For anyone who has missed this gradually growing thing over the last 2(?) years: it started from one of Gin’s mid-transition shots and it became a journey through Gin’s best stares.

As the character with the most overwhelming amount of lingering shots and closeups, he has had many a moment to blankly observe and judge all situations going on all the way from the ‘80s. Not even GDW and the mangas themselves were spared Gin’s shameless habit of staring.

anonymous asked:

What anime do you watch ?

oh boy here we go, 

I’ve watched a lot of anime in my time so here’s a list of the ones I liked (in no order):

Full metal alchemist (brotherhood and the previous one)

Attack on titan 

ginga nagreboshi gin/ginga densetsu weed

Princess Tutu

kimi ni no souja erin


Wolfs rain

soul eater

Death parade

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

ao no exorcist

Berserk (1997/2016)


Blood blockade battlefront

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

kabaneri and the iron fortress

zombie loan

Your lie in april

Boku no hero academia 

Hunter X hunter (old and new)

Death Note

Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Neon genesis evangelion (+ the movies)

Psycho Pass

Black butler

Digimon (the first 3 seasons in sub are such a treat) (+ digimon tri)

Pokemon (litterally all of it I’m up to date with sun and moon in sub)


Tokyo ghoul

91 days

-anime im currently watching-

jojos bizarre adventure (old + new)

shingeki no bahamut: genesis 


little witch academia


I bolded the ones I exceptionally loved or am exceptionally loving so far! and also did not include movies or anime I didn’t like lol there’s probably one or two missing sine I cant remember everything but this is my main lot!

if you have any recommendations you can totally drop em my way 

91 days, noragami, tokyo ghoul and durarara! are some of my faves so anything with that flavour would be tight