i love my smile here even though my other eye looks deformed haha. 

another day of experimenting with make-up huehue, just trying out some of those looks that i happen to ran on to online this afternoon. huehue.

btw, you may notice, it’s my fav shirt haha.


this is what a subtle amount of editing can do to your photo. haha. just tried photo effects in subtle collection. hihi. though the first photo (unedited) show-cased a smoother skin, the second photo (edited) sharpened my facial features. idk what’s better but i like both so whatever. haha. gulo?!

nagmaganda na naman ako. bago ako maligo nyan. madungis na nga talaga ako dyan kasi kakalinis ko lang ng bahay. haha. ewan ko kung bakit pero tuwing walang pasok bet na bet ko magmake-up bago ko maligo. yung kagagaling ko lang sa pawis at medyo dugyot na ako, saka ko natitripan magmake-up. haha. lakas trip ng walang kausap! waha. yun lang. medyo ang self-absorbed ko naaa. ewan. gusto ko lang magtransform bago or right after graduation. :D

nga pala, brown and black eyeliner (for eyes) at lip balm and brown eye palette for lips lang ginamit ko dyan. the rest is natural. waw. de medyo pawis lang kasi ako kaya mukhang makinis. haha.


boredom struck again -___-

my mother brought me home make-ups, 2 eye palettes and a compressed powder. i’m just glad she knows what her daughter’s current obsession is all about. haha. i tried the make-ups immediately after receiving it and voila, selfies are everywhere again. i know, this becomes a bad habit and i am guilty and i’m sorry but this is just what i want to do whenever i got so much time to spare. haha. so bear with me guyth. love yah! muwah! :)