved in a fictional government agency. Preview here.

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NagronLibrary Art Update!

Hello all!

We have some amazing new art in the library by the wonderfully talented crazzzedope

Please have a look at them, they are amazing. You will find one as the main sidebar on the front page and then more in the Fanfiction Index here - Fanfics alphabetically and Alternative universe sections.

Thank you so much to crazzzedope and to all of the librarians, writers, artists, encouraging followers and readers who have made the library such a success so far. It will continue to be updated whenever possible and I hope you all continue to enjoy it!


Hey everyone!

I’m going to have a tinker around the library today, just updating some of my sections etc but I had an idea I just wanted to run past you.

I’ve noticed a blog called pervyfanficrecs posting some reviews of some Nagron fics so I thought I would ask them if we could put some links to their reviews on our review page. Other people can review the fics too but just thought it would be good to have something in that section.

Let me know what you think and I will ask if it gets the go ahead!


Jacqui ;p

Hey vintagejacqui here!!

Hey Nagron librarians!

So we are all figuring out who is doing what in the library and I think it’s a great idea to let each other know what section we are working on in a post (like Icyicie has demonstrated) so we don’t overlap each other! I thought I would get cracking with Modern AU tomorrow (are we doing this alphabeticaly?)

Also, perhaps we should put our info into the librarians section so we know who is an admin, in case we need to private message or anything like that! So everyone who has the email and pw for the library can put in their own details!

Also Crazzzedope is working on some art for the page so that will be amazing when it’s done! I hope in the future we can have an art section! :P

It’s looking great so far!!