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Nasir & Agron + Kiss

Highschool Nagron time. A bit a fun in the morning. FYI, Group sketches are fun in small doses lol. So I put in Naevia, Crixus, Agron, Nasir and Chadara. I think Agron can’t help but annoy and flirt with Nasir and Crixus would be throughly annoyed and pissed off with Agron for some reason or just because and Naevia would laugh and try to comfort him and Chadara is just there for her own entertainment and looooooves the drama unfold.

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I’m going to answer this describing Agron, rather than writing from his perspective!! HOPE thats ok!! 

💕 how does my muse express their feelings? do they do through small but meaningful gestures, or through bold declarations?                

I think for this one its a bit of both! Agron isn’t overdramatic with his feelings with Nasir; he’s not the type to spout poetry or sing songs ;) BUT he IS someone who does the more subtle things. He took the time to ask Nasir about his homeland, his brother, offer him drink, build a rapport. His expressions of love and affection are through very emotional moments. He doesn’t sex it up in public, or just screw anyone. He needs that emotional bond with another and that takes time to build up. His attraction for another is usually obvious (like him watching Nasir and such) but he approaches the situation gently; wanting more than just sex and taking the time to develop the emotional connection before exploring the physical. THATS how he expressing his feelings … and when he’s there, he can use words to describe them, though usually in private moments.

♡: how does my muse act, consciously and/or subconsciously, around people they are romantically interested in?

I guess my little ramble above sort of summed it up! Hahah! But his gaze lingers on them, and he takes the time to get to know them as a person before any physical expression of romance. Aggie doesn’t just do this with anyone; takes a special someone to catch his eye! Aka Nasir 

💘: how does my muse act/react when they first realize that they had a crush on somebody?

Much like the above!! From what we have seen in the show, when everyone indulges in wine and women/men, he doesn’t really partake in it. I think for Agron, he longs for a relationship with someone rather than a one night fling. He is more emotional and sensitive than he lets on. Devotion and loyalty is extremely important to him. So with that said, I think if he were to have a crush on someone, he would just gaze at them, maybe engage in some casual conversation with them … but ultimately, he seems to prefer building an emotional foundation with someone as oppose to acting on lustful desires.       

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Do you need a hug? C'mere lemme show you you’re not alone…

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I fully admit that this is a horribly cruel question, but curiosity outs: If you were in a battle and could only save Spartacus OR Nasir, who would save and who would you avenge?

Fuck circumstance that demands such answer. One stands as a brother, the other as my heart. I would sooner beg to be struck down by the fucking gods themsleves to spare them both rather than condemn one to the afterlife.

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