shironyaaaa  asked:

I really like your icon! But I'm not sure what it is....

Thank you very much! My friend Sneeki made the icon for me—it’s one of my favs because of how it looks like he’s shouting and the messages on the dash are speech bubbles.

The character is my OC, Nago! He was originally an OC for Keroro Gunso/SGT Frog, but over the years he’s kinda become his own entity. He’s based off a green moray eel because at the time of his creation, he was sort of a bandwagon character created to participate in a group of fish-based Keronians called the Devil Fish Tribe. My tumblr username (bakaunagi, “dumb eel”) and signature is a reference to him and a lot of people associate him with me, so he’s become my mascot of sorts.

He is quite old (2007) and one of my favorite characters, so I am planning to do something with him eventually. I thought about using him in a children’s book as he is the most popular of my drawings when I visit the elementary school, but that would require me to completely retool his story into something it is not and so I am hesitant to do it…(^’~’)